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IB Style - Gangnam Style parody by Rohit
Special Thanks to Brock Burczyk and Terry Travasso Original Artist of Gangnam Style: PSY Karaoke Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHd0NKGUfYQ (ADreamOfficial) Parody Written, produced and performed by Rohit Iyengar Free Download: http://soundcloud.com/rohitiyengar/gangnam-style-parody-ib-style --------------Lyrics------------ Working all day my IA is due in an hour I had 8 months to finish it, but facebook was just better Procrastination ruined me and now I'm in a hurry I just write some bulls*** essay This is IB You've got to do the Theory of Knowledge, In IB You've got 150 hours of CAS, In the IB Extended Essay is the killer, of the IB Of the IB The hexagon is going to screw you, so run away, HEY! just run away HEY! 45 is your favorite number, 45 HEY! All sevens HEY! You just keep working your a** of till you go go go go go... This is IB Style IB Style I-I-I-I this is IB Style IB Style I-I-I-I this is IB Style Yaaaay I did my essay I-I-I-I this is IB Style Noooo there's another one I-I-I-I IB-style, I need 3 HL style To get my diploma I need to have 3 HL style IB-style, I need 3 HL style To get my diploma I need to have 3 HL style This is IB Style Yaaaay I did my essay I-I-I-I this is IB Style Noooo there's another one I-I-I-I This is IB Style
Views: 260705 Rohit Iyengar
IB Style - WFLMS
IB Style, took me a while to figure out the way to put it on youtube. Please give me some comments, so that I can improve my future videos. Thanks a lot! Original Gangnam Style Artist: PSY
Views: 1221 9mm Movie Club
International Baccalaureate Biology Students Break it down Gangnam Style! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: IB bio style Bio Style Hey girl I see you lookin at that cell That centriole, Composed of groups of microtubials So whats their use, they help those cells to separate s-s-ssseperate Bilojaay 'Now lets go onto the cell's cyto skeleton 'It's the backbone of all organelles in the system 'It has structures such as cilia and lamellipodium Biology Homework, oh how I love it Please gimme an a hey, please give me an a hey Biology Homework, oh how I love it Please give me an a hey, please give me an a hey Please give me an AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ib bio style Biostyle IB Bio style Bio style IB bio style Eh-sexy text book I-I-I-I- Ib bio style Eh- sexy text book I-I-I-I ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: CAST Studying Girl -- Ashlee PSY -- Daniel Zu, Isaac Kang, Erick Medellin, Ronil Vaghjiani, Nilan Vaghjiani PRODUCTION TEAM Producer - Ronil Vaghjiani Stage Head - Erick Medellen Choreography - Daniel Zu Set Location Director - Isaac Kang Camera Operators - Nilan Vaghjiani, Ronil Vaghjiani Post Production Head -- Ronil Vaghjiani Editors -- Ronil Vaghjiani MUSIC PRODUCTION TEAM Producer - Nilan Vaghjiani Co-Producer -- Daniel Zu Audio Engineer -- Nilan Vaghjiani Song Writers -- Nilan Vaghjiani, Isaac Kang, Ronil Vaghjiani "Gangnam Style" by PSY SOFTWARE Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 FL Studios 9 Producer Edition Windows Sound Recorder Youtube Downloader Antres Autotune --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consider Subscribing!
