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Enjoy the flavor of deli rotisserie chicken at home| Solutions.com
See how easy it is to make healthy, delicious leg of lamb, ham roast or chicken with almost no effort. The Rotation bastes food for you, locking in flavor. Fat drips away, yet meat stays juicy and moist and the skin gets brown and crisp all over.
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AYPRO Smart Hotel Solutions Catalog
AYPRO Smart Hotel Solutions Catalog! Check out AYPRO Smart Hotel Solution Catalog at our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/ayprobalkans/ Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/aypro_balkans/ Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aypro-balkans/
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Enjoy the flavor of deli rotisserie chicken at home| Solutions.com
Make healthy, delicious leg of lamb, ham roast or chicken with almost no effort. The Rotation bastes food for you, locking in flavor. Fat drips away, yet meat stays juicy and moist and the skin gets brown and crisp all over
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Prestimedia - Digital Solutions for interactive catalogs and Custom Mobile App Development
Prestimedia has helped thousands of customers thrive in the digital world with their innovative Digital catalog and Mobile App Development solutions. Find more at www.prestimedia.us today.
Dorman Products :: "HD Solutions Catalog"
http://www.skyninecinema.com Dorman Products came to us looking to create a training video for sales teams highlighting the features and benefits of the new HD Solutions Catalog. We utilized footage we shot on location at various sites as well as some motion graphic compositions created in order to show the catalog in a stylized manner. Like what you see? "Like" us on Facebook www.facebook.com/skynine Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/skyninecorp
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Zirous Solutions Catalog: Identity Management
Zirous takes a look at a recent Identity Management project. Find out what this tool can do for your business!
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Dynatrap Insect Eliminator  |  Solutions.com
Dynatrap® Insect Eliminator protects large areas of property without pesticides. Far better than citronella torches and candles. This indoor/outdoor trap lures and captures many types of bugs with UV fluorescent bulbs, carbon dioxide and a quiet vacuum fan. No expensive attractant or propane needed to run these. See all Dynatrap models at Solutions: http://www.solutions.com/jump.jsp?itemID=11652&itemType=CATEGORY&path=1%2C2%2C11619%2C11652
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Automating solutions for a catalog publisher
Kyle Treadwell, Pre-Media Process Manager at Rio Grande, explains how Switch streamlines catalog production.
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GovDC: ServiceNow catalog offers a fast to implement solution with powerful functionality.
Derek Paterson from the Department of Finance and Services discusses how NSW government has optimised efficiencies through implementing the ServiceNow catalog. Find out how you can change work for the better: http://www.servicenow.com/
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Fridge Binz | Refrigerator and Pantry Organizer Bins | Solutions.com
BUY HERE: http://bit.ly/HPGa5X Contain spills, organize food and tidy up the fridge so you know what's inside. Get your fridge cleaned up, once and for all! Fridge Binz are ideal for containing small jars and bottles. Or storing meats, cheeses, dairy products or whatever else you want to keep accessible. These bins come in many sizes, see them all at Solutions.com
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Solar Pathlights with Color Select | Solutions
BUY HERE: http://solutions.blair.com/p/solar-path-lights-with-color-select-set-of-6/75264.uts Path lights glow 11 different ways for holidays, parties and safety. Make your walkway safer at night with solar powered lights that come on at dusk. Set each light independently to glow steadily in one of 10 colors or to morph through all the colors.
