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Xbox 360 Warface | The Secrets of Farm
Hello Everyone! This is the first episode of a new series I'll be doing in which I'll show you alternative routes to popular spots -- and potentially spots you've never seen before -- on maps on Warface! Please be sure to rate the video and subscribe for upcoming content! Thanks!
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Warface - Shotty Snipes!
Hello Everyone! I've been working on collecting clips for this episode for a little while now! Sorry about the infrequent uploads! Please rate the video and don't forget to subscribe for future content! Song: Acrobat Artist: Gods Of Fashion Music Disclaimer: I do not own this music. This video is for entertainment purposes only, this video is not and will not be monetized.
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Xbox 360 Warface | The Secrets of Aul
Hello Everyone! In this episode Me and BONGRIPryan of i5Gamers take on Aul! (pronounced "Owl"). While you have probably seen a few of these places, I hope at least one will be a surprise ;). Please make sure to Rate the video and Subscribe for more Tips-and-Tricks, upcoming strategy videos, commentaries, clan-match/pub-compilations, and more! Note: I'm not sure if the Devs intended on having the last spot reachable, so I apologize in advance if it is patched! Because it doesn't offer access to the enemies spawn point, I decided to share! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!
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Hangar  - Warface Solo Jump (BEST WAY)
Hey Everyone. (SCROLL DOWN) Shotty Snipes Montage Link: http://youtu.be/TADEwDNTLAo?list=PLl33IBvcaI5Xf6wwsDz-aO1EyDMrPvsGI A while back I posted a video that showed how to access the spawn point in the "Warface" spawn on Hangar using the Green Trashcan to the right of the Truck. This is a FAR superior method of accessing the high ground on the Warface spawn solo. I hope it's not patched, because an assisted climb would still take less time, but this is a reliable alternate method. Please rate the video if it helps! Thanks!
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Xbox 360 Warface | The Secrets of Hangar
Hello Everyone! In episode two of "The Secrets of Warface" we tackle Hangar. May you never have to deal with an enemy camper again! Make sure to rate the video! Also let me know in the comments if you think I missed anything, I'd be happy to learn something new!
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Destiny | 365 Black Hammer Vs. Urrox
As a level 34, the 365 Black Hammer stun locks Urrox on every shot.
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Xbox 360 Warface | Medic! - Episode #2
Hello Everyone! I decided to edit together episode two while Crytek works on addressing the server issues. I tried to vary the game play a bit in this one, I hope you enjoy! Artist: August Burns Red Song: Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins Music Disclaimer: I do not own this music. This video is for entertainment purposes only, this video is not, and will not be monetized.
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Xbox 360 Warface - TDM on Hangar
Medic Class: Richmond 770. I did a lot of running around this match, my teammates were getting to the dirty spots and often needed health. I hope you enjoy. Don't hesitate to help out your team!
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Warface Hangar "Warface Spawn" Secret!
Hey guys, as I stated in the video, I got stuck in a spawn trap today with teammates who were not aware of how important it is to lift teammates to the high ground, because of the pressure in our spawn area I figured this out. It's a difficult jump that I expect only veteran players (who have the proper footwear) will be able to do, but regardless I think it's helpful and good to know.
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Xbox 360 Warface | Cool Taunt Glitch
Like I said in the video, pretty useless, but kinda cool nonetheless. I apologize for the poor sound quality, I recorded the VO on my PC's "sound recorder" *cringes* HOW TO DO THIS GLITCH: 1. Be in game 2. Be alive at the end of the match 3. When the timer hits 00:00 and the score board pops up on your screen, Press B so that you're free to access your taunt window. 4. Hover over the taunt button, and execute the taunt at the last second in game. If you've done it correctly, you will see that you selected the taunt button, but you won't hear the taunt until the next screen. Disclaimer: If this glitch should cause any adverse effect on game play, I have not noticed it. It is not my intent to disseminate information that would cause or perpetuate such issues.
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AUL - Warface Spawn Jump
Hello Everyone! Yeah, this jump is pretty out of control, I'm actually surprised I didn't see it earlier. This should be patched soon. It definitely requires light weight or fast shoes, but it's pretty hard, so I don't see it being abused.
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Destiny - Fastest way to complete the "Cleansing Light" bounty
Credit to Enraged Cinema, link to his stream: http://www.twitch.tv/enragedcinema I have "Woken the Hive" and used the spawn below the Steppes on the Cosmodrome, but I recently saw this strat on Enraged Cinema's stream and I had never seen it before, wanted to share it with you guys.
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Xbox 360 Warface | The Secrets of Dock (Commentary)
Hello Everyone! In this episode I take you through the TDM map Dock! I thought this map would best be served by doing a walk-through commentary. I apologize for the speed-talking, I crammed it in on one 10 minute private match. Please make sure to Rate the video and Subscribe for more Tips-and-Tricks, upcoming strategy videos, commentaries, clan-match/pub-compilations, and more! Note: The fence to the right of the exit of the Blackwood spawn can also be shot through, just like both cover points that Snipers hide behind at the jump-points out of each spawn area! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!
