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Safe-Sea sunscreen Box Jellyfish test Waikiki
Drag live jellyfish across safe sea on upper arm
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How to protects against Jellyfish and Sea lice stings - BBC Tomorrows World
Israel Cosmedics.com represent Safe Sea Sting Protection Lotion. An Israeli innovation that protects against jellyfish stings, sea lice, fire coral, sea nettle and more. Perfect for divers and surfers.
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Safe Sea dual protection - How does it work?
The technology behind Safe Sea sunscreen with jellyfish sting protection. http://oceanline.asia/newsite/safe-sea-how-it-works/
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How does Safe Sea® protect you from jellyfish?
Safe Sea® sunscreen causes tentacles to slide off the human skin and also blocks the stinging cells' sensors, preventing the release of poison.
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Safe Sea Anti jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion   Sunscreen   Sunblock   Sea Lice   Jelly Fish SPF50
Safe Sea Anti jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion Sunscreen Sunblock Sea Lice Jelly Fish SPF50
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Jellyfish Sting Prevention
Safe Sea™ is a unique lotion that prevents jellyfish and sea lice stings, developed by Nidaria Technology Ltd. This Flash animation film explains how do the Safe Sea™ lotion works. http://www.nidaria.com/
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Safe Sea on Discovery News, Jellyfish Protection from Nidaria
Safe Sea, world's only protection from sun and jellyfish.
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Discovery NEWS on Safe Sea Jellyfish Protective Sunscreen
Discovery NEWS on Safe Sea Jellyfish Protective Sunscreen
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Tweak your performance by avoding stings and burns, buy Safe Sea
Safe Sea is a jellyfish sting protective lotion that also contains sunshield and an excellent bodyglide. The lotion is a great moisturizer and helps your skin to manage salt, wind and sun with help of plancton extract, several anti-ageing substaces and vitamin B and E Read nmore at http://swimalong.eu/tweak-your-performance/
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The sunscreen which is hard to be bitten by a jellyfish "SAFE SEA" - MANEUVERLINE INC.
The sunscreen which is hard to be bitten by a jellyfish "SAFE SEA" - MANEUVERLINE INC. For more details please visit http://iexpo.tv. Turn captions on for Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Espanol, Portuguese.
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Gizella Pulido swim with jellyfish, protected by Safe Sea, Jellyfish Protection from Nidaria
Safe Sea, world's only protection from sun and jellyfish.
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Safe Sea Anti jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion   Sunscreen   Sunblock   Sea Lice   Jelly Fish SPF50
Safe Sea Anti jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion Sunscreen Sunblock Sea Lice Jelly Fish SPF50
Jellyfish Sting (bite) - Treatment of the pain
Sent by Enviado por " CONSULTORIO MÉDICO JAVIER FLORES BUISSON " MÁNCORA- PERÚ... URL: http://consultoriomedicofloresmancora.es.tl/ ... With coordination with "Punta Pacífico Bungalows - Máncora- Perú"- http://mancorapuntapacifico.es.tl 1.Stay Safe. As always, safety is the most important step. Jellyfish tentacles (nematocysts) may still be on the skin. Follow universal precautions and wear personal protective equipment if available. If the species is known to be box jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri) or Irukandji (Carukia barnesi), get emergency medical help immediately. For box jellyfish stings, vinegar may help (see tips). 2.Rinse the tentacles off. Rinse away the tentacles using hot water if possible (see step 5 for how hot). If heated water isn't available, use salt water rather than fresh. Fresh water may worsen the stinging pain. 3.Peel off the tentacles. Remove any remaining tentacles with a gloved hand, stick, shell or tweezers. Be careful not to get the tentacles on yourself or on clothing. 4.Watch for anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can result in: •itching •hives •shortness of breath •wheezing •tightening of the throat •flushed skin •weakness •dizziness Anaphylaxis can also cause a drop in blood pressure known as anaphylactic shock. 5.Immerse the stung area in hot water. How hot is hot? There isn't too much evidence that water under 102 degrees is going to help much, and a lot of evidence that water over 122 degrees is extremely effective. Since it's unlikely you'll have a way to truly gauge the temperature of water in a shower or a hot bath, the general rule is to have the victim either shower or immerse the sting in the hottest water he or she can stand. Work up to the heat and be careful not to scald (burn) the victim. 6.Ibuprofen and acetaminophen will help relieve pain. Ice or heat may also help. Mild itching may be helped with diphenhydramine. Tips: 1.The Portuguese or Pacific man-of-war and the bluebottle are technically not jellyfish, but treatment is the same. Remove all tentacles from the sting site and rinse thoroughly, preferably with hot water. Watch for confusion, chest pain, and weakness. Always seek emergency medical treatment for these. Man-of-war stings can be very serious. 2.Urine will not work on a jellyfish sting. Some victims have reported pain relief, but urine does not always have enough acid to neutralize the venom. Use hot water. 3.Plain white distilled vinegar (acetic acid) like you would find in your kitchen has long been the standard first aid treatment for jellyfish stings. Its use has become controversial in the last few years and several studies leave us questioning whether vinegar really works. Vinegar is still recommended for use on box jellyfish stings, so if it's available, I'd give it a try.
