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Create a foreign key in phpmyadmin and relate to primary key
Primary keys and foreign keys and how they relate together is the crux of how relational databases work. in this video I add a foreign key to the students table named course_fk. I index field and then through the relation view I relate this field to the primary key field course_id in the courses table. Through the video I highlight how relationships work and how the constraints that are part of relationships in a relational database force the integrity of data by ensuring values in the foreign key must relate to valid IDs in the primary key it is related to.
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Pure Data Tutorial 16 - adc~ object sound from microphone
The adc~ object in pure data allows you to listen to the microphone of your computer. If you have a more sophisticated soundcard you'll may able to input several channels.
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Pure Data Tutorial 11 - Opening a external sound file using a dialog box from PD
Use the openpanel object in pure data to open a wav sound file and play it through the readsf~ object.
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Renaming Query Columns Fields in  Access Queries
By running queries in Access 2013 the columns that are presented in the query results are simply the fieldnames in the database. The Database design guidelines might have different naming conventions that might be confusing or meaningless to front-end users. And totals queries has an amalgam of the total and the field name making the purpose of the fields even less obvious. Therefore you, the query designer, has control over setting the column names to more relevant and user friendly terms.
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Setting up Dreamweaver to work with MAMP
Dreamwaver working with MAMP PHP and MySQL
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Creating a one to many relationship in a Access 2013 College Database
one to many relationships are the basic relationship of all relational databases. It allows database designers to split different entities of a system into different tables and then relate individual records with others in other tables. It is one of the foundations of relational databases as set out by EF Codd in the 70s.
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Introducing Divs and controlling them with classes and ids
An exploration of Divs and how to control and position them with default relative positioning. Also how to control shared and unique properties through classes and ids to have your CSS code as efficient as possible.
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Pure Data Tutorial 13 - Loop a sound file in pure data
use the functionality of the right outlet of the readsf~ to continually trigger the open filepath message box to play the sound file over and over.
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Wildcard Characters in Query Design Access 2013
If we're looking for an exact match on a particular string it may not return any records. Sometimes this is because we should be treating our criteria as a sub-string rather the full value of a field. Perhaps the piece of text you're looking for only makes up part of the value. This is where judicious use of the wildcard character which is a asterisk (*) in Access 2013, comes into play.
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Pure Data Tutorial 18 - Using the threshold object as a trigger for other events
An example of using the threshold object to trigger the playing of wav file.
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Many to Many Relationship Access 2013 College Database
Many to many relationships are actually two one to many relationships either side of table known as a junction table. Tis tutorial walks through the creation of the junction table, relating the appropriate fields and populating the junction table with data to associate different clubs with different students.
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Aggregate Queries Count Example Access 2013
Aggregate queries which centre around the Totals button in the query design tab in access, allows users to create queries that not only select certain rows from tables but also performs different calculations on the data contained within those rows. The calculations include Count, Sum, Average, Min, Max along with other statistical functions. This tutorial outlines a simple count mechanism using a criteria across a one to many relationship.
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Unique or Distinct Values in Queries Access 2013
Often queries that we have designed return many rows with the same data. It often makes sense to set a unique setting equivalent to the SQL Distinct keyword on the query. It's found in the properties sheet of the query under Unique Values. Just set this property to yes. This will avoid duplication of results and give a clear one record per hit result set.
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Project Network Diagrams - Project Management
How to create a project network diagram from a WBS ( Work Breakdown Schedule). Shows how to then calculate the Scheduling times and the critical path using the Critical Path Method (CPM).
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Pure Data Tutorial 17 - threshold~ object in pure data
The threshold object in pure data outputs a bang if there is a loud enough sound inputted. The threshold value can be changed and a lag time set to different values for more flexibility.
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Pure Data Tutorial 09 - Volume in Pure Data
Handling Volume in Pure Data - How to alter volume using a *~ object and/or a slider.
