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Magento 2 REST API - Get Product
In a few lines of code you get get a product by sku name. Make sure you watch the video how to setup your credentials to save your token.
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How to Use the Magento SOAP API
In this video I show you how I created a simple PHP script which was used to retrieve the category tree from my store. I used the SOAP client class which can be found here: http://www.magentocommerce.com/api/soap/catalog/catalogCategory/catalog_category.tree.html In the video I show you how to create a SOAP user and key so that you can access the API. I also have memo notes located here: http://creatingawebstore.com/how-to-setup-a-soap-client-for-the-magento-api.html
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Tutorial Magento API REST integration workflow
How you can integrate an application, using my sample PHP file you can see the complete workflow with oAuth 1.0 authentication, see the API REST consumer like Guest, Registered Customer, and Admin User. Sample PHP File ========== https://gist.github.com/rafaelstz/4259811d7dae9f34a80898dd68ab2496
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API Tests in Magento 2
Magento 2 Developer Training in London, February 27-28, 2019 Early birds limited tickets: http://bit.ly/2MqeB5F Check my online course Payment Integration in Magento 2: https://www.maxpronko.com/courses/payment-integration-magento-2-course/ Subscribe to my channel for more videos! -- Connect with me over the social channels: Twitter: https://twitter.com/max_pronko Website: https://www.maxpronko.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maxpronko/ Medium: https://medium.com/@maxpronko Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maxpronkocom Business Enquiries: https://www.pronkoconsulting.com/
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Magento 2 SOAP/REST API Role And User
See here Magento 2 REST API EXAMPLE http://blog.i13websolution.com/magento-2-rest-api-example/
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API and Classes in a Magento 2 Extension
Magento 2 Developer Training, New York, May 23-24, 2019 - https://www.maxpronko.com/magento-2-developer-training-new-york/ Check my online course Payment Integration in Magento 2: https://www.maxpronko.com/courses/payment-integration-magento-2-course/ Subscribe to my channel for more videos! -- Connect with me over the social channels: Twitter: https://twitter.com/max_pronko Website: https://www.maxpronko.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maxpronko/ Medium: https://medium.com/@maxpronko Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maxpronkocom Business Enquiries: https://www.pronkoconsulting.com/
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Magento API - Overview and XML Connect
In this episode Fabrizio Branca talks about the different APIs Magento offers out of the boxes and shows a simple demo on how to interact with the XML Connect API.
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Magento 2 REST API
To consume Magento 2 Rest API with C# you will need to use RestSharp to make GET, POST and talk to the api. Other package that is very helpful are JSON.NET and your own custom classes. Make sure you have a working copy of Magento 2 to follow the tutorials. You also need to be part of the Admin group in the Magento store.
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Magento Google Shopping Feed: How to Generate
This tutorial shows how to generate a product feed in xml suitable for Google Shopping/Google Merchant Center/Google Product listing ads.
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Magento Web API, GraphQL and Async/Bulk API
https://www.slideshare.net/vrann/magento-web-api-ecosystem-imagine-2018 Magento Web API: REST, SOAP, GraphQL, Asynchronous APIs and Bulk APIs. Presentation at Imagine 2018
How to Get Product SKU code in product list Magento | By Geeky Banna
Hello, Here the tutorial for Get product SKU code in product list in Magento. If you like this Video please subscribe our channel. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/GeekyBanna Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109817943236708581138 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Geeky_Banna/
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How To Create Rest Api In Magento?
