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How to Breastfeeding your toldr
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Breastfeeding, How To Breastfeed Mom, Breastfeeding Video 2019,  Asian Mom Breastfeed
Breastfeeding, How To Breastfeed Mom, Breastfeeding Video 2019, Asian Mom Breastfeed. This is a breastfeeding video. For education purpose. It maybe contains partial nudity or the mother’s breast, please don’t take it as a sexual content. If such metiral offends you. Please do not watch this video. Thank you! ** Like,Share,Comment and Subscription Plz :D #xxhd#Breastfeeding ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support The Channel. Buy Me A Coffee, Please!: http://bit.ly/2Ds8Zob Thank you!
Breastfeeding-Surprising Benefits of Breastfeeding-Asian mom Breastfeed
Breastfeeding, Surprising Benefits of Breastfeeding, Asian mom Breastfeed. The benefits of breastfeeding are pretty well known among breastfeeding mamas but these OLD and NEW discoveries might surprise you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Like,Share,Comment and Subscription Plz :D #xxhd#Breastfeeding ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support The Channel. Buy Me A Coffee, Please!: http://bit.ly/2Ds8Zob Thank you!
Breastfeeding - breastfeeding my toddler at costco | breastfeeding inspiration
Breastfeeding - raw authentic breastfeeding toddler when will i stop 1. Watch The extension of breastfeeding - Mother Daughter breastfeeding Baby bottle and son - happy family - How to Tutorial and Guide SEXY MOMMY BREASTFEEDING TODDLER 2 2 2
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Modern breastfeeding tips 2 swedish language
Modern breastfeeding tips 2 swedish language
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Busty Girls | Japanese Busty Girl 016 | March 09, 2019
Japanese Busty Girl 016 - Subscribe My Channel For More Videos - Thanks For Watching!
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Baby Breastfeeding Beautiful mom on the moringing
❤‍ Don't forget to: LIKE, COMMENT and *SUBSCRIBE * https://bit.ly/2WWb7Ng For more videos :))) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8SZTd5arTTL591Ip5v4bXg
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Woman's life ruined by large breasts
tags: breast reduction, boobs, nude, topless, medical exam, documentary
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Breastfeeding in the morning... My baby is full..
hi all... This channel is about my life and my child, about breastfeeding and some of my children's activities at home... Sorry if something looks inappropriate... but this is me... if anyone wants to give me a advice, I'll include an email later. Later... Thank you for watching... don't forget to like and subscribe... Please support my new channel..😊
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Sữa mẹ rất tốt cho trẻ, anh em xemBaby & Mom   Breastfeeding Hand Expression to Increase Breast Milk
Sữa mẹ rất tốt cho trẻ, anh em xem để biết cách làm nhé! Baby & Mom Breastfeeding Hand Expression to Increase Breast Milk
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Breastfeeding, Understanding the Benefits of Breast Milk, health women
Breastfeeding,Understanding the Benefits of Breast Milk Japan mom Breastfeed. Breastfeeding appears to reduce the risk of obesity and hypertension. ... Breastfeeding protects against developing chronic diseases such as: celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, and childhood cancers. The benefits of breastfeeding appear to last even after the baby has been weaned. Support The Channel. Buy Me A Coffee, Please!: http://bit.ly/2Ds8Zob Thank you!
Women breastfeeding animals Real maternal love==Top 9 Health Tips
#Top9healthtips Women breastfeeding animals Real maternal love==Top 9 Health Tips Tune in daily for new beauty, style, fitness,Health & DIY videos. Our team of beauty, style, fitness and health experts brings you the best advice, tips, tricks and home remedies so you are always in-the-know, through quick videos that you can easily watch on your phone. please subscribe my channel You tube channel goo.gl/XflVqH You tube channel goo.gl/XflVqH Facebook goo.gl/XflVqH Blogs goo.gl/XflVqH Blogs goo.gl/XflVqH Women breastfeeding animals Real maternal love==Top 9 Health Tips -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Effective Home Remedies for Firming Sagging Naturally__Top 9 Health Tips" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ouo0hyw9bVs -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Boyfriend Breastfeeding Cuddles, plus Crocodile
Breastfeeding cuddles in the morning with Shaye, Danny and a Crocodile! Exclusive list only videos & offers on video courses, opt in here; . Attachment parenting, vegan breastfeeding Mama to Shaye, 4 years old.