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Pure Data Tutorial 15 - Subpatches- Abstraction
Sub patches hide complication from the main patch by using a hidden canvas that performs particular tasks. The subpatches are included in the single file save of the main patch.
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Pure Data Tutorial 20 - writesf~ object pure data
The readsf object in pure data plays wav and aiff files. The writesf object records files to the hard disk. This tutorial shows the use of writesf and the read sf directly afterwards.
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Wrapper Divs in CSS
Using a wrapper div to control the body content of a web page. Place all your content inside this wrapper div. Then the wrapper div can be controlled easily from your style sheet.
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Part 3 Junction Tables - Library System in Access 2010
To allow a many to many relationship between tables in a relational database you must create a middle table called a junction table. This table has two foreign keys one to each of the table where you wish to instantiate a many to many relationship.
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Pure Data Install on MAC OSX
Installing pure data on a Mac. The famous open source and free alternative to MAX or MAX/MSP from Miller Puckette offers artists and multimedia specialists the opportunity to program their own media concepts.
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Pure Data Tutorial 07 - Using Arrays to See Waves
Using Arrays to chart the sound waves in a 2D graph. This uses the tabwrite~ object.
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Part 1 BOOKS, AUTHORS & PUBLISHERS - Library Database System
Creating one to many relationship between books authors and publishers. This is the basis of a multi-part series of tutorials that build a relational database system to manage library stock and loans.
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Key object to control record and play writesf~ and readsf~ in Pure Data
The key object listens and outputs the ascii code of keys that are pressed on the computer keyboard. Often it is used with a select object to control patches. Here we use the space bar and the letter x to record sounds through the adc~ object and then play them with the readsf~ object
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Pure Data Tutorial 01 - Basic SIne Waves
Using osc~ and dac~ objects in PD with a number box to change the frequency of the waves produced.
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Making a Junction Table in phpMyadmin for MySQL
Creating a many to many relationship in phpmyadmin in a library database system
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Installing Mamp and Running your php files in htdocs folder
Download and start MAMP the Mac Apache MySQL PHP distribution version 4.2.1. This tutorial shows you how to install on MAC and where to find the htdocs folder which is root folder for your localhost command. I take you through the workflow of creating a file and testing it in the browser.
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Pure Data Tutorial 06 - Sequence of Different Sounds
Using the select object and metro object with a looping counter outputing a rhythm of chosen pitches
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PHP create HTML table with a while loop - tutorial 09.3
Creating HTML tables using while loops in php. Loops can be used for all sorts of repetitive tasks that have patterns in html code. A HTML table is a good example; they have a strong recognisible structure of cells that can be created and filled with content in the iteration of a while loop.
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Expanding the Database - Another  One to Many Relationship - campuses table - Access 2013
Expanding on the previous tutorials this video adds another table with one to many relationship to courses. this allows administrators to record information about different campuses in a college and what courses and students are associated with those campuses.
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Parameter Queries in Access Database
Rather than have multiple queries with different criteria it sometimes more usable and maintainable to ask the user for the criteria as the query is run. These types of queries are known as parameter queries. the parameter being the value the user enters which is then dynamically inserted into the pre-ordained criteria field.
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Change the pitch of a sound file in pure data
You can change the rate at which a sound file plays by manipulating the phasor object to read the sound file from an array or table of data. The rate at which phasor consumes the data will dictate the speed and pitch of the playback. Other significant objects used are soundfiler and tabread4 object.
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Project Acceleration / Activity Crashing - Project Management
How to crash or accelerate a project once the critical path is done. As a project manager you need to account for the way the crashing effects costs - but also importantly how it effects your critical
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Pure Data Tutorial 04 - Using Float Object in Pure Data
Using the float object as part of a looping counter along with a + and modulus % object.
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Pure Data Tutorial 19 - Random Sound files on loud sounds
Playing a random external wav files on loud sounds through the threshold~ object in pure data.
