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Game challenge Part 2  Popping a ballon with a bum
This is part 2 .Please enjoy as we try to pop a balloon with our bum. Very hard to do but I managed to do it and won the game challenge
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Bad and Naughty Babay Emily
Naughty baby Emily would not sleep and threw all her toys out of her travel cod.
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Funny games with bum popping balloons
Funny video recorded while we had a good laugh and we also tried to pop balloons with bum and Emily managed to pop two today so please enjoy this latest video.Please support us by subscribing if you like what we do. Thank You
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Pippi LongStocking in a Tent and a Big Red Nose
Funny video with Chloe and Emily playing Pippi LongStocking.Enjoy and please share and support us by subscribing so we can continue making videos like this. xxx
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Bouncing ball challenge
Hi.Please watch this latest bouncing ball challenge in the playground. We hope you like it and if you Do please subscribe to our channel. Thank you from Emily and Chloe
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Two silly girls playing silly on the trampoline with Giant Balloons
Chloe and Emily playing silly on the trampoline.
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Emily and Chloe shopping at Toys R Us
We are shopping for toys at Toys R Us .We had a pretty nice day and this video is to be continued so please enjoy.
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Emily & Chloe In The Pool
Children in the swimming pool Kids fun in the pool
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Emily And Chloe dressing up dollies in different cloths & Emily makes a funny move
Emily and I decided to play with dollies by dressing them up in different cloths.Emily in the end dressed up in one of the dollies cloths and it was hilarious.Please enjoy this video and keep supporting us by Subscribing and watching our videos and share with your friends if you like our videos of course. Thank you so much.
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Smelliest fruit in the world DURIAN fruit challenge
Have you ever tried and tasted Durian fruit??? It is the most smelliest fruit in the world and tastes like smelly onions. Don't get us wrong we live on fruits and vegetables and love pretty much all the fruits and veg but this is honestly On another level. Stinks like smelly socks and else and the taste is indescribably awful and not to jump of joy really. This must be one of out thousands of fruit we can not eat so we called for a challenge after daddy bought this at the oriental supermarket so we had to give it a try.Please enjoy and hope the smell don't get through your device. HA HA
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Building a sand castle at the beach while chasing seagull's
Enjoy this video at the beach
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Snorkeling for money at the bottom of the pool
We had some fun doing this snorkeling in our pool on a hot day.Hello from me and Emily
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Balloon games then weep cream in Chloe's face HAHA
I and Emily decided to play a game with balloons and had some fun and then whoever looses will get a weep cream in the face .HAHA
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Disney princess dolls
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Chocolate Milkshake
The best chocolate milkshake in the world that you can make yourself anytime.Enjoy
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Fruit and veg challenge
I don't like Kiwi but enjoy all other fruits like grapes and oranges.I also enjoy biting on cucumbers and all other type of veg like peppers. Now.What is your favorite fruit and veg please let me know !
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Jelly bean challenge
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Naughty Emily and Chloe locked up in Jail at the child Museum HA HA
Please watch our other videos Naughty Emily and Chloe take a Mickey out of shapes https://youtu.be/XYoAwbjH-Xw Lets Make Up / Eye shadows and highlighters https://youtu.be/VfCpDG6QeWM Naughty Chloe and Emily doing naughty things in the park https://youtu.be/EklI-Cm97g8 Jumping in muddy puddles with PEPPA PIG while getting dirty and soaking wet https://youtu.be/lEMUxrPfFJ4 Colour in playhouse our favourite colouring house https://youtu.be/iFz0d1dBulA
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Fun in the pool
It has been so hot lately we decided to jump in the pool and have some fun.We love swimming pools and water but mainly lovely sunny weather.
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Bubbles in our palace
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Very naughty  Emily sells bad food to Chloe and charges a fortune
We had a great fun at this and Emily enjoyed it as much as I did. Really funny. If you would like to watch more funny videos please click on our channel and subscribe for our latest updates and videos. XXX
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Cake in your face
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Emily bathing a little baby and gets a smelly surprise
Emily is bathing a little baby and gets a smelly surprise but gets bathed and then bath time.
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Painting a picture with my sister Emily
Me and my sister decided to paint a picture and we enjoyed it a lot
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Emily and Lilly In The Pool on a Very Hot Day
Emily and Lilly decides to take a dive in he pink pool on a hot day. Please enjoy this video.
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The Game challenge Part 1
Enjoy this challenge as we play games to entertain you and make you laugh
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Big Baby Dady playing silly with Chloe,Emily and Lilly
Chloe and Emily decide to play with Big Baby Daddy and Lilly so we had a good time playing with dog and spinning flowers.Please enjoy and click Like if you like it or suggest something different if you don't.
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Crying Monkey
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Who hits the bottle first CHALLENGE
It was a sunny day with a bit of a breeze so we decided to hit the park to have so fun and I decided to play with Emily and my idea was to position a bottle in between us and who ever hits is first wins.You thought it was easy ? Well then watch and enjoy. Please subscribe if you like our videos.Thank You
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Funny Sounds Challenge and Try Not To Laugh
Emily and Chloe decided to do a Challenge while listening to funny noises with their mouth full of water and then Try not to laugh. Anyone of them two swallows the drink or spits it out Looses the challenge
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Dolly Lilly playing with Emily sliding and swinnging and laughing
Lilly is playing with Emily in the playground hiding and sliding the swinging and laughing. Just another video that Emily enjoyed in the park with her dolly friend Lilly. Please enjoy
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Lets Make Up / Eye shadows and highlighters
Face and eye make up.Do you like these colors ?
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Magic costume change
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Bees trying to steal Lolly's
I and Emily have some nice and tasty fruity lolly's but bees are trying to take them away from us so every time they appear we have to run and hide somewhere else. Happy watching.
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Emily and Chloe Get Smarties Pox
Emily and Chloe get SMARTIES POX and it get very itchy. Enjoy this video.
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Funny food challenge
We done many challenges but this one is special because it's so funny.We believe that you will enjoy it.
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Naughty Chloe and Emily doing naughty things in the park
Let's get some fun in a new playground
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Big Baby Daddy playing with Talking Tom
Big Baby Daddy playing with Talking Tom secretly comes out of the house and shows us what is he playing with. Enjoy
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