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Atlas skins
All 4 atlas skins showcased in both team colors. I love the skull face look!
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Emblems unlocked
list of unlocks just some simple basic vids for now
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Combat squad
Combat Squad is a subgame with battlepoints where you pay to improve your base to unlock max amount of guys to hire and unlock all the missions on the map. Each mission has a list of possible rewards ypu can send up to 4 soldiers on each mission 1 of each class and the missions range from 2hr-15hrs. When they are done you click complete then check to see if you won anything. The soldiers are ranked by the id card color white is the shit guys with 3% chance and no bonuses. Yellow is 5% chance but if you hire all 4 of the yellow that are all the same rank and wear the same set of skins like the girls skins. Red is 10% each and 20% if you get same skin/rank or squad. Black are 20% each and if you get 4 of the same say exo suit skin guys its 100% chance to win. The white cards cost 100 bp the yellow 200 the red 500 and black are 750 to hire each. Truly p2w
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Fy 103
switched to nvidia recording and its alot better Fy 103 is a staple yes they did nerf it to encourage K box guns but its still a great gun in all game modes. We all know vodka swilling russkes have butchered this game
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Account Showcase
1st vid so i just did account show case
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Default rifle in use
Massive fps drop terrible free recording software from my.com. Pros: zoom in speed, hip accuracy, ADS shot pattern, capability at long range, very quite silenced, fast reload, fire rate, great for headshots 2-3 and no repairs. Cons: Low damage, poor for body shots, poor selection of attachments, unsilenced lots of smoke and gets boring
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