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The Lacs Bust a Move at The Pondtown Festival
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Beast Electric Hunting Vehicle- Rough Edit
Electric Hunting Vehicle- The Beast video footage. More soon. Filmed and edited by Jass Signs & Graphix credits. http://www.beast48.com http://www.tagsandtees.com http://www.funelmusic.com
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Electric Hunting Vehicle- The Beast Ultimate Hunting Buggy
Electric hunting vehicle better known as The Beast Ultimate Hunting Buggy. Features 48 volts, 12 hp motor, on board charger, and massive torque. This baby will go through the mud, water, climb hills, and take you anywhere you want to hunt. All the features and specs can be found online http://www.beast48.com,, Filmed and edited by Jass Signs and Graphix http://www.tagsandtees.com music credits http://www.funelmusic.com
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A Word From Twang-&-Round to Eastman Ga &  Slo Poke Boggin
From Kentucky, recording artist T&R are coming into Eastman Ga July 6th 2013 to judge our redneck dive competition as well as a night performance with Lenny Cooper, RUA, Kelly Ballard and more. All info can be found at www.facebook.com/slopokemud and also at http://www.reverbnation.com/TwangRound
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Race Car Wrap and graphic design by JassGraphix.com
Race Car Wrap testimonial by #9 driver Michael Howell. This wrap turned out just perfect. Contact us for a quote on any wrap needs. We are located in Eastman Georgia and have been producing race car graphics and wraps for 20 years. Visit us online http://www.jassgraphix.com or email me [email protected] I can also be reached by phone during normal business hours 478 231 4548 Installation of a wrap at your location is also possible.
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Infinity Symbol Shirts for Couples, Wedding Gift, or Anniversary Gift
Custom #Infinity Tees we produce are available in several different shirt colors and choice of graphic colors. This infinity symbol shirt for couples is an excellent wedding gift, anniversary present, or just a cute his and hers tee shirt. Visit us online to place your order http://www.jassgraphix.com/product/infinity-shirts-for-couples-infinity-beyond
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Decal installation for Pulaski County Sheriff
Installation of reflective decals on a crown vic for Pulaski County.
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Panic- Funelmusic.com
Video filmed and edited by Jass Signs and Graphix located in Eastman Ga. Funel, a group of talented musicians from Eastman are currently working on a new album due out later this year
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Rusty Williams gets muddy in Eastman Ga @ Slo Poke Boggin
Rusty Williams is one of our many acts for our July 6th 2013 Mud Bash in Eastman Ga with Lenny Cooper, Twang and Round, Rising Up Angry, Kelly Ballard and more all at Slo Poke Mud Boggin! https://www.facebook.com/slopokemud
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Jass Signs & Graphix- custom car tags, monogrammed car tags ,cotton car tags
A glimpse of what I do to make a living.... video projects , well Im on the learning curve. http://www.customlicenseplatesandcartags.com
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Wraping the 42 wakeboard slider at GRC
Installing a vinyl decal wrap on the 42 foot uprail at the gravity research compound wakeboard center in Eastman. www.ridegrc.com www.tagsandtees.com Terminal Frost By Pink Floyd---https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/momentary-lapse-reason-remastered/id464267407
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In Loving Memory  of My Sister Donna Part 2 of 2
Part 2 of a video I made about my sisters life.
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Colt Ford- Team Beast
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Electric Hunting Vehicle- The Beast Hunting Cart designed for hunters.
The Beast 48 volt Electric Hunting Vehicle comes standard with a 12 HP GE motor, 500 amp Alltrax Programmable Controller, and an On-Board Delta-Q Charger. More torque than the 36 Volt Beast and this model Electric Vehicle will take you up some serious hill climbing, deep mud holes, and has tremendous pulling power. This is the hunters ideal electric vehicle.  Also includes a 1 year factory warranty . for more info please visit http://www.beast48.com
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Promises by Funel
This is a video of my buddies of Funel. They play original rock/alternative music.
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March 11, 2011 10:02 PM
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Custom racing go kart graphics wrap- Jass Signs & Graphix
Custom go kart graphix designed and installed by Jass Signs & Graphix. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote. We can wrap em no matter how big or small!! http://www.jassgraphix.com
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Nursing Mirror Car Tags and license plates
We manufacture this line of mirror car tags for nurses. These nurse line is a new addition to our line of mirrored license plates. Order your on our brand new site http://www.jassgraphix.com/product-category/license-plates-2/nurses-license-plates
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911 Address Signs Reflective ID House and mailbox signs.
911 Address signs. Reflective letters with choice of background color. Our custom signs are hand crafted using high quality aluminum and vinyl. We ship Nationwide. http://www.jassgraphix.com/product-category/custom-signs/911-id-signs
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Cotton License Plates and Seal Of Cotton Car Tags
Cotton License Plates and Seal of Cotton Car Tags. We manufacture Officially Licensed Cotton License Plates. Visit us online to order this cotton tag in several colors. http://www.jassgraphix.com/product/cotton-license-plates We also wholesale cotton car tags to gift shops, feed and seeds, and ag related retail stores.
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Colt Ford- Behind the scenes- Waste Some Time
Video shoot for Colt Ford- Waste Some Time
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Firefighter custom license plates true fire car tags
Custom car tags for firefighters. We manufacture the finest in custom license plates. From polka dots to camouflage, to everything in between. Firefighter license plates make a great gift. Contact us for other items. www.tagsbysean.com
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Rising Up Angry is going to get MUDDY!
