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[BTS] namjin moments
fffff even tho i literally love all the ships, namjin is one of my faves and also im still dead from the mv teaser ~read description~ mmmm i asked my online friends for a lot of these clips and i think some of them are from other compilations (there are watermarks and like fangirling text) so credit to them :D social media~ instagram- @artsidoo twitter- @artsidoothebug
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[BTS] bts dancing to girl group songs
there wasn’t a lot of tae in this video cus i couldn’t find a lot of clips of him dancing to girl group songs so i blessed you at the end with one of the best fancams ~read description~ the fact that a video that took me less than 3 hours to make got 13k views in less than 24 hours- lmao sorry but rly thank you HOLY GOOOD THIS IS A LONG VIDEO IM CRYING somehow i did this video all in one day im proud of myself i would’ve added text and all but id feel like that would be too distracting (and it would take forever) jimin, j hope and jungkook are secret girl group idols trust me ~follow me on social media~ ig- @artsidoo twitter- @softseku (new acc!) ~SONGS~ something - 0:01, 3:09, 9:01 up up down 0:09, 3:27, 6:00. 6:30, 9:20 coming of age ceremony 0:25 boombayah 0:58, 9:43 ice cream cake 1:14 female president 1:42 miniskirt 2:32, 3:58 sugar free 3:00, 4:59, 7:12, 8:30 like ooh ahh 4:11 ah yeah 4:33 mr mr 5:10 no no no 5:26 whatcha doing today 5:43, 7:43 touch my body 6:50 catellena 6:57 russian roulette 8:11
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sassy and jazzy boys |  things you didn't notice/fangirl/boy ver. in airplane pt. 2
*FAST TEXT WARNING*i love this performance sm and boi is that one long title editing this was such a bitch im sorry but im backkk!!! _read description_ bro so i made a really nice video on the puppy video and no matter what i did buzzfeed kept blocking it in all countries ahdhsh its so frustrating other channels did the same thing i did but dhshdhs well i plan to upload more now! i was off cus of school but ive come back with a new software and hopefully better content! im excited to make more videos but i deleted a lot of bts stuff of my laptop for storage so ill probably be making stuff only from new content follow me on social media! instagram : @starugii wattpad : @starugii twitter : @softseku
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[BTS] bts answers wikihow articles #1
there is a "fantrash" watermark because i've recently changed my name to "artsidoo" to match my twitter and instagram ^-^ - sooooo i decided to make one of these - full credit to all the other people who made these videos that insfired me - decided to not put the title in lower case cus i can READ DESCRIPTION so some of these are just them doing it and not really answering it or whatever idk i was really tired making this- ive got more that i wanna do but if i did this wouldve been a 20 minute video or even longerrrrr so yeh thanks for reading no copyright infringement intended these clips do not belong to me made a new outro tho SOCIAL MEDIA instagram- @artsidoo twitter- @artsidoothebug luv ya edit - 9/10/17 WOAH THIS GOT 1k VIEWS WHAT EVENNNN
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yoongi’s secret vocal skills (shhHH don’t tell anyone)
my sarcasm has reached it's capacity here's an actually good video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXr6C4qALzA - read description - so yeah this video was fun to make like hella fun to make so i hope you enjoyed and i hope you got that this was complete bullshit i'm not trying to make fun of his singing i just compiled the clips where it's funny/ he purposely sung badly cus we know he can singggg (the osukare one was to just break the ice sorta thing :)) follow me on social media! ig: starugii wattpad: starugii twitter: softseku
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[BTS] bts answer wikihow articles #2
please read the pinned comment! (turn on cc for a fun adventure!) also happy birthday to the best mochi in the world~! ~read description~ the beginnings not gonna make any sense for ppl who dont know kpop terms - rude//disrespectful is used when someone is so good looking that they're 'rude' - ahhh i made this under two is hours so sorry its a bit eh~ ill try making the others one better and i have a lot planned for this channel - even tho im not making any money from this i want to take this more seriously ;-; also i love bts sm you have no idea i tried not including lots of comeback stuff - i wanted to kinda balance stuff out :P also thanks for all the support! it really means a lot to me *insert heart here cus youtube wont let me put hearts in here* ~social media~ instagram- @artsidoo twitter- @artsidoothebug
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[BTS] bts being memes #1
i could've made this into a 100 hour video but i decided to restrain myself thanks for 500 subs .3. follow me on social media ^-^ ig- @artsidoo twitter- @artsidoo clips do not belong to me! i just edited them
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[BTS] bts being memes #2
sorry for the late video i tried to make it more entertaining this time ~read description~ oof school rly sucks i have so much hw to do goodbye peeps ~follow me on social media~ ig- @artsidoo twitter- @softseku (new acc!)
