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Helle Godbit Knife Boundary Waters Catalog
Godbit from Helle Father's Day Special 2017 Each year Helle releases a limited and numbered Father's Day knife. This year's model is the "Godbit" which means "goodie" or "treat". This model was originally produced in the 1990s and was designed by Gunnar Lothe. The pommel knob on the end anchors the knife in place by securing the knife via the sheath tab. Handle : Curly birch, 4.53 inches long Blade : Triple layer steel, 4 inches long Includes: Genuine leather black sheath Total weight : 6.07 ounces Buy one here: https://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/helle/godbit-knife-159269
Helle Viking Knife Product Video Boundary Waters Catalog
Helle Viking Knife at The Boundary Waters Catalog The Viking is a revision of a Helle classic that was produced as part of a fund-raiser for an around-the-world- cruise of a Viking longship. The knife is notable not only for its historical interest, but also as an excellent all around utility knife. The blade is rather thick and made of laminated carbon steel. The black finish of the heat treatment is left on the sides for rustic look. The tang of the blade is peened over a diamond shaped washer. The handle is subtly shaped for comfort and control with a variety of grips. It comes with the traditional sheath that hangs from a thong. Buy it here: http://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/helle/viking-carbon-steel-knife-47326
Helle Fire Knife Product Video Boundary Waters Catalog
Helle Fire Knife at The Boundary Waters Catalog Helle knives are designed to be lifelong outdoors companion. Tradition and attention to detail bring these classic designs to the Northwoods with anglers and campers in mind. The Fire was first full tang produced in the Helle factory. Razor sharp triple laminated stainless steel blade. One piece handle wraps around the lower part of the tang and protects your fingers when used in the cold. The sheath has a snap style retaining strap and comes with a belt loop. Buy it here: http://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/helle/fire-knife-21931
Helle 75th Anniversary Knife Product Video Boundary Waters Catalog
Helle 75th Anniversary Knife The handle is made of curly birch and walnut for a nice contrast. The triple laminated stainless steel blade has a little bit of upsweep to give a very sharp point and a bit of belly toward the point. The traditional pouch sheath of leather for safe carry makes this a good choice for a full size hunting or utility knife. Buy it here: https://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/helle/helle-75th-anniversary-knife-153678
Helle Dokka Knife Product Video Boundary Waters Catalog
The Helle Dokka Knife at The Boundary Waters Catalog The Dokka knife is a classic all-purpose folding knife and in fact the first Helle designed folding knife ever produced. It has a beautiful curly birch handle hiding the integrated steel liners. It is also one of a kind since it has the unique triple laminated stainless steel blade made by Helle. The Dokka comes with a genuine leather pouch with an integrated belt loop. Buy it here: http://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/helle/dokka-folding-knife-100484
Helle Sigmund Knife Product Video Boundary Waters Catalog
Helle Sigmund Knife at the Boundary Waters Catalog The Sigmund anniversary knife is a little bit more than the ordinary and it has quite a story to tell. Designed by two generations of Helle men. Knife-blade designed by Sigmund Helle in the beginning of the 1930’s and its handle by his son Torodd in 2012. Representing 80 years of tradition. The Sigmund knife is a classic all-purpose knife. Its' beautiful handle made out of stacked pieces of wood mixed with leather spacers gives the knife personality and the triple laminated stainless steel blade will offer extraordinary sharpness. The Sigmund knifes comes with a stylized genuine leather sheath. Buy it here: http://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/helle/sigmund-knife-100487
Taking a look at the Condor Tools & Knives Catalog
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Helle Knives Dokka Overview
Shop at www.gearmantra.ca
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Kellam Ptarmigan Knife Boundary Waters Catalog
Kellam Ptarmigan This handmade knife consists of 3.2" forged carbon steel blade. The curly birch handle features reindeer antler, leather spacers and brass bolsters. All KT-Line knives are handmade in Finland. The knife comes with a embossed leather sheath. Buy it here: https://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/kellam-knives/kellam-ptarmigan-153553
Helle speider knife
This knife was gifted to me from tac hill . Thanks Rick
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Helle Fjording Knife - Review and Cutting Test
Coltello particolare, inusuale e pratico, dallo stile classico e minimale. Lama di ottima qualità, come tutti i prodotti Helle. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParaFrantZ-207405172676881/timeline/
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Helle Harding Knife Review
A quick Helle Harding Knife Review for all you blade junkies. Check out the Helle Harding if you love a really durable sharp knife! https://amzn.to/2JcI4kf Check them out! http://www.helle.no/ Helle Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMQHa3CNd-u0wX5kFGevfag
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Helle Harding Knife Review
A review of the Helle Harding knife. Why I have chosen this knife over all the other ones I've ever bought.