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Oracle's Partner Finder - OPN Solutions Catalog
Oracle partners can market their solutions and offerings to Oracle's 420,000+ customers through the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Solutions Catalog (https://solutions.oracle.com/). The Solutions Catalog is used by customers and prospects worldwide to find an Oracle partner that meets their business needs. The Catalog highlights your company's credentials and specializations, connecting you to companies that are seeking your expertise. The mobile-enabled interface provides users with a fluid search and browse experience from any device. To learn more about the OPN Solutions Catalog, visit the OPN Portal: http://www.oracle.com/partners/en/partner-with-oracle/market-and-sell/solutions-catalog/secure/index.html
Westpac Solutions -  How to Use the New Westpac Solutions Catalog
Time to Place and Order? How to Use the New Westpac Solutions Catalog We at Westpac Solutions know you don’t want to just order products; you want to browse and shop around as well. Our online catalog gives you this option. Have you ever wondered if your current equipment and products are exactly right for your facility’s unique needs? Instead of wondering, take a look at all that’s available in our catalog. You can also call us at any time for expert product advice and guidance. Our online catalog provides you with a picture of every item, important specifications and detailed descriptions. This info gives you the ability to compare other products on the market with what you’re currently using in your facility. We’d like to take a moment to point out some important features and functionalities of our catalog. Accessing the Westpac Solutions Product Catalog We offer everything you need to maintain a pristine facility. Here are some highlights for mobile-device functionality as well as desktop/computer access. Logging In – You can always browse the catalog without logging in. But if you plan to place an order, you’ll need to log in using your username and password. Call us today if you don’t yet have Westpac Solutions account. When browsing the Westpac Solutions catalog using a computer, click LOGIN at the upper right. If using a mobile device, you’ll see a menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top of the page. Tap this icon, then tap the LOGIN option. Browsing the Catalog on a Computer From WestpacSolutions.com, select the Product Catalog page. You’ll notice several product categories across the top of the page: Cleaning Equipment | Janitorial Supplies | Washroom Products | Laundry & Kitchen | Chemicals | Packaging and Food Service | Simply hover your mouse over these six product categories to reveal an extensive array of product categories. As you can see, Westpac Solutions provides a world of products and equipment right at your fingertips. Product Sorting – When using the desktop version of the catalog, you can sort product listings by product type, brand, size, color, performance specs, and other criteria. You’ll see this sorting function on the left side of the page. Ordering – Ordering a product is easy. Simply click the “Add to Cart” button under the product you want to order. You’ll then be directed to enter the quantity you’d like to order. The quantity field is on the right side of the page. Once you add an item to your cart, you’ll be given the option to check out or continue shopping. Featured Products (When Not Logged In) – Under the product categories, you’ll notice a listing of Featured Products. These are products that are valuable to many of our customers. We feature them because we don’t want you to miss out on any item your facility could benefit from. Using the Search Bar – We included a search bar in our catalog so you can shop with ease. Search by item number, brand (such as “ProTeam”) or product type (such as “burnisher.”) You’ll find the search bar on the upper right of the catalog page. Browsing the Catalog on a Mobile Device On a smartphone or other mobile device, navigate to WestpacSolutions.com. tap the menu (three horizontal lines) to access the website’s pages. Then select the Product Catalog. To access the catalog’s product categories, tap the menu (three lines) located at the upper left of the page. You’ll see a large number of products to choose from. Remember to log in first if you want to place and order. Ordering – Click “Add to Cart” and enter the quantity in the field on the right. You’ll be given the option to check out or continue shopping. Happy Browsing! The new Westpac Solutions catalog has been designed to let you order products whenever and wherever you need them, whether you’re using a computer or mobile device. We think you’ll find it convenient and easy to use. As always, feel free to call us with any questions or to set up an account with us.
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Qosina at MD&M West 2011
Stuart Herskovitz, President and Founder of Qosina, discusses his company's wide range of stock components. He also discusses Qosina's Kanban replenishment service, creative and custom solutions, free samples, and their 736-page catalog featuring full-scale products.
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Webinar  Deploying Performance Management Solutions at Scale for Service Providers, Carriers, and Te
This 45-minute session will introduce you to the following topics: - Developing a Service Catalog with Achievable Service Level Agreements - Architecting a Solution for Scalability and Dependable Deployment - Handling Overlapping IP addresses and Multi-Tenancy - Consolidating Solutions into a Single Pane of Glass (SPoG)
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Corporate Gifting Solutions / Catalog - ProTaiga
Here's a quick video on Corporate Gifting Solutions by ProTaiga. Get in touch with us & we will give you the best variety of corporate gifts for festivals, events & off sites. Get personalized branded items at best prices! Gift something thoughtful to your teams & clients.