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[BTS] yoongi being a min mochi
i think i make it hard for people to believe that jimin is my ultimate bias READ DESCRIPTION my bias list looks something like this jimin v, yoongi, namjoon, j-hope, jin, jungkook .3. anyways leave a like if you enjoyed this video and subscribe for more occasional content (im posting a lot in summer but not so much when school starts) FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA instagram- @artsidoo twitter- @artsidoothebug
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[BTS] namjoon//rap monster cute moments
happy early rap mon day ~read description~ editing videos is pretty fun to do so even tho they might not get a lot of views im having fun~ these clips dont belong to me (except the outro) i simply edited it ~social media~ ig- @starugii twitter- @softseku
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[BTS] (a compiliation of) bts being beautiful #1
this turned out a lot longer than i thought im sorry dgsgd ill probs make separate ones for each of the members im not sure ~read description~ i was really excited to try out this new software but uh its not compatible with my mac dgsdgs it seemed so good to :/ i rly want to those crack vids and what you didn’t notice//fangirl ver. of things but its rly hard and looks bad on iMovie anyways hope you enjoyed the video~ ~follow me on social media~ twitter: @artsidoothebug instagram: @artsidoo (mostly art here and im very active on there ;3) feel free to dm me :D we can talk if you wanna~ I DO NOT OWN THE CLIPS USED I SIMPLY EDITED THEM :D
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jimins disrespect #1?
im sorry for not posting for like 2 months so take this piece of crap i made in 30 minutes hhh also im suing jimin for attacking me like this ~read description~ im really sorry for not posting, there was school and exams and all sorts of shiz i had no time to edit and do things i love hhh also lots of stressful things have been happening i don’t even know if ill recover over jonghyuns death he was such an amazing person i just normally i get over death easily i just hh anyways i hope y’all have a good day love ya and expect some more videos since my christmas holidays have started ~follow me on social media~ ig- @artsidoo //@softseku (soft bot edits) twitter- @softseku
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[BTS] jihope moments
asdfghjkl i dont know who to ship cus they're all so cute some of these are just them together but it's stillllll cute ^-^ READ DESCRIPTION gahhhh i've been posting way too much but that's cus it's still summer until sep 10th for me my channel hasn't been growing but at least im getting sum views amirite - i dont really care if i get below 100 views cus u gotta start somewhere riiiiiiiight im not really making a living out of these im just bored and made some edits lmao anyways thanks for reading SOCIAL MEDIA instagram- @artsidoo snapchat- @artsidoothebug
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[BTS] jiminie being a mochi
jimin is my ultimate bias and..... the rest are my bias wreckers and biases cause i can't put them anywhere else xD (i still appreciate all of them even though i have a list) READ DESCRIPTION so these are just moments that are cute to me :P im thinking of doing an animation but im too poor to afford a good software SOCIAL MEDIA instagram - @artsidoo twitter- @artsidoothebug
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this video is just jimin dancing
low quality vid im sorry google chrome crashed 7 time because of this vid so :( - read description - jimin is so fucking talented why are you sleeping him like jesuussss i love him sm this video is to like show how jimin’s natural dancing is so graceful but he can do different types :) this was originally 1 hour and 40 minutes so be glad its only 14 aha i had a lot of fun with the leaves effect wooosh follow me on social media! ig: starugii wattpad: starugii twitter: softseku
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[BTS] j-hoe and hobi moments compilation
turn on captions .3. welp this is what happens when you decide to make a video at 2:19 am - leave a like if you enjoyed .3. sorry im obssessed with the no more dream dance break suprisingly j-hope is not my bias but that doesn't mean i still cant appreciate him .3. he's my bias wrecker so i decided to put hobi moments and j-hoe moments together - if i make another one of these then it's probs just gonna be hobi moments and j-hoe moments separately also this is not supposed to be offensive - i love bts and kpop and their members also also hobi's smile gives me life i dont own any of these clips used- full credit to the owners (especially bangtantv, ibighit and bangtansubs) thanks for reading i feel like the video quality might suck -_- ig- @artsidoo twitter- @artsidoothebug
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what you didn't notice in fake love choreography (fangirl/boy ver)
*WARNING: FAST TEXT* whoosh another video and wow thats one long title this took a while uggudh - read description - idk why but this took longer than i thought might release a theory version of the choreography + there is something real strange going on about this three monkeys thing that i was talking about also in m/v - when they were together (with the statue) the colours were muted but in their solo scenes they were more saturated or smth i think it might be significant idk follow me on social media! ig: starugii wattpad: starugii twitter: softseku
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[BTS] the milk song but it makes much more sense
please read the explanation of this video in the comments below - im sorry it was 3am and i was tired so i thought why not add random stuff to this - also no offense to the members ^-^ its all just jokes ~social media~ instagram- @artsidoo twitter- @artsidoothebug
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[BTS] v being a cute lil meme
ahhh haven't been posting recently cus my laptop keyboard broke and it had to be fixed subscribe for more! ig- @artsidoo twitter- @artsidoothebug
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[BTS] a bts dna/comeback crack(?) // this video is a mess
this is a very random video im sorry thank you guys so much for 300 subs!! ~read description~ holy shiet my channel has like got its smol growth spurt im so grateful and this is probs one of the few times you’ll see me upload things this close together .3. please comment what videos you’d like to see! it would really help~ ~follow me on social media~ twitter: @artsidoothebug instagram: @artsidoo (mostly art here and im very active on there ;3) feel free to dm me :D we can talk if you wanna~
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[BTS] fangirl ver// what you didnt notice in gogo dance practice halloween ver
god this took so long because iMovie sucks like hell for these things i tried to make it entertaining at the start but hhh i gave up ~read description~ i tried finding a good ass software but my mac isn’t compatible with it (it was davinci resolve) so imma just stick with my good ol’ iMovie probs gonna make another bts wikihow thing after this or just a normal compilation like jhope being beautiful cus i love him like sm ftr: yoongi, tae and jimin (hes my ult) are my biases (possible hobi idk) and hoseok is my ult bw and the others are my bias wreckers also im uploading this at night so something is bound to go wrong ~follow me on social media~ ig- @artsidoo twitter- @softseku (new acc!) thanks for reading ily :D
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