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students table in phpmyadmin as part of a college database
Start of a playlist describing the different steps to take to create a college administration system in MySQL through phpmyadmin. In this video I show you step by step creating a database, adding a new table, creating fields including the primary key field. Adding an index and auto increment feature on the primary key. I also describe some of the basic data types and what lengths to give them. Finally I add one record of data through the browse tab of phpmyadmin
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Slicing A Mockup in Photoshop
It's a common process for certain types of designs that the mockup image be broken into lots of smaller images and saved to the site root folder. This video shows you a sample slicing operation.
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Pure Data Tutorial 12 - Opening a soundfile with a single click
Use a single click on a message box to open a ave sound file in pure data and have it play.
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Facility Layout - Operations Sequence Analysis
Making the design of a new facility as efficient as possible with the the distance travelled by a group of users reduced. Non adjacent loads are used as a weighting system that allows you the designer to compare different layouts. Works for both minimizing traffic for efficiency but also maximizing traffic for increased in-store time of customers.
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Part 2  COPIES, MEMBERS & LOANS tables - Library System in Access 2010
Creating the loan system for a library database using a copies, members and loans tables. All tables have one to many relationships between them. Explains the foreign key to primary key relationship and how to create them in Access 2010.
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Basic Form Based on a Single Table Access 2013
Forms in access are for creating user friendly interfaces for your databases. This allows end users to by pass some of the more complicated aspects of database design and just search for and edit and possibly delete data. It also allows you the database designer to protect certain aspects of your database. The form in this tutorial is a simple form created through the form wizard. It's based on a single table. The tutorial also walks through some other options for formatting and tidying the form to increase the user experiences of the forms and consequently the database as a whole.
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Creating a students table in a Access 2013 College Database
The first part in a series. create a students table and explain the datatypes, primary keys, field names and records that make a student table in a college relational database
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Wrapper Divs in Webpages
Wrapper divs are commonly used as an outer container for websites. This allows a greater control of the content within by targeting the wrapper div with css rules. It also allows web designers to detach the main content of a page from the surrounding browser window for more flexibility. This tutorial shows the how and why of wrapper divs.
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Query Pulling Data From Multiple Tables Access 2013
When creating a query based on many tables its important to only add in the tables that are needed in the query design. Add in too many or too few will result in incorrect dynasets. What's important is that there is a clear relational linkage between the tables. This should represent a chain of relationships between a table on one side of the design view that snakes it's way through other tables to the table on the opposite side of the relationships. The view that you see in the design view of Access 2013 is similar to the relationships view. It is through these relationships that query is able recognise which records to return and which records to filter.
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Pure Data Tutorial 08 - Message Boxes in Pure Data
Using message boxes as a clickable object in run time pure data. Message boxes can hold numbers, strings or any other type of data.
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Main Menu or Switchboard form in Access
How to create a main console window or menu page for access users. This mainly consists of buttons that trigger the opening of different forms. Having a main menu form is advisable for databases to hide the technical complication of the database from naive users and to protect your data from erroneous entry or edit.
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Pure Data Tutorial 03 - Rhythmic Random Frequencies
Generate a different sine wave pitch every half second in PD (Pure Data) using osc~, dac~, random and metro objects.
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Advanced Totals Queries in Access 2013 (Aggregate Queries)
Totals (aka aggregate) queries in access allow not only the count function but many more including sum, average, min and max and even standard deviation and variance. You can perform different totals on the same field over and over again. This allows the query designer to provide highly useful queries for their clients or team to be reused.
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Pure Data Tutorial 14 - Send & Receive Objects - Abstraction
Using the send and receive or s and r objects to send messages and signals from one part of a patch to another or from one patch to a different patch. It is a useful tool to keep your patches tidy by reducing the number of connectors criss-crossing your canvas - but also in the case of sending from one patch to another it can allow the pure data user to encapsulate a module of pure data functionalilty and hide it in a background patch
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Pure Data Tutorial 02 - Random Frequency Generator
Generate random frequencies using a random object and bang object in PD - By User Click. Uses osc~, dac~, random and bang objects.
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