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Supply chain design for perishable goods with stochastic demand
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A Perishable Case Study: Supply Chain Excellence
Christo van der Meer, Senior Supply Chain Consultant from FloraHolland provides insight from the flower industry on maximizing quality for supply chain excellence. For more visit: www.pharmalogisticsiq.com
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Perishables Supply Chain
Video for simple understanding of how cold-chain and delivery systems for perishable goods functions.
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Perishable products management
This CROSS RFID based solution manages the lifecycle of products that contain resin, catalyzer, paint etc... These products are perishable and their life expectancy depends on ambient temperature. The CROSS RFID Tags are used to monitor the storage temperature of the products and to estimate their remaining life expectancy. The benefits are: • Reduce product loss • Improve overall quality / Reduce misusage of expired products • Simplify inventory management The CROSS RFID Tags provide : • Automatic inventory of the products • Storage temperature logging • Remote visual identification of the products • Automatic computation of remaining estimated life of the products • Alerting the storekeeper when a product gets close to its expiry Date The Tags will adjust the Expiry Date of the products based on the variations of the storage temperature. The firmware running in the Tags’ microcontroller is based on an open RTOS, it is thus easy to implement the relevant aging algorithm and the parameters of this algorithm. The algorithms used for computing the life of the product will vary depending on the product contained in the pot. The solution is based on two components : A Product Management Application that is running on a PC and CROSS RFID™ Tags associated to each individual products, that will log temperature and compute individual product remaining life expectancy.
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Life In A Box - Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management for Perishable Goods
Life In A Box uses blockchain technology to make the food distribution network more transparent and efficient. How it works Users can snap a photo of a QR code affixed to a perishable good and trace its entire journey. Why it matters When the last E. coli outbreak occurred in California last month, it took weeks for the CDC to track down the source. Better supply chain management can lead to quicker containment and less illness. Coolest part? When blockchain is used in supply chain management, activity is stored in a shared ledger that's updated and validated instantaneously with each network participant.
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Perishable Inventory Management
Supply Chain Management Project MUSIC: 'Diablo Rojo' by Rodrigo y Gabriela - Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2BD8R2T Apple Music: http://apple.co/2BrAsCT Video Clips that aren't mine that I used in this video: warehouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBLVLpEg4b0 more warehouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBE2JMZ2D3k produce delivery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kodUV7GFlpQ farming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mOl1m5QzGc B&W farming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pylFCO59Llo more B&W farming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XoiWud3F48 Kroger commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=703w1YBr39E Kroger footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqk6b6PG3kg market footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEjKdj6Tq8c docking footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGNIDtXuDi0 produce warehouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7hnA0qT82g rotting peaches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U-TTaEq-XM aging banana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmcXo9XC6Uc dumping produce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2kyuJcMRyY Juggling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRSq-qZQLF4 Prohibition clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO_AeOZPU3M
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FSC Food & FMCG Vertical
The complexity for Food Supply Chain arises out of perishable nature of food items, shorter shelf life of products, food safety, regulatory requirements, etc. FSC has been instrumental in introducing racking, shelving and WMS enabled warehousing in the FMCG sector thereby improving throughput and productivity for many customers.
Blockchain for Food Traceability in Supply Chains
This video was made as part of a thesis on whether or not the Blockchain technology is suitable for food traceability systems. References 1. Apte, S., Petrovsky, N. 2016. “Will blockchain technology revolutionize excipient supply chain management?” J. Excipients and Food Chem. 7 (3) 2016 - 78. 2. Cartwright, R., Underwood, A., Purchase, A., Weatherby, D. 2014. “Track and Trace - Approaches in Tobacco” 2014 KPMG LLP. OM 009932A. 3. Clune, S., Crossin, E., Verghese, K. 2016. “Systematic review of greenhouse gas emissions for different fresh food categories” Journal of Cleaner Production 140 (2017) 766-783. 4. Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection (2007). “Food Traceability - Factsheet”. Retrieved from: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/health_consumer/index_en.html 5. Edwards-Jones, Gareth. 2010. “Does eating local food reduce the environmental impact of food production and enhance consumer health?” Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (2010), 69, 582-591. 6. Hackius, N., Petersen, M. 2017. “Blockchain in Logistics and Supply Chain: Trick or Treat?” Digitalization in Supply Chain Management and Logistics 2017, ISBN 9783745043280. 7. Halldórsdóttir, Þ. Ó., Nicholas, K. A. 2016. “Local food in Iceland: Identifying behavioral barriers to increased production and consumption” Environmental Research Letters 11 (2016) 115004. 8. Nemecek, T., Jungbluth, N., Canals, L. M., Schenck, R. 2016. “Environmental impacts of food consumption and nutrition: where are we and what is next?” Int J Life Cycle Assess (2016) 21:607-620. 9. O’Mahony, P.J. 2013. “Finding horse meat in beef products - a global problem”. Q J Med 2013; 106:595-597. 37 10. Pei, X., Tandon, A., Alldrick, A., Giorgi, L., Huang, W., Yang, R. 2011. “The China melamine milk scandal and its implications for food safety regulation”. Food Policy 2011, 36, 3. 11. Pigini, D., Conti, M. (2017). “NFC-Based Traceability in the Food Chain” Sustainability 2017, 9, 1910. 12. Underwood, Sarah. 2016. “Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin” Communications of the ACM, Vol. 59 No. 11, Pages 15-17. 13. Woodside, J. M., Augustine, F. K. Jr., Giberson, W. 2017. “Blockchain technology adoption status and strategies” Journal of International Technology and Information Management 26, Nr. 2, (2017). 14. Zhu, Lijing (2017). “Economic Analysis of a Traceability System for a Two-Level Perishable Food Supply Chain” Sustainability 2017, 9, 682. 15. 2017 GS1 AISBL (2017). EPCIS and CBV Implementation Guideline. Retrieved from https://www.gs1.org/docs/epc/EPCIS_Guideline.pdf.
