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International Baccalaureate Biology Students Break it down Gangnam Style! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: IB bio style Bio Style Hey girl I see you lookin at that cell That centriole, Composed of groups of microtubials So whats their use, they help those cells to separate s-s-ssseperate Bilojaay 'Now lets go onto the cell's cyto skeleton 'It's the backbone of all organelles in the system 'It has structures such as cilia and lamellipodium Biology Homework, oh how I love it Please gimme an a hey, please give me an a hey Biology Homework, oh how I love it Please give me an a hey, please give me an a hey Please give me an AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ib bio style Biostyle IB Bio style Bio style IB bio style Eh-sexy text book I-I-I-I- Ib bio style Eh- sexy text book I-I-I-I ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: CAST Studying Girl -- Ashlee PSY -- Daniel Zu, Isaac Kang, Erick Medellin, Ronil Vaghjiani, Nilan Vaghjiani PRODUCTION TEAM Producer - Ronil Vaghjiani Stage Head - Erick Medellen Choreography - Daniel Zu Set Location Director - Isaac Kang Camera Operators - Nilan Vaghjiani, Ronil Vaghjiani Post Production Head -- Ronil Vaghjiani Editors -- Ronil Vaghjiani MUSIC PRODUCTION TEAM Producer - Nilan Vaghjiani Co-Producer -- Daniel Zu Audio Engineer -- Nilan Vaghjiani Song Writers -- Nilan Vaghjiani, Isaac Kang, Ronil Vaghjiani "Gangnam Style" by PSY SOFTWARE Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 FL Studios 9 Producer Edition Windows Sound Recorder Youtube Downloader Antres Autotune --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consider Subscribing!
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V for Vendetta Trailer Spoof
Watch the fun adventures of Evey, played by the lovely "Ericka", in this parody of 'V for Vendetta'
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