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Assembling a nappy changing cosatto easi peasi , ib style, mothercare, baby bath unit,newborn baby
Assembling a nappy changing unit ib style , whic we bought from amazon for £100 , Ib style is a german firm buy obviously the unit is made in china , It is well made and we absolutely loved the way it was useful from day one till today. mothercare bath baby newborn
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3 months old baby babbling
3 months old baby om likes to talk .. doesnt make any sense.. but we love his little cooing ..
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Assemble a my babiie travel system before the new born baby comes home
creating my first video ,.. Assembling a pushchair.. which will be the first ride for my baby ,,
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This baby smiles everytime you say "Smile Please", good morning america ellen hilarious viral video
my baby omkar . loves to smile , laugh and have fun. he ll smile everytime you request good morning america viral video ellen hilarious funny
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compilation of all videos in one
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Mothercare teddybear play gym
we bought this mothercare teddybear play gym with loads of accesories and my son loved it from very first moment he started playing in it . it costs about £ 50 but its worth every penny . We have had a lot of precious memory with this play gym
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Baby going home from hospital 1 day old baby boy first time parent bringing baby home birth pregnant
We took baby from queen mary maternity unit to home. The baby had done his first poo, and dad was suppose to clean for which he was not present....and even for his second poo dad just was busy recordind us as mum cleaned me. If anyone has any suggestions for mum and dad please leave a comment below. first time parent baby boy bringing baby home birth hospital pregnant vlog +birth vlog23.3+family58.4+bringing baby home from hospital+newborn comes home23.0+bringing newborn home+labor and delivery53.9+baby girl45.2+labor26.1+family vlogs72.2+home50.2+vloggers32.4+bringing baby home for the first time+new baby comes home+daily vlog71.5+teen mom36.9+day in the life50.0+vlogs67.4+mom53.3+bringing baby home vlog 2017+bringing newborn baby home from hospital!+vlogger23.8+family friendly52.4+family vloggers67.7+delivery51.6+bringing+funny52.4+daily vlogs26.5+baby's first day24.6+family vlogger35.0+young mom59.7+infant23.0+kids50.3+cute54.4+mommy53.0+babies49.3+coming home51.8+daily73.9+vlogging41.3+newborn baby comes home+family fun26.7+teen parents20.6+pregnancy vlog24.8+couple58.9+stay at home mom65.5+first day home9.5+baby vlog66.2+first day with newborn16.6+love50.4+birth story61.2+youtube family62.5+baby coming home16.2+labor and delivery vlog19.9+the weiss life30.2+okbaby69.3+ellie and jared61.9+c section25.4+daily vloggers22.3+leaving the hospital37.7+first time mom29.5+dad52.5+newborn's first day+baby born50.8+parents57.6+newborn leaving hospital+cute baby29.6+daddy49.7+postpartum64.7+life50.1+young parents9.2+live birth29.1+earls family baby+toddler51.6+sisters50.3+weiss life66.3+new parents34.8+201750.9+breastfeeding41.0+having a baby12.5+natural birth37.6+mother61.7+newborn baby boy36.4+birth announcement76.1+first day52.7+big family33.0+cute newborn53.7+surprise pregnancy14.1+c-section33.6+newborn coming home from the hospital+bringing our baby boy home+theweisslife25.7+weiss61.9+emotional51.6+real life52.4+marriage54.2+going home16.7+bring baby home+daily vlogging15.4+pregnancy week by week41.7+young family38.5+family vlog channel31.0+dog meets baby9.6+bringing baby home from the hospital+mum55.6+bring home baby+parenting32.6+birth video44.2+twins53.1+pregnancy update28.8+husband48.8+bringing home newborn baby+greenville south carolina43.6+bringing the baby home+201853.9+kkandbabyj73.8+fun family14.9+part 252.7+1 week old+3 weeks old+2 weeks old+brother50.4+teen pregnancy25.3+caring for baby10.7+coming home from the hospital+samika vlogs49.6+first54.0+daily vlogger34.0+dog and baby27.1+husband and wife