They've shared the stage with countless national acts such as Shinedown, Saliva, Rob Zombie, Atreyu, Lacuna Coil, Sevendust, Soil, Drowning Pool, Taproot, Nonpoint, Mudvayne, Trivium, Dark New Day and many more, always leaving crowds everywhere chanting, "RUA... RUA... RUA..." Rising Up Angry will be live in Eastman Ga July 6th 2013 at Slo Poke Boggin, info can be found at www.facebook.com/slopokemud
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Why baby gates suck
Two gates are no match for my 18 month old son.
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License plates, decals, and shirt display
This display holds over $1800.00 worth of merchandise. including car tags, decals, magnets, and shirts/
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How a redneck gets a lift
This guy was parked in a no parking zone in Hortense Ga during a Trucks Gone Wild Event.
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How to Save Money on your Power and Utilities Bill
Reduce your light bill and save money and energy by installing solar control window films. This video explains how window tint works. I've installed it for over 20 years with hundreds of satisfied homeowners. Contact me for a quote http://www.jassgraphix.com
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The Lacs- 4-wheel drive kids remix
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Lenny Cooper is coming to Slo Poke Boggin July 6 2013
The original Mud Digger sends a personal invite to come get muddy this July 6th 2013 www.facebook.com/slopokemud
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Kelly Ballard- SloPoke Boggin- Wish You Were Here Cover
Emotions ran high during this special tribute performed by Kelly Ballard at Slo Poke Boggins July Declaration Of Mud. http://www.dirtroadarmy.com http://www.facebook.com/slopokemud
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Smooth Willy Kickin Up Mud
footage of Smooth Willy Elko Ga Mud Bog www.jassgraphix.com
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Shinedown Concert footage Augusta Ga 10-19-2009
Shinedown footage
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A Word From The Lacs Pre Show- Rhine Ga Pondtown
The Lacs with a brief word right before hitting the stage to a packed street crowd.
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Ghost caught on film at Slopoke Mud Boggin
Unbelievable to capture on video this ghostly creature that we have had so many reports about. We finally did it!! Also got attacked at about 2.50 seconds into this video. Please Share http://www.facebook.com/slopokemud video by The Dirt Road Army http://www.facebook.com/dirtroadarmy Audio Track -- Halloween SoundClip---https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/halloween/id474744385?ign-mpt=uo%3D2 Audio Track-- https://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/cheers-drink-to-that/id461502747
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Shinedown Sick Puppies Duet Augusta 10-14-2009
Shinedown Concert footage
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Frogging with my son
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In loving Memory of Lacey
A short slideshow about my wifes sister Lacey
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Funel- Lost Love
Track Lost Love by Funelmusic.com from Eastman Ga
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In Loving Memory of My Sister Donna Part1
In Loving memory of my sister Donna Dobson Peacock. She passed away Sept. 18 2008 This is part 1 of part 2.
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A lil tease so Bradley you need to tightn up craker!
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Personalized sign for baby nursery & toddler room
Personalized sign for baby nursery & toddler room walls. Super cute personalized sign for baby nursery & toddler room walls made here! This custom made sign is produced using our in-house CNC and is fabricated out of an aluminum composite panel which is lightweight but strong and durable. This is the perfect affordable way to add a custom and personalized touch to any toddlers room or baby nursery decor. We offer three different sized custom signs to accommodate most any nursery decor. 16″ total length is $54.95 22″ total length is $66.95 30″ total length is $86.95 You can hang your cute personalized sign with stars and moon near the bed or babies crib or wherever you want the wow factor to take place! This durable material is also outdoor ready so it can be mounted outside on a fence or gate. Perfect for birthday party decorations too! Drills easily for mounting. Or tie some ribbon, twine or rope and make it a wall or door hanger. Never mount this custom sign or any sign directly over a babies crib until you are 100% positive it’s securely fastened. We also can produce other custom cut aluminum signs. Contact us for further info about our personalized signs. signs you’ll love to the moon and back! Order link http://www.jassgraphix.com/product/personalized-sign-for-baby-nursery-toddler-room-walls
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Personalized Infinity Symbol sign for couples
Personalized infinity symbol sign for couples Our personalized infinity symbol sign for couples makes the perfect wedding and engagement gift. This custom made infinity symbol sign is produced using our in-house CNC and is fabricated out of an aluminum composite panel. This is a perfect and affordable way to add a custom and personalized touch to any decor. These signs with both his and her name along with the year established are mulit-purpose. Measures approximately 30″ x 16″. Hang them in your bedroom over your bed or wherever you want the wow factor to take place! This durable material is also outdoor ready so it can be mounted outside on a fence or gate. This aluminum composite material has a baked on enamel finish for years of outdoor durability. Drills easily for mounting. Don’t forget to get some matching infinity shirts too! We also can produce other custom cut aluminum signs. Contact us for further info about our personalized signs. Order link http://www.jassgraphix.com/product/personalized-infinity-symbol-sign
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Shinedown Concert Augusta Ga Oct.19 2009
Shinedown home video footage
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Every Part Of Me
Funel Live-- Disturbing the Peace. Eastman GA 2010
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