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Sales Promotion Lecture, MBA  by Ms. Surbhi Mathur.
In this video lecture meaning of sales promotion as well its nature has been discussed. It comprises various factors such as: Sales promotion is a non recurring activity which is action oriented. In today's context sales promotion is not only an element of promotion mix however it has a strategic role to play in marketing mix also.
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Sales Techniques - How to convince a customer to buy from you
http://www.evancarmichael.com/support/ - SUPPORT ME :) Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment - Thank you!!! "Hi Evan I have not read anything from the E-mail yet but already my heart is beating fast from excitement. Thank you so much. Just one problem that I have had and I hope you can help me with. I run a sound hiring company. Hiring out microphone, speakers and dj equipment for co-operate and commercial events, I'm so passionate about it that I dropped out of a mechanical engineering studies. Now I'm very good at this, but when it comes to designing a proposal to a potential customer or actually convincing a customer about my business I suck on that and really its pointless running a business and not have any customers. I have gone as far as setting really low prices and I think its because of the desperation to get work. How can I solve this Desperate: Raymond"
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Making The Offer Via Email - Landing Customers Before Having A Product
Click here for full course playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7x45KHuu46kgBIgBFnyUU9WPliMFa4u9 Creating a product can be stressful and expensive, and there's no guarantee it will sell. What if you could secure customers before your product even exists? Sound too good to be true? It's not. Many companies are employing this method for testing new products before bringing them to market. Let Ryan Ferrier, the President of the 60 Day MBA program, walk you through every step you need to know for testing your product before it's even built. Learn how to understand what your customers want, and THEN build it for them. For more information and resources, be sure to check out http://www.docstoc.com. There you'll have access to an array of valuable tools to help you start and grow a business. And for additional video courses, check out http://www.docstoc.com/courses.
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Promo Product Review: Letter Opener with Monitor Brush| AnyPromo 668247
Get this promotional product at: https://www.anypromo.com/office/letter-openers/letter-opener-with-monitor-brush-p668247
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Use direct mail to Distribute promotional products
http://indybiztvshows.com Distribute business promotional products using direct mail. Learn a strategy from Amber Sheffer
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Video Sales Letter Tips
http://www.leanmeanmarketing.com/video-sales-letter-tips-part-1 Video sales letters can be a powerful weapon to any online business owner. But getting started can be tough. This video is about fundamental video sales letter tips and best practices. Got a new business product but don't know where to start? A video sales letter just might be for you. This article discusses video marketing, its advantages and a short guide on how to make a video perfect for any marketing campaign. There are a lot of ways through which you can market your products and your services. Among these methods, the most cost-effective means is perhaps the internet. Through the internet, you can come up with every marketing campaign possible. The internet is so flexible and vast that with the right moves, it can help your business become more popular and more prominent. That being said, let me introduce you to the latest trend and possibly the most effective of all online marketing strategies: video marketing. Video Sales Letter Tips Video marketing just might be the hottest trend to date in the marketing field. The time for telling through text marketing copy has passed. Instead, it's now time for showing and demonstrating through video clips. If you're not that familiar with video marketing, there's absolutely no need for you to worry. The internet provides a lot of resources on how you can make your videos. You can learn about the tools that you need to make videos and the techniques that can make your videos work for marketing purposes. The following are some tips on how you can make video marketing work for your business. 1. Determine where to post your videos. First of all, you have to know where you are going to post your video marketing material. There are many choices available to you. You can place your video in your website for more interesting site content. You can also post video clips in online communities and blogs. Of course, you should not neglect to post videos in video blogging sites like YouTube. 2. Determine the video content. The prior step will help a long way in determining the content of your video marketing materials. As a general rule, your videos must contain information that will build more interest in your business' products and services. However, the actual and specific content will have to vary, depending on where you're posting your videos. For instance, videos in your website can be much more product- or service- oriented. Particularly, your videos can demonstrate how effective your product or service is. Your videos in your site can also be video testimonials from your customers. Moreover, they can be video clips about your special promotions and special updates. Videos posted in online blogs should be more about updates, news and special promotions. They should merely inform your viewers about the latest news and induce your audience to click on the link to your site for more details. For video blogging sites like YouTube, your video should be less product-oriented and more entertaining and creative. Your website link can be provided with the video and your products can be featured in them, but your videos must never be a simple sales pitch. You're never going to be referred and re-posted that way. 3. Identify your audience. All along, you should keep your audience in mind. How old are your intended consumers? Who are they and where do they come from? The content of your video sales letter materials will also heavily depend on the demographics of your intended recipients. After you have done all of the above mentioned steps, all you will need to do is to make your videos and post them online. Of course, you may have to engage the services of a video server for your purposes. Hope you find these video sales letter tips helpful. Click the link at the top of the page for more tips. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKwltyFoLXQ
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How to Sharpen Your Design | Graffiti Art
Watch more How to Do Graffiti Art videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/512045-How-to-Sharpen-Your-Design-Graffiti-Art I'm Pays164, and I'm going show you some techniques on sharpening up your design when it comes to your graffiti piece. After getting the outline in place. After getting all the fill in place. Sometimes the complicated fill-ins, how they cross colors over each other, makes it almost impossible to come back and use that same color to crisping it up. Well, we like to refer to as an inner outline or inner gel. Simply take the color and come on the inside of the outline and use that final color as a means of crisping up the outline and sharpening up the whole piece. Some of the things when you do these inner gels and inner outlines, it's best to use to skin your tips. Getting that fine tip will allow you to crisping it quicker. Make sure you're also completely satisfied with how you have your fill-in done and how you have your outline in place. You don't want to come back and start layering and layering once you've already come to one of the final steps of your mural. Another tip I would suggest is just really lightly press in the tip. Again you're trying to shoot the paint quickly. Almost preset yourself up for the line you're going to do by acting it out and then following it through with lightly pressing on the tip. This will definitely get you a much thinner line and crisper and even sharper finished product.