For more Free courses and learning please visit http://www.learnvern.com/ We also offer personalized training which is focused on more practical training and assignments. Please contact 7575000284
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Magento SOAP API - Singapore Magento User Group
Speaker: Aman Agarwal Event Page: http://www.meetup.com/Singapore-Magento-User-Group/events/230192978/ Produced by Engineers.SG Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/IMmJ/
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Magento 2- Embed Youtube & Vimeo Videos on Product Pages
This video shows you how to add youtube api key and enable embedding of youtube and vimeo videos on your product page. To add api key, start by visiting https://console.developers.google.com/apis/dashboard
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Tutorial Magento 2: Módulo para customizando a API
Veja como é fácil customizar a API do Magento 2, nesse vídeo tutorial mostro como criar nosso módulo em minutos, veja no link abaixo o artigo no blog do Magento Meetup SP sobre esse tutorial. Post no Blog: https://medium.com/magento-meetup-sp/tutorial-modulo-para-customizar-a-api-do-magento-2-cc65baef2698
Create Magento SOAP v2 API with simple steps by Anil Kumar Panigrahi
Create Magento SOAP v2 API with simple steps by Anil Kumar Panigrahi for more http://www.anillabs.com/2015/03/create-magento-soap-v2-api-with-simple-steps/
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How to Setup YouTube Videos in Magento 2
https://understandinge.com/magento-tutorials/ In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to get your own YouTube videos onto your website. Step 1. Find the Configuration Section for YouTube Videos - Go to the Products menu on the left-hand side of your Magento dashboard then click on Catalog. - Click on the product that you’re going to set up YouTube videos for, scroll down to the section of images and videos, and then click on Add Video. - Underneath the Url box, right-click on the link that tells you to enter your YouTube API Key, and then select Open in New Tab. - That opens up the configuration section which has a field assigned for the YouTube API Key. Step 2. Get the YouTube API Key - To get hold of the YouTube API Key, type console.developers.google.com/project in a new browser tab and then press enter on your keyboard. - That takes you to the Google Developers site. Click on Select a project in the top right-hand corner followed by Create a Project. - Type your domain name plus YouTube API Key (e.g. UnderstandingE YouTube API Key) in the Project Name box then click on Create. - You should see your project name in the top right-hand corner where it used to say Select a project; if not, click on the down button then select the right project name. - Assuming you’ve got the right project name, click on YouTube Data API underneath the YouTube APIs. - Click on Enable at the top left to enable the YouTube API. A pop-up message tells you that you need to create credentials before you can use the API, so click on Go to Credentials. - Since the first option has already been preset to YouTube Data API v3, go to the next and choose Web server (e.g. node.js, Tomcat). - Next, select Public data and then click on What credentials do I need? - Leave Server key 1 in the Name field and then enter your IP addresses in the next box if you want to. Otherwise, proceed to click on Create API key. - Highlight the API Key in the box, right-click and choose Copy from the pop-up menu, and then click on Done. Step 3. Paste the YouTube API Key in Magento - Go back to the YouTube configuration section in your Magento system, right-click on the YouTube API Key field, and then choose Paste from the pop-up menu. - Once you have done that, press Save Config in the top right-hand corner. - Grab the whole URL of your YouTube video then go back to your Magento system and reload the product page. - Scroll down and click on Add Video, paste the URL of your YouTube video in the Url box, and then watch Magento prefill the Title, Description and Image fields with the info on your video. - Press Save in the top right-hand corner and then click on Images and Videos on the left. Step 4. View the Video on Your Website - On your website, go to the category where your product is, then click on it. - When a customer lands on this product page, the first thing they will see is the base image. - As they move on to the next image, your YouTube video pops out, and it’s highly likely that they’re staying on this page for the next couple of minutes or so. If you need a hand at any time, use the contact details below and the forums here http://understandinge.com/forum/ are always open. See you there, Matt & Dave Twitter: https://twitter.com/understandinge Facebook: https://facebook.com/understandinge Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/understandinge Instagram: https://instagram.com/understandinge Homepage: http://understandinge.com/
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Magento 2 Development Quick Start Guide | 3. Understanding Web APIs
Magento 2 Development Quick Start Guide is available from: Packt: http://bit.ly/2IVOC4c Amazon: https://amzn.to/2yBZgZi This is the “Code in Action” video for chapter 3 of Magento 2 Development Quick Start Guide by Branko Ajzele, published by Packt. It includes the following topics: 0:14 - Creating custom web APIs Magento is an open source, enterprise-level ecommerce platform with an unlimited ability for customization. This makes it a great choice not only for merchants, but for developers as well. This book guides you through Magento development, teaching you how to develop modules that extend or change its functionality, leading to more flexible and profitable Magento stores! Connect with Packt: Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PacktPub Find us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/packtpub Video created by Branko Ajzele
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Magento 2 REST API | Create Category
Create Magento 2 category with the help of this video. All you need is a couple of c# classes and json.net with a post request to Magento 2. The source is at : https://github.com/cafeasp/Magento2Connector Let me know if this video was helpful.
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Import products from Rothco website to Magento - watch HD
integration with Rothco.com website by API key to import products .more info call - Cell - 347-329-6866 Rothco company have more then 10,000 products ,we make extension for Magento website to be able to import all product , or by category to your website , also update , change the price while you import - more info and contact us at http://www.be-there-online.com/ To see a example live site visit – http://www.starmenswear.com/
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Magento create API user
For magento beginner's this video tutorials guide how to create an API user in admin panel.