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Breastfeeding movie 3
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BABY BREASTFEEDING | Beautiful Breast For Baby Feeding | Have Enough Breast Milk Day 1
BABY BREASTFEEDING | beautiful breast for baby feeding | have enough breast milk day 1 BABY BREASTFEEDING | beautiful breast for baby feeding | have enough breast milk day 1 Breastfeeding or nursing is the feeding of babies and young children with milk from a woman's breast.[1] It is recommended to begin breastfeeding within the first hour of life and to allow it as often and as much as the baby wants.[2][3] During the first few weeks of life babies may nurse eight to twelve times a day (every two to three hours). The duration of a feeding is usually ten to fifteen minutes on each breast.[4] The frequency of feeding decreases as the child gets older.[5] Some mothers pump milk so that it can be used later when their child is being cared for by others.[1] Breastfeeding benefits both mother and baby.[3][6] Infant formula does not have many of the benefits Google+ : https://goo.gl/rl4M9I Facebook: https://goo.gl/QNhFQE Website: https://goo.gl/HzS4Po
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Best Scene From: Gozu (2003)
Best Scene From: Gozu (2003), directed by Takashi Miike. Plot: «Minami, a member of the Azamawari crew, highly respects his Aniki (brother) Ozaki who has saved his life in the past. However, lately Ozaki's eccentricities (like claiming that a Chihuahua hs sees is a 'Yakuza attack dog') have been making everyone wonder about his sanity. Chairman Azamawari is unsympathetic to Ozaki's little outbursts and secretly orders Minami to take Ozaki to a disposal facility in the city of Nagoya. There, the fate of these two follows a twisted path filled with violence, mother's milk, strange locals, and ultimately the disappearance of Ozaki's corpse which Minami now desperately tries to recover.» - ImDB.Com
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Baby girl is mad because she wants to be breast fed - breastfeeding Video
Breastfeeding products on ebay: https://tinyurl.com/y87pjzg4
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A Shocking Horror Where Women Are Prized For Their Milk - The Herd // Viddsee.com
A number of kidnapped and trafficked women find themselves imprisoned in a squalid medical facility. For Paula her continued survival relies on her basic human function. Escape, on any level, is seemingly impossible as the women are condemned to a life of enforced servitude at the whims of their captors; for one reason only – their milk. The Herd uses female humans in replacement for female cows whom are tortured every day in the dairy industry. Known as the first feminist vegan horror film. Directed by Melanie Light (UK) https://www.viddsee.com/video/the-herd/dopm5 Join us as a Viddsee Patron to support more films like this. Find out how you can contribute here: https://vidds.ee/2xD8qUK SUBSCRIBE to us here http://vidds.ee/18V1scm RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Love the films on Viddsee and will like to contribute? Join our Viddsee Subbers community here: https://goo.gl/AdnKti Follow us on Instagram https://instagram.com/viddsee Download the new Viddsee Android/ iPhone app to watch awesome short films offline http://www.viddsee.com/mobile
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breastfeeding moms baby , breastfeeding a child is amazing
breastfeeding moms baby , breastfeeding a child is amazing,Kakvei Phsongsner,Channel Kakvei Phsongsner,https://youtu.be/dVomRqWWyhw
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tandem breastfeeding
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Spirulina https://healthforce.com/superfoods-rejuvenation/spirulina-manna Fresh young coconuts ... If you absolutely cannot find fresh young Thai ORGANIC coconuts... Try this out... http://www.globalorganics.ws/news/2014/10/06/organic-http://www.onlythebreast.comnews/organic-raw-coconut-water-and-coconut-meat-now-available/ One site I found for donating and selling your breast milk is: http://www.onlythebreast.com Feel free to Donate to my little familia if you feel inclined to! If you like these videos and want me to continue! I still love you even if you dont =) Paypal: [email protected] Also if you need help with Sleep, check out my website [email protected]
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Breastfeeding In Public | HAUSOFCOLOR
#MomLife is so beautiful, but it can be super hard at times. I'm so thankful to have you guys in my life to help me get over those bad days! Things mentioned in video: • My nursing cover: https://rstyle.me/n/c7pxh4444e • Best Vegas eyelash extensions: http://www.instagram.com/ashleyxalviar • Hell's Kitchen at Caesar's Palace • Yellowtail at Bellagio • Babystack's (best red velvet pancakes ever!) ►Also watch these videos: • Last Week's Vlog (2 Plane Rides In 1 Week): https://bit.ly/2NL6wb9 • How I Pump 1200ml of Breast Milk A Day: http://goo.gl/DSFNHH • Preston's Birth Vlog: http://goo.gl/AlrmiI • Jameson's Birth Vlog: goo.gl/fJreSq Camera: • (travel/vlogs): Canon G7X Mark II: https://rstyle.me/n/cyeiny444e • (everything else): Canon 70D: http://rstyle.me/n/vbg6d444e Editing: Final Cut Pro X Produced by: HAUSOFCOLOR Music: http://www.epidemicsound.com ►my socials: INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/hausofcolor BLOG: http://www.hausofcolorblog.com FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/hausofcolor TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/ellev SNAPCHAT: @HAUSOFCOLOR FTC: This video is not sponsored. Opinions are always expressed with honesty & sincerity. ..............................­.........­.....................­................ For partnerships & business inquiries, please email me at: [email protected]
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Breastfeeding flash in China
87 mothers from Southeast China's Fuzhou city gathered Saturday at the city's historic street "Three lanes and Seven alleys" to celebrate the upcoming "National Breastfeeding Awareness Day" which falls on May 20.