Views: 21720 asianfromthesouth
IB Style - Bloopers and BTS
The Bloopers and some Behind the Scenes shots from our "IB Style" Music Video Special Thanks to Brock Burczyk and Terry Travasso Parody Written, produced and performed by Rohit Iyengar Karaoke Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHd0NKGUfYQ (ADreamOfficial)
Views: 4523 Rohit Iyengar
2012-DAC GROUP 忘年会 - IB Gangnam Style -
靴下のない中村。 スプーレかけられた半田の反応。 6分8秒の観客とのハイタッチできず。
Views: 1247 Andy Kin
St. Gilgen Style! (Gangnam / IB Style Parody)
Psy-Gangnam Style (강남스타일)
Views: 3104 Nathalie Desiree
"Oppa IB Style" A Gangnam Style Parody ft. IB Students
What does the IB Class of 2016 do during lunch in the IB Office? Just watch and see! *I'm in the IB class of 2015 and do not condone their actions in this video* DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE SONG BEING USED. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ARTIST: Psy SONG: Gangnam Style ♥Enjoy♥
Views: 492 DanieB4Lyfe
Shit Ib Students Say
bhs project
Views: 4904 ellenmoocow
Ib - GOOD ENDING!!! - Ib: Let's Play- Part 10 (Final)
Subscribe & join the BRO ARMY! l http://bit.ly/JoinBroArmy Facebook l http://on.fb.me/p8ksGr Twitter l http://bit.ly/gETQhT Vlogs l http://youtube.com/pewpewpewPEWDIE Shirts l http://pewdiepie.spreadshirt.com/ (US) http://pewdiepie.spreadshirt.net/ (EU) Ending song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9arUDfcTiQ ------------------------------------------- How I got the best ending: There's also a "bond" variable that represents Garry's attachment to Ib. If you're on the "good" path and your bond is 8 or higher, you're able to get the best ending. These actions add to your bond: = Gray Area = Reading the poster about the right-hand trick in the maze room Stopping Garry from kicking the mannequin head in the mirror room Picking up Garry's coat in the safe room Talking to Garry seven or more times in the safe room (after giving back his coat) = Violet Area = Going through the rope maze near the beginning of the area Looking at the milk puzzle (regardless of your answer) Saying you're there or not there (not "..........") after the lights go out = Sketchbook = Talking to Garry six or more times in the fake sunlight Telling Garry you're either "fine" or "hurt all over" (not "..........") after falling into the toy box More Info: http://vgboy.dabomstew.com/other/ib.htm Favoriting/Liking is MUCH appreciated and helps me out a lot! Thank you! ........... ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( BROFIST ...........
Views: 1535371 PewDiePie
【Ib】Shinkai no Ib【English Subs】
There are so many beautiful videos from Ib, with songs that haven't been translated yet, so... sasakure.UK has an interesting vocal style, and it was difficult for me to translate it. I did the best I could, but if there's any way you could think of to make the translation better, feel free to correct me! (First time hardcoding subs, too. So please forgive any problems with that orz) ■ Original Title: 【手描きIb】深海のIb【完成版】 ■ Original Link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17685613 ■ Title: Little Cry of the Abyss ■ Lyrics and Music: sasakure.UK ■ Vocals: Asako Toki ■ Translation and Subs by me TL Notes: ■ "Hajimemashite" literally means "it's nice to meet you", but I translated it as "But then, I met you", because it makes more sense in the context of the video.
Views: 216225 wanderlasts
2012-DAC GROUP 忘年会 - IB Gangnam Style Part 2-
Views: 480 Andy Kin
Gangnam Style by IB.
Views: 10352 Jakub Markiewicz
Creating a Pipeline for NYC's Future Fashion Business Leaders | Parsons The New School for Design
The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and Parsons The New School for Design hosted the first annual Fashion Draft NYC February 16th - 17th, 2012. Fashion Draft NYC is one of six fashion industry-focused initiatives announced in November 2010 by NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg as part of NYC's push to help build on its competitive advantages and enhance its status as a global fashion capital. Fashion Draft NYC brought 25 top graduating students from universities across the country to network and interview for management-track positions with some of New York's leading fashion companies, including Alice + Olivia, Ann Inc., Armani Exchange, Bloomingdale's, Club Monaco, GILT, LF USA, Macy*s, Moda Operandi, Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue and Theory. Study Fashion Design and Marketing at Parsons The New School for Design part of The New School a university in New York City offering distinguished degree, certificate, and continuing education programs in art and design, liberal arts, management and policy, and the performing arts. Fashion Design BFA | http://www.newschool.edu/parsons/bfa-fashion-design The event featured a networking dinner, one-on-one interviews with human resources executives, as well as the keynote by Macy's President, Chairman and CEO Terry Lundgren. The students also visited LF USA for career advice from Paul R. Rosengard, President of the Men's Apparel Group, and received a behind-the-scenes look at the personal offices of Diane von Furstenberg. Parsons 560 Fashion Blog | http://fashion.parsons.edu Fashion Draft NYC builds upon the success of Fashion Campus NYC, a career-building and networking event co-organized by NYCEDC and Parsons in July 2011, which attracted nearly 200 interns from over 90 universities and 150 companies, as well as fashion industry representatives. For more information on Fashion Draft NYC, please visit http://fashiondraftnyc.com PARSONS THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN | http://www.newschool.edu/parsons
Views: 1807 The New School
will these boys be the next Psy? perhaps they can too be as viral as the great master. only time will tell! and poop
Views: 3240 PERCYTRON1
Beer ad campaign for IB course
video ad for Hertog Jan
Views: 45 Wouter1622
vockalibre (97-système) - libre style feat ib' (video)
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/vockalibre FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Vockalibre SKYROCK: http://vockalibre976.skyrock.com/ ALL BEATS: http://www.all-beats.com/vockalibreprod
Views: 188 vockalibre tv
Curl IB style
Views: 16 Surfinbaja
IB FRANCAIS STYLE! (Gangnam Style)
Hautlieu School IB French students dancing the gangnam style, en francais! enjoy! Not meant to be professional or anything as we only had a few hours to make it all. (btw this did not count for CAS!)