Quick Job - Job Catalog from Davanti HR Solutions
Quick Job - Job Catalog from Davanti HR Solutions. Demo the Job Catalog functionality for Davanti HR Solutions Quick Job. Learn more at http://www.davanti-hr-solutions.com
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NEJ, Inc. Merchandise Solutions
Nej, Inc. Merchandise Solutions Founded 21 years ago by Ed Mascolo in a home office and garage, nej has built its business one relationship at a time on a foundation of trust and integrity. We are now a national leader in providing off-price apparel solutions to specialty store retailers, catalog retailers and famous brands. We distribute to a diverse global off-price and special market customer base. Over the last 10 years, our comprehensive global relationships with our off-price vendors have allowed us to expand into product development and sourcing. We currently offer our golf inspired brands, Chase Edward® and Wedge® and are developing product under our customers' private labels as requested. Our vendors are global specialty store retailers and famous brands of apparel, accessories, footwear and home goods along with their factories. Our customers are off-price retailers, special market retailers and private and semi-private golf clubs/resorts.
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Pig Popper  |  Animal Poppers | Solutions.com
De-stressing is foam flying fun with these Poppers. BUY HERE: http://bit.ly/HSyiAK Relieve stress or just make some laughter with a foam flying fun Animal Popper. See the full collection of animals at Solutions.com
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WSX445 Series Face Mill Drives Performance at Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions
#RoushYates Engines leads NASCAR manufacturing by implementing break through cutting technology and is one of the 1st users of the WSX445 Face Mills in North America. Now, Cutting Tool Technology previously available for only the Elite in #NASCAR, is available for your machine tools. Yes, one if not the best kept secrets in racing is out with the release of the #WSX445 Face Mills in the US. Mitsubishi Materials WSX445 45° lead face mill is one of the most exciting Cutting Tool breakthrough’s in recent memory thus re-enforcing our slogan: Where Other’s Stop, We Continue! Mitsubishi Materials challenged their brightest Engineers to design a 45 degree face mill capable of accepting a Double Sided insert but with performance characteristics –Chip Evacuation, Low Cutting Forces, and Edge Security- exceeding that of a conventional single sided 45 degree mill. The toughest challenge the design team faced was how to deliver a double sided insert cutter with Double Positive cutting action to address performance Flaws Voiced by Customers for Existing Double Sided Insert milling cutters: 1. Chip Jamming in Pocket 2. Poor chip evacuation damaging unused insert corners 3. Vibration due to high cutting forces 4. Poor surface finish and tool life WSX445 Face Mill broucher can be downloaded at: http://www.mitsubishicarbide.com/mmus/en/whatsnew/2015_1/wsx445.html Other Milling product brochures are available for download at http://www.mitsubishicarbide.com/mmus/en/product/catalog/cutter.html The result of the team’s hard work is the WSX445 cutter with proprietary Double Sided Z² Insert geometry. WSX445 cutter and insert design has an impressive story but too long for YouTube, so only the highlights will be covered below. For the Full WSX445 story, follow link: https://www.facebook.com/MitsubishiMaterials.US.CuttingTools?fref=photo#!/MitsubishiMaterials.US.CuttingTools/photos/a.867108390018223.1073741869.207419312653804/867114203350975/?type=1&theater The WSX445 body provides the cutters foundation with a new conical insert pocket seat with Mitsubishi Anti-Fly Insert (A.F.I.) design providing unsurpassed insert stability. The Double Positive cutter geometry (DOC dependent ) with large 26° rake and consistent cutting edge inclination to the material through the 5mm (.196”) DOC, delivers smooth reliable vibration free cutting action producing the helical –spiral- chip necessary for reliable chip evacuation. WSX445 cutter bodies are available in Inch/Metric diameters in Coarse, Fine and Extra Fine Pitch configurations with Coolant thru standard for taming tough HRSA and Stainless Steel’s. WSX445 cutter body would be just another piece of steel if it were not for a Mitsubishi breakthrough in 3D insert production pressing technology making WSX445 inserts a marvel in Craftsmanship. WSX445 6.3mm (.248”) thick insert provided added