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Best Copywriting Books To Read
Best Copywriting Books To Read http://www.learncopy.com Copywriter Ray Edwards shares the secrets to choosing the best copywriting books to read and they are not what you think. http://www.webcopy-writng.com
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Analysis of Gary Halbert's Coat-of-Arms Sales Letter
The "Coat of Arms" sales letter was one of the most mailed and successful direct marketing letters in history. Mailed some over 600 million times, it brought in 20,000 orders per day and was the basis of a company that eventually sold for $75 million. Here I analyze this one-page sales letter and the reasons for its success. You may listen to the late Gary Halbert himself tell the story behind this letter here: http://www.thegaryhalbertletter.com/MarkJoyner/hp2.htm
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An Analysis of Gary Bencivenga's Olive Oil Sales Letter
An Analysis Gary Bencivenga's Olive Oil Sales Letter to show the strategies he used to sell a very common product by making it exclusive and therefore justify the high price.
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How to Write Autoresponder Email Series (Part 1)
What do you actually say in each email in an autoresponder series? Here you can steal my PROVEN email templates. http://www.autoresponderemailsecrets.com
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Robert Collier Explains Proper Way To Swipe Sales Letters
Robert Collier Explains Proper Way To Swipe Sales Letters. The words are not what count but the ideas behind the words. If you can "swipe" the idea then you have a winner.
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How to Write Autoresponder Email Series (Part 2)
What do you actually say in each email in an autoresponder series? Here you can steal my PROVEN email templates. http://www.autoresponderemailsecrets.com
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Analysis of Gary Halbert's famous 'Water Ad' sales letter
Here I do an analysis of Gary Halbert's Water Ad sales letter, taking it point by point and analyzing the techniques used by this genius of the copywriting art. Gary Halbert Newsletter is still available for free online, which has incredible value to any budding copywriter.
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My Copywriter And Marketing Library
http://www.learncopy.com Many beginning students of copywriting ask what book to get and in this video I give a quick survey of the books I have found helpful in my copywriting business. Depending on your level of interest you may not want to get all so I point out what I think are the most important ones. I roughly segment the books into copywriting skill development, business, marketing and "mind training".
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Ray Edwards:  Case Study
Daegan Smith, one of my long time clients, reflects on our work over the years. Daegan is a genius marketer and is always on the cutting edge of internet marketing.
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Ahchen Singing "John the Revelator"
Kid singing at concert
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Words To Avoid Using In Copywriting And  Advertising
The more specific your message is the more believable you will appear. Using a bunch of superlatives only makes you seem self-serving. Customers are immune to this type of hype and filters out these claims like a squirrel discards peanut shells.
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How To Become A Good Copywriter
How To Become A Good Copywriter http://www.learncopy.com Copywriting is considered one of the most essential online marketing skills that any marketer could have. Even if you have the hungriest market you still need the power of words in order to sell your product or service. There is scarcely any other area of writing where the power of the pen and the power of persuasion come together more effectively than in copy advertising. http://www.webcopy-writng.com
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The Most Powerful Copywriting Secret Ever!
The Most Powerful Copywriting Secret Ever is very simple to use and I actually just used it. :)
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Copywriting -- Using Donlad Trump As A Lead
Agora Financial is a master at using whatever the news headlines are to bridge into their sales messages. See one great example here.
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Ray Edwards Copywriting Review
Review of my copywriting and consultation services by #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Ron Douglas for his FiveDollarPost information product.
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Copywriting Critique for weight-loss sales letter
Any weight loss product has a great potential market but also lot of competition. How do you help your product to stand out from the crowd?
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Hollywood Story-Telling Copywriting Secrets
This is the first half-hour of a full 2 hr seminar on applying a very successful Hollywood story-telling technique to your sales letter writing. The secrets brought in a over 20% conversion for a $1,000 product. You can get the full presentation here: http://www.learncopy.com/copystory.html
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Copywriting Client Questionnaire Explained
How the questions copywriters ask help them to write winning copy and is the basis for their research. The more information the copywriter has the more effective copy he can write.