Views: 796 Scott
Gangnam Style IB 2012 Graduation Video Westwood International School
Well, it's no South Korea, but down here in Botswana things can get pretty random too. Congratulations to all the IB graduates. Made with Windows Movie Maker and Audacity Music: Gangnam Style by PSY No copyright infringement intended. Please don't sue us.
Views: 1517 Slackattack
Ib Gangnam Style
THERE CHIRI I DID IT ENJOY no srsly what am i doing Anyway, the models and stage are of course not mine.
Views: 1889 Espadaknight4
2.2.1 Describe and explain the operation of a mass spectrometer IB Chemistry SL
This machine measures the relative mass of atoms (after converting them into ions first) to C-12. You need to learn the 5 parts and briefly explain them. You are expected to sketch out the machine too. Never criticize IB chemistry in a thunder storm! NB: Option A expands the use of this machine.
Views: 32642 Richard Thornley
*Angell* -Picture? Ah, Yeah- (Eh? Ah, Sou, Ib Style) Cover Test
Since I heard this version of Eh? Ah, Sou., I really wanted to cover it. XD This is the test version, I'm hoping to nab some suggestions and such. Since I know I can improve on this. So, if you wouldn't mind, please leave some constructive feedback. :) I replaced the scream at the end with 'GARRY!' because I've never been real good with singing screams. xD Credit for the PV goes to the original maker, Ib belongs to kouri. (Minor note: I'm so veryvery glad the PV is on time. In WMP it's off by quite a bit.)
Views: 117 Shortstack
IB-Style Oral Commentary on post no. 2029
Further proof that IB Kids can analyse any work of literature, in the fact that I get 12 minutes of analysis out of one line, reproduced here for future viewers. "I have nothing to say about that thing everyone is saying things about." - Daniel990
Views: 199 Kieiros
The Sounders- Hlub Xaus Li No (ROCKIN STYLE)
The Sounders- Hlub Xaus Li No (ROCKIN STYLE). Thanks to bsciontc for his instrumentals.
Views: 49068 Sol Chang
Welcome to the IB! [Official Music Video]
Starting the IB? Searching for that magic number 42? Looking forward to living on a perpetual deadline? Well, have fun with that, because here's what the IB is like in our school. Like, share, subscribe -- and enjoy! And remember, you gotta get the average to 43! (Lyrics in the captions)
Views: 81532 AffectReality
Let's Play Ib [Blind] - #4 - Coop Style Puzzles
Awesome part of the game for puzzles.
Views: 788 DDR's Let's Plays
Things IB kids dont say!
Things IB kids dont say!
Views: 433 bmhead22
Views: 69 pursuitofmusic
Jaelyn's Style - Ib Xyoo Cover
Sorry about the loudness of the BG noises, it was last minute take of Jaelyn singing in the car while it was raining heavily!
Views: 223 Jimmy Her
Holy Trinity Style | Finalist of Video Contest 2012 - Ottawa U Best French Class
Top 5 Finalist! :) A little class project that I recorded, mixed, co-directed and edited for a University of Ottawa contest; I thought that since I put so much effort into this, I should upload it to my channel!. The contest is basically to make a video showing how you are the best french class in Ontario. We ended up getting an extra scholarship for the video being so popular Un petit projet de ma classe de Français que j'ai enregistré, mixé, codirigé et édité pour un concours à l'Université d'Ottawa. Le but du concours est fondamentalement de faire une vidéo montrant comment vous êtes la meilleure classe de français en Ontario. Je pensais que puisque j'ai mis tant d'efforts dans cela, je devrais faire le 'upload' à ma chaîne de YouTube! (SONG ORIGINALLY BY PSY - GANGNAM STYLE) (CHANSON ORIGINALLEMENT PAR PSY - GANGNAM STYLE) that should be obvious though
Views: 284249 Victor Borba
IB Chemistry HL
Views: 38 3p4e5r6c7i8v9a0l
Car Prank At IB
My sister, cousin, and I were at Imperial Beach, CA and decided to have some fun by pranking people. Yes, we know we laugh weird and are geeks. LOL!