security and are available in Light, Medium and Rough breakers in both precision molded & ground options with a 1.5mm (.059”) wiper flat standard. When extreme surface finishes are required, a ground wiper is available with an 8mm (.314”) wiper flat. But we did not stop there, WSX445 inserts are coated with Mitsubishi latest MIRACLE SIGMA PVD coatings for ISO P, M & S and VP grades rounding out the K & H classes. If your milling operations need to be improved or you need a cutter and inserts capable of doing more with less, give your local Mitsubishi District Manager a call and schedule Face Time to discuss applications options. You have a choice, choose wisely, chose Mitsubishi Materials and Cycle Start with Confidence! Milling product brochures are available for download at http://www.mitsubishicarbide.com/mmus/en/product/catalog/cutter.html Additional Resources: Experience Mitsubishi Carbide's Patented Online Catalog with downloadable CAD files http://www.mitsubishicarbide.net/mmus/en/catalogue/index.html Questions please contact: Technical Support at 1-800-486-2341 Or Email [email protected] Secure technical inquiries can be submitted to Mitsubishi Materials at https://www.mitsubishicarbide.com/mailform/mmus/en/literature/form.html Thank you for taking the time to view this video and please visit Mitsubishi Materials USA at http://www.mmus.com
Vionic Technology|  Solutions.com
BUY HERE: http://solutions.blair.com/catalog/search.cmd?form_state=searchForm&keyword=vionic Vionic shoes with Orthaheel Technology reduces pronation and restores natural alignment, helping to relieve pain of plantar fasciitis as well as heel, knee and lower back pain
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FL Solutions | Danziger & De Llano Attorneys at Law Video Brochure
This Video Brochure of Danziger & De Llano is focusing on Mesothelioma why you would like to partner with them to get the justice you deserve. It is a Video Brochure that features a 7" LCD screen with a 14pt cover, soft touch finishing with spot gloss. Help your company close the next deal and stand out. FL Solutions offers "VIS" Video Integrated Solutions with our Video Brochures, Video Books, Video Folders, Video Packaging, and Streamlined Marketing Solutions. We are a Creative, Products, and Technology partner. http://www.flsolutions.co/video-brochures.php Ph.(727)365-2937
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The new Fabory Webshop 2018 - Of Course
With over 70 years of experience in fastening solutions, we at Fabory strive for constant innovation. With our new interactive Webshop, it’s easier than ever to order from our extensive catalog and browse expert technical info. On location or on the go, Fabory’s services are at your fingertips – of course!
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70% New Classes in Business at LFCC Workforce Solutions
We have 70% new classes in Project Management, Leadership, Human Resources and Career Enhancement including Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations, Active Shooter Preparedness, Project Management Professional and more! Learn more by viewing our catalog here http://lfccworkforce.com/view-the-course-catalog/ Or search our website for your specific class https://lfccworkforce.com/
Indoor Grilling as easy as using a toaster| Solutions.com
Cook meat and vegetables at the same time, quickly and easily, in the Ronco Ready Grill. Even cook frozen food without defrosting in this electric cooker that's as easy to use as a toaster. Make appetizers, steak, fish, vegetables and even desserts. Kabob basket keeps small foods from falling into the grill.
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Sigma Systems - Catalog-Driven Solutions for Agile B/OSS
Technology has disrupted the traditional customer experience. To stay relevant, you must innovate quickly, adapt instantly and deliver flawlessly. Only Sigma’s catalog-driven portfolio can enable you to become a digital service provider of the future. Create faster with Sigma Catalog, sell smarter with Sigma CPQ, and activate seamlessly with Sigma Order Management and Provisioning. Learn how at www.sigma-systems.com
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2015 Samsung Videowall Solutions
VD EBT Marketing group would like to introduce new E-Catalog for 2015 Video wall solution. Samsung would like to introduce new E-Catalog for 2015 Video wall solution. This e-catalog is developed for enhancing understanding on the video wall display product and solutions by explaining various features based on usage scenario.