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Online Promotions Two
This screen-capture video lesson considers online promotions used in digital marketing 2/2
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Generate Insane Traffic By Putting Books On The Amazon Bestseller List  | Hollis Carter
In this video, Hollis Carter reveals how he accidentally became a bestselling Amazon Kindle author by publishing ebooks — and how you can use this system to generate evergreen traffic, leads, and sales to your products. Join Mindvalley Insights for more like this – http://bit.ly/1SgOnlp In this video, you'll discover… ► How to use the Amazon platform as a catalyst to living the dream life you've always desired. ► The various reasons why YOU should get into ebook publishing — specifically through the Amazon platform — if you want to generate consistent traffic to your products and get paid for it. ► Why it's much easier to reach the first page of Google through Amazon rather than your own website (and exactly how to do this... so you can become an instant authority in your niche). ► The buyer psychology when it comes to customers buying ebooks, and how you can utulize this and rank on the front page of multiple Amazon bestseller's categories. ► And much, much more… Join Mindvalley Insights for more like this – http://bit.ly/1SgOnlp Hollis Carter was born with the entrepreneur bug — he started his first business before he could even drive. Formal education was comprised of a bachelor’s degree in professional sales and marketing, accompanied by a three-month course spent in the wilderness mastering the pillars of leadership. Mindvalley Insights is an initiative started by Mindvalley to openly share the best business practices that allow us to get closer to achieving our goal: impacting one billion lives. To do this, we master and implement traffic strategies, social media campaigns, content marketing strategies, and much more. We share with you proven tips and techniques — in entrepreneurship, copywriting, branding, launches, etc… — so you too can build a highly profitable and successful business and achieve the results in life you’ve always dreamed of. #################################################################################################### MORE MINDVALLEY INSIGHTS: ►►► Subscribe to the MVI YouTube channel http://bit.ly/1Sw7eHL ►►► Online Marketing Weekly — be first to know what’s trending http://bit.ly/1TB0DKG ►►► Checkout the MVI website to learn more http://bit.ly/1SgOnlp #################################################################################################### From Hollis Carter: ►►► Hollis Carter http://holliscarter.com
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How To Introduce A New Product Into A Sales Compensation Plan
View the rest of the presentation here: http://www.sibson.com/publications-and-resources/archived-presentations-webinars/?id=828
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Promote Your Website Creatively
This Video Animation is also built to be multi-purpose. You can use it to promote a service or your website,product or company.
Ezine Marketing Can Wind Up Being A Boost To Your Business
View more details at http://c27a452dtzhu5t6h-fzklbra1u.hop.clickbank.net/
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Copywriting Critique for Autoimmune Disease sales letter
http://www.videocopywritingcritique.com This is a detailed critique for an autoimmune disease product sales letter typical for a client who orders one of my copywriting critique gigs. I examine format, structure, language and marketing strategy in this piece. (My 12-point critique system.)
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Drug Promotion
The FDA reviews advertising and promotional labels for prescription drugs to make sure the content isn't false or misleading. What materials are regulated? How can advertising violate the law? And what are the consequences? FDA Drug Info Rounds pharmacists discuss the many elements surrounding the marketing and advertising of a drug product. [vpdrugs]
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Mike Cowles Cusomtizing Gmail | Affiliate Marketing | List Building | Product Creation | Traffic
http://mikecowles.com/ In this video Mike Cowles shares how to customize your email with Gmail. Plus some great strategies for running your online business more effectively. Topics include internet marketing, affiliate Marketing, list building, product creation, website traffic and more. Internet marketing or online marketing is the most exciting opportunity in technology we've ever seen. At the time of this video being recorded, two days of video (48 hours) are being uploaded to YouTube every minute! The reason this is so exciting and important to you is, you now have nothing stopping you from getting your product, service or message online for the world to see. With the right training (like I share for free) you'll be able to convey to your ideal audience why your offer is a great match for them. In the past, if you wanted to start a business there were significant barriers like cost, technical challenges, location issues, racial or gender prejudices, employee limitations, high costs for hiring help, long delays in getting services done, limited training and much more. Today, it's possible to get your own domain (dot com) for under $10 a year at sites like www.godaddy.com, hosting on a secure server for your website for $10 a month at http://epicmarketer.com/hosting and a professional looking theme for your new site for under $40 at site's like http://epicmarketer.com/mysite. Now you're in business and able to leverage all of the web to share your offer with the world! Once your site is set up, (see videos within my channel for instructions how) you can start leveraging your ability to become an affiliate marketer. Adding affiliate marketing to your online marketing strategy is a critical part of making money online. There are multiple ways to generate affiliate sales including: - Product reviews - Software demonstrations - Service tutorials - Bonus products to compliment affiliate products - Additional features/training for products Once you become an affiliate for a high