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What is COLD CHAIN? What does COLD CHAIN mean? COLD CHAIN meaning, definition & explanation
✪✪✪✪✪ WORK FROM HOME! Looking for WORKERS for simple Internet data entry JOBS. $15-20 per hour. SIGN UP here - http://jobs.theaudiopedia.com ✪✪✪✪✪ What is COLD CHAIN? What does COLD CHAIN mean? COLD CHAIN meaning - COLD CHAIN definition - COLD CHAIN explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature range. It is used to help extend and ensure the shelf life of products such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs. Such products, during transport and when in transient storage, are called cool cargo. Unlike other goods or merchandise, cold chain goods are perishable and always en route towards end use or destination, even when held temporarily in cold stores and hence commonly referred to as cargo during its entire logistics cycle. Cold chains are common in the food and pharmaceutical industries and also in some chemical shipments. One common temperature range for a cold chain in pharmaceutical industries is 2 to 8 °C (36 to 46 °F). but the specific temperature (and time at temperature) tolerances depend on the actual product being shipped. Unique to fresh produce cargoes, the cold chain requires to additionally maintain product specific environment parameters which include air quality levels (carbon dioxide, oxygen, humidity and others), which makes this the most complicated cold chain to operate. This is important in the supply of vaccines to distant clinics in hot climates served by poorly developed transport networks. Disruption of a cold chain due to war may produce consequences similar to the smallpox outbreaks in the Philippines during the Spanish–American War. There have been numerous events where vaccines have been shipped to third world countries with little to no cold chain infrastructure (Sub-Sahara Africa) where the vaccines were inactivated due to excess exposure to heat. Patients that thought they were being immunized, in reality were put at greater risk due to the inactivated vaccines they received. Thus great attention is now being paid to the entire cold chain distribution process to ensure that simple diseases can eventually be eradicated from society. Traditionally all historical stability data developed for vaccines was based on the temperature range of 2–8 °C (36–46 °F). With recent development of biological products by former vaccine developers, biologics has fallen into the same category of storage at 2–8 °C (36–46 °F) due to the nature of the products and the lack of testing these products at wider storage conditions. The cold chain distribution process is an extension of the good manufacturing practice (GMP) environment that all drugs and biological products are required to adhere to, enforced by the various health regulatory bodies. As such, the distribution process must be validated to ensure that there is no negative impact to the safety, efficacy or quality of the drug substance. The GMP environment requires that all processes that might impact the safety, efficacy or quality of the drug substance must be validated, including storage and distribution of the drug substance.
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Inventory Management Economic Order Quantity
Lecture based on Heizer and Render
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Fresh Produce Logistics: Challenges and opportunities
Abstract A General Transport Market Perspective: capacity and asset utilisation the difference between 'trade lanes' and 'supply chain’ concepts Fresh produce market size and transport demand. The conundrum: Bigger ships and fine distribution: diverging trends (E-commerce and demand for smaller/more regular consignments, Transport Markets: size and value, Infrastructure Provision: Investments and Distribution Trends. Transport markets: size and value: maritime (container/specialised), air, air to sea trend Infrastructure provision – investments: ports, Canals (Panama /Suez), hinterland access coldstore investments (Asia, Latam, Africa) Distribution trends: how replicable are fresh produce distribution trends between different regions?, emerging markets vs. mature markets. By Mr. Alex von Stempel during Bioconservacion Partner Meeting.