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Copywriting Critique for a dog food sales letter
http://www.learncopy.com Short copywriting critique for a dog food product sales letter. How can small company compete with the big dog food companies with millions in advertising dollars? I suggest copywriting and marketing strategies in this copy critique. Get your letter critiqued at http://www.videocopywritingcritique.com or join my copywriting coaching program.
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Persuasion Technique of Anchoring
Anchoring is a very effective tool of persuasion to use in copywriting and selling. Here I illustrate the principle using a short ad for my copywriting services.
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A tribute to Copywriter Michel Fortin and The CopywritersBoard
A tribute to a copywriter and a resource that had a profound influence on my early development as a copywriter: Michel Fortin and the CopywritersBoard.com
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Why You Should Pay More Attention To Subheads
About a million and one articles have been written about headline writing, but few on subheads. Although headline writing is of paramount importance in copywriting, subheads also play a critical part in getting the rest of your sales letter read.
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10 Ways To Writing Better Headlines
It's simple. Your marketing message stands or falls by your headline. Your headline carries the majority of the weight in getting your prospects attention and no message gets read if the attention of the potential client isn't won.
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10 Tips On Using Stories To Sell
An effective and compelling story is one of the most powerful devices in sales letter writing. There is seldom a successful direct marketing piece without one. I've seen this for my most successful sales copy and that of many other high-converting direct marketing pieces.
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Analysis of Famous “Wall Street Journal” Sales Letter
This is an analysis of the famous Wall Street Journal Sales letter written by copywriter Martin Conroy (December 13, 1922 – December 19, 2006) which ran for over 28 years from 1975 - 2003. The letter is compared to the "Two Men Who Fought In The Civil War" letter which ran in 1919 in Popular Science magazine as a possible swipe source. But the ultimate swipe source for these "two men" styled letters go back thousands of years! http://www.learncopy.com
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Effective Email Call-to-Action
Effective Email Call-to-Action http://www.autoresponderemailsecrets.com Calls to action are necessary because your email readers don't intuitively know what to do based simply on the information that you provide them. As the marketer, you may think it is common sense that they should now buy your product because you told them of all its virtues, but if you don't ask for the sale you are not likely to get it. It is important therefore that you not only tell your prospects what you want them to do but do so effectively. Ideally, any call to action should be clear, direct and concise. http://www.learncopy.com
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How To Choose Your Website Colors
How To Choose Your Website Colors http://www.webcopy-writng.com How do you go about choosing the colors you use on your website? Most people leave this up to the website designer but maybe you should take a more active interest in what colors you use. http://www.learncopy.com
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Analysis of Clayton Makepeace Seminar DVD Sales Letter
This is a point by point analysis of Clayton Makepeace Seminar DVD Sales Letter with strong emphasis on bullet point writing and use of side bars
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Creating Highly Effective Autoresponder Email Series Webinar
http://www.autoresponderemailsecrets.com How to create highly responsive autoresponder email series using one of the most successful template used by the "gurus".
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Copywriting Critique for a small business consultation sales letter
This letter tries to sell small business a marketing package. Selling consultation could be tricky and here I examine how to approach these owners and win the sale.
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10 Ways To Start An Internet Salesletter
The first sentence of an internet salesletter is like a hook. It must grab the readers attention and lead them into reading the entire letter. According to copywriter Joseph Sugarman, the purpose of the first sentence of a salesletter is to get the reader to read the next sentence. And the second sentence? To get the reader to read the third sentence. This becomes even more crucial on the internet than in print, since attention spans are very short online. There are certain types of letter openings that prove very effective in pulling the prospect into the rest of the copy. Well briefly look at the ten most effective ways.
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Java Runtime Error Solution
Solution to the error "cannot find Java runtime environment 2" for the Raydal Autoresponder Series Maker Software. You can always download Java Version 1.6 by Googling it. It's a freee download.
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Copywriter Retainer Deal --Help from my friends
Are You Looking for a Copywriter / Content Marketing Partner? Not a "one night stand, bam-bam thank you Maam" but a committed ongoing relationship? I'm open for just 2 more businesses to write for on a retainer basis. What's in it for you? You get a 14+ years experienced writer for a lot less than "per project".
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Copywriting critique for self-help "brain wave" sales letter.
http://www.learncopy.com The Self-help industry is a large and profitable one. How do you frame your sales letter to help people who may not readily admit that they need help?