quality service or product you can incorporate promoting it to your list of subscribers. If you don't already have a list, then you'll definitely want to start a focused list building campaign. List building simply means you're collecting your visitor or customer's email address when you sell or give them something of value. The reason this is so important is, you've taken the first step in building a relationship with them and now have a way to contact them for related offers in the future. Email marketing has been proven to be more effective than any other form of advertising. The main reason is, it's based on your relationship with your reader/listener. Once you give/sell them something of value, they will know, like and trust you which means when you say something is important or a good idea for them, they're more likely to listen to you. This is my favorite way to drive traffic since it's based on high quality visitors to my site/offer. Getting new visitors to your website/offer is really one of the most important elements of making your business grow and thrive, no matter what the market or economy is like. There are two ways to get more traffic to your site. Paid traffic and free traffic. Paid is the fastest way, but also the riskiest. If you don't have a proven sales funnel, (like a gift that converts to an opt-in to a related offer that converts visitors to customers.) Once you have this in place, you can (and should) test it with a single paid traffic source and split test it with software like Split Tester Pro (available at http://epicmarketer.com/splittesterpro) to ensure that you're getting the best results from your visitors. Then you can scale up your budget and get a solid, safe return on investment. The next form of traffic to cover is free traffic. This comes from sites like YouTube, Google, blogs, forums, Facebook, Google +, etc. Basically, you're goal is to get in front of existing, related groups, share high quality, valuable content and point people to your website. Done right, this can be just as effective and profitable as paid traffic. The key to leveraging free traffic is to get your message in front of existing groups of related people. Your message needs to be valuable and relevant and your intention should be to "give" to that community. One of the best ways to provide great value is to create your own product. Product creation is the fastest way to establish yourself as an authority. Making your own products can be very inexpensive and fast to do. Once you create one and see how your audience reacts to it, you can invest more into refining it and adding value, but initially, just focus on the content. If you enjoyed this training, please leave a comment or share this with a friend. =] http://youtu.be/fkkHz-rGzbY
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How to Write a Sales Letter Easily - Sales Letter Generator Software Review
More about how to write a sales letter easily here: http://scriptbuzz.info/Write-Sales-Letter For most of the people writing a sales letter is not an easy task. It is a really time consuming work and in most of the cases the outcome is not the best. Most of the generated sales letters as are poorly written and that is the reason why they don't convert at all. Sales letter is similar to a digital sales man who can do the job perfectly or badly. While a well-written sales letter can make you thousands of dollars, a bad one will make you nothing. Most of the people who are not so good at writing sales letters, hire a professional copywriter or write their sales letter from scratch. By using this sales letter generator software you can easily create high converting, professional sales letters. No matter, if you haven't written any sales letters before. In 20 minutes you can make a professional and high converting sales page. Features of this is sales letter generator software -- You can use pre-made high converting templates. You just need to feel out the blanks. -- It is included with attention grabbing headlines, sub headlines, introduction text copy, customer testimonials, call to action statements and many other useful elements which help to increase the conversation rate of your sales letter. -- You are guided by the software step-by-step from the beginning of the writing process to the end of it. -- Expert written copy text templates. -- Some options for search engine optimization. -- You can preview your sales letter any time you want. -- You can save your project is an HTML file. -- You can also include videos if you want. Overall, if you need a tool to make high converting sales pages, even if you don't know anything about copywriting, this software is a perfect solution for you. Check of the demos, testimonials and tutorials about the sales page generator by clicking the link above.
RED REVEAL READER | Interactive marketing product with 'hidden message' reveal action
See more at http://bit.ly/17mTb1S Place the cryptic postcard within the Red Reveal Reader to decipher hidden message. Add a touch of fun and entertainment to any marketing campaign. A6 as standard (approx 105 x 148mm) Printed 4 colour process 350gsm silk art board Available with 1, 2 or more insert cards Available with or without mailing wrap Mails as UK Letter when supplied in standard mailing wrap Minimum order quantity 250 units --- Whitney Woods manufacture a range of pop-up and interactive promotional/marketing products. Our products are suitable for business to business direct mail, product promotion, event invitations/handouts, guerilla marketing campaigns and much much more. Based in the North West of England we produce our goods right here in Lancashire, supplying to customers in the UK and around the globe. Contact our sales team on +44 (0)1706 210538 http://www.popupmailers.co.uk https://twitter.com/popupmailers http://www.facebook.com/whitneywoodsltd Google+ http://bit.ly/19fWDbW
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Silicea product promo
This animation was designed by using After Effect and C4D. In terms of after effect, this animation mainly applied the Plexus and Optical Flare. As you can see the big letter S was created in C4D and exported as obj file.Then input this file into after effect.