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Aqua-Tech Solutions Presents at Underwater Intervention 2018
Aqua-Tech Solutions was proud to participate Underwater Intervention 2018, at Morial Convention Center in New Orleans Feb. 6-8. The Underwater Intervention Conference is a joint effort by the Marine Technology Society's Remotely Operated Vehicle Committee and the Association of Diving Contractors International. It is held annually in January or February and is the world's premier event for commercial diving contractors, remotely operated vehicles, manned submersibles and all other aspects of the underwater operations industry. The conference attracts diverse marine industries, including offshore oil and gas, marine construction, shipwreck exploration, ocean mining and marine salvage. Please visit us at http://bit.ly/contact-aqua-tech for directions, a product catalog, equipment quote or consultation. You can also call 337-837-3999. Download our 2018 Guide on 10 Ways to Maximize the Value of Oilfield Service Vendor Relationships: bit.ly/vendorvalue
Sonic Solutions at CONVERGE event during NAB
Scenarist® Publisher is a revolutionary system for the creation of full-featured DVD-Video titles from a simple, yet powerful, wizard-driven interface. Scenarist Publisher also serves an important role as the ingest system for Sonic's digital-distribution initiative, providing an effective way for entertainment content owners to quickly prepare premium back catalog items for electronic sell-through. Introduced earlier this year, Sonic DVD On Demand™ is a comprehensive technology platform for the electronic sell-through of digital entertainment that can be burned to DVD. With physical costs such as manufacturing, distribution and inventory management all but eliminated, Sonic DVD On Demand makes otherwise cost-prohibitive distribution of special interest or catalog content possible for the first time.
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Holiday Decorating Ideas | Simplify the Holidays | Solutions.com
BUY HERE: http://bit.ly/1hDjO7L Jeannie shows you easy ways to decorate for the holidays. Celebrate the holidays no mess decorating! Solutions has more decorations than ever. Indoors or out, create a magical holiday look in minutes. Look first to our stunning 4-piece forever-green collection. Choose between our Frosted, Elegant or Traditional styles.
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What sort of project solutions can Trim-Tex provide?
Q: What sort of project solutions can Trim-Tex provide? A: First of all, everything in this [Trim-Tex] catalog, there are over 200 products and 650 shapes, sizes and colors of products available, all these products are 100% in stock at all Trim-Tex locations. So the first thing is you can get it quick, we are not going to hold up your job. The second thing about Trim-Tex is that since all we do is drywall accessories and we are a small family owned company, we care about this industry. All we do is drywall products so that we make sure we have our finger on the pulse of our industry, developing new products and everything else. Trust Trim-Tex. When you are doing a drywall-finishing job, trust Trim-Tex. Look at us first because we pretty much have a solution for it. If we don’t have a solution we will work hard to come up with one. Kind of like this product - right here Eddie Murphy’s house out in Malibu had multiple groin vaults going down two corridors and they didn’t want to pay for the plasterwork, plaster craftsman to do the job. The drywallers were going to have to do it and we came up with the Double Arched Splay Bead so that allows any drywaller to do a groin vault.
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Class Schedule and Browse Course Catalog
This video is an excerpt from the University of Minnesota's Student Systems Upgrade Overview course. This course is required for staff with access to Campus Solutions pages in PeopleSoft. For more information and to register for this course, please visit asr.umn.edu/upgradetraining.
CONTROLTEK - Solutions that Protect. People that Deliver. - 'Live in Dallas' at NRF Protect 2018
CONTROLTEK has been in the industry news a lot lately, introducing new asset protection solutions at a rapid pace – from their recently launched AM systems, to the wide selection of EAS and RFID tags in their catalog, to the full set of RF and RFID systems they offer together with their European partner Nedap. Rod Diplock, CEO, and Steve Sell, VP of Global Sales & Marketing, tell us how CONTROLTEK has been able to offer so much innovation in such a short period of time, what sets them apart from their competitors, and what the industry can expect from them next. Rod Diplock, CEO, CONTROLTEK Steve Sell, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, CONTROLTEK Gus Downing, Publisher & Editor, The D&D Daily and LPNN Filmed LIVE in Dallas, TX at NRF Protect on 6.12.18.