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Life Of A Copywriter
http://www.webcopy-writng.com Want to find out what it's like in a copywriting businesses run from the comfort of your home and making a 6-figure income per year as a copywriter? Copywriting means that you can run your business from any place with internet access. As a copywriter, you can write sales letters and so write your own paycheck. More details at http://www.learncopy.com
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How To Swipe Successful Sales Letters
About every copywriter would boast about his collection of successful sales letters gathered from the masters of persuasion. This collection of winning sales copy is commonly referred to as a swipe file. The reason behind collecting and studying these winning pieces is to provide inspiration for writing successful letters, sharpening your own writing skills and borrowing and adapting headlines and selling strategies to different markets.
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Autoresponder Series Maker Software
Download it here: http://www.autoresponderemailsecrets.com See how you can use this simple software to create winning autoresponder series using the secrets from Ray Edwards' "Secrets of Writing Winning Autoresponder Series (With Swipe File)" manual.
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The Four Pillars of a Successful Ad
The Four Pillars of a Successful Ad http://www.webcopy-writng.com How do you go about writing persuasive ads? There are volumes written on this subject. Like anything else there are always a few principles that you must follow. I would just like to look at the 'steel structure' of the Ad. http://www.learncopy.com
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Did The Bible Predict The Internet?
http://www.ComputerAgeInProphecy.com A SHOCKING TRUTH about the End Times revealed at last! Bible Researcher Discovers Surprising Modern Predictions Hidden In A 2,500-Year-Old SECRET!
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The Copywriter's Life
Work from anywhere with a pen and legal pad or computer and make more than most doctors do. Forget the 9-5 grind and work on your own terms. Raydal Marketing, LLC Copywriter: Ray L. Edwards
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Email Subject Lines Tips
Email Subject Lines Tips http://www.autoresponderemailsecrets.com How to engage your subscribers into opening your emails and get them read? This is becoming more challenging but you can boost your email open rate using these tips on email subject line writing. http://www.webcopy-writng.com
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How I Got Started As A Copywriter (Part 2)
http://www.learncopy.com Here's my story of how I grew into one of the most sought-after copywriters online today.
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How To Write Effective Headlines
http://www.learncopy.com This video lesson looks at the four aspects of headline writing and the process that goes into writing effective headlines. Considering that headlines are responsible for 50-75% of the response level of an ad, every copywriter should study and understand this subject.
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Copywriting Critique of "Child DNA Test" salesletter
Here I go into the core REASON WHY for a product that must never be missed when trying to appeal to the prospect who is not always the primary beneficiary of their purchase. For example, dogs cannot read (except in cartoons) so no use selling a dogs food to a dog, you have to appeal to the dog owner, and hopefully he doesn't like the taste of dog food!
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Need Copywriting Services Explainer Video
Need copywriting services. Or need a video like this done? My son did this for my website as a trial for me. Let me know what you think about it.
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How I Got Started As A Copywriter (Part 3)
http://www.learncopy.com Here's my story of how I grew into one of the most sought-after copywriters online today.
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Copywriting critique for "baby fat" loss sales letter
This is a critique I did for a "lose baby fat" sales letter. Many common poiters with regard to writing for the "weight loss: market and then some more.
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Get Copywriting Coaching / Mentoring
SPECIAL 75% OFF PROMOTION on copywriting coaching / mentoring. Now is your chance to steal into one of the most respected and longest running copywriting coaching for Warriors. If the price was your obstacle to starting your copywriting career or taking it to another level, then no more. If you are just a business owner who want to get your copy critiqued by a veteran copywriter, then this is for you as well. LIMITED TIME OFFER! Go here http://www.learncopy.com
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Choosing An Email Service Provider
Choosing An Email Service Provider http://www.autoresponderemailsecrets.com Once you have passed the hurdle of convincing yourself that you need to employ more effective email marketing technologies, then the question becomes: How do you choose from the many service provider options available to you? Here are things you should look for in choosing such a service. http://raydal.aweber.com
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Acupuncture Post Card (Copy Critique)
Critique of DM post card directed at Acupuncturist.
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