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Clickbank Atlas Training and Get Bonus
http://goo.gl/5eM7d5 :Clickbank Atlas Training and Get Discount.| Clickbank atlas by Devin zander. Clickbank atlas is a step by step blueprint that show you everything you need to know when it comes to using youtube videos to promote clickbank product and how to rank them on page 1 of google with relative ease. Check it out now! http://goo.gl/5eM7d5' i'll even show you how you can rank these videos in difficult markets with high level competition. Clickbank atlas takes you behind the scenes Wyatt's process from beginning to end on video marketing and lays it all out in simple way to follow so you can start making money in a week . Every trick, every resource, every secret... all expained in detailed ready for you to in no time.In Clickbank atlas you can find: - How to pick the right product to promote -The number 1 kind of product that sell best with video marketing -How the product sales letter can determine whether your promotion succeds or fail. And what specific things to look for when reviewing one -Everything you need to know about choosing the right keyword. Plus, you can see the ones i'm currently using to bring me cash on autopilot every month -How to thoroughly research your competition and what dictates whether you can rank your promotions easily on page one or drop that promotion and pick a new one altogether. -A 3-step structure to write video scripts that SELL.(Also, I tell you how long the script should be and give you ecamples you can base your scripts on.) -Plus, I just recorded a video explaining in-depth the art of writing a compelling script and a persuasive call to action that will have your vewers RUSHING to get the product you're promoting -Where to get your video created for cheap and how to find the right person to do it. -Step by step instructions on uploading your video to youtube that will have even non-techis uploading videos with ease. -alll of my tricks and tips to rank your site on the first page of the search engines faster than cheetah on steroids.(Pay close attention as i open up the doors to my secret methods that will basically guarantee your success.) -One sneaky way to rank your videos on high competitive markets that 99% of people are not using.Most people are lazy and don't want to go the extra mile, but when you see how SIMPLE this is, you'll be exploding this technique and dominating the search engines almost effortlessly. -How to NOT do any of the work yourself and outsource it all! I'll show you how to correctly delegate the whole system so syou can just sit back, relax, and watch the money roll. -And Much, MUCH more Get My Bonus : -Video SEO Firestorm (How you can profit over $2,000 per month with simple youtube videos) My bonus wait get you in members area, if you buy with link above
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Promo Product Review: Smilin' Eye Poppin' Pal - Stress Relievers | AnyPromo 706879
Get this promotional product at: https://www.anypromo.com/stress-relievers/smilin-eye-poppin-pal-stress-relievers-p706879
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RAFT Example
An example of a RAFT assignment for students.-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/ . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Lunch & Learn - Write a Book, Build Your Business
Want to build your reputation? Position yourself as an expert while promoting your products and services? Then write a book. It's easier than you think. You'll need a plan, however, and author Beth Mende Conny, will take you through the process, from concept development to publication. You'll learn: --how a book can grow your business --the differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing --what a book really costs to produce --how to structure a book for multiple uses in multiple media --how to create an editorial calendar to keep your book on track --strategies to jump-start and complete your manuscript About the speaker: Beth is the founder of WriteDirections.com and has written and edited more than four dozen books and collections, many for businesses and not-for-profits. In addition to writing classes, she mentors solopreneurs who are building their businesses through books. [We used a new camera and the autofocus went a little crazy during the recording. Apologies for that.]
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Top 9 production supervisor interview questions with answers
Interview questions and answers ebook: http://interviewquestionsebooks.com/103-interview-questions-and-answers/ Other useful interview materials: - Free ebook 75 common interview questions and answers: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/p/free-ebook-75-interview-questions-and.html - Top 10 interview secrets to win every job interview: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-10-secrets-to-win-every-job.html - 13 types of interview questions and how to face them: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/p/13-types-of-interview-questions.html - Top 12 common mistakes in job interviews: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-12-common-mistakes-in-job-interviews.html - Top 3 interview thank you letter samples: http://interviewquestionsaz.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-3-interview-thank-you-letter-samples.html - Practice types of job interview such as screening interview, phone interview, second interview, situational interview, behavioral interview (competency based), technical interview, group interview...
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BLACKVUE DASHCAM: DR500GW-HD Introduction Video
Introducing BlackVue DR500GW-HD, a Wi-Fi Car Dashboard Camera. Enjoy wireless connection and Live View, right on your smartphone! BlackVue. Your Reliable Eyewitness. LEARN MORE about BlackVue products: http://www.blackvue.com/products/ SUBSCRIBE to our channel: http://bit.ly/BlackVue_Sub OFFICIAL BLACKVUE WEBSITE: http://www.blackvue.com Follow us on social media! BlackVue on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BlackVueOffi... BlackVue on TWITTER https://twitter.com/BlackVue BlackVue on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/blackvueoff... BlackVue on PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/BlackVueC/ BlackVue. Our mission is to simply make the best dashcams in the world. Contact us: [email protected] Customer Support: [email protected] Sales Inquiries: [email protected]
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Promo Product Review Large Mood Ice Scraper: | AnyPromo 706864
Get this promotional product at: http://www.anypromo.com/auto/automotive-accessories/large-mood-ice-scraper-p706864
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Holiday Promotions for Small Businesses