Advantage Worldwide - Supply Chain, Forwarding  & Logistics
Advantage Worldwide are an independently owned UK based Freight Forwarding, Logistics Provider and Supply Chain Management Company, committed to working with established quality procedures providing each and every customer, as well as partners overseas, with the most reliable and personalised services available. We can take care of all your logistics needs, providing the necessary skills and expertise to handle all requirements, including Perishable goods, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Project Cargo, Road Freight, Express Package and European Distribution. Take a look at our website at http://www.advantageworldwide.co.uk for more information, and how to get in touch via our network of offices in the UK. Corporate video production by http://www.tallboy.co.uk/
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Cool Logistics: Connecting the perishable supply chain
The quality conferences for perishable logistics and transport people. www.coollogisticsconference.com www.coollogisticsafrica.com Cool Logistics Africa 16 - 18 April 2013 | Cape Town www.coollogisticsafrica.com Cool Logistics Global 24 - 26 September 2013 | Rotterdam www.coollogisticsconference.com Music credit: "I dunno" by grapes http://ccmixter.org/files/grapes/16626 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Transport of perishable goods
Movie about Transport of perishable goods. Comes from www.equai.eu - Everything you want to know about Transport & Logistics
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Future Supply Chain IPO Listing | Future Supply IPO Listing | Future Supply IPO Listing Price
Future Supply Chain IPO Listing | Future Supply IPO Listing | Future Supply IPO Listing Price =============================================== =============================================== SUBSCRIBE this channel -- http://bit.ly/capbuilding =============================================== =============================================== Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd is one of the largest third-party logistics service provider in India. Their services includes automated and IT-enabled warehousing, distribution and other logistics solutions. They offers contract logistics such as warehousing and distribution services as well as other value-added services including kitting and bundling, unit cartonisation and packaging solutions, express logistics such as point-to-point, less-than truck-load and time-definite transportation services; and temperature-controlled logistics comprising cold-chain warehousing, transportation solutions, and long-haul distribution services for perishable products. They serves customers in various sectors which includes retail, fashion and apparel, automotive and engineering, food and beverage, fast-moving consumer goods, e-commerce, healthcare, electronics and technology, home and furniture and ATMs. =============================================== STOCK MARKET RELATED POPULAR BOOK'S ONLINE BUYING LINKS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) The Intelligent Investor Revised Edition by Benjamin Graham BUYING LINK »» http://amzn.to/2wT1eFo 2) Technical Analysis Explained by Martin J. Pring BUYING LINK »» http://amzn.to/2xEg53M 3) Fundamental Analysis for Investors by Raghu Palat BUYING LINK »» http://amzn.to/2xEgL94 4) Buffett & Graham Se Seekhen Share Market Mein Invest Karna by Aryaman Dalmia BUYING LINK »» http://amzn.to/2wAhUlg 5) Share Market Se Kaise Banaye Mene 10 Crore (Hindi) by Nicolas Darvas BUYING LINK »» http://amzn.to/2iB7H29 =============================================== FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA :-------- (1) http://twitter.com/capitalbuild17 (2) http://instagram.com/capital.building (3) facebook - http://bit.ly/cap-build ===============================================
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The leading Chinese perishable products supply chain solution operator
JIUYE SUPPLY CHAIN 九曳供应链 国内领先的生鲜供应链解决方案运营商 国内首家专注于B2C的生鲜仓储运营商 国内首家第四方冷链物流公司 A leading fresh supply chain solution operator in China The first fresh storage operator in China focusing on B2C The first fourth party cold chain logistics in China 全国14座生鲜集散中心,可支持-60℃-25℃八大温层管控 同时提供专业加工、检验等增值服务 上百条干线运输线路,生鲜宅配业务已覆盖全国84%城市 14 fresh distribution centers in China, capable of eight layers of temperature control from -60 ℃to 25 ℃ providing professional processing, testing and other value-added services. Hundreds of trunk transport routes, fresh home delivery business covering 84% of Chinese cities. 强大的IT团队在2016年被国家正式认定为高新技术企业 自主研发“九曳供应链生鲜云平台”包括ERP、WMS、TMS、DMS、大数据分析等组成强大信息系统 Strong IT team is certificated high-tech enterprise in 2016 by the state independently developed “supply chain fresh cloud platform" including ERP, WMS, TMS, DMS, big data analysis and other components of a strong information system. 我们的业务: 我们期盼让您获取优良的客户服务、值得信赖的冷链供应链解决方案和冷链物流专业知识 九曳供应链专业的团队乐于向全国各地客户提供优质服务 Our business: We are looking forward to providing you excellent customer service, trusted cold chain supply chain solutions and cold chain logistics expertise. Jiuye Supply Chain professional groups are willing to provide assistance of quality to customers all around the country.
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Cold supply chain - explained
A cold supply chain can be described as an uninterrupted flow of storage and distribution activities that maintains a given temperature range for perishable goods. It is used to help extend and ensure the shelf life of products such as blood, confectionaries, fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs. Created at http://www.b2bwgiteboard.com
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Perishable monitoring with smart sensor tags - results of the European PASTEUR project
Perishable monitoring with smart sensor tags: a farfetched idea, or within reach of tomorrow's industry? The European PASTEUR project aims to develop technical means that can help to reduce these losses by developing a wireless sensor platform to monitor the environmental conditions throughout the supply chain of perishable goods. By identifying the weak links in the supply chain the industry can much better focus their efforts in reducing waste. In the PASTEUR project a European research consortium of academic and industrial partners have combined forces to develop the concept for such a smart sensor tag. This video was issued by KU Leuven-MeBioS in the framework of the European PASTEUR Project.