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Helle Symfoni Knife
Thanks for watching. Let me know if you would like me to try a review on any other products that we have. You can buy the Helle Symfoni Knife at. http://wisementrading.com/knifes-and-saws/helle-knives/helle-symfoni-knife/
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Helle Dokka Knife Review
Check out Helle Knives and their best selling Dokka folding knife with its curly birch handle and heavy-weight triple laminated steel blade.
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Helle Temagami Rustic Handle Restoration
Check out our Facebook Page F-Knives Custom Knives And Handles. https://www.facebook.com/F-Knives-Cus... Yes, Many Knives are available in the F-Knives eBay Store! http://www.ebay.com/usr/f-knives Very short video on how this specific handle was made. The previous owner of the knife let the handle rot away and asked if we could restore it. Super happy with the Rustic look and result.
Helle Knives Algonquin Overview
Shop at www.gearmantra.ca
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Helle Sigmund Knife Review
An up-close look at Helle knives and the Sigmund fixed blade model.
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Brother Jon's Custom Knife Handles for Helle Knife Blades
More pyro to come but for now I wanted to show off my brothers knife making skills. Contact me if you think your the right person to own one of these fine blades. Brother Jon is particular as to who ends up owning his custom work. http://www.helle.no/ Gun Cotton Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCqhZrkSHvME3iia9znt7D1hv9gK77moL My "Will It Firecracker" series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCqhZrkSHvMHhOzZV7ApeVEpZG3ZxXpea Im a musician, heres a playlist to prove it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xj392Wraxw&list=PLCqhZrkSHvMEha5S_-sk1hbZwtDTVzU7G
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Helle Odel Knife Review
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Helle NEW Saga Siglar Viking knIfe
www.bushcraftcanada.com over of the New Helle Saga Siglar Viking Knife details...http://www.bushcraftcanada.com/products/detail.cfm?product=2272
Viking Knives: Thoughts on their Design and Construction
SHOP: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackheartForge INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/blackheartforge/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BlackheartForge/ You can help me make more videos here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2771965 http://blackheartforge.blogspot.com Link to the website where I obtained most of the archaeological knife photos: http://www.unimus.no/foto/#/search?q=kniv%20av%20jern%20gravfunn Music Attribution: "In Abhorrence" by Nightrage. Used with the permission of Despotz Records.
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Scandinavian Knives!
Mora Companion carbon $15 Mora Original Laminated $60 Helle Viking $100 Malanika (Daniel Knives) Puukko $200 Homemade file steel knife, free hahaha
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Review and History on the Special 3-Layer Steel Knife by Helle
Bill the Knife Man takes a look at a special Helle knife, made in Norway. Three layer laminated steel - hard steel on the inside softer on the outside. The Brakar blade is triple laminated stainless steel, length 126mm. The handle is an assembly of walnut and curly birch with leather spacers. The knife sits deep in the sturdy tan leather sheath, Nordic style. Find out the benefits of this special knife and a little bit on the history of the family who makes them. Check out the video on the difference between Carbon and Stainless steel here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwP3HvXzt8U Please Subscribe to our channel for product reviews and interesting facts and history of lifestyle knives from around the world. Be sure to visit our blog www.knifelifeblog.com.au And follow us on Facebook and Instagram @knifelifeblog for lifestyle knife inspiration. Hash tag #knifelifeblog so we can share your images
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Helle 75 ars Jubileum knife...
Jedna z velmi podařených skandinávek....