http://premiumwebsites.net/holiday-promotions-small-businesses/ Today's interview is with Victoria Cook of the Center for Guilt Free Success. A popular author, speaker and internationally-recognized coach, and she is an expert on guilt-free success. She is the director of The Center for Guilt-Free Success, and an official instructor & coach for the DIY Marketing Center. What can business owners with a retail business do to leverage the holiday season? It is not too late to start to leverage this holiday season. Who is your idea market and what motivates them to take action. Why do they want to buy? For example say you have a gormet backery, you would want to know who is the perfect person to buy your product and why is this person going to buy. Gift with purchase - sometime people will buy if there is a gift with their purchase over just a discount. Again - know what motivates your clients to buy. What can a service provider offer for the Holiday season? The holidays are a great time for service based businesses. They can market their services just like retailers can offer products. I launched a new 30 day program in the last month of the year once and had great success during the holidays. They can demonstrate appreciation to clients, show their expertise and really raise awareness about their business. As a service based business myself, what is it that I really need to know about holiday promotions? Know who your idea client is, know what problem they want to solve, the challenge they want to overcome, the results they want to get. Knowing the motivations before positioning the offer. Take a que from retail and create a marketing campaign. It might include sending out a letter, getting out emails, creating videos, follow up phone calls, special offers to people in our network. Talk about your offer everywhere you go, business networking, speaking, etc. Being conversational but have something specific to say. Make it easy for people to buy! Remember holidays are all year long - not just the Christmas season. To take advantage of Victoria's offer: http://bit.ly/holidaymktg
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Deposit Products in Indian Banking
This video from N S Toor School of Banking (India) provides in brief the information on Deposit Products in Indian Banking System. For more information relating to Indian banking, please log in www.bankingindiaupdate.com
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Real Estate Promotional Products Items for Realtors Customized Personalized Imprinted RI
Real Estate Promotional Products Items for Realtors Customized Personalized Call 401-451-1874 email [email protected] or visit our websites(s) at http://www.PromotionalProductsNinja.com and http://www.AdSpecialtyProducts.com There are roughly 1.3 MILLION realtors in the United States providing valuable relocation services to new homeowners and assisting in the true American Dream of home ownership. It is with great honor that we serve many of these fine individuals with the best real estate promotional products and marketing services that our industry can offer. This is a short guide of some great promotional items for the real estate industry. House Tape Measures - Tape measures are always a good seller for us, and a house tape measure is a great (and useful) thing that can even be used when showing houses to prospective buyers. Is your customer wondering how big a doorway is, or if they can fit their treadmill through the basement door? Measure the door with this handy realtor promotional item and alleviate any of their doubt about the measurements. This real estate promotional product comes with a handy key ring, and is etched with a door and windows to make the piece realistic. House Shape Promotional Tool Kits- Not only are these tool kits a valuable gift that will bring about fond memories of your customer's recent purchase, they can also help you when you are in a bind out on the road. Imagine this- you discover a loose cabinet right before your prospective buyer arrives, and you just KNOW that the customer is going to open and close the cabinets, as they always do. A loose door or cabinet could make the customer think that the house was shoddily built, but good thing you have these promotional tool kits, you can tighten the screw and be confident that your winning personality will seal the deal. This is a great low cost real estate promotional item that is also a great trade show or networking function handout. House Shape Letter Opener- This is another low cost promo giveaway that can be passed out at a showing, or used at the next convention. These are easy to store, last a long time, and will stay in your client's home for a long time, once again hopefully bringing about the fondness of memories from their dealings with the best realtor in town. House Memo Clip- I never thought memo clips would be a hit until I handed them out as one of my own promotions and they went like HOT CAKES. These are the first thing that I reach for when I get an invite to an event that I cannot miss, tickets to a concert, or other important small correspondences. Much like the house memo clip, these promotional swag items will stay in your client's house for their entire time at the home, or at least until they update their appliances. Bamboo coasters, cutting boards, and serving utensils- bamboo is a super attractive wood and a renewable resource. Why not give your real estate customer a bamboo spoon, serving fork, or other utensil as a house warming gift? Bamboo is in style, and it will be one less thing they have to purchase when they go to the big box store for their kitchen items. Did we spark your interest with the custom kitchen utensils idea? We also sell custom oven mitts, jar openers, measuring cups, cheese graters, veggie peelers, pizza cutters, basting brushes, and aprons printed with your real estate firm logo. The kitchen is the heart of most households, and to give a kitchen promotional item is to stay in that heart forever. Using promotional products in the real estate business is a great way to get an edge on the competition while being remembered by your client for a long time. No matter how big or small, everyone likes receiving a gift, and it could make the search for a new home less nerve racking and more pleasant for your potential buyer. If you are in the real estate industry and are considering some custom promotional items for your firm, contact us at 401-451-1874 or [email protected]
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NGO PEAHEN / STUDIO PEAHEN Authors: PATRICIJA BREKTE // KRISTIĀNA KALNIŅA // SABĪNE MOORE // VIVIANNA MARIA STAŅISLAVSKA // AGNESE IVANE // DENISS SOBOĻEVS // MADARA KRĒVICA // DĀRTA ROMANOVA // MAIJA MACKUS // MARGARITA LOZE // KRISTAPS LOZE // NOSHREVAN CHKHAIDZE // TINIKO EBRALIDZE // GIORGI GAGOSHIDZE // IRAKLI GHARIBASHVILI // GOGI KAMUSHADZE // ALEKSANDRE KATAMASHVILI // GIORGI KVACHADZE // KETEVAN NATSVLISHVILI // Animated Alphabet / Lizums, Latvia / 1.08. - 13.08.2013. / Art studio Peahen and Crystral Sound System together with partner organization GFM Filmbridge organize new project "Animated Alphabet". It is young artist and animator exchange project between Georgia and Latvia is going to take place in Lizums, Latvia from 1 -13, 2013. The theme of the project is art and culture in combination with rural development. The aim of the project is to encourage young people from two different countries to work together and overcome cultural, language and experience differences. Project includes the involvement of local community and the promotion of culture and art in Lizums village. The project aims also to promote Latvian and Georgian animation art awareness and visibility, so the project is designed also to reach wider public. The project's final product is Latvian-Georgian cooperation animated short-film about Georgian-Latvian alphabet, which is created on painted backgrounds made in open air with techniques like drawing, modeling clay, animation applications. This 6 month project is going to involve 23 participants where during 12 day exchange they are going to work on ideas, discuss, present, work in mixed groups and workshops and come out with final product - animated short film presented in public show during the closing event. Youth in Action EU Programme "Šis projekts tiks finansēts ar Eiropas Komisijas atbalstu. Šī publikācija atspoguļo vienīgi autora uzskatus, un Komisijai nevar uzlikt atbildību par tajā ietvertās informācijas jebkuru iespējamo izlietojumu."