vlogs21.9+german shepherd59.4+car seat69.1+hospital birth11.7+mommies videos+baby home54.8+going into labor28.2+new born55.7+subscribe65.9+the jackson hive50.2+fun49.7+delivery room+for the first time51.5+baby update 201834.4+hospital vlog33.4+nursery49.1+family channel74.0+wife59.2+baby in hospital19.6+baby sister36.5+mom life66.4+baby update64.7+kids react52.1+challenges51.7+born51.2+labour70.1+mommy vlog24.5+new mom51.7+mission call+sam and nia25.1+in labor33.1+father63.9+imovie71.1+youtubers47.7+childbirth53.8+adoption50.5+baby birth43.2+mommy channel15.6+leaving56.9+sister51.8+popular52.6+steps to wander57.2+first day with a newborn+teen mom birth vlog19.5+jaxon39.3+and50.1+vlog channel52.8+bringing our newborn baby home+siblings meet baby+young couple24.0+teen dad14.7+baby first63.2+nicu baby19.8+first baby birth13.4+corbin and kelsey+kelsey and corbin41.0+mom in labor+beginning of labor+the wander family46.5+shot of the yeagers baby+shot of the yeagers52.5+baby alive54.7+young dad29.5+brylan and lisa47.0+missionary42.5+mommy vlogs28.7+mom channel26.0+co sleeping74.2+motherhood44.7+first days home with newborn twins+family vlog channels23.5+bringing twin babies home from hosptial+carseat24.8+new50.5+newborn baby monkey32.4+ttc69.2+meeting60.2+cute baby monkey15.5+scare44.5+black family vloggers45.6+nicu79.1+dailybumps19.5+daughter49.7+journey to baby+day in the life 201833.2+a family that vlogs+day in the life of a newborn+black family vloggers channels47.5+family vlog channels on youtube32.8+teenage mother19.1+teenage mom19.9+coming home with newborn+living in brazil27.9+follow the hills38.0+love story50.4+welcome home9.6+first bath15.3+emotional birth54.4+baby nursery49.2+babys first day+baby meets dogs+baby blake's first day home+baby poop explosion17.7+girl50.0+raw birth+baby watch34.5+juniper scott+cute girls53.5+the yeagers35.6+yeager baby+mormon vloggers12.8+labor vlog26.6+parenthood66.3+maternity44.1+twin birth29.0+homecoming59.1+epidural38.4+christian youtubers44.2+teen parents vlog+moms55.3+infertility57.2+boy50.4+jadorejujuetfifi2+jared and ellie62.0+the hills50.7+mbtv vlogs43.6+vlog 201884.4+mbtv vlogz+black youtuber9.4+black vlogger61.6+sick baby70.4+baby scare18.7+young love35.1+jackson49.6+mormon65.7+carissa nunez38.2+orlando59.5+baby #6+baby blake20.7+florida81.5+elleandbabes40.5+fun kids49.4+home from hospital37.6+lds77.7+cute monkey11.4+camping69.6+travelers59.4+mommy vlogg
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santa dash london uk 2017
I decided to run for a great ormond street hospital charity and raised £160. this even was held on 3rd december 2017 at 11 am and there were a total of more than 2500 santas from various age who took part in the event
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Baby Moving Inside Mom's Belly - Pregnant Belly - Baby Moving Video Compilation
Last days of pregnancy week 37 , and our baby is playing inside the tummy, specially he likes to play early in the morning, after 3 am Babies Moving Inside Mom's Belly - Pregnant Belly - Baby Moving Video Compilation Subscribe for more videos
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Tickle time ,3 days old baby
on the first night in hospital, my wife trying to wake omkar up for his feeds, but he was so sleepy , he ignored her voice for a while , and finally when my wife started tickling him , he woke up , we had to do this many times in order to bring him in routine .
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How to get rid of rats ,easy mouse trap that works
If you have little kids and suddenly you realise that your home is infested with rats.. there is very little you can do ... you can buy various products available and try them .. We did the same .. but failed with many products.. and finally came across this Rat Glue Traps.. Within half an hour we cought 2 rats ..
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Cute Babies Trying to Stay Awake Compilation ugc awards epic tries
Trying to sleep on his own for the first time...while watching daddy making bubbles ugc tries awards compilation epic Cute Babies Trying to Stay Awake Compilation
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Its a boy !!