Using Python & Logistic Regression in Transportation & Retail Industry (Case Study) | Data Analytics
#DataAnalytics | Learn more about our analytics programs: http://bit.ly/2mjR9Lt Understand the use of Analytics in Retail and Supply chain domains with the help of multiple case studies. The masterclass covers the following topics: 1. Understanding & planning the Machine Learning pipeline. 2. Case study 1: Applications of analytics in the transportation sector. 3. Case study 2: Optimizing order quantity of perishable goods. 4. Industry overview: Different types of analytics, model training, applications of Python, Spark, Hadoop Speaker: Rajarajan Subramanian, Manager - Analytics, NEC Technology Rajarajan is currently working as Manager - Analytics with NEC Technologies, India. He manages projects executed in Advanced Analytics CoE and has previously worked on Predictive Modelling projects for global clients. Some of the major analytics projects he has worked upon are Driver Accident Risk Prediction, POS Auto order system, Bus Schedule Optimization, Self Analytics Platform etc. He has over 16yrs of professional experience. Rajarajan completed his analytics course in 2015 from Great Lakes Institute of Management and transitioned into the Analytics domain. #LogisticsRegression #MachineLearning #CaseStudy #RetailIndustry #MachineLearningWithPython ---------------------------------------------------- PG Program in Business Analytics (PGP-BABI): 12-month program with classroom training on weekends + online learning covering analytics tools and techniques and their application in business. PG Program in Big Data Analytics (PGP-BDA): 12-month program with classroom training on weekends + online learning covering big data analytics tools and techniques, machine learning with hands-on exposure to big data tools such as Hadoop, Python, Spark, Pig etc. PGP-Data Science & Engineering: 6-month weekend and classroom program allowing participants enables participants in learning conceptual building of techniques and foundations required for analytics roles. PG Program in Cloud Computing: 6-month online program in Cloud Computing & Architecture for technology professionals who want their careers to be cloud-ready. Business Analytics Certificate Program (BACP): 6-month online data analytics certification enabling participants to gain in-depth and hands-on knowledge of analytical concepts. About Great Learning: Great Learning is an online and hybrid learning company that offers high-quality, impactful, and industry-relevant programs to working professionals like you. These programs help you master data-driven decision-making regardless of the sector or function you work in and accelerate your career in high growth areas like Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & more. Watch the video to know ''Why is there so much hype around 'Artificial Intelligence'?'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcxpBYAAnGM What is Machine Learning & its Applications? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsoHx0AJs-U Do you know what the three pillars of Data Science? Here explaining all about thepillars of Data Science: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtI2Qa4v670 Want to know more about the careers in Data Science & Engineering? Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ue_plL55jU For more interesting tutorials, don't forget to Subscribe our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/beaconelearning?sub_confirmation=1 Learn More at: https://www.greatlearning.in/ For more updates on courses and tips follow us on: Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108438615307549697541 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreatLearningOfficial/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/great-learning/ - Follow our Blog: https://www.greatlearning.in/blog/?utm_source=Youtube
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Perishable Transport Consolidation:  How to Adapt to Today's Changing Supply Chain
Global Trade Symposium | NYPS2015 1 December 2015 Presented by Steve Gabrick: C.H.Robinson Complex Account Group, Sourcing North Region https://www.chrobinson.com/en/us/ Global Trade Symposium http://www.globaltradesymposium.com/ New York Produce Show: http://www.nyproduceshow.com/
Cold Chain, Temperature Controlled Supply Chain
Cold Chain, Temperature Controlled Supply Chain: Cold Chain Supports the Supply Chain (Cold Chain, Warehouse, Cold Storage and Reefers) The cold chain refers to the management of the temperature of perishable products in order to maintain quality and safety from the point of slaughter or harvest through the distribution chain to the final consumer. The cold chain ensures that perishable products are safe and of a high quality at the point of consumption. Failing to keep product at the correct temperatures can result in a variety of negative attributes including, among others, textural degradation, discoloring, bruising and microbial growth. See more https://goo.gl/VFexkF https://goo.gl/Lbeh6W https://goo.gl/ZJW5KC Contact us: Niir Project Consultancy Services 106-E, Kamla Nagar, Opp. Spark Mall, New Delhi-110007, India. Email: [email protected] , [email protected] Tel: +91-11-23843955, 23845654, 23845886, 8800733955 Mobile: +91-9811043595 Website: www.entrepreneurindia.co , www.niir.org Tags Cold Chain for Beginners, Cold Chain Projects, Cold Chain Equipment, Guidelines for Maintaining and Managing Vaccine Cold Chain, Cold Chain, Guide to Cold Chain for Beginners, Cold Chain Management, Cold Chain Industry, Vaccine Storage & Handling, India Cold Chain Opportunity, Supply Chain Management, Cold Chain Storage, Temperature Controlled Supply Chains, Controlled Temperature Chain, Cold Chain Storage, Cold Chain Management in Food Industry, Cool & Cold Chain, Cold Chain Distribution, Cold Chain & Temperature Management, Controlling Cold Chain, Cold Chain Packaging, Cold Chain Packaging and Temperature Controlled, Maintaining Cold Chain, Indian Cold Chain, Cold Chain Industry in India, Cold Chain Business in India, Cold Storage, Temperature Controls‎, Temperature Controlled Supply Chain Projects, Cold Chain Packaging Logistics, Managing Cold Chain Distribution, Temperature Controlled Logistics, Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution, Cold Chain Management In Food Industry, Cold Chain Pharmaceutical Products, Cold Chain Logistics Management, Cold Chain Monitoring, Supply Chain Monitoring, Supply Chain and Logistics, Cold Chain & Product Handling, Cold Chain Storage & Cold Chain Logistics in India, Temperature Controlled Packaging, Controlled Temperature Chain, Cold Chain Packaging, Cold Supply Chain, Cold Chain Transportation in India, Food Supply Chain Management, Purpose of Cold Chain, Cold Chain Storing and Transportation, Logistics and Cold Chain Management Unit, Procedure for Maintaining Cold Chain, Guidelines for Maintaining Cold Chain, Cold Chain Guidelines, Refrigerated and Portable Cold Storage Reefer, Reefer & Cold Storage, Reefer, Warehouse, Reefer Containers, Reefer Cold Storage, Refrigerated Containers, Cold Storage Refrigerated Container, Cold Storage and Reefer Containers, Cold Storage and Reefer Transportation, Refrigerated or Cold Storage Unit, Cold Chain Project Ideas, Projects on Small Scale Industries, Small Scale Industries Projects Ideas, Cold Chain Based Small Scale Industries Projects, Project Profile on Small Scale Industries, New Project Profile on Cold Chain, Project Report on Cold Chain Industry, Detailed Project Report on Cold Chain, Project Report on Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, Pre-Investment Feasibility Study on Cold Chain, Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, Techno-Economic Feasibility Study on Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, Feasibility Report on Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, Free Project Profile on Cold Chain, Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, Project Profile on Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, Download Free Project Profile on Cold Chain, Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, Industrial Project Report, Project Consultant, Project Consultancy, Npcs, Niir, Process Technology Books, Business Consultancy, Business Consultant, Project Identification and Selection, Preparation of Project Profiles, Startup, Business Guidance, Business Guidance to Clients, Startup Project for Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, Startup Project, Startup Ideas, Project for Startups, Startup Project Plan, Business Start-Up, Business Plan for Startup Business, Great Opportunity for Startup, Small Start-Up Business Project, Project Report for Bank Loan, Project Report for Bank Finance, Project Report Format for Bank Loan in Excel, Excel Format of Project Report and CMA Data, Project Report Bank Loan Excel, Detailed Project Plan Reports