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Promo Product Review:Flying Disc | AnyPromo 628791
Get this promotional product at: http://www.anypromo.com/outdoor-leisure/frisbees-flyers/9-flying-disc-p628791
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BISSELL AirRAM 90 Sec Product Video
The BISSELL AirRAM takes everything you hate about vacuuming and makes it disappear. The cord that gets snagged and holds you back - gone. The ridiculous weight that makes it so hard to lift and carry - halved. The dust cloud when you empty the cylinder - history. It's lightweight, powerful, clean and cordless. What's not to love?
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No#1 Internet Promotion Service
It was a bad day when I was searching for my facebook promotion. 2 days past. All were Fake promotions. I was depressed. I shared this with my friend. Then he told me about http://www.moreviews.net/ . I was confused. Thought It would be my last try. But.... it worked. Yes, if you need any kind of Internet promotion service you can go to Moreviews. Trust Me. It worked for me and It works for me. If you are interested check it out.
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Marketing Concepts: YouTube Video from PowerPoint 2010
This video was created as an example for a college marketing course; it illustrates the use of Powerpoint 2010 to promote a product or service by integrating two dozen marketing concepts.
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Office Space - Printer Scenes (uncensored) Intro
Clips taken from the movie owned by 20th century Fox, "Office Space" (1999) I did this for my friends while drunk (Chris and Rune)...because printers suck. Most of us can relate to these clips from "Office Space" Excuse me for the bad edit...used MS moviemaker which suck, but free so... eehhh, Btw. the fact that most toner and ink for printers are more expensive than gold...Totally Bogus. All content of this video is the property of 20th century Fox, and I hope you guys don't delete this short mixed clip. This is only meant for entertainment, and you might say promotional for the movie ;-) Mike Judge (Beavis n Butt-head, King of the Hill, Idiocracy) wrote and directed this movie with an awesome bunch of people, through 20th century Fox, and is seen as a cult classic...the movie and Mike Judge ^^ May this clip inspire people, to see and buy the movie Office Space. You won't regret it....It changed my life................
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Animated Video Production for Business Marketing
Animated video production - get a free quote: http://www.redcamelsolutions.com/?cd=YT17 0:00 Introduction to animated video production 0:05 Out of the box marketing ideas 0:10 Marketing problem 0:18 Another promotional problem 0:27 RedCamel Solutions 0:32 Animated promotional and explainer videos 0:36 Engaging video viewers 0:42 Business videos that standout 0:50 Producing videos at low budget Grab your prospect's attention using unique videos on YouTube. A professional promotional/explainer video will help you to stand out from your competition in YouTube and Google search results. For example - a video thumbnail in Google or YouTube search results is far more eye catching compared to plain text. We are all impatient online, aren't we...? Use the opportunity to explain your business or product in an entertaining way within 60 seconds. Fast and right to the point. Keep it 60-75 seconds, not more than that as most viewers abandon at that time anyway… You can then publish your video on YouTube, your Home page, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn...anywhere you can. It is a fact – videos are engaging far more than plain text or static images. If you’re looking for an animated video production service, be sure to select a professional animation studio who will not only develops cool animation, but who have the knowhow to later enable your video(s) get the amount of online exposure they deserve. Being good at producing great animation is one thing, being good at promoting your videos online is another thing – being good at doing both, is the kind of service you need to look for. Don’t compromise. The video we’ve produced above – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66oOSDlJS_8 is based on 2D animation, this is the most common and popular animation method being used for business promotional /explainer videos. The more complex ones such as 3D animation required much higher budgets and production time. Although these videos look so much entraining and fun to watch, they are quite powerful marketing tools in delivering messages and most importantly – in delivering results to their owners. For a production of such marketing video(s) contact us: http://www.redcamelsolutions.com/?cd=YT17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66oOSDlJS_8
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Mindvalley Cover Letter - Nicky de Koning - Online Marketing Specialist
Anne Nicole de Koning's cover letter for the application as Online Marketing Specialist at MindValley.
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Megan Fox Promoting Your Product? PLR Rights To Massive Pack In This Exploding Diet Market for 2013
http://tinyurl.com/aq62hq4 Megan Fox Promoting Your Product? PLR Rights To Massive Pack In This Exploding Diet Market for 2013 You're going to get a brand new product that's all "done-for-you" so you can simply add your own order button and sell it, as easy as pie! What you will get: 1 - New editable book 2 - Minisite and salesletter 3 - Eye catching promo banners 4 - Editable PSD's 5 - Premium print quality license pack Megan Fox Promoting Your Product? PLR Rights To Massive Pack In This Exploding Diet Market for 2013 PLR Rights Terms & Conditions [YES] Can be used for personal use [YES] Can be given to list subscribers [YES] Can be packaged with other products [YES] Can be offered as a bonus [YES] Can be edited and your name put on it [YES] Can be used as web content [YES] Can be broken down into smaller articles [YES] Can be added to an e-Course or autoresponder as content [YES] Can be submitted to article directories [YES] Can be added to paid membership sites [YES] Can be added to an ebook/PDF as content [YES] Edit the sales letter any way you want [YES] Can sell Resale Rights [YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights Megan Fox Promoting Your Product? PLR Rights To Massive Pack In This Exploding Diet Market for 2013 I'm in... Just starting to go over the material, looks great. The OTO, priced at less than a McDonald's Extra Value Meal, should make this super simple. Megan Fox Promoting Your Product? PLR Rights To Massive Pack In This Exploding Diet Market for 2013
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Magna Overview
We are a leading global automotive supplier with 313 manufacturing operations and 84 product development, engineering and sales centres in 28 countries. We have approximately 131,000 employees focused on delivering superior value to our customers through innovative products, processes and World Class Manufacturing. Our product capabilities include producing body, chassis, interior, exterior, seating, powertrain, electronic, vision, closure and roof systems and modules, as well as complete vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing. Our common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (MG) and the New York Stock Exchange (MGA). For further information about Magna, visit our website at www.magna.com.
