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HOW TO:  Write an Objective Summary
Objective: Show no bias, emotion, or opinion. Summary: A brief account of a text's central points, themes, or main ideas. Writing an Objective Summary is a critical skill you will need as you advance through high school and beyond. Learning to write AND recognize objective summaries will also help you End-Of-Course tests. This quick LV walks you through what's needed in an Objective Summary and a 4-step process to writing one.
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The 9 Hero Archetypes
Developed by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, the archetype is basic plot, character, symbol, image, or idea that repeats itself through history and across multiple cultures. This quick lecture discusses the 9 basic archetype traits.
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Formal Essay Writing - Creating your TS BECAUSE CLAUSE
The BECAUSE CLAUSE is the second part of an Effective and well-written THESIS STATEMENT.
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Annotate THAT!!!
When you hear those words: Annotate the text" you may groan. But this lecture videos teaches ya how to annotate in 4 simple steps!
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Formal Essay Writing - Mastering the Hooker Statement
5 Paragraph Essay - Introductory Paragraph: Writing an Effective Hooker
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Can You Write? Yes! You Can! (CC #8 - Writing Effective Paragraphs)
Just what is an Effectively Written Paragraph. Quite simply it is paragraph that begins with a Topic and Main Point. Next comes a series of sentence that support the main point and provide elaboration that is text-centered not opinion centered. Lastly the paragraph ends with a "SO WHAT" Conclusion that provides the reader with a clear understanding of the writer's point of view. When you are finished watching this video, click on the link below to assess your mastery on writing an effective paragraph: http://www.quia.com/quiz/4603393.html.
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Reading Like a Detective
Learn how to use Generalization to make INFERENCES & Draw CONCLUSIONS.
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Can You Prove That? -   Power Standard #1: Citing Textual Evidence
Citing Textual Evidence is a key skill needed to analyze and break down any text that you read. When citing a text there are 3 key steps you need to remember: Step #1: State Step #2: Cite Step #3: Explain.
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Formal Essay Writing  Creating your INTRO PARAGRAPH
Combined the Hooker Commentary, Thesis Statement and Claim, and Thesis Statement Because Clause help create a Strong Introductory Paragraph with a little help from Kevin Hart
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Creating your Letter of Intent
View this quick tutorial for help with your GP Letter of Intent!! To View Letter of Intent Format, click here: http://tinyurl.com/ahsgploi1 The first paragraph should recap your topic of research. Explain why you chose this topic. Provide a short restatement of the focus of your research. Also, include what methods of research you used (Internet, books, periodicals, interview, etc.). The second paragraph may describe the product you intend to create/complete. Include the connection between the research and the product and also what you consider to be the "learning stretch". Also, indicate any possible challenges or expenses (such as money or travel) you accept responsibility for carrying out. The third paragraph must contain the following acknowledgement of ethical standards: I understand that plagiarism is the unlawful claiming of another person's work as my own. I will do my best to come up with original thoughts and to cite others' work when I find it necessary to use their ideas. I will not use a paper, product, presentation and/or information gathered by another student. I will collect accurate verifications on all the work requiring signatures. I will not forge any verification documents.
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SWBS After Reading Strategy
Sometimes even with Annotating, it's hard to know if we TRULY understood what we read! This nifty strategy will show you if you're on the right track!
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5 Ways to Spot a Fragment
A fragment is a common writing mistake. This music video teaches you the 5 way to spot a fragment in your reading and in your writing.
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☚ ✎ 2 ☚ ✎ Welcome to Ms. Winsley's Classroom
"I teach so that I can give the student who has given up on learning a spark and be able to watch that spark ignite." LEAVE ANNOTATIONS ON THROUGHOUT VIDEO!!! The rigorous, demanding, detailed, and proven instructional expectations, methods, lessons, and projects that I use daily in my classroom. ✎ ✎ 21st Century Tools Used: ✎ ✎ http://www.blackboard.com/ANGEL http://www.prometheanplanet.com/ http://support.theflip.com/ http://www.the-dispatch.com/ ✎ ✎ ✎ ✎ FOR MORE INFO EMAIL ME AT: [email protected]
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Plot Outline of Aladdin
The Disney classic Aladdin tells a wonderful story of Aladdin, the poor street rat & "diamond in the rough." It also is an excellent example of the stages of Plot!.
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Eight Parts of Speech by United Streaming
One of my favorite video to use to introduce Parts of Speech to my student!
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Watch Me! Watch Me! Combine Sentences!
Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences are the building blocks to sentence variety and creating literary and analytical masterpieces. This video breakdowns the components of each sentence type. (Not featured: Compound-Complex). Access the Extension sheet here:http://tiny.cc/3o4s4w Access My Webpage: http://mswenglish10.worddpress.com
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How To:   Flip Your Vocabulary
Doing your Vocabulary Presentation is THAT hard. Not after you've watched this video. Once you've watched, COMMENT BELOW stating: I have watched and now understand what is expected of me!
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Power Standard #5 - A Purpose & Point of View
Power Standard #5 - Analyze author's purpose, choice, and POV (includes text examples). (RI.10.6) Analyzing Author's Purpose, Choice, & Point-of-View
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The Art of the Inference
Prior Knowledge + The Words in the the text is the basic formula for making inferences. Combined with drawing conclusions, inferences allow the reader to make predictions about circumstances within the text. Power Standard #2
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Annotating Texts 101
Annotating a text is the first step in enhancing your own writing. View this video to learn more and also participate in a annotating excercise. To view the practice text, go to http://mswenglish10h.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/here-i-stand-by-erica-goldson.pdf For more videos from NattyGeek78 visist: http://mswenglish10h.wordpress.com
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Important Literary Devices Part 2
Conflict, Foreshadowing, and Irony are three critical devices an author decides to use when creating an excellent short story or full length piece of fiction.