Managing the Transportation of Perishable Food Products
Click here for more Information https://www.audioeducator.com/food-safety/food-transportation-05-19-2016.html Managing the Transportation of Perishable Food Products Presented By: Dr. John M. Ryan This session by expert speaker Dr. John M. Ryan is designed for any food industry supply chain players who rely on transportation delivery controls. More Videos: - http://www.youtube.com/user/audioeducator2 You can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn and get the most updated news and views, expert advice and tips to help resolve your coding, billing & compliance dilemmas quickly and accurately. Connect with us on Twitter: - https://twitter.com/audioeducator Facebook: - https://www.facebook.com/pages/AudioEducator/244912592201260 LinkedIn: - http://www.linkedin.com/company/audio-educator Google+: - https://plus.google.com/102668946943256059069/posts
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Perishable Goods
By, H. Fitzgerald
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How to CONTROL TEMPERATURE perishable goods during transportation
We are a new start-up with one goal: to stop spoiling perishable goods Radar is a warning system that warns the supplier when the temperature of the cargo inside during transport is damaging for perishable products and more... Feel free to contact. CONTACT HERE: [email protected]
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Perishable food DLT Supply chain for Emerging Technologies (Industries 4.0) @blockqr.io
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: + 91 9341968205 Our proprietary BlockQR supply chain DLT solutions, may be used in various vertical industries from shipping logistic, cargo, manufacturing supply chain, identity & eGov tech stack, food safety tracking, remittance and banking, healthcare records/pharma supply chain or Insurance RCM authentication, along with music or art, in any P2P commerce and more . It may be easily and quickly tweaked to suit your enterprise's requirements.
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YINS Distinguished Lecturer Anna Nagurney, "Supply Chain Networks Against Time: From Food to Pharma"
Talk Summary: Supply chains consist of networks of suppliers, manufacturers, transportation service providers, storage facilities and distributors, as well as retailers, and consumers. They serve as the critical infrastructure backbones for the provision of goods and services in our modern global economy. Supply chains have revolutionized the way in which products are sourced, produced, distributed, and consumed around the globe. They may involve thousands of stakeholders from suppliers and manufacturers to hundreds of thousands of demand points. Supply chains, however, are not just about complex manufactured products such as airplanes, automobiles, or computers. While many of the products of supply chains are durable goods that can be shipped and stored for a prolonged period prior to use, others are perishable – from the food that we ingest, the medicines and vaccines that heal us and save lives, and, for the fashion-conscious – the clothes that we wear. In this talk, Professor Nagurney will overview her research that emphasizes multiple disciplines from engineering and operations research and management science to chemistry and physics, all with a unifying theme of supply chain networks, and associated perspectives, to model product deterioration over time and perishability. She will first emphasize the importance of capturing the behavior of decision-makers and will describe certain paradoxes. She will then discuss network models of food supply chains, medical nuclear supply chains, electric power supply chains, and a case study in the pharmaceutical industry. She will also highlight her work on network performance measurement and node and link rankings and overview some recent research in the humanitarian logistics and disaster relief sphere. Some of the work has appeared in her recent book, “Networks Against Time: Supply Chain Analytics for Perishable Products." About the Yale Institute for Network Science (YINS): We produce and disseminate knowledge related to network science, in all its forms and applications. Network phenomena are now studied in many disciplines, including engineering, computer science, sociology, economics, political science, biology, physics, medicine, public health, and management. Hence, the study of networks is dramatically transforming scientific fields traversing engineering and the social and natural sciences. One of the major goals for YINS is to expose researchers to the phenomena, measurements, methodologies, and challenges of diverse disciplines. With this goal in mind, we proudly present the YINS Seminar Series, intended to promote the development and application of network science. Speakers include faculty from throughout Yale who are interested in networks, as well as distinguished guest lecturers who are scientists and innovators in the field. Visit us online at http://yins.yale.edu Speaker Biography: Anna Nagurney is the John F. Smith Memorial Professor at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the Director of the Virtual Center for Supernetworks, which she founded in 2001. She holds ScB, AB, ScM and PhD degrees from Brown University in Providence, RI. She is the author of 12 books, with her most recent book being, “Competing on Supply Chain Quality: A Network Economics Perspective,” with Dong Li, more than 175 refereed journal articles, and over 50 book chapters. She presently serves on the editorial boards of a dozen journals and two book series and is the editor of another book series. Professor Nagurney has been a Fulbrighter twice (in Austria and Italy), was a Visiting Professor at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden for the past 4 years. and was a Distinguished Guest Visiting Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. She will be a Visiting Fellow at All Souls College at Oxford University during the 2016 Trinity Term. Anna’s research focuses on network systems from transportation and logistical ones, including supply chains, to financial, economic, social networks and their integration, along with the Internet. She studies and models complex behaviors on networks with a goal towards providing frameworks and tools for understanding their structure, performance, and resilience and has contributed also to the understanding of the Braess paradox in transportation networks and the Internet. She has also been researching sustainability and quality issues with applications ranging from pharmaceutical and blood supply chains to perishable food products and fast fashion to humanitarian logistics. She has advanced methodological tools used in game theory, network theory, equilibrium analysis, and dynamical systems.