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Digital Catalogue  Retail Solutions
Digital Catalogue and Retail Solution kiosks from Sentios Technology provide a more efficient way for customers to choose and pay for goods. They are available in a wide selection of hardware and software options in order to meet every business need. To find out more visit http://www.sentios.co.uk/products/retail-kiosk/
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Become a Supplier | Skid Steer Solutions
Here at Skid Steer Solutions, we got our start in the back of our owner's garage, so we know what it takes to properly market products and grow a company. If you have an awesome skid steer product or attachment, or any other interesting innovation that will fit in our catalog, we want to hear from you. We want to bring value to our customers by offering the very best products our industry has to offer, if you think your product would make for a good fit. Give us a call or send us an email today! https://www.skidsteersolutions.com/become-a-supplier/
My Progressive Solutions - Nursing CEU, Cna Courses, Continuing Education For Nurses
http://www.myprogressivesolutions.com/ - Our primary goal is to impart skills and knowledge to busy nursing professionals. We have a catalog of more than 50 course that offer a convenient and fast way to get Continuing Education hours that are state board approved. At Progressive Solutions, we aren't just about license renewal though. Both promotion of nursing competence and advancing the understanding within nursing are important as well. We also offer emergency certificates, so contact us today at 1-888-604-6466.
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Quidgest Solutions
Learn more at www.quidgest.com Leading edge Management Solutions, agile and model driven designed to follow new, fast and unexpected requirements, like legislative changes or customer/citizens needs. (For public sector please download catalog at http://quidgest.com/pss-catalogue/)
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Magento 2 Catalog issues and solutions
Magento 2 catalog issues and solutions. Adding new product issues and reindexing the indexes. Solution to reindex magento indexes using command prompt. Php CLI version if different than the WAMP version or phpinfo version if you are using multiple php versions in your wamp or if you have updated php version in your wamp. Check this video. Command used in this video for reindexing: php -f bin\magento indexer:reindex
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Etail Solutions Feature Highlight: Supplier Competitive Analysis (Scouting)
At Etail, we've built a tool within our Etail Vantage Platform to make seeking out profitable new suppliers clear and simple. Just upload a supplier's catalog onto the platform and allow the EVP to guide your competitive analysis. Watch to learn how. To learn more about this and other features, set up a time to talk to one of our team members at, or request a demo: http://info.etailsolutions.com/request-a-demo
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eCatalogue by YP Solutions Ltd. Digital publication of your catalogue
Increase sales by distributing your catalogue digitally! https://www.y-p.uk/e-brochure/ View an example of the eCatalogue at https://ecatalogue.y-p.uk
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Zuna By Softweb Solutions
Product Video for Zuna By Softweb Solutions produced by Sleight Advertising. Zuna is a Business Sales App that can be used on any mobile tablet devices. It provides an online catalog to showcase products on the go with product images, specifications and marketing collaterals. Zuna is delivered in a subscription based model through the cloud to reduce the turnaround time for going live faster and at a lower cost.
Bug-free Summer Parties with Jeannie | Solutions
Enjoy bug-free summer parties with these pest control options BUY HERE: http://solutions.blair.com/t/outdoors/pest-control/pc/2024/2032.uts Jeannie shows you how to get rid of flies, mosquitoes and other bothersome insects at your summer party. Check out these effective bug zappers and fly traps to make your yard bug-free—all without nasty chemicals!
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Help prevent falls on stairs with attractive stair treads | Solutions
Vista stair treads with anti-slip backs help prevent falling and look great! BUY HERE: http://solutions.blair.com/t/indoors/rugs-flooring/stair-treads-stair-runners/pc/2008/c/2009/2927.uts Nonslip latex backing holds these carpet stair treads in place. The textured weave provides good traction and make the steps more visible too. They are machine washable and come in a variety of colors to match any décor. Vista treads add to the beauty of my stairs -- and make them safe, too.
