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All The Things She Said (Gachaverse Lyrics)
This was hard and fun to make.. it only took 3 minutes because I had to go to Gachaverse and make the parts of the video and went to camera and started recording and I added microphone so you will hear the music. And I went to screenshot to screeshot and I copied the lyrics! This was a beautiful and entertaining video I made :D hope you enjoy/enjoyed it
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Monster - Creepypasta MMD 2
Girls: Jane The Killer-Nina The Killer-Cata The Killer-Sally Williams- Suicide Sadie-Judge Angel-Dark Angel-Clockwork
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RaNdoM Vid!O 😏
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Partners in Crime - Jane & Jeff (MMD) READ DESC
This is for Jane x Jeff lovers SO IF YOU SAY “wait I thought u hate each other??” THAT MEANS YOU READ DESCRIPTION! Yes I do hate Jeff but if you like say something like this on a Jeff x Jane video, it does not mean I like him it just means that almost everyone in the world likes Jeff x Jane videos and this got A LOT of views so ima start making these and putting these in my bio so bye xD
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