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Destiny | Archon Priest Strike | Speed Run to the 3-waves of Vex
Hello! I have recently noticed a lot of high-level players struggling with the first segment of Vex in the Ember Caves, I wanted to share the route that I use in order to bypass this section for a more efficient speed run. Hope it helps!
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Warface | Live Commentary on Widestreet!
Hello Everyone! This is my second live commentary on Warface! I figured I'd switch things up on my channel and bring you some game play featuring the Engineer Class. For those unfamiliar with my play style, I typically run as the Medic class. But Goddamn is the Engineer fun! I'm very new to the class, so please let me know if you've got any tips for me! I'm playing with the AY 552, an ultra-rare SMG available for ~$38000 in the Warface shop. Shout-out to xREBELxClutchx, tweet at him @DonteHarris14 and tell him to get his capture card working so we can see some of his unreal FFA gameplays!
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Warface - TDM on AUL 72 - 18
This game play was too unreal not to upload in it's entirety--raw and uncut. I'm on an all out crusade to have the Boas removed from PvP as it is completely overpowered in Versus, just look at what's possible with a pump-action shotgun! I know these aren't the most veteran players, but I couldn't pass up uploading a game play at 72-18!
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Warface | Live Comm. on Downtown
Hello Everyone! I wanted to let you guys know that I've been slow on releasing new content because I've been getting things ready for a cross-country drive back to the East Coast! I'll be uploading new content once I'm settled, starting next weekend! Thanks for you patience and rate the video if you enjoyed! Thanks!
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Xbox 360 Warface | LIVE COMM. DEFIB. ONLY
Hello Everyone! This is my first live commentary in a very long time! I'm excited to finally have a mic that I can use to record these! For my first episode, I thought I'd bring you guys something pretty random and ridiculous, a Defibrillator only on Farm Sunset! Leave a like if you enjoyed, and subscribe for more content! I'd love to hear from you guys in the comments as well!
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Xbox 360 Warface | Free For All | 56 - 17 on Widestreet
Hello everyone, I recorded this fast-paced free-for-all game play yesterday and I wanted to share. We reach the frag limit with 2:30 left on the clock! I did a quick sum on the kills at the end of the match and it seems that 300 is probably the limit (I think a few people leave the game near the end). I'm using the Richmond 770 U.S. Set which can be purchased in the "Medic Starter Pack" in the Warface Store. It's a very good, and fun, pump-action shotgun (thanks for the heads up Learn Some!) Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Subscribe for more Xbox 360 Warface content!
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Gears of War 3 Drone Moonwalk
crazy wtf clip I got the other day. This bot channels his inner Michael Jackson, moonwalks up the steps- and then Houdini's my ass with the chainsaw. WTF!
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Gears of War 3- First Commentary- Our Small Community
Please Read: This is my very first commentary. It is a response to Drew's video titled: Gears of War Franchise gets NO LOVE! Link to LiKeBuTTeR's video-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPxWLiJylNg GAME PLAY: I recorded the audio commentary separately from the game play so it doesn't begin and end with one match, I think the game play is still pretty entertaining. The second match on artillery is a 2 v 4 and they get pooped on. Make sure to rate the video and please leave a comment and write why you think the community is so small
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Gears of War 3- Back to Back Blindfire Aftermath
Rate and Subscribe! : ) whew, got the back to back blindy! more uploads coming soon
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Warface | Random Clips
Hello Everyone! I've been missing this game so I took some time and edited together some clips I had saved while I wait on my Xbox and recording equipment to arrive at my new address. I hope you enjoy! Artist: Sublime Song: Foolish Fool (Dee Dee Warwick cover) Album: Everything Under the Sun Music Disclaimer: I do not own this music. This video is for entertainment purposes only. This video is not and will not be monetized.
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JoeInTheBean 1 V 7 (6) Clutch
Bringing in the content train! Got some stuff I'm going to be working on so hold on to your chides.
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Blood Drive 1v7 clutch
was getting down humped by some serious sweats so I burned em for the clutch.
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Destiny | Cabal Launcher Glitch
Doing a Public Event when a Cabal drops from a ship and soars across map.
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JoeInTheBean- Episode 3
Hey, I was excited to upload a new video so I brought some random stuff together-- some okay and some very good-- and threw it in Vegas. 50 Subs?? New series and commentaries soon ALSO- Currently looking for a team!
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JoeInTheBean - Current Events Ep. 1 - OSOK
Here's episode one of my new series called current events. This episode features my favorite event One Shot One Kill. I hope my new subs enjoy! Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Help me get to 50 subs! -Other channels to check out: JokerxGGL @ http://www.youtube.com/user/jokerxGGL Avenge Seann @ http://www.youtube.com/user/RuinedSeanHD Kaos LeaKy @ http://www.youtube.com/user/LeaKysWorld
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Destiny | Hopscotch Pilgrim - Legendary Pulse Rifle
This weapon dropped from the Dragon Strike playlist. I almost always delete non-elemental primaries, but I plan on playing ToO soon and have been looking for alternatives to Thorn. The base Hopscotch Pilgrim is an absolute monster and with the addition of the Headseeker perk it only gets better.