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Magento Koleimports Dropship API: Products Import Screencast
More info: https://github.com/hindmost/mage-koleimports-dropship-api
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How to create a custom module in Magento 2
After creating all the necessary files run the below CLI commands: 1. php bin/magento setup:upgrade 2. php bin/magento cache:clean 3. php bin/magento indexer:reindex If you found that the CSS and JS files are missing after running the upgrade kindly run : 4. php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy In certain version of Magento 2 it will throw some error if the action tag is left empty. So simply add a default controller in it e.g action="catalog/product/" which will take you to the product grid when you click on any of the sub-menu. Follow me - Twitter : @routbiplab93 LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/biplab-rout-074088a8/
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Lightspeed POS - Magento full API integration extension
This extension can be found on Magento Connect: https://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/catalog/product/view/id/30848/ For a full list of Features on how Lightspeed Integrates with Magento using the Lightspeed POS API. Read more on Maurisource Store: https://maurisource.com/store/extension-lightspeed-magento.html
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Magento 2 Google Tag Manager API
Creating Enhanced Ecommerce tags, triggers and variables in an instant directly from Magento admin panel. A short preview of the upcoming extension for Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for Magento 2 by Anowave. EDIT: Now available at http://www.anowave.com/marketplace/magento-2-extensions/magento-2-google-tag-manager-enhanced-ecommerce-ua-tracking/
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Magento 2 REST API - Setup Credentials
Very important to save your Magento 2 credentials in a secure location. This video explains how to save and merge your app config file into one.
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Acumatica Magento Product Sync
Product Sync from Acumatica API to Magento API
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Magento 2 - Manage Products
Tutorial on how to manage physical products with look at frontend, backend and work with simple and configurable products.
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Magento 2 REST API - Get Admin Token
Make sure you have a working copy of Magento 2 CE or EE with a user name that has admin rights. This video has the code to get a token from Magento 2 using the rest api. The source code is on github at: https://github.com/cafeasp/Magento2Connector You can clone or just copy and paste into your visual studio to follow the tutorial.
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Tutorial how to manage prices of Amazon products in Magento  - Amazon Magento extension
Check the demo: http://wp-amazon-import.magenting.com/ How to manage prices of Amazon products in Magento using Amazon Products Manager Magento extension by Web-experiment.info. In this video: -Set "Take prices from Amazon directly" 0:05 -Get Highest available price 0:08 -Get Lowest available price 0:32 -Set Default Price Adjustment, pA (%) and Default Price Adjustment, pB 1:00 -Set Default Price Adjustment, pC (%) 1:27 Get prices from Amazon directly (not API) option is used when Amazon API deliver zero prices for a product. In the Magento Amazon Import page - Amazon Import Params you can set options Price Adjustment, pA (%) Price Adjustment, pB Price Adjustment, pC (%) New Price = Converted Price + Converted Price * pA / 100 + pB. Final Price = New Price + New Price * pC / 100 User Guide: http://web-experiment.info/articles/cat/amazon/post/faq_amazon/#calc_price **** Amazon Magento integration plugin allows you to easily import products from any Amazon store with reviews, prices, stocks and any attributes. Please check the full description on the official product page: http://web-experiment.info/magento-amazon-products-manager
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SimpleRelevance Magento API Integration Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you step by step, how to integrate your Magento store to SimpleRelevance For added assistance, send an email to: [email protected]
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Magento 2 Akeneo Connector - How to get API keys?
In this video, you will know how to get API credentials for Magento 2 Akeneo Connector. User Guide - https://webkul.com/blog/magento2-akeneo-connector/ Buy Now - https://store.webkul.com/Magento2-Akeneo-Connector.html Live Demo - https://akeneo-magento.webkul.com/demo.html For any further queries, please drop an email to [email protected]
Magento 2 SMS Notification by MageComp
Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension provides facility to notify customers about various order status activities through text messages. See More: https://magecomp.com/magento-2-sms-notification.html
StoreYa - How to integrate a Magneto API?
Start selling on your Facebook page Today! https://www.storeya.com/ How would you like to turn your fans into customers in 30 seconds? our new solution enables you to import your store to Facebook in just a few clicks. It is a simple as 1,2,3.. Just a few of the features we offer: - One click inventory import from Magento platform, or manually add/ edit products. - No design or coding skills required. - Full statistics dashboard, so you'll get to know your customers better. - Available in over 30 currencies. - Providing all the social promotional features such as: Like, send, and comment. - Maintain existing e-commerce channel for sales, returns and order processing. - Customize your store to any language you would like. Create a Facebook Shop: https://www.storeya.com/
Configurando e consumindo APIs do Magento
Documentação da API do Magento 1.x: http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/m1x/api/soap/introduction.html#Introduction-SOAPAPIVersionv2 Curso Criação de Módulos e Desenvolvimento Backend: https://www.magenteiro.com/backend Assista este e outros cursos no Magenteiro.com.
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Magento 2 REST API - JSON to  CSharp Class
Turn the JSON string return by Magento 2 into C# Class. A class is much easier to use. Remember to get the code from github https://github.com/cafeasp/Magento2Connector
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Asynchronous Bulk API demo, March 26 2018
During this demo we demonstrated new feature of the Magento -asynchronous APIs working over message queue. It is developed in collaboration with Magento Solution Partners -- Balance Internet and Comwrap as a part of the Magento Community Engineering projects.