In labour ward and first few moments with baby. Hi there, We just went to the hospital thinking it would be a routine check up on thursday as baby was to be due not before 6th of April....but they admitted us saying I was in labour and after aprox. 10hrs of labour we had our baby on friday 31st of march. luckily as i was on my maternity leave for about 2mths before so i had managed to prepare my hospital bag well in advance, which my husband had to just pickup from home. through out my pregnancy i had least of nausea, headache,back pain,
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Like Father like Baby - Cute Babies trying to Copy Daddy Funny way Compilation baby laughing
as he is growing up, i see something new everyday, he is good with books, likes to view the pictures , likes to meet new people and say hello and bye bye to them , loves to visit new places, animals , etc. Both parents are really not very happy to see insects but he loves touching and playing with small insects like lizards and tods. Babies learns a lot from us , the way they see us , and will try to copy us. in this video , the way he tries to copy my laugh is just wonderful , dont know what i did when i was of his age, but he just loves copying the laugh of mum and dad. baby laughing
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Baby getting jab,shot,vaccination, visit to the doctor
baby omkar getting his jab , as you will see , he is active and happy before the jab , as soon as the needle hits the skin , he screams and cries .. even the nurse was surprised as she received a call from reception and couldnt hear a thing .
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Harry potter 9 3/4 at kingscross crimes of grindelwald harry potter secrets witch fantastic beasts
we decided to take my son to platform 9 3/4 on kings cross station, london. There is a small shop selling harry potter souvenirs , all the staff at the shop loved us , because my son is just 1 year old and was wearing a really awesom harry potter costume. even my son enjoyed this visit as he was the centre of attraction. He loves meeting new people give them smile and cuddles. crimes of grindelwald harry potter secrets jk rowling witch fantastic beasts
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baby now and then,4 months old baby vs 14 months old baby,baby daddy new born baby mummy vines funny
they grow up so fast, same baby who once kept quite and smiled all the way , beats up daddy , showing his way to love . believe me , their tiny fingers feel like claws some time. new born baby mummy funny vines
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baby learning new tricks , baby 's funny tricks,baby learns new tricks cartoon cartoons for kids
11 months old omkar , has learned many tricks and this is one of them He loves doing that , specially when daddy comes home from work . baby learns new tricks education balloons cartoon cartoons for kids
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moment baby hears his voice for the first time
moment my baby heard his voice for the first time from my mobile in an old video . This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: https://www.newsflare.com/video/164347/other/moment-baby-hears-his-voice-for-the-first-time or email: [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 20 3937 6280
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new born baby smiles in sleep, cute baby , Cutest Babies Smiling While Sleeping  - Funny Baby Videos
Cutest Babies Smiling While Sleeping Compilation 2016 - Funny Baby Videos These babies are enjoying their dreams so much they have started laughing in their sleep.
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birds, attacking baby viral eanimal top best viral video
on a day out baby was attacked by hungry birds. they were poking their sharp beaks on his tiny little hand. viral video baby ducks golden eagle snatches kid best animal top
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baby vs meerkat
baby playing with a meerkat toy.. suddently realises that its been copying him and throws it away
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row row row your boat
my baby omkar , loves the song , Row row row your boat and at that time , no matter how upset he would be ,he will show us a big smiling face.
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Assembling a baby cot
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baby santa chasing a vaccum cleaner, baby crawling behind hoover
little santa chasing vaccum cleaner .
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baby s first words, papa papa papa
Baby omkar , started speaking a few words.. and guess what..? Papa is the first word he said.. Extremely happy papa on the other side of the screen
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Baby's first moments,1 hour old baby advice okbaby vlog induction father family vlogs
Hi there, so baby arriverd in the morming. Every thing went well, it was anormal delivery and he was pink as rose......... was quit alert and happy. Our bundle of joy , just exploring new surroundings. dad was not allowed to stay overnight and i couldn't take my eyes off of him so stayed up all night looking at him and checking if warm enough. Can not explain the joy of being a first time parent. please do comment if you have any tips on good parenting . okbaby advice induction vlog father family vlogs
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Day out before the baby's arrival ,last week of pregnancy.
Mum and dad ..making the most of free time visiting different parks in london
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