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Methods of Indirect Characterization
Indirect Characterization is when the author uses the character's speech, thoughts, effects on others, actions, and looks to inform the reader about who or what the character is.
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2017-2018 AHS Audition Quarter Cheer (Asheboro, NC)
The Comets are back. And ready to attack. The Royal Blue & white Are here to fight. First. Never. Last. Always. On. Top. Get up get up Let's hear it Show that Blue Comet spirit [YELL] A-H-S [Come on come on] Go! Fight Win! A-H-S Go! Fight Win!
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How to Set Up Your Quia Account
A step-by-step detailed instruction for setting up your class Quia Account.
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Power Standard #1   Citing Textual Evidence   WE Activity
Together WE will work the strategies discussed in the lecture video. As I'm working through the problem, YOU work on the text also.
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Power Standard #6   Evaluate Author's Claim and Argument Review IT!
In reading, it's important that we know how to evaluate a claim (position) a writer makes. We also have to put the evidence they use under a microscope.
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Power Standard #2   Making Inferences Highlight Intro
Power Standard #2 Making Inferences Highlight Intro
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Power Standard #2   Making Inferences "Let's Review It!"
This video takes the viewer through a quick recap & refresh of the major points of Making Inferences and a quick two activities.
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Creating your Commitment Poster Extended
Your Commitment Poster is the first introduction the judges see before they even see you. Therefore it must visually appealing and informative. This video gives you a step-by-step process for creating an outstanding Commitment Poster. To view a SAMPLE Commitment Poster, click here: http://tinyurl.com/ahsgpcp
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Power Standard #5   Author's Purpose & POV Review it!
Why an author writes is MORE important than what they write. Almost!
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Meet Ms. Winsley 2.0
Who is Ms. Winsley? She's an English Teacher & a little bit more!
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Winsley's Writing Workshop #2 - Building Sentence Structure
This lecture video takes student step-by-step from simple sentences all the way to compound-complex sentences with review questions and modeling.
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The Complete 5 Point Writing Plan
To better assist my students with their writing, I developed a 5 Point Writing Plan. The 5 Point Writing Plan starts with a WEB OUT of ideas. A STAND OUT Thesis Statement; a GET THE BALLING ROLLING Intro Paragraph; an ALL-STAR CONCLUSION; and creating 3 outstanding Body Paragraphs using the TREE MAP Method.
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From Plan to Essay
In this lecture, I walk you through your 5Point Writing Plan again and then how to create your written essay from that same 5Point Writing Plan! All in under 15 minutes!
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Rambling Run-On Sentences
Rambling Run-On Sentences
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Situational Archetypes    Builders of a Great Story
Situational Archetypes are plot or story patters that repeat across works, genres, cultures, and time periods. They are literally the building blocks, authors use to craft an amazing story.
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What You Talkin' Bout Willis? Power Standard #3: Determine Theme & Central Idea
Power Standard #3: Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze in detail its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text.
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FEW - The Body Paragraph
The Body Paragraphs of any formal essay serve as the meat and potatoes of an essay. This video provides two strategies to help you create a digestible body paragraph. The first strategy highlights the structure of a body paragraph (TEBT) while the 2nd strategy discusses how to WRITE your body paragraph (ACES). This video tutorial is unusually long due to the nature and content
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HOW TO: Never Mess Up that Word Again....
Hey we've only been writing for 5,500 but in less than 20, the emergence of social media and celluar phones has caused our writing to suffer. Here's a lecture video on the 8 most frequently misused or misspelled words and tricks to get them right from now on!
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Sentence Combining: The Combine
A combine (one definition at least) is a showcase where "players" are introduced and put through a rigourous. You are the players. Your tools: Clauses, Conjunctions, and Punctuation. Good Luck and may you be drafted to the Mastery Squad.
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College Career Skill #4   5 Rules of Capitalization - 1:00 Highlight
So there are 5 BASIC RULES of Capitalization. Despite my best efforts, I just couldn't get it in under a MINUTE. But nonetheless, the show must go on!
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Completing your Graduation Project Journal #2
Choose two of the following questions and response for a each question should be a minimum of 75 words. 1. Has your original project changed from when you first proposed it? Give specific details. 2. Have you taken a risk—or done something to stretch your learning? Describe the risk and how you felt about it. 3. Describe a challenge you've met regarding your project. What was the outcome? 4. How are you managing all the unstructured time associated with your product? Are you behind or ahead your initial plan? What things have you learned about your time management skills? MLA FORMAT, double spaced, 12 Point Times or Calibri ONLY Type the questions you are responding to as the title.
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How To: Setting up your Class Notebook
This video takes you step-by-step to setting up your class notebook!
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STOP the Madness   11 Words You MUST Avoid
This 10 minute video discussed the 11 words a learning writer should avoid in their writing. Shout to the amazing Laura Randazzo for creating the lecture slides!
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What the Comma?!? - College-Career Skill #10
The Comma is quit possibly the most used AND misused punctuation mark in the English Language. In this video tutorial, I discuss the 7 basic comma rules all writers should know.
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