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Breastfeeding husband poor and hungry saved by wife
breastfeeding husband poor and hungry husband saved by wife. पत्नी ने मात्री दूध पिलाकर पति का जान बचाई. bou matri doodh khaaiye saamir praan bachalo.
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I was breastfeeding the baby and suddenly I noticed it was a steady stream of milk squirting out! Had to share lol . Please SUBSCRIBE | Comment | Share & Thumbs up if you'd like more vids! S H O P MY C LOS E T http://msjackyoh.bigcartel.com/ Follow Me=] I N S T A G R A M: https://www.instagram.com/msjackyoh/ F A C E B O O K: https://www.facebook.com/msjackyoh T W I T T E R: https://twitter.com/MsJackyOh S N A P C H A T: msjackyoh RANDOMNESS but some people may be curious: Business Inquiries: [email protected] Music By:
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Breast massage while expressing milk
Breast massage while expressing milk. Hand Expression Breastfeeding Tutorial.
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post share daily, Mothers breastfeed #postsharedaily 23
Hi to day i want to show you about videos: Mothers breastfeed #postsharedaily If you like this video, please ckick like share and comments do not subscribe to my channel. Thank you somuch for more:https://www.youtube.com/postsharedaily?sub_confirmation=1
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Breastfeeding Husband Forcing Wife To Breastfeed Him
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Breastfeeding with a pierced nipple
How hard is it? Mum Lacey says milk "spurted out like a hose with holes". Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008418274887
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Breastfeeding Positions: Tandem Breastfeeding
In this video, learn how to tandem breastfeed an infant and a toddler. For more information, blog posts, and podcast episodes, check out our website: http://www.sdbfc.com. http://www.newmommymedia.com/episode/the-scoop-on-tandem-nursing/
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Breastfeeding In Public Korean Girl Reaction ㅣARINAKIMZ 아리나
An young ha se yo !! - It means hello in Korean. Hello everyone. Im back !! Todays' video is kinda social experiment video that I wanna know you guys opinion. Really. Seriously. I wanna know what do you think about this video and why... Could you please write it down in the comment section? yay :D Thanks Have a great one ! ▶Paypal Donation 페이팔 도네이션- https://goo.gl/83kfET FOR DONATION THANK YOU You can support my channel :) YAY ▶PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/arinakimz ▶ PAYPAL - https://goo.gl/83kfET ▶My Other Channel If you like ASMR then I do have my ASMR channel !!yay ! please come check it out ARINA ASMR -- https://goo.gl/uF425H ▶Facebook - ARINAKIMZ ▶Instagram - ARINAKIMZ ▶Contact Email- [email protected]
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post share daily #19 | Breastfeeding mothers, dine, two jelly
Breastfeeding mothers, dine, two jelly Hello! Welcome to the post share daily Channel I will guide and share with you about the daily routines of. post share daily Play routines, and teach beautiful babies. Thank you for watching the video! MORE VIDEOS: post share daily #19 | Breastfeeding mothers, dine, two jelly https://youtu.be/CfGZTYT5lHw Post Share Daily #18 | Breastfeeding mothers will eat delicious delicacies https://youtu.be/CeqjR7EgZsk post share daily #17 | Breastfeeding mothers will urinate the baby https://youtu.be/pi3Ti1WObj4 post share daily #16 | The mother breastfeeding her breast milking her baby https://youtu.be/ONBIjAQXmuc post share daily #15 | The mother is breastfeeding because her baby is hungry https://youtu.be/ofy1yhc7laA Post share daily #14 | Breastfeeding mothers will play with their children happily https://youtu.be/0j8o1h5Hyj4 Post share daily #13 | Good morning, the mother breastfeeding because of the baby's necessary food https://youtu.be/Zfo6pzcExSE Post share daily #12 | Good morning, the mother breastfeeding in the morning https://youtu.be/5J9izt8b4e0 Mothers breastfeed after bathing | post share daily #11 https://youtu.be/RtZ3AUxR9f4 The mother breastfed her baby because she was sleeping | post share daily #10 https://youtu.be/hCieHWYooPA Breastfeeding mothers were easy because the baby was born | post share daily #09 https://youtu.be/oK6GFz1Rbag Mothers breastfeed carefully because their children