How to protect perishable goods
If you store, distribute or deliver temperature-sensitive goods, an unbroken cold chain is critical. Samsara’s plug-and-play sensors and cloud-based software make it easy to manage every link in your cold chain, from your warehouse to your customers’ hands. Real-time temperature monitoring and reefer control are part of Samsara’s complete platform for fleet safety, efficiency, and compliance. Sign up for a free trial today to see how Samsara can help you prevent rejected loads and keep your customers happy. https://www.samsara.com/free-trial
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Made in Transit:a supply chain concept for on the way growth
Made in Transit is a supply chain concept working towards the development of packaging that operates on the paradigm of enabling growth rather than preserving freshness, a shift from 'best before' to 'ready by' for fresh perishable goods. The aim is to enable growth throughout the entire supply chain so that the consumer harvests the product when he's ready to consume it, resulting in a higher quality fresh good. The concept is applied to a new system of mushroom cultivation embedded within the distribution network, shifting the role of distribution from slowing down the process of post-harvest deterioration to enabling growth and involving the consumer for harvest at the point of consumption. contact agata: jaworska.mail[AT]gmail.com
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DB Schenker Norway - Perishable goods for the whole world
Temperature controlled goods includes all types of foods and other products requiring temperature-controlled transport. Each year we carry 400,000 tonnes of seafood such as salmon, trout, whitefish and shellfish products from Norway. To Norway and domestically, we carry fruits, vegetables, flowers / plants, baked goods, seafood and medicines. DB Schenker has its own quality control system for this type of transport adapted to government regulations. It monitors the temperature and location using GPS. DB Schenker is EN- EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and has a strong focus on food safety in the logistics chain. Our client relationships are based on a close partnership with pricing and logistics solutions tailored to each customer.
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Retail Best Practices for Managing Perishables - Prof. Amar Sapra
This video, part of a series of videos on the research undertaken by the faculty at IIMB, features Prof. Amar Sapra, as he gives practical insights to retailers based on his research areas of supply chain management and inventory control. Some simple tips on how retailers can manage perishables, how price changes can effectuate better inventory management can be found in this video. For more information on his work, visit http://www.iimb.ernet.in/user/53/amar-sapra.
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Dutch expertise to reduce food losses in fresh chains
In the Netherlands knowledge, skills and experience led to optimized logistical processes from harvest to consumption of perishable agricultural products. Every link of the chain is adapted to the specific needs of a product and as a consequence losses in the logistics food chain are reduced to a minimum. The solutions created in the Netherlands can be of high interest and value for other countries: solutions can be adapted to local circumstances and needs to improve underperformances in postharvest logistical processes.