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Battery-Powered LED Lights Make Christmas Wreath Sparkle | Solutions
BUY HERE: http://solutions.blair.com/p/silver-winter-wreath/54020.uts A sunning addition to your Christmas decorations. Accented by 50 battery powered LEDs and covered with silvery twigs, pinecones and berries, this 30" wreath becomes an elegant decoration at the door, on the mantel or in the entry.
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2019 IKEA Catalog
Research from the IKEA Life at Home Report strongly shows that, in homes all around the world, there is an inherent tension between space and relationships. People always long for more privacy but also want to make sure that home is also a place that supports their most important relationships with friends and family. The 2019 catalog features products and solutions for situations that reflect the push-and-pull of finding time and space for both “me and we.”
Views: 32625 IKEA USA
Creating the First Ever 3D Mushroom Catalogue with Artec 3D Scanning solutions!
Discover a fun and easy way to capture different objects and create interactive 3D catalogues. If you think that professional 3D scanning is only for industrial applications, think again! Artec’s portable 3D scanning solutions were used in an agriculture preservation project to precisely capture specimens of various shapes and sizes for the first ever digital 3D mushroom catalogue! Never again mistake the poisonous death cap for the delicious yellow knight! 3d model of a mushroom: https://sketchfab.com/models/74cee2074cb046ed92ad36e6255fb96c
Solar Crackle Gazing Ball | Solutions
BUY HERE: http://solutions.blair.com/p/solar-crackle-glass-gazing-ball/75294.uts Crackled glass enhances the glow of the solar powered light so it really sparkles after dark. The LED comes on automatically at dusk and can be set to steady white or color-changing.
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Inflatable Serving Tray | Pool Party Essentials | Solutions
Pool party, backyard BBQ...your summer party needs this smart server BUY HERE: http://solutions.blair.com/t/outdoors/entertaining/pc/2024/2031.uts Keeping drinks, salads, fruits and desserts cold at your summer party no longer means hauling out an ugly, bulky cooler. Simply inflate and fill this serving bar with ice for a tempting tableau of treats that your guests will love.
Views: 5634 Solutions Catalog
Small Bedroom Storage Solutions  - IKEA Home Tour
Keeping a small bedroom organized can be tricky. Here are some smart bedroom storage ideas to make it work: • Start by looking for furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For instance, a small desk near the bed can also serve as a nightstand. • Next, look for solutions that take advantage of the space you have. Under-bed storage and hooks over doors are great ways to use space that would normally go to waste. • Go vertical with your furniture to maximize storage. Wall shelves and tall furniture utilize your wall height and add valuable storage to your space. With these affordable small bedroom storage ideas, you can make your bedroom work for you instead of against you - without breaking the bank. Looking for more small bedroom storage ideas? Check out https://www.hometourseries.com/small-bedroom-storage-solutions/#open for more tips and tricks, and product recommendations. What’s IKEA Home Tour? We’ll tell you! We’re sending a team of IKEA experts on the road to help America solve real home furnishing challenges, big and small, and transform their living spaces. The Home Tour Squad is hitting the road to assist those who need help with home projects – from closet organization to living room style upgrades to bedroom makeovers – and to illustrate genuine solutions that make everyday life at home better. The Home Tour Squad will help plan and shop at the local IKEA store to find the best smart solutions for home challenges. The homeowners and the Squad members will then accomplish the transformation together! Plus, the Squad will film their journey along the way. The IKEA Home Tour Squad is a team of hand-selected IKEA experts from across the country. They specialize in everything from home design to organization to sustainability at home. Each Squad member comes from a different background and contributes their unique expertise to help homeowners on the tour. Their journey will be chronicled through before/after makeover videos, tour footage, and video shorts featuring design tips and interviews with homeowners. Squad members will also be sharing live updates from the tour via Twitter (@IKEAUSA) and Instagram (@IKEAUSA) with the hashtag #IKEAHomeTour. For more inspirational ideas for your home, check out IKEA USA on: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/IKEAUSA Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/IKEAUSA Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/IKEAUSA Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/IKEAUSA
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