are sick | post share daily #08 https://youtu.be/wBTLMeWyKfg Mothers breastfeed with milk, like to love their | post share Daily #07 https://youtu.be/PeofkGwOj5U Mothers breastfeed after awake | post Share Daily #06 https://youtu.be/_h6DaIyMebM Good morning, mom is breastfeeding as my baby need | post Share Daily #05 https://youtu.be/LG51gQl29oE The mother and her baby are getting very sexy | post share daily #04 https://youtu.be/DRpAwJ8STBU Nice weekend weekend, I'll feed my lovely baby | post share Daily #03 https://youtu.be/LlIIW3qsK1w Mothers are breastfeeding as milk is the best food - post Share Daily #02 https://youtu.be/ITDG7ubPals In the weekend, beautiful girl massage | post share Daily #01 https://youtu.be/iDXib8hXxf0 Please help us to subscribe:https://www.youtube.com/postsharedaily Don't forget too Like it The comment and the video Share If possible post share daily will try to upload our activities regularly every day. Thank you for supporting the post share daily Channel. Happy witnessing. #postsharedaily #routine #beautiful #mom #house #myroutine Category People & Blogs Up next Autoplay Breastfeeding # 7 ! Baby is good to pick
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Creepy Mom Videos Need To Stop
The Su Su family appears to be using their mother for views. Honestly can't believe no one has talked about this yet. Creepy stuff. Enjoy! Twitch live now!: https://www.twitch.tv/paymoneywubby Patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/paymoneywubby Reddit!: https://www.reddit.com/r/PaymoneyWubby/ Discord: https://discord.gg/wubby Displate: Use code PAYMONEY for free shipping! http://bit.ly/displatewubby Mail Address: PO Box 1225 La Mesa, CA 91944 Subscribe! http://goo.gl/Cqrqt9 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/paymoneywubby Twitter: https://twitter.com/paymoneywubby
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Breastfeeding Prostituion Ring Raided
A bizarre adult breastfeeding ring has been smashed in China with 15 people arrested for selling the services of young mums. The gang were exposed in a joint operation with police forces from Beijing, Hebei, Hubei and Jiangxi after a newspaper sting in which a reporter responded to a website offering men the chance to breastfeed online. The crooks allegedly hired mothers with newborn babies to breastfeed adults and, according to the newspaper report, the women fed their babies powdered milk to concentrate on selling breast milk for business. The Ministry of Public Security co-ordinated police to break up two gangs involved in the business. More than 200 people from across the country paid for the breastfeeding and prostitution services advertised on websites, according to police who launched a probe after the Beijing News expose. The paper said there were several websites that offered to provide young mothers to breast feed adults for a fee. Join #FOWLERNATION!! http://bit.ly/SubscribeFowlerNation Become a Patron! http://Patreon.com/FowlerShow 3 Steps To Join #FowlerNation! 1. Subscribe To The Fowler Show: http://bit.ly/SubscribeFowlerNation 2. 'Like' The Richard Fowler Show on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RichardFowlerShow 3. 'Follow' Us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/fowlershow These Patrons make the Fowler Show possible ($20+ monthly donation on Patreon.com/FowlerShow) & we couldn't do it without them! Truthservers.com Are you a fan of The Fowler Show? Become a Patron & help support independent media! Learn more here: http://www.patreon.com/fowlershow Want to help out but don't have any money to donate? Donate your account & help us get our stories out on social media. Learn more here: http://www.donateyouraccount.com/fowlershow If you liked this clip, share it with your friends and hit that "like" button! 1,500 Subscriber Behind The Scenes Reward Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT9x1PvQTBU Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes for free! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-richard-fowler-show/id510713880 @fowlershow @richardafowler http://www.facebook.com/richardfowlershow http://www.fowlershow.com http://fowlershow.tumblr.com/ STORY:http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/breastfeeding-prostitution-ring-raided-police-4897565
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Mother is criticized for breastfeeding her baby in public | What Would You Do?