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The Challenge of Fresh Food | How to Make Everything
To bookend our series on preservatives, I wanted to learn more about the complex process that goes into making the fresh produce we eat everyday available and the challenge it is to keep shelves stocked with perishable foods year round. This also makes a good lead in to another project I’ve been working on for the past few months, but more on that later. Thank you to: Linden Hills Co-Op: http://lindenhills.coop Co-op Partners Warehouse: http://www.cooppartners.coop Featherstone Farm: http://featherstonefarm.com || In This Video || Our Camera Gear: - GH4: https://goo.gl/Kpgf9D - FS5: https://goo.gl/aPd428 - Karma Drone: https://goo.gl/S8Squ8 || SUBSCRIBE || YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1OmesgS || SUPPORT || Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/htme Spreadshirt - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/HTME/ Special Thanks to our Patrons at $15 per month or higher: Sandy Riis, Daniel Laux, Stian Andreassen, Susan M. George, Alex Stevenson, Jenny Wolf-Matte, Christina Freeman, Liz Roth, Winfield Jones, Justin Finton, Uwe Schmidt, Antonio Rios-Ochoa, Jack Scott, DINKIN, Celine Turner, Stephan Schmidt, Quinton || SOCIAL || Facebook: http://ow.ly/X4rJC Twitter: http://ow.ly/X4rS3 (@HTMeverything) Instagram: http://ow.ly/X4rXs || SERIES || Sandwich - http://bit.ly/1ZVGNRn Suit - http://bit.ly/1NsQri8 Bottle - http://bit.ly/1QlTU6C Thanksgiving Dinner - http://bit.ly/1UjLa1R Root Beer Float - http://bit.ly/1OGfphU Book - http://bit.ly/1SF23Gx Chocolate Bar - http://bit.ly/2085HIs Coffee - http://bit.ly/2jllv0I Eyeglasses - http://bit.ly/2jlispn Microscope and Telescope: http://bit.ly/2nQCRn7 How To Brew Everything: http://bit.ly/2kJb47E Meet The Makers - http://bit.ly/23ldFlS || ABOUT || Today, getting what you need is as easy as a trip to the store. From food to clothing, energy, medicine, and so much more, Andy George will discover what it takes to make everything from scratch. His mission is to understand the complex processes of manufacturing that is often taken for granted and do it all himself. Each week he’s traveling the world to bypass the modern supply chain in order to harvest raw materials straight from the source. Along the way, he’s answering the questions you never thought to ask. Music by the talented Taylor Lewin http://taylorlewin.com
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Predicting shelf-life in perishables logistics
Predicting shelf-life while transporting perishable goods is a cornerstone of the technology & innovation initiatives of Able Freight. Such dynamic modelling enables pro-active measures to maintain and optimize the quality of the goods while on the way as well as real-time insights regarding remaining days of shelf-life of each cargo to facilitate the best business decisions from a client's perspective.
PerishABLE APP - Tutorial
The PerishABLE is an innovative, efficient and adaptable technology, able to support supply chain logistic operators to track temperature and humidity parameters during the product transportation and warehousing. A system that sends alerts automatically to users on their mobile phone allows timely corrective actions on the specific shipping and pallet, reducing waste of time during the dismantling of the track. Our goal is to attain perishable food producers (Dairy, Fruits and vegetable, etc.), distribution providers, large super-markets logistics operators and Wholesellers.www.perishable.it
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Reducing the food waste in the supply chain leads to reduced carbon footprint
Arviem’s technology enables companies to take proactive measures towards efficient cold chain management through tracking and monitoring the conditions of perishable products in transit. This ensures that proper temperature is being maintained during the products journey. Alternatively, if deviations in temperature or humidity occurred owners or the recipients of the cargo are informed and can take corrective actions.
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PerishABLE Video
The PerishABLE app to monitor the logistic and warehousing of perishable goods and to continuously update the optimal shelf-life of the products
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Panel PartIV: Integrating the organic value chain, from farm to plate
The Business of Organic: What are companies doing in order to bring fresh food to the plate? This segment of the panel discussion has CEOs of organic companies discussing challenges in integrating farmers, pricing, supply chain logistics for perishable foods in bringing organic food, from farm to plate. The panel discussion features N. Balasubramanian, CEO and Board Member, 24-Mantra Organic, Ajay Katyal, President-Organic at Amira Pure Foods Ltd, Surya Shastry, Director, Phalada Agro Research Foundation, with moderator, Rathish Balakrishnan, co-founder and Director, Sattva. Recorded at BioFach India 2013, South Asia's largest organic marketplace. Filmed, edited and presented by Team Creative Ville and Team The Alternative. More at www.thealternative.in.
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Digital Supply Chain: Sensing, analyzing and acting on real time data
The Innovation Summit 2017 Chicago / February 28th Sponsored by Zebra Technologies The digital supply chain is an ecosystem where artificial intelligence, robots, and actionable data work together with people to enable new levels of productivity. Augmented productivity and real-time data are allowing businesses all over the world to affordably make mass-customized products and sell them at a premium. Healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and transportation industries are all greatly benefiting from an ecosystem that synchronizes end-to-end supply chain data while creating a more sophisticated and efficient workflow. How are the early adopters overcoming supply chain challenges and profiting from new production strategies? What's the untapped potential of this fluid exchange of ideas and real-time data transmission? How can businesses turn operational data from perishable clutter into real-time, customer-driven insights that enable new revenue opportunities? And how will this impact the way work gets done by an increasingly mobile workforce? Tom Bianculli Chief technology officer, Zebra Technologies Michael Newcity Senior vice-president and chief innovation officer, ArcBest Corporation Newsha Ghaeli Project lead, Senseable City Lab, MIT Court Carruthers Founder, CKAL Advisory Partners, and former group president, Grainger Vijay Vaitheeswaran China business editor, The Economist
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FSC Corporate AV
We are one of India’s largest organised third-party supply chain and logistics service provider. We offer automated and IT-enabled warehousing, distribution and other logistics solutions to a wide range of customers. Our service offerings, warehousing structure, pan-India distribution network, “hub-and-spoke” transportation model and automated technology systems support our competitive market position. Our customers operate in various sectors across India, including retail, fashion and apparel, automotive and engineering, food and beverage, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), e-commerce, healthcare, electronics and technology, home and furniture and ATMs. We believe our business model enables us to act as a service provider that can comprehensively cover our customers’ supply chain needs. We provide solutions that enable our customers to leverage our distribution network and which, we believe, optimises the performance, cost and efficiency of their supply chains, shortening their lead-time to market. We offer our customers services in three key areas: Contract Logistics : warehousing, distribution and other value-added services Express Logistics : point-to-point, less-than truck-load, time-definite transportation services Temperature-Controlled Logistics : cold-chain warehousing, transportation solutions and long-haul distribution of perishable products.