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Wilderness Ironworks Trekker Knife Boundary Waters Catalog
Wilderness Ironworks Trekker Knife Robert burns grew up camping in the outdoors of Pennsylvania, eventually becoming a wilderness survival and primitive skills instructor. Robert also began training as a blacksmith at the age of thirteen. At 19, he began to incorporate designs from his bush craft experience into his knives and axes and has been producing high quality tools for the outdoors ever since. He is a member of the American Bladesmith’s Society and is pursuing his Journeyman Smith ranking. The description that follow on this page are in his own words. Each piece is a functional piece of art made to work and be at home in the outdoors. Designed to be light weight and compact, I wanted this knife to be a good addition to a pack without adding much weight. Like all of my knives and axes, I typically avoid synthetic materials and preer to use local materials whenever possible, in this case, American curly Maple with stainless steel pins. Details: 1095 High Carbon Steel Full Tang Blade: 3.5 in Handle: 4 in Spine Thickness: 3/16 Weight with Sheath: 5.4oz Includes wet formed sheath Buy one here: https://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/wilderness-ironworks/wilderness-ironworks-trekker-knife-158221
Scandinavian Folders - Excellent Design and Usefulness -- Helle, Enzo, Spyderco, Marttiini and Eka
I am a huge fan of Scandinavian design. Scandi forniture and utensil designs are simple, elegant and practical. Here is an example of that: I selected six (6) folders of my collection that show a perfect marriage between design and construction. Enjoy! Here are the specs: Helle Dokka (Norway) - 3.75" Triple Laminated Steel Blade, Curly Birch Handle, Nail Opening and Back Lock - $140.00 (+ leather sheath). Enzo Birk 75 (Finland) - 3" D2 Steel Blade, Curly Birch Handle, One-hand Opening (stud) and Liner Lock - $105.00. Spyderco Nilakka (Taiwan - Pekka Tuominen Design) - 3.75" CPM S30V Steel Blade, Light Brown Micarta Handle, One-hand Opening (hole) and Liner Lock - $160.00. Marttiini Pelikan (Finland) - 2.75" C420 SS Blade, Curly Birch Handle, Nail Opening and Liner Lock - $50.00. Marttiini Folding Lynx (Finland) - 3.25" C420 SS Blade, Curly Birch Handle, One-hand Opening (stud) and Liner Lock - $55.00. EKA Swede 9 (Sweden) - 3.50" Sandvik 12C27 Steel, Bubinga Handle, One-hand Opening and End Lock - $85.00.
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Grady's Great Outdoors - Helle Knives of Norway
Are you hunting for a heavy duty knife designed for a specific task? Mark of Grady's Great Outdoors introduces you to the high quality, task oriented fixed blade knives from Helle Knives of Norway.
HELLE Harding Norwegian Knife - Recensione coltello norvegese
Recensione coltello made in Norway Helle - Harding Link to buy: https://www.knivesandtools.com/en/ct/helle-knives.htm http://www.facebook.com/GiorgioGrigiooFiniello PER DONAZIONI: https://paypal.me/giorgiofiniello
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Helle Alqonquin Knife
Helle Algonquin Knife: A beautiful and stout knife, the Helle Algonquin is designed for self-reliance and freedom in the wild whether traversing from jungle to tundra or just sitting around the campfire with friends. Handmade in Norway using darkened oak, curly birch and red leather inserts, the handle shape features a slight pommel at the end, as well as a small finger guard and thumb notch for maximum dexterity and superior handling. The 69 mm blade is made with Helle’s triple laminated stainless steel for unparalleled strength, sharpness and corrosion protection. Video supplied by my friends at Helle Knives http://www.helle.no/products/knives/algonquin/
Helle Wabakimi view by www bushcraftcanada com
New! Helle Wabakimi view by www.bushcraftcanada.com. See them here.... http://www.bushcraftcanada.com/products/category.cfm?category=22
Helle Speider "Scout" Review (4k video)
Helle knives aren't always over $100. This one is $47 and has great quality for a knife in that price range and craftsmanship. There are 3 scout knifes from Helle (Scout, Boy Scout, Girl Scout). This scout knife is the largest of the 3 and would make a great gift for any scout. Helle did not pay me for this review or any other.