A mother is criticized by another woman for breastfeeding her baby at a diner. How will other diners react? What will happen if we switch the complaining woman to a man? WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WWYD: https://abc.go.com/shows/what-would-you-do Watch brand new WWYD episodes on Friday at 9PM on ABC! ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUlwc... Subscribe to WWYD ► http://bit.ly/WWYDSubs Check out some of the Best WWYD? Episodes ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Htytu... Follow What Would You Do? across the web! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wwyd Twitter: https://twitter.com/WWYDABC Instagram: https://instagram.com/wwydabc/ What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go ary. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC. What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.
Views: 3659228 What Would You Do?
Expressing breast milk by hand | Breastfeeding
Learn how to express breast milk manually Founded in 2014, SIKANA Health is one of 12 programmes created by the NGO SIKANA. It works at transmitting knowledge in order to allow everyone to acquire positive health reflexes. From healthy eating to music, respecting nature, health, improving one's environment, or learning a new sport, our many programs aim to encourage a simple and healthy life. To discover our programmes see: www.Sikana.tv To help with the translation and diffusion of our videos globally see: factory.sikana.tv Credits: Volunteer translation: Emily Queune Many thanks! - - Visit our website: https://www.sikana.tv/en to discover dozens of free, online video programs on a whole range of essential topics: Health, Food, DIY, Micro-Entrepreneurship, Sport, Living Together and many more… To help us translate the videos: https://factory.sikana.tv/ - Translation - EmilyQ
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Baby & Mom - Hand Wash & Breastfeeding Guide
Baby & Mom Hand Wash & Breastfeeding Guide ==== Welcome to My YouTube Channel Baby & Mom . Watch My Video and Learn Breastfeeding Method. In This Video You Learn How To Breastfeed Your Baby and How to Wash Your Hand Before Breastfeeding. ==== Don't forget to Like & Share the Video if you enjoy it! And plz subscribe For More Video... Please Share this video on Social sites Facebook, Google +, Twitter etc. to more people could watch it.
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Women forcefully milked in the street (269life animal rights performance)
Cows produce milk for the same reason that humans do—to nourish their young—but calves born on dairy farms are taken from their mothers when they are just one day old and fed milk replacers so that humans can have the milk instead. In order to keep a steady supply of milk, the cows are repeatedly impregnated. Several times a day, dairy cows are hooked by their udders to electronic milking machines that can cause the cows to suffer electrical shocks, painful lesions, and mastitis. ( For more info about the extreme cruelty, behind the production of milk visit - http://milkiscruel.com/) The 21st of March 2013 is the UN's International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We have chosen this day to continue spreading our message of animal liberation. www.269life.com https://www.facebook.com/269calf We are acting in unity with the UN's intention for this day. The following excerpt is taken from their website: "The theme for this year's event is 'Racism and Conflict,' highlighting the fact that racism and discrimination often are at the root of deadly conflict" We at 269life ask: How does one claim to peacefully call for the end of racism while brutally murdering and oppressing other sentient beings? How does one act against violent discrimination with a stomach coated with the bloody remains of non human infants and their mothers' stolen milk? We believe that there cannot be peace, nor an end to human prejudice while our hands are wet with the blood of billions of innocent animals! Speciesism IS Racism. Go vegan - Free 269 Edited and shot by Tomer grinberg http://www.tomergrinberg.com/
Views: 2572681 269 Life
2018 new breastfeeding tutorials (Winter special)
2018 new breastfeeding tutorials (Winter special) breastfeeding,how to properly,breastfeed,toddler,breast milk,Hand Expression Tutorial,express breast milk by hand,Breastfeeding Tutorials, Toddlers, how to breastfeed,breastfeeding positions,breast feed, breastfeeding,lactation,newborn breastfeeding,breastfeed to baby,breastfeeding on demand, baby,baby and mom, mom and baby, kids, mother, parent, breastfeed in public,Hand Expression Tutorial, Breastfeeding Tutorial,Breast Milk, tasha maile, labour pain, Pregnancy, feed twins, 2018, ipl 2018,proper way to feed,latest,2018 latest,26 jan,t20
Views: 284962 Rajni Kant
breastfeeding cat
A cat we rescued at 3 weeks old,she thinks she can Breast feed from humans and goes through the motions and then falls asleep after about 10 min of suckling on a T Shirt. Watch the cats claws !