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Gears of War 3 Random Clips Ep. 1
Please rate and subscribe to see upcoming content! Hey guys, I'm excited to release a random clips episode, it gives me a chance for some feedback as well as clean out the folder containing all of my clips. There was an issue with interlacing that I resolved so content I upload in the future will be in better quality than some of the clips presented here. As far as game play goes, in the future I will be aiming to present clips closer to the standard of the last couple, so please, rate and sub and I'll be even more excited to upload clips! Also note, I am brand new to editing software and did this myself, I'm sorry for the rough transitions, I'm hoping an editor will be able to help me out in the future. Cheers.
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JoeInTheBean- Episode 2
Watch in 720p! It's been too long since my last update! Here are some clips that have been taking up my HD space. Rate and Sub for upcoming Commentaries and episodes!
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Xbox 360 Warface Beta - PRO FFA on Wide Street
Xbox 360 Warface Open Beta available for download, free on the Xbox Game Marketplace Here I got into a lobby with a few very good players -- we duke it out in a free for all on Wide Street.
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Gears of War 3 -Torque Triple on Anvil
Rate & Subscribe missed the third head shot, pretty disappointing, but nonetheless a pretty cool clip. My settings will improve from here on out because I found a solution to the "horizontal motion lines" in my recorded video. I should have some more random clips being released soon, so look for updates to come!
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Dry Dock Game Play
first video! Just wanted to test out my recording equipment, let me know how things look and look forward to better game play's and montages soon! I'm collecting clips!
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Joe In The Bean-- We'll Do It Live!-- Ep. 1
Sublimely Self Righteous ale is an American Black Ale, my bad, I was thinking about their 18th anniversary which had just whetted my palate. So anyways- this is my first live commentary, I wanted to see how it worked and what the quality is like with my current set up. I had to record a separate audio track in Vegas as I simultaneously recorded the video on my HD PVR so the bottom line here is that the audio might be just a little off. It's something I'll work on. Also, I think my audio track get's quiet and indiscernible at points, but hey it's my first time so take it easy on me (TWSS). I had a blast doing this though and I plan on doing more of these as well as variations of this series with other players while we compete in absurd challenges, let me know what you guys think.
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Gears of War 3- Academy 1 v 5 Clutch
wanted to upload another video, let me know how the quality is. Make sure to sub I'm getting clips for a montage I'll be releasing in the future
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Stupid Ribbons
this has actually only happened to me a few times but honestly the ribbons actually made it impossible for me to gauge where the fourth guy was for the quad. This only happens in limited situations and I laughed when it happened, so I thought I'd upload it.
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Gears 4 Highlights Dec. 3-10
Just for fun, finally had some time to put one together.
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Destiny | Exotic Progression Reset for The Dark Below Expansion
When the Dark Below releases, with it will come higher attack weapons. A player will be able to upgrade attack power, but it will come at the cost of the weapon progression. I'm sure some of you are going to have it worse than me, but I think it's a really big design flaw, regardless of industry standard.
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[Back-to-Back] TBow Blindy | CHEESING
cheesing my balls off
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Destiny | Dead Orbit Shader | Bittersteel
Acquired by luck through collecting the postmaster package after ranking up Dead Orbit past level 3.
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Back-to-back Boom double on sanctuary
Dat direct impact doe.
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Trials Hype - Fisting for the win.
While the fist might not always be one of havoc; the havoc is always in the fist.
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Destiny | Crucible Lag/ Infinite Health
It looks like he may take damage at the very end of the encounter, but I shoot him 7 times and hit him with a grenade. Bungie pls.
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Gears of War 3- Backpack digger Blindfire Trade
You know, I'll be honest, game play suffers when I connect to Mexican lobbies, I realize that my proximity to Mexico is the reason that I connect to the games their but I wish that the connection was better so that I don't get these outrageous updates. Did I get backpacked or does this guy have his turning speed on 40?
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TBow Tag | Cheeser Teaser
I think I'll be playing a lot of TBow Tag, Look for a compilation of clips coming out in the coming weeks.
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Circle Bouncing Gimmick vol. 2
such a try hard
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Xbox 360 Warface | Medic! - Episode #1
Hey Everyone! This is the first episode in my new series, "Medic!" I'll be collecting footage in order to release a new episode soon. If you enjoy, subscribe to see similar and new content in the near future. Thanks!
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Circle Bouncing Gimmick LOL
try hard
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Gears of War 3 Sniper gameplay
READ: here's a pretty entertaining game play I got with the sniper. This was not a sweaty lobby- pretty laid back actually. There are a few gems scattered throughout the gameplay that wouldn't make a montage but that I thought were pretty awesome regardless. Trying to get this channel off the ground: Like, comment, sub!
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