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Helle Knife: Didi Galgalu
Quick opinions on this bush-knife from Helle of Norway. Website: http://www.campcraftoutdoors.com Music by: Allen Talbott
Helle Dokka
Helle's New Dokka folder
Helle Fire Knife Review
Let me know if you would like me to try a review on any of the Helle knives or and comparison of two Helle knives. You can buy the Fire knife at. http://wisementrading.com/knifes-and-saws/helle-knives/helle-fire-knife/
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Helle BraKar Review
Hey guys! This is my first video, I hope you enjoy it! The BraKar is with its triple laminated stainless steel blade is one of the biggest knives they make. The handle is an assembly of walnut, curly birch and with leather spacers. It has a small cutout to serve as an indicator or finger guard. The knife sits deep in the sturdy leather sheath, Nordic style. Taken from Helle's site. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Helle-Brakar-Knife-One-Size/dp/B000NN46N6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471615710&sr=8-1&keywords=helle+brakar
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Helle Skala Knife review - A Norwegian workhorse for any use.
Here is a short review of my very first Helle Skala knife. Enjoy and comment!
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Helle Nying Knife Review
Let me know if you would like me to try a review on any of the Helle knives or and comparison of two Helle knives. You can buy the Nying at. http://wisementrading.com/knifes-and-saws/helle-knives/helle-nying-knife/
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Helle Fabrikker HE30 Design Puukko Messer knife jubileumskniven Holmedal Norge Norway vintage 60's
Helle Fabrikker HE30 Design Puukko Messer knife jubileumskniven vintage Holmedal Norge Norway Norwegen 60's 60er MOMA Jagdmesser aus dem Jahr 1965 ähnlich wie tapio wirkkala design S&S Helle Steinar und Siegmund Helle A/S Helle Outdoormesser, Modell Jubileumskniven, Dreilagenstahl, Holzgriff, Neusilberbeschläge, Lederscheide Rostfreier Drei-Lagen-Stahl. Der Kern aus ultrahartem Klingenstahl (HRC 59) wird von zwei äußeren Schichten 18/8-Stahl geschützt.
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Helle Jubilee 75
Helle 75th jubilee knife review
Новый складной нож в скандинавском стиле от норвежской компании HELLE
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Helle Viking review
Quick review of the helle Viking knife
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Another great knife that has to be considered
Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/Doggorunning Dog's Knives ► http://www.allaboutpocketknives.com/knife_store/knifestore1008-y.html Mora Knives:::: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Mora+knives Helle Knives:::: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Helle+Knives&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AHelle+Knives
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Herbertz 163307 / Helle Mandra
Zusammen mit Les Stroud, dem kanadischen Survival-Experten, entwickelte Helle dieses kleine, handliche Gürtelmesser mit dem Namen Mândra. http://www.herbertz-messerclub.de/messer/jagd-outdoormesser/5111/helle-mandra-outdoormesser-3-lagen-stahl-maserbirke-vulkanfiber-fangriemenoese-braune-lederscheide
Views: 2813 C. Jul. Herbertz
Slipebua PT 2 - Spyderco Sharpmaker og de første knivene
Viser resultatet av de to første knivene jeg slipte med Spyderco Sharpmaker. Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker: https://www.spyderco.com/catalog/details.php?product=77 Spyderco 204UF1: https://www.spyderco.com/catalog/details.php?product=225 Medium rod is 15 microns (about 1000 grit). Fine rod is 6 microns (about 4000 grit). Ultra Fine rod is 3 microns (about 8000 grit). Helle Jegermester: http://www.helle.no/products/knives/jegermester/ Navy K-610: https://www.fasttech.com/products/1901/10003927/1556603 Bladforum @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bladforum Epost: [email protected]
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Helle Tollekniv review
Review of the Helle Tollekniv. This knife has a 12c27 stainless steel blade. 8.75" overall with a 4" blade.
Helle Skagan
This review is longer due to needed content and a few viewers wanting to see some of what I cut out.
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Win a Helle Dokka 3L Folder, Knife Giveaway
Win a Helle Dokka 3L Folder! How? Read the details below... Contest: Show us Your Knife Collection Post Your Photo Album: www.Equip2Endure.com - Basic Membership is Free! Name of Your Photo Album MUST BE: I Want To Win a Helle, Here are My Knives! End Date: September 1st
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