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Sam Cook - "Flatland"
Order Sam's most recent book here: http://buttonpoetry.com/product/mill-railway-general-castings/ Button Poetry Founder, Sam Cook performing at the Soap Boxing Poetry Slam at the Artists' Quarter in downtown Saint Paul. Follow Button Poetry on Facebook: http://facebook.com/buttonpoetry About Button: Button Poetry is committed to developing a coherent and effective system of production, distribution, promotion and fundraising for spoken word, performance poetry, and slam poetry. We seek to showcase the power and diversity of voices in our community. By encouraging and broadcasting the best and brightest performance poets of today, we hope to broaden poetry's audience, to expand its reach and develop a greater level of cultural appreciation for the art form.
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Advertising & Brand Promotion Agency And Consultants
www.indadworks.com - 08686626413,09700501626 - [email protected] We Are Advertising & Brand Promotion Agency And Consultants. We Can Promot your Products and services in Hyderabad and other major AP cities, towns and villages. We've provided a lot of advertising services for a variety of clients large and small, in almost every vertical. Every day we run into people, who don't quite understand all the services that our advertising agency provides, so we put together this quick list show all the advertising and marketing services we provide. our services like - Corporate Ad Films making, Bus Branding, Rural Local TV Promotions & Outdoor Promotions Online Social Media Marketing Print & Electronic Media Works Paper, TV, Magazine, Web Sit Ads Logos and Flyers Designing ineed digital ad works Call- 08686626413,9700501626,9951971949 Mail- [email protected] Web - www.indadworks.com
Promo Product Review:Sunglass Holder | AnyPromo 668241
Get this promotional product at: https://www.anypromo.com/outdoor-leisure/sunglasses-straps/sunglass-holder-p668241
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Embroidery Screen Printing and Promotional Products  Bloomington MN
We don't have a minimum like the other places call us (612) 825 0813 or (612) 869 1122 We are in Minneapolis check our web site embroidprintnow.com for more info on all our services. We do all Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing on T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Jackets and all Apparel. Custom Patches One or 1000 Not a Problem Need Only One T-shirt is OK We can do it Call or Stop By Will See you here! The Turnaround time is fast 1,2 or 3 ,4 days Need Custom names & number we can also do it give us a call (612) 825 - 0813 (612) 869 - 1122 [email protected] www.laiguanace.com www.embroidprintnow.com Monday to Friday 12:oopm to 7:30pm Saturdays by app. EmbroidPrint Now, embroidered, monogram, custom shirts, digitizing, embroidered shirts, custom embroidery, and embroidered logo, embroidered bags. If you are looking to add a truly professional touch to your business or organization image with high quality professional embroidery, then look no further...provides Embroidery, Monogram and Digitizing of Logos. Embroidered designs on all types of tote apparel, hats and bags. An eye catching well placed embroidered logo is your own best 'walking advertisement'! Wearing your logo on your shirt, jacket, hat or bag is a great way to start up a conversation about your company, which can lead to more business! We also offer standard embroidery- allowing you to select from hundreds of embroidered designs and combine with your choice of thread color and letter font styles. You can then view a sample of your embroidery before you order. Stock embroidery designs, monogramming and lettering create unique and personalized garments and embroidered gifts for all occasions! Please visit our shop to choose from thousands of stock designs and endless font options, or give us a call at. (612) 825 0813 (612) 869 1122 www.laiguanace.com www.embroidprintnow.com
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Self-Mailing Pill Bottle Direct Mail Promotion
Travis Lee of http://www.3dmailresults.com shows you how to cut the clutter in your direct mail while using a pill bottle. This has been a very successful direct mail promotion for us and our clients in a wide variety of businesses.
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[PREMIUM SALES LETTER] PitchPerfect - Unlimited Drag and Drop Wordpress Sales Letter + FREE BONUSES!
[PREMIUM SALES LETTER] PitchPerfect - Unlimited Drag and Drop Wordpress Sales Letter + FREE BONUSES! ------- For Details Visit-- http://bit.ly/WPTyev FEATURES OF-- [PREMIUM SALES LETTER] PitchPerfect - Unlimited Drag and Drop Wordpress Sales Letter + FREE BONUSES! Instantly build beautiful sales pages to sell products or promote affiliate products with WordPress like never before! Pitch Perfect provides incredible tools for structuring the content on your sales page. The plugin creates a visual drag-and-drop canvas where you can add, arrange and re-size advanced elements on your page. Create unlimited sales pages from one theme installation. FAQs---[PREMIUM SALES LETTER] PitchPerfect - Unlimited Drag and Drop Wordpress Sales Letter + FREE BONUSES! FAQs... Is it single site license, personal unlimited sites or developer license? Secondly what about future updates? Unlimited Developer License - We update the theme regularly (3 times a week usually) and you gain access to our support forums. how about width? its flexible or fixed? It seems a flexible width is what people are asking for a lot so this will be future update. Currently only supports fixed width. Explain this Premium Support? Support is flexible and you can cancel or rejoin at anytime. It's $5 for every month you need but the money you make from it i'm sure will totally outweigh this cost. You will ALWAYS have access to some sort of support! Premium Support means - (Access to all staff at forums, regular weekly updates with new features) Normal Support - (Access to major updates so theme is NEVER broken ever! And access to some support staff) Normal support is a lifetime free support. [PREMIUM SALES LETTER] PitchPerfect - Unlimited Drag and Drop Wordpress Sales Letter + FREE BONUSES!
