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Anti-Bullying Taokaka Tech
Stop the bullies.
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Love Live! SIF Horror Stories
Special thanks to Twidusk for helping with some edits.
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Guilty Gear Xrd - Elphelt Showcase
Just some footage of Elphelt. CHANNEL UPDATE 12/4/14: Not much uploads recently, sorry about that. I've been doing Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Critical Mode No EXP Runs live like every day. Don't think I should bother uploading that. Also I just picked up this game! I'll be continuing my other games eventually. All videos are streamed live at - http://www.hitbox.tv/wanderingwlf
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I love Melee Netplay
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Mermaid Swamp - True Ending: Underwater Dream
OKAY, so I got the last ending to work so here you go.
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Taokaka OD Nonsense
HER OD IS BRAIN DEAD. Literally land a 2B or a 6B and you're golden. Probably won't work with opponents with good defense. Taokaka's shadow hits count as a mid. Silly gimmicks here. If you safe jump and opponent blocks you can choose to OD in the air to continue pressure or land first then OD to get Raw OD. Raw OD puts you back in neutral though so be careful of DPs and such. If opponent does get hit from safe jump you'll get OD cancel regardless. NOTE: The throws are kara throws.
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TTT - Silenced Pistol OP
I haven't really got anything new to upload, so here's another horrible TTT clip.
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The Sandman - Endings
These are the rest of the endings excluding the one I got on my original playthrough video. Extra Story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFe23_UvyMw
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Misao - Truth + Extras
Last of the Misao Videos
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TTT: Silenced Pistol Still OP
Not really. Also this server is kind of broken and the scope for the sniper is a missing texture picture. So no scoping allowed.
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Half-Minute Hero 2: Yuja's Ending
My favorite part in all of Half-Minute Hero 2. So much feelings.
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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus [Crimson Squad Part 1/7]
WARNING: Raw Live Stream Footage. Includes pauses, loading times, deaths and struggles. Streamed at http://www.hitbox.tv/wanderingwlf
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WNF Winter 2017 1.1 Blazblue Tournament
Thanks for all the commentators that volunteered!
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Lovable Idol Life
Don't you just love idols? Blanc's Joke Reel. Also would like to thank the viewers on giving me ideas on how to edit this!
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Oreimo Portable: Kanako's IF Route
Straighforward route from here. No choices to be made. Just read and enjoy I suppose. NOTE: I'm not a lolicon.
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More Taokaka BBCF Stuff
Crouch confirm stuff including Side Swaps, some corner carry and impractical grab setups.
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The Crooked Man: Final Scene + 2nd Play Ending
That's it for that. Hope the content was alright.
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Alice mare [All Endings]
A compilation of all the endings. A full playthrough will be coming as well when I get the chance to work on it.
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The Sandman [Silent Playthrough] Pt. 2/2
Last part of the playthrough. The playthrough only has one ending. My next video will show all the rest of the endings. Other Endings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MpnN3jE8uw
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Taokaka Corner Crossup Examples + etc.
Taokaka's 214D corner crossup will almost work on any neutral tech as long as you time accordingly. NOTE: Some characters can crouch and make Tao 5C whiff. This also doesn't work on some characters in general.
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Akiba's Trip: Little Sister Ending
Title says all. NOTE: I'll be getting the other endings tonight on - http://www.hitbox.tv/wanderingwlf
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The Sandman [Silent Playthrough] Pt. 1/2
The Sandman is a new game created by Uri who created other games such as The Crooked Man or Mermaid Swamp. I won't say too much so that I don't spoil it. Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfNVVAhxSuA
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Warface - Next Gen Tactics
So pro
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 [True Ending]
Well here you go.
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The Sandman - The Sandman's Job
This is the extra story that gives the player the perspective of the Sandman. This needs to be played in order to unlock the full bonus room. Bonus Room: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1IoRUMMRfE
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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus [Hebijo Academy Part 5/9]
WARNING: Raw Live Stream Footage. Includes pauses, loading times, deaths and struggles. Streamed at http://www.hitbox.tv/wanderingwlf
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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus [Hebijo Academy Part 3/9]
WARNING: Raw Live Stream Footage. Includes pauses, loading times, deaths and struggles. Streamed at http://www.hitbox.tv/wanderingwlf
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The Crooked Man: Scene 4 - Central Hospital (Paul) + Bad Endings
The end is near! Next Episode: http://youtu.be/w2JpYrMElDU
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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment [Ending Sequence + Sinon]
Technically this is Infinite Moment content but whatever. THIS GAME WAS AWFUL. NEVER GOING BACK.
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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus [Hebijo Academy Part 6/9]
WARNING: Raw Live Stream Footage. Includes pauses, loading times, deaths and struggles. Streamed at http://www.hitbox.tv/wanderingwlf
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Conception II: All Endings
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 [Normal Ending Sequence]
IMPORTANT NOTE: For some reason, hitbox/youtube won't let parts 8-21 upload to youtube. That is a lot of parts and is really unfortunate. What I can do temporarily (or permanently if hitbox doesn't fix the problem.) is link all the remaining parts to the hitbox videos on a description on the next video. ALSO: I'll try working on getting the other endings but don't hold your breath. I do have the Planeptune Ending requirement so expect that one soon at least.
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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 [Planeptune Ending]
Requirements: After last boss you must have at least 70% shares on Planeptune and Lily Rank 8 Nepgear x Neptune.
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BakaTachi Anime Expo 2013 Vine Compliation
Just putting all the vine videos together.
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The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Bad Ending
It says Bad Ending but this is the real end. NOTE: Sorry about the quality, the internet went really bad by the end of this run. ):
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Mega65: Tetris
We love mega 64!!! xD This is for you! =P
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Sword Art Online: $40 Fanfiction
I have no words.
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Hello? Hell... o? [Silent Playthrough + True End]
A very short RPG Maker horror game. I didn't get all the endings on this playthrough, but I think you get the point. NOTE: This footage is pretty raw so....sorry about that.
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