Perishable Goods
Pastor Gary Cavalier
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Ethics air freight: food, flowers, carbon offsetting: Future food industry speaker. Futurist keynote
http://www.globalchange.com Ethics of air freight of food and flowers -- and carbon offsetting. Future of food industry and food speaker - food industry keynote. Ethics of air freight of food and flowers -- and carbon offsetting. Ethics of air freight of flowers, food and other perishable products. Air miles in food transportation. Kenya daffodils flying to Europe. Ethical global trade. Consumer groups, activist groups, fare trade and global justice for poor farmers. Carbon footprint from global food transport using aviation / planes / air freight. Reducing carbon emissions in food production and distribution. Campaign for local sourcing of fruit, vegetables, meat. Shipping efficiencies and low costs. Competitive advantage of food factories close to sea ports. Using empty containers. China waste processing from EU. Shipping efficiencies in globalised trade of products. Growth of container freight and container ports. Logistics planning. Carbon offsets of all freight, logistics and distribution costs. Why offsetting works. KLM and Air France carbon offset for growth in air traffic. Carbon offsetting by Eurostar. Carbon offsetting by courier companies. How carbon offsetting works. Business management video by keynote conference speaker Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist and author of 12 books on global trends including Futurewise and Building a Better Business. Sustainability -- global warming. Huge pressures on every business to change and global warming greatest new business opportunities for 20 years. $40 trillion of new business and why business will provide the answers to global warming. Business be at heart of global warming action. Logistics, distribution, transport energy savings and global warming. Petrochemical industry example of logistics and transportation inefficiencies. Urgent need for product exchanges to save cost and carbon emissions. Save 100 million km a year of truck driving in EU each year. Future of logistics and supply chain management. Future of national post offices and postal service monopolies. DHL, Fedex and UPS global competition for just-in-time courier services. Growth of air freight, alternative delivery services. Deregulation of delivery services. Distribution and supplies of components, raw materials and finished products. Package and parcel RFID tracking technologies and RFID controversy. Road, rail, air and shipping comparative costs. Inflation and outsourcing. Overnight delivery and same day delivery services -- growing demand. Pharmacies and garages lead way. Integration of EPOS data. Planning security of supplies and risk management. Online tracking and tracing of products. Integration into global supply chain, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, warehouses, retail. How technology reduce costs in distribution. Last mile. Home delivery, office and factory delivery. global warming, climate change, co2, carbon footprint, food, flowers, air transport, aviation, planes, offset, energy saving, fuel, Logistics, supply chain, management, wholesale, retail, transportation, distribution, supplies, freight, courier, tracking, dhl, deutsche post, fedex, ups, manufacturing, post offices, monopoly, integration, software, data
IoT and Progress Smart Logistics Technical Solution
Explore the exciting possibilities offered by a strategic application like Progress in harmony with digital megatrends such as IoT, Machine Learning, Robotics and Blockchain to script the story of tomorrow’s ‘Smart Supply Chain’. Customer got trucks carrying sensitive, perishable goods such as tissue samples, drugs, food items that need to be maintained within specified temperature ranges (Deep-Freeze, Frozen, Chilled etc.) along with live location tracking without fail – otherwise the delivery contract between the supplier and the customer can potentially turn null and void – also, do remember that things can go wrong due to outside temperature fluctuation as the truck traverses through diverse terrain of landscapes and climatic conditions and you need near real-time mechanisms to adopt timely remediation measures.
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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Perishable Logistics
www.hellmann.com // Whether flowers or food – from origin to destination, we stand by your side – everything you need from one single source. We are your one-stop provider of reliable logistics services for perishable products. Our employees worldwide are specially trained in handling your fresh products and providing highly professional service in our state-of-the-art logistics facilities.
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Asia Cold Chain Show 2018
Asia Cold Chain Show (ACCS) a focused exhibition & conference on Cold Chain, Cold Logistics, Cold Transport, Cold Storages, Material Handling & Cold Supply Chain sectors. The exhibition will give you chance to meet end-user industry professionals face-to-face. The event is an annual meeting place for cold chain industry stakeholders from domestic & international markets. Asia Cold Chain Show features every aspect of the cold supply chain industry which includes from designing, building and maintaining cold storage to the temperature controlled transport and distribution of the perishable goods. Visitor includes cold storage owners, sea food, frozen food, dairy products, ice-cream, pharmaceutical, retail, poultry, meat products, fruits & vegetables exporters and other users of the cold chain technologies. Asia Cold Chain Show 2019 will be held during 13-15 November 2019 at BITEC ,Bangkok, Thailand. Contact Details Contact person: Mr. Pasin Chantaratim Email : [email protected] Mobile: +66-646817025 , +662-103-4863 Website: www.AsiaColdChainShow.com
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Verigo Mobile App - Remote Start Feature
www.verigo.io - Verigo is on a mission to reduce supply chain abuse and help keep the products you rely on safe. We bring visibility, accountability, and traceability to sensitive and perishable products throughout the supply chain. Music: www.bensound.com
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