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Oskar Schindler's Grave
Oskar Schindler is one of my role models and when I was in Jerusalem I placed a salt stone from the Dead Sea on his grave. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/oskar-schindlers-grave.html
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The CN Tower Glass Floor
Teresa the traveler visits the CN Tower and braves the glass floor
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Crazy Streets of Aleppo
Teresa the Traveler visits the crazy streets of Aleppo. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/citadel-of-aleppo.html
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Discover Salmon Glacier and the Bears at Fish Creek
Teresa the Traveler visits Hyder Alaska and Stewart, British Columbia where she watches the bears at Fish Creek and checks out the Salmon Glacier, the 5th largest glacier in North America. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/salmon-glacier.html
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Damascus Old City
A Syrian guy I met in Lebanon gave me a tour of the old city. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/damascus-old-city.html
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Walking Tour of Granada City in Nicaragua
Teresa the Traveler visits Granada in Nicaragua
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Discover Khan el-Khalili.wmv
Teresa the Traveler visits the market of Khan el Khalili in Cairo, Egypt. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/khan-el-khalili.html
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The Monks Cave in Hedley
Teresa the Traveler visits Hedley and learns about an abandoned cave where a monk once lived. She finds the cave and later learns that it belonged to a monk named Leon who moved out around 2006 and now lives on the Indian Reserve near Wolf Lake.
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Kitimat 2015 Snow Storm at KMP
Teresa the traveler faces the dilemma of how to get the 4 feet of snow off her car during the Feb 2015 snow storm in Kitimat BC. Thankfully some fellow KMP employees give her a hand and saved her car from potentially getting crushed by snow.
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Discover Hatshepsut Temple
Teresa the Traveler visits the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor Egypt. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/hapshepsut-temple.html
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Ma'in Hot Spa
I visit this awesome hot springs waterfall in Jordan where you can take a warm shower under the falls. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/main-hot-spa.html
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Kenny's Weird Home in Lytton.wmv
Teresa the Traveler and her friend Faron drive to Lytton to check out Kenny's Weird Home. Takes about 1 hr 45 to get to Lytton. Turn off at first exit. You are coming from the top of the map. Go down over tracks and down main street. Turn right and follow signs for Lilliooet highway 12 that goes over the bridge on the river Thompson. When you get over the bridge you will see a United gas station. Take the road to the right. Continue on up this road. Ignore the sign that says "Native Land, no trespassing"....lol... Keep driving up this road. It gets a bit steep and windey. Part way up the hill you will come to some driveways. Take the one with the 60ft replica Winchester rifle over the gate. And you are there. The name of the guy is Kenny Glasgow. If you wander around he should come out to meet you. If not, ring the bell in the church tower or wander into his shop. His phone number is 250 455 2569 if you want to phone ahead. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.ca/kennys-weird-home.html
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Discover Saqqara
Teresa the Traveler visits Saqqara in Egypt and sees the world's first pyramid. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/saqqara.html
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Buying worry beads then getting pick-pocketed in Athens.wmv
Teresa the Traveler buys a set of worry beads in Athens and gets a shopkeeper to teach her how to use them. A few minutes laters she gets pickpocketed and loses $400...thankfully she still had her worry beads!
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The Oxygen Bar
Teresa the traveler has her first experience at an Oxygen bar at Circus Circus in Vegas. She also gets an aqua massage.
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The Dead Sea in Jordan
Teresa the Traveler visits the Dead Sea in Jordan on her two-month backpacking adventure from Berlin to Bethlehem. To learn more about the places she visited and for a complete list of all the hotels she stayed at and the contact info visit her website http://www.teresathetraveler.com/dead-sea.html and purchase her book "Single White Female Backpacker" available in print and e-book!
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Discover the White Desert.wmv
Teresa the Traveler goes on a safari through the White Desert, Black Desert and Crystal Mountain in Egypt's Western Desert. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/western-desert.html
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Streets of Aleppo Part 2
The city streets in the old part of Aleppo Syria are crazy to say the least but charming and full of culture. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the newer parts of the city but I hear the rest of the city is beautiful as well. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/citadel-of-aleppo.html
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Behind the Falls and Boat Tour of Niagara Falls
Teresa the Traveler and her friend Magda visit Niagara Falls and go on a Journey Behind the Falls as well as a boat ride in front of the falls on the Hornblower.
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Little Corn Island
Teresa the Traveler and her friends visit Little Corn Island in Nicaragua where they go swimming with dolphins. For more information click on the link http://www.teresathetraveler.com/corn-islands-in-nicaragua.html
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A Tour of Three Valley Gap
Teresa the Traveler gets a tour of the ghost town in 3 Valley Gap near Revelstoke. For more information click on the link http://www.wheretogoandhowtogetthere.com/3-valley-gap-ghost-town.html
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The Ancient City of Petra
Teresa the Traveler visits the ancient city of Petra where the Indiana Jones movie the Last Crusade was filmed. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/monestary-in-petra.html
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Chasing Waterfalls in the Okanagan
Teresa the Traveler and her friends David and Bob go chasing waterfalls in the Okanagan while researching Teresa's book Chasing Waterfalls, to be released in Dec 2015. For more details visit www.teresathetraveler.ca
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How to Get to the Bearcat Caves.wmv
Teresa the Traveler give you video-taped precise directions on how to get to the Bearcat Caves near Monte Lake, British Columbia. For written directions and to see her pictures check out her website at www.wheretogoandhowtogetthe.com
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Biker Wedding at Sturgis North 2011.wmv
Teresa the Traveler goes to Sturgis North and stumbles upon a biker wedding.