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Football Bar Promotions:How To Attract Raving Football Fans To Your Bar...PART 2
http://barrestaurantsuccess.com/f... Today I’m going to follow up from our last video about how to get brand new customers into your doors for this football season. In the last video I discussed the strategies you must use to target new customers, how to pin point who your best prospects are, and how and you want to build a list of “football prospects” that will come back over and over. Today I’m going to cover the easiest way to build a list of hundreds of brand new raving football fans using a lead capture website. For those of you who don’t know what a lead capture website is, it’s a one page site that is designed to one thing and one thing only. Capture peoples personal contact information. In order to capture leads, to get people to hand over their email, cell number, and home address, you must make them a irresistible offer. Now if you are trying to build up your football crowd your irresistible offer must be football related. So let me give you a few examples that you could do. You could give them a discount on their tab during football sunday, you could give them a buy one get one meal, or you could give them a free meal. Just remember, if you want to build your list quickly, you need something valuable but you need to structure it in a away where you don’t lose out. Giving 10 percent off a tab isn’t going to get you many leads. The best way to drive traffic to your lead capture football site, is to use the power of social media and the internet. If you are trying to drive traffic to an online website, you’re far better off marketing online then using offline marketing. A few simple strategies are to post your offer and website link on all your social media channels and ask people to share your site. you can also have your staff for an entire week or two help you promote it to their friends on Facebook too. If you have a text club or email club you can send them the link to your lead capture page as well. If you want to be really smart, you can use targeted online marketing strategies such as pay per click ads through Facebook. You can now target people on Facebook by age, gender, income, zip code, and by if they have a interest in football or interest in a certain football team. How would you like to ONLY market to men from 25-50 years old, who live a few miles from your bar, that have a interest in going to restaurants and have a interest in football? This is the prime prospect to go after! This is micro targeted marketing that is more profitable then anything else you can do beside marketing to YOUR OWN list of customers. What’s really powerful with this is you ONLY pay when people click on your ad, meaning you are ONLY paying for very targeted traffic. Here’s another strategy you can use. Lets say people go to your lead page, they hand over their info to get your offer, and now they come in. Have them present their offer to the server before they order. Then make sure your manager or server watches & tracks who the big spenders are. When you see who those big spenders are, put them in a separate database of big spenders for football. When you do this think of the marketing power that you have. Lets recap for a second. You first build a big list of customers with a football offer. You track who takes advantage and who uses them. You then track who spends big money from your offer. The big idea here is to get these big spenders back in more often during football. So what do you do? You send them more offers and updates about football related promotions that you are doing. You have the opportunity to E-mail and text them. You have the opportunity to send them a postcard or letter. Hell you can even call them and make them a great offer to come back in. By having a list of profitable customers that have interest in certain promotions you run, you have the ability to skyrocket your marketing efforts and profits. If you are interested in having a full blown online and offline lead capture system built for you with automated follow up marketing in place, please visit BarBusinessMarketing.com
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Pledge and Hypothecation
This video from N S Toor School of Banking (Chandigarh-India) explains the concept of Pledge and Hypothecation. For more such videos, please log in www.bankingindiaupdate.com
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Motion Graphic Viral Video For LeadsPost - Sales Letter
http://www.videoexplainers.com Email: [email protected] Share this : http://bit.ly/1BLCMy0 To learn more on how we step-by-step create Custom Explainer Video for your business, product or service. Here's our 5 phase simple & planned explainer video process infographics: http://bit.ly/1JB4lmq Let's connect socially & spread Kindness, Positivity & all the good things we can: Like us on facebook: http://on.fb.me/1Lt6JYh Connect to us on Linkedin: http://linkd.in/18fr7jq Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1FNp2ZE Follow us on Google+: http://bit.ly/1DINM4H Subscribe to our Youtube Channel & stay more tuned for our new video updates: https://bit.ly/17tl3ms
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Employment Ad Sample
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Simple Video Editing w/ Premiere Pro CS6
Check out another of my videos: "BREAKDOWN: Select and Mask vs. Refine Edge - Photoshop CC" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTw78XQNjAo -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- 🔥🔥🔥See my newest tutorial on simple video editing using Premiere Pro CC right here: https://youtu.be/oATbfoeVGDE 🔥🔥🔥 Philly Is Ugly timelapse tutorial and behind the scenes. http://phillyisugly.com In the following tutorial we will look at some very simple timeline video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. This was for my Philly is ugly project. GET MORE FROM TUTVID.COM Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tutvid Twitter https://twitter.com/tutvid Google+ http://gplus.to/tutvid Website http://tutvid.com Please subscribe if you enjoyed this video!
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