Views: 11551541 ubeenframed1
Attaching Your Baby at the Breast – Breastfeeding Series
By Global Health Media Project. Download link: http://globalhealthmedia.org/videos/ Good attachment will help a baby get more milk and make breastfeeding more comfortable. This video shows why good attachment is so important to breastfeeding success and what a mother can do to deeply attach her baby to her breast. This video is intended primarily for mothers in the developing world, but may be helpful to breastfeeding mothers worldwide. Copyright © 2015, Global Health Media Project
Breastfeeding Routine babies in the afternoon
hi all... This channel is about my life and my child, about breastfeeding and some of my children's activities at home... Sorry if something looks inappropriate... but this is me... if anyone wants to give me a advice, I'll include an email later. Later... Thank you for watching... don't forget to like and subscribe... Please support my new channel..😊
Views: 613459 C&A ECCA family
This video is a Tutorial about how to properly extract breast milk with hand expressions!! •❁OPEN FOR MORE INFO & LINKS❁•∙ ♡Love you all♡ ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ ∙•❁ Disclaimer ❁•∙ THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES AND DOSE NOT GO AGAINST YOUTUBES REQUIREMENTS BREASTFEEDING IS NORMAL AND THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH SHOWING HOW ITS DONE AND HOW TO HELP OTHERS. FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP : https://www.facebook.com/groups/396750231134823/ For exclusive photos and videos join my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Soykaylinda ∙•❁Help Me So I Can Make You More Videos❁•∙ http://a.co/gHyf8Lk https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/soykaylinda Cash app :krbranding ∙•❁Mentioned In Video❁•∙ https://amzn.to/2XXvWbC Check out my store➜ http://www.krbranding.com ∙•❁Social Media Sites❁•∙ ❀Twitter➜ http://www.twitter.com/soykaylinda ❀Instagram➜ http://instagram.com/soykaylinda ❀Facebook ➜ http://www.facebook.com/soykaylinda ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ ♡FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Want to work together?! Send me a email me at [email protected]! ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ ∙•❁Video Schedule❁•∙ ❀New video every 2-3 days! ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ ∙•❁FAQ'S❁•∙ ❀Q- How old are you ? ❀A- I'm 25, my birthday is August 16 ❀Q- How much milk do you produce ? ❀A- 30 oz per day (help me build my supplies) ❀Q- How tall are you? ❀A- I'm 5'3"! ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ Lots of love, Kaylinda❤ ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯
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💕❣💕Follow me on social media💕❣ New PATREON $1- https://www.patreon.com/irlmommy23 ***Check out my onlyfans for INSTANT Access to over 141 videos and picture exclusives - https://onlyfans.com/irlmommy23 ****Shop all my mom lifestyle must haves-https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928761 *********Follow me on instagram- https://www.instagram.com/irl_mommy/ ********Find me- snapchat- irlmommy
Views: 1213414 Rosemarie
Ali Wong Stand Up - 2012
Ali Wong, comedian, writer and actor, known for her appearances on Are You There, Chelsea?, and Chelsea Lately, Baby Cobra, and for writing for ABC's Fresh Off The Boat, delights the audience in Montreal SUBSCRIBE For More Stand Up: http://bit.ly/1ShFiDP J4L on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1qbX9p0 J4L on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1RG2uuI Just For Laughs Homepage: http://bit.ly/1pFZ2d1 Just For Laughs is the world's premiere destination for stand-up comedy. Founded in 1983, JFL produces the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy event every July in Montreal, as well as annual festivals in Toronto and Sydney.
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