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Abandoned Mine in Hedley
Teresa the Traveler hikes to an abandoned mine shaft in Hedley
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Kelowna Mountain Suspension Bridges
Teresa the Traveler and her friends Pam and Barb visit the Kelowna Suspension Bridges. For more information click on the following link http://www.teresathetraveler.ca/kelowna-suspension-bridges.html
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The Center of the Universe at Vidette Lake
Teresa the Traveler and her friends Yvette and Sarina visit the Center of the Universe at Vidette Lake with keeper Ray Stad. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.ca/center-of-the-universe.html
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A Day in Zagreb
Teresa the Traveler spends the day in Zagreb, Croatia.
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Scotty Creek Slot Canyon and Waterfall
Teresa the Traveler meets up with a couple prospectors who show her the secret trail to the Scotty Creek Slot Canyon and Waterfall in the Southern Interior of British Columbia.
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Jamieson Creek Falls.wmv
Teresa the Traveler practices some yoga moves on a hike at Jamieson Creek Falls with her photographer friend Walt. The falls are located near Kamloops, BC, Canada. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.ca/jamieson-creek-falls.html
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Hide in a Secret Cave at Margaret Falls.wmv
Teresa the Traveler tells you how to get to Margaret Falls on beautiful Shuswap Lake. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.ca/margaret-falls.html
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DREAMCYCLE Motorcycle Museum.wmv
Owner Mark Lane gives Teresa the Traveler a private tour of his DREAMCYCLE Motorcycle Museum in Sorrento. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.ca/dreamcycle-motorcycle-museum.html
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A Turkish Carpet Shop
I visit a carpet shop in Goreme and learn about the art of carpet making and what to look for when buying a carpet. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/shop-at-the-grand-baazar.html
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A Day in Hradec Kralove
Teresa the Traveler visits Hradec Kralove with Honza and Jitka zadrobilkova
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Discover Philae Temple.wmv
Teresa the Traveler visits Philae Temple in Aswan Egypt. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/philae-temple.html
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Gold Panning at Barkerville
Teresa the Traveler visits Barkerville and learns how to gold pan. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/gold-panning-at-barkerville.html
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Saturno Caves in Cuba
Teresa the Traveler and her friend Bernard visit the Saturno Caves in Cuba.
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Chillin at an Ice Lounge
Teresa stumbles upon Minus 5 degrees Ice Lounge in Vegas and goes in for a drink
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Discover the Citadel of Qaitbay
Teresa the Traveler visits the Citadel of Quaitbay in Alexandria, Egypt. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/-alexandria.html
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Bran's Castle
Carolyn and I visit Bran's Castle aka Dracula's Castle. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/brans-castle.html
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Hike to the Pillar at Pillar Provincial Park
Teresa the Traveler and some of her friends venture out to Pillar Lake, BC to check out the large Pillar after which the lake was named. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.ca/pillar-provincial-park.html
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Discover Cairo, Egypt
Teresa the Traveler takes a city tour of Cairo, Egypt visiting Mosque of Ibn Tulun, the Hanging Church, Tahir Square, the Egyptian Museum and Mohamed Ali's family tomb. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/cairo.html
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Terror at the London Dungeon
Teresa the Traveler visits the dungeon. Form more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/london-dungeon.html
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Costa Rican Eco Adventure
Teresa the Traveler and her buddy Carolyn go on a Costa Rica Eco-Adventure with local English speaking guide Alvaro Espinoza. They go to the Borinquen Mountain Resort and Spa located at the foothills of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano where they ride horses, go zip-lining, have a natural steam bath, have a volcanic mud bath then relax in the natural hot springs. For more information click on the link http://www.teresathetraveler.com/volcanic-mud-bath-in-costa-rica.html
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Kitimat 2015 Snow Storm Digging Vehicles out at KMP
The snow finally quit falling and the sun came up while the residents of KMP Construction Village pulled together to get each others vehicles out of the snow.
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Plitvice National Park in Croatia
Teresa visits Croatia's most popular national park.
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Mascot Mine Tour
Teresa the Traveler and Deanna McLeod visit the Mascot Gold Mine in Hedley
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Kayaking at Johnson Lake
Teresa the Traveler visits Johnson Lake with her friend Amy. For more information click on the link http://www.teresathetraveler.ca/johnson-lake-bc.html
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The Bloodiest Execution at the Tower of London.wmv
Teresa the Traveler takes a tour of the Tower of London and listens to a Beefeater regaile the crowd with tales of bloody executions. For more information visit http://www.teresathetraveler.com/tower-of-london.html
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