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Add product to Magento 2
Mobile application for adding products to Magento 2 store. App has been builded with Ionic framework - http://ionicframework.com/ and using the magento 2 Rest Api's - http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.0/rest/list.html. The application has the following functionalities: 1. Login into the app using your magento 2 admin credentials. 2. Scan the product barcode. 3. Choose the product categories. 4. Specify the product name, sku, price, weight, product type, product attribute set, product visibility, description, short description.
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Magento - Paypal api credentials
Get Paypal(new interface 2016) Api Credentials and configure paypal payments for magento
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How to Sell Magento Store Product on Jet.com ?
Jet Magento Integration, an extension by CedCommerce, creates synchronization of inventory, price, other product details for product creation and its management between Magento store and Jet.com. The smooth harmonization is established with the help of Jet.com REST API. Read more at - http://cedcommerce.com/magento-extensions/jet-magento-integration
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Westpac PayWay API Magento 2
Details: https://www.polacin.com/westpac-payway-api-payway-net-magento-2.html Westpac PayWay API & PayWay Net - Magento 2 allows you to use Westpac PayWay API as a credit card processor, using their fully integrated API process. You can process Visa and Mastercard by default, and can optionally accept American Express, Diners Club and JCB after further activation by Westpac PayWay Net: Redirect to PayWay Net payment page for credit card entry, then redirect back to your confirmation page once successful. PayWay API: Collect and proccess credit card details directly in your Checkout page throguh API Service Features: Support PayWay API Support Payway Net (Hosted Payment Page) Allow to Refund Online Easy to install and setup. Configure Merchant Id, Security Username, Password, Biller Code and Encrytion Key by Magento back-end. Support Prefix Order Number for Payway Gateway Support enable mode Test/Live in Magento back-end
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Magento Google Tag Manager API
Automate Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce configuration by using full featured Google Tag Manager API implementation by Anowave. http://www.anowave.com/marketplace/magento-extensions/magento-google-tag-manager-enhanced-ecommerce-ua-tracking/
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API integration with Sport South To Magento - New update
API integration for Sports South Extension , they have more than 34,000 products , more info call - Cell - 347-329-6866 see video part 1 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s2mHosgXQE&t=176s 6
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PIMGento 2 API : Présentation du connecteur entre Magento 2 et Akeneo
L'Agence Dn'D est fière de présenter PIMGento 2 API, son nouveau connecteur entre Magento 2 et Akeneo. Ce webinar est présenté par l'équipe Dn'D. N'hésitez pas à consulter notre site dédié https://www.pimgento.com Plan du webinar : 2:19 - 8:44 Rétrospective et présentation 8:45 - 45:51 Démonstration de PIMGento 2 API 45:52 - 52:22 Roadmap et informations
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Creating Attributes & Attribute Sets in Magento
In this tutorial I show you how to create attributes and attribute sets in Magento. In the video I create a design attribute and add it to a "Tee Shirts" attribute set. I later use that tee shirt attribute set to list a product. I explain in detail where and how to display your attributes on the frontend of the store. Memo notes can be found at: http://creatingawebstore.com/how-to-create-attributes-and-attributes-sets-in-magento.html
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Add new product in Magento estore
This short video will show you how to add a new product in Magento estore. You need to know how to add a product category in order to perform this task. If you are new, please watch the other video title 'Add Product Category in Magento | API tutorials' to learn how to add a product category in your Magento estore
amazon api key and secret
http://magegaga.com/amazon2magento.html Creating amazon API key and secret key
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VTiger Magento Multi Store Connector Step 6 How to create API user with role in Magento?
This video guides you step by step to How to create API user with role for VTiger Magento Multi Store Bidirectional Connector in Magento? Create a Role for API user for Integration 1. Login to the Magento Admin Panel and navigate to System - Web Services - SOAP/XML RPC Roles. 2. Click on Add New Role. 3. Add name for Role. This can be anything. Just make sure it is descriptive enough for you. 4. Click Role Resources on the left 5. Select "Select All" option in Resource Access and save the role. Create a new API user with Role 1. Navigate to System - Web Services - SOAP/XML RPC Users. 2. Click on Add New User. 3. Fill the form and note username and API key. This credentials are requires to configure VTiger CRM. 4. Click User Role on the left and select the created role. 5. Or create a new role for this as below and assign. 6. Save the user For more details http://www.smackcoders.com/vtigercrm-magento-connector.html
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Magento Tutorial | How To Get The Product Image With PHP
This Magento tutorial shows how to get the main product image URL on the product detail page and then reference it in am image tag. It then shows how to add changes using Git. The film review for this video is the 80s hockey film Slapshot. Enjoy!
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How to setup API Bridge on your Magento store
This is a short video how to setup API Bridge (http://goo.gl/74NAaE) on your Magento store. You will see how to create API User and setup API Role for that.
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