Views: 218 Christina Murgo
Hlub Tsis Yooj Yim In Style of Unique 3   YouTube
I do not own the instrumental or images. This is not for profit and no copyright infringement intended! Credits to DJ Peter for instrumental.
Views: 792 MARYHVUE
6.1 Describe experimental procedures for measuring rates of reactions [SL IB Chemistry]
Measure time and either mass, pH, electrical conductivity, gas volume (at a constant P and T), gas pressure (at a constant V and T), temperature or colour. Dr Atkinson was later found to have consumed complex manganese ions -- and having produced a large nodule this morning is now fine. Music creditMikobuntu remixed by Timbre via freesounds.org
Views: 36729 Richard Thornley
PHUHS Lip Sync Gangnam Style
Views: 1909 cgd911
IB English Class Hitler Video (IB Scores)
Mr.Glista recieves his 2012 IB english class IB exam scores
Views: 768 alexamerica
It Is Bio Style! (Oppa Gangnam Style version Bio Song-Mitosis)
This is a Biology coursework of Students from Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor. Practicum: SM1K1T2 (Batch 2012/2013) Project Work: The Biology Song Title: It is Bio Style! (Mitosis) Group Members: Harvin, Amir Naufal, Khalis, Din, Syafiq Haris, Syafiq Zaki, Halimatus Saadiah, Syafiqa Nazifa, Zati Iwani, Hing Wee Ven, Lai Yee Tien, Husna.
Views: 2940 horclust
The Law Of Diminishing Returns & Men's Style - Focus On Large Gains NOT Small Fashion Details
http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-ebook/ Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men's Style and Fashion. http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/4-components-individual-style/ http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/change-your-personal-style/ http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/the-difference-a-jacket-makes/ http://www.atailoredsuit.com/mens-style-guide-tailored-suit.html Did you know that Antonio has a NEW 600+ page premium eBook with a 14 hour audio companion? Click here to learn more - http://www.mensstyleadvice.com/
Views: 3941 Real Men Real Style
smooooch・∀・ × Nichijou【日常】-JP style remix-
A nichijoooou・∀・ Japanese style remix request 桜華月 mix. Sakura Kagetsu arranged by AKITO.
Views: 23997 reddevils500b
Group 4 project (Fairview IB students)
We do it IBDP style. Fairview International School students invaded Cameron Highlands and spread our awesomeness. :)
Views: 92 Syalin Koh
PC-RPG製作大師-Ib 繁體中文  魯蛋 Part 2
我只是轉載魯蛋的紀錄,有甚麼事情想問他本人請到他噗浪私信問他 http://www.plurk.com/blusewilly_justin 遊戲載點:http://stkib.web.fc2.com/index.html 轉自http://zh-tw.twitch.tv/blusewilly 後面還有幾分鐘的片段 因為只有3、4分鐘所以就沒轉上了
Views: 347851 kay2957298s
Views: 423 Bonze RocTV
PSY-Gangnam Style (103.3 KISS FM)
PSY- Gangnam Style Shot/Produced/Edited in less than 48 hours! Shot in various locations in Boise, Idaho USA Produced for a local radio station contest for "Best Parody Video" Shot on Panasonic HPX-100 1080p/24p Edited on Pinnacle Studio 16 (Mind you I usually edit on FCP)
Views: 8685 VW Fitness
Gangnam "Jacob"Style (5yrs old) with the 6th Grade Girls Wildwood World Magnet School Chicago
12/21/12- Holiday Assembly- The crowd goes wild for Gangnam "Jacob" Style with the 6th Grade Girl back up dancers!
Views: 1522 J4Abejero
Stuff IB Kids Say
Views: 1223 musicmannymariee
Gangnam Style International Day
Oppan Gangnam Style!
Views: 5015 Lachlan Harris
"Badger Style" - By David Yang (Gangnam Style Parody)
Its that Badger Style. T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE NOW GET THE SHIRT: http://badgerstyle.bandcamp.com/merch/badger-style-t-shirt DOWNLOAD THE SONG: http://badgerstyle.bandcamp.com/music http://www.facebook.com/itsthatbadgerstyle https://twitter.com/badgerstyle https://twitter.com/DavidYangMusic Vocals By: David Yang - http://www.facebook.com/davidyang608 Video Production: Justin Clough - Sound Production: Riley Gasiorowski - Book David Yang: [email protected] Original instrumental from "Gangnam Style - PSY"
Views: 192162 David Yang

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