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Yamaha FZS SVHO 2015 In 4K UHD
Doing some close up passes for the camera
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2017 Yamaha GP1800 & FX SVHO Cruiser Playing with Dolphins
We were cruising offshore when a beautiful pod of young dolphins decided to join us
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Jetski Fishing For Kingfish Sydney
Trolling just outside the heads and hooked this rat. 60cm. Released
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2017 Yamaha GP1800 SVHO Waverunner
Playing with the new GP1800. This has to be the best ski ever built.
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Yamaha FZS SVHO & Seadoo RXPX 260 Wave Jumping At Cronulla
Nice day at Cronulla Beach.. Pretty Flat. But we got a few nice sets.
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Yamaha FZS 2015 SVHO Waverunner Wave Jumping
Playing in the little swell sets at Port Hacking River.
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Vouta Cam is a series of clips I am putting together for all Vouta and other pigeon fanciers to enjoy. I am trying to see what the birds see from up there and to try and get a better feel for what they experience whenever they are up there. Stay tuned for more. I am slowly progressing the birds at a higher altitude each flight to try and get some sort of understanding of just how high Voutes fly when we let them go out of sight. For those of you who don't know what a Vouta is, it is a pigeon that has been bred in Greece to fly high (out of sight) and keep climbing until their owner calls them down. When they are called down, they close their wings like a Peregrine Falcon and dive at incredible speed all the way to the ground. Stay tuned for more............
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Yamaha FZS SVHO Waverunner & Worked Seadoo RXPX RS Wave Jumping At Mainbar
Riding with a worked rxpx which now has more top end on flat. We came to the sandbar at mainbar and the sets were coming in nicely for a play around.. enjoy..
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Yamaha Waverunner FZS and Seadoo RXPX 260 RS
Out in the rough stuff. Playing in our favorite conditions
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Yamaha Fzs SVHO 2015 Waverunner
First day out with the new Fzs. What a beast. Went to Cronulla for some wave jumping but it was flat... Still had a great day.
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Riding back to Botany Bay from Cronulla.
Big swells. Had to get some footage. But the Gopro doesn't do it any justice with the fisheye lens. It makes the waves look small. Anyway, enjoy.
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Beaches Seadoo & Can-Am Balgowla
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Yamaha FZS SVHO & Seadoo RXP X 260 RS Ride With Ocean Liner
Cruising on this great afternoon, when spotting a ship on the horizon. So we rode out to get a closer look.
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Sydney Watercraft Centre
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Fastest Stock Yamaha FZS 2015 SVHO Waverunner With Candoo GPS Module
This is a test run of my stock class FZS. Please excuse the length, but I left it uncut on purpose so there is no doubt of the shown top speed. I have installed the Candoo GPS Module so I'm showing how my speedo is now actually accurate. Also, my ski has got a worx cold air intake. Ribbon delete (restrictor), and also the RIVA SCOM. Last of all, just installed the Solas 13/20 impeller. I have noticed fantastic hook up compared to the factory impeller, and 5.5kph more top end. In Nepean River (fresh water) I usually do about 116kph as opposed to the ocean sea water which I get 118kph, and today I hit 121.5kph/75.5mph as seen on my gps and speedo. I can't wait to get it out to the salt water. It should gain another 2kph there which if it does, I'll be stoked. I hope you enjoy this video. Thanks for watching.
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Jet Skiing with humpback whales Sydney On My Yamaha FZS SVHO
Cruising up the coast and came across this family of humpback whales.
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Yamaha WaveRunner FZS SVHO & Seadoo RXP X 260 RS
Riding with a container ship entering Botany Bay
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Sydney Jetski Club Ride Day 2.
Treasure Hunt.
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Stock Yamaha FZS 2015 SVHO Waverunner Top Speed
Riding down the Hawksbury River at top speed. What a great ride.
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Yamaha Waverunner GP1200R 4x4 On The Beach
The tide was low and the sand was very soft. Would have bogged the 4x4 for sure if I attempted to reverse the trailer in. So, I decided to bring the ski to the trailer instead.
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O Yiannakis Petaei Boytes
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Βουτές Σίδνεϊ
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Voutes No 1
Αυτά τα δύο είναι από ζευγάρι αρσενικού Ηλίας εμα πού ονομάσαμε "ασπροκολο" και θηλυκό Τομ εμα. Τα ονόμασα "τα μπιτσακια". Ανεβαίνουν γρήγορα, ακούνε με την μια, έρχονται σαν αστραπές. Μπράβο αγόρια
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Jet Skiing With Dolphins 2
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Voutes Pesimo
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Βουτές Σίδνεϊ 2
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Jet Skiing With Dolphins 1
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Rip N Ride 8 Cronulla 2015 In 4K UHD
Rip N Ride 8 Cronulla 2015.
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Buzz lightyear
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Jet Skiing With Dolphins 3
A school of Dolphins found us on our cruise up at Stockton Beach and they were just as excited as us. They followed us around and wanted to play. Absolutely awesome. They are truly beautiful and amazing. What a great day.
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Star Wars Light Saber & Telepod Collection
JohhnyTube. Johnny shows us his Star Wars light sabe and telepods collection.
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