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Sun Safe, Sea Safe
Use the Ohm Collection Sun Safe - Safe for the Marine Life
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CNN HeadLine News on Safe Sea Jellyfish Protective Sunscreen
CNN HeadLine News on Safe Sea Jellyfish Protective Sunscreen http://oceanline.asia/newsite/cnn-headlines/
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Safe Sea   How it Works
Safe Sea Sunscreen with jellyfish sting protection. World's only dual protection from sun and jellyfish. Here is how it works. See more on www.oceanline.asia
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Safe Sea Anti jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion   Sunscreen   Sunblock   Sea Lice   Jelly Fish SPF50
Safe Sea Anti jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion Sunscreen Sunblock Sea Lice Jelly Fish SPF50
Safe Sea on CNN Headline News, Jellyfish Protection from Nidaria
Safe Sea, world's only protection from sun and jellyfish.
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Lifesystems Active Suncream - Anti Jellyfish
We all need suncream when we’re travelling as well as protection from various stings and bites. The Lifesystems active suncream is perfect for both; it provides broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB and prevents jellyfish stings. The cream is water resistant making it perfect to use in the sea or pool, and the cream contains an anti-jellyfish formula to help prevent stings. Or formula offers 5-star UVA protection, is dermatologically tested and available in SPF 40 AND SPF 25. Shop the SPF 40 Active Suncream today: https://www.lifesystems.co.uk/products/sun-protection/active-spf-40-suncream Shop the SPF 25 Active Suncream today: https://www.lifesystems.co.uk/products/sun-protection/active-spf-25-suncream
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Safe Sea
Llegada del Regalo de SafeSea por el sorteo de Twitter.
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Protection Against JELLYFISH! Medusol is the Solution...
Double Protection, 2 in 1, SunScreen with Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion... Protection 30 UVA, UVB + Jellyfish... If you want to have contact with the producer send me a email.
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ABC NEWS on Safe Sea Jellyfish Protective Sunscreen
ABC NEWS on Safe Sea Jellyfish Protective Sunscreen http://oceanline.asia/newsite/abc-news-on-safe-sea/
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Safe Sea™ Anti-Jellyfish Lotion at work 2017
Safe Sea™ Anti-Jellyfish Lotion at work 2017
Surfing With Safe Sea | Safe Sea™ Anti-Jellyfish Lotion 2017
Surfing With Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen 2017
Safe Sea keep ocean lover in the water and out of agony
Jellyfish sting protection www.nidaria.com
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Safe Sea - Memories
Don't let a painful sting ruin your trip to the beach. Protect yourself with Safe Sea® sunscreen. What memories will you bring home?
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Safe Sea technology presentation
Safe Sea, the only dual protection from sun & jellyfish. How doe's it work
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Safe Sea Sunscreen | anti jellyfish lotion | sunblock | 2018 | repllent
Safe Sea Sunscreen | Lotion | Sunblock | On Sale : http://www.safesea.store http://www.safesea-shop.com
Demostración con Safe Sea
En este video, podemos ver a Hugana, luego de ponerse el producto, introducir la mano y el brazo en la pecera donde se encuentra la medusa, para demostrar a las personas que se encuentran mirando, que con el producto puesto la medusa no pica. Gracias Hugana!
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How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting.
Welcome to the official "Howto & DiY" Channel on Youtube. Subscribe to our Channel and Watch your Favorite "Healthy" & "Beauty" Tips as much as you wish!►►https://bit.ly/2CdDHS5 How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting. The good news is that jellyfish stings are rarely life-threatening.[1] The bad news is that, when a jellyfish stings you, they release thousands of extremely small barbs that hook into your skin and release venom. Most of the time, this venom will cause slight discomfort or a painful red rash. In rare cases, jellyfish venom can result in illness throughout the body. If you or someone you know had the misfortune of being stung by a jellyfish, quick and decisive action will help you. vinegar. The ethanoic acid in vinegar works to decrease envenomation by the nematocysts on the skin, stop the firing of un-discharged nematocysts. It additionally decreases the inflammation and pain ensuing from envenomation by the nematocysts. Douse the afflicted piece with vinegar to permit its acidic properties to alleviate the pain and stop the discharge of extra venom. Baking Soda. There is still sufficient proof and accord that sodium bicarbonate was useful in preventing any ruptures of the nematocysts of many jellyfish species. Hence, when remotion the wound with ocean water and removing the tentacles, apply associate ice pack to the wound and so apply a paste of salt water and sodium bicarbonate. when permitting the paste to sit down for many minutes, rinse it off with salt water. Ice Packs. Ice packs may be used for pain relief for stings caused by the Irukandji Jellyfish, however hospitalization continues to be suggested because of the potential morbidity of its venom. To use this remedy, merely place associate icepack onto your infected skin space to alleviate the inflammation and to numb the pain. Chamomile cream. Chamomile may be a member of the flower family and has been shown in studies to be medication and to manage response and what’s a lot of, to be as effective as adrenal cortical steroid, the most active ingredient in topical steroid creams. It are often used for a large vary of inflammatory skin conditions and additionally applied to appease the pain and inflammation from jellyfish stings. Aloe Vera. It soothes the skin and reduces itchiness on the injured space. Apply the gel extracted from aloe leaves on the affected areas. Leave it's for few hours. Have a Fun ;-) If you like it then don't forget to "Thumbs Up" Check out my channel for the latest Healthy Tips .. Subscribe to my 2nd channel About Life Hacks & Creative videos►►https://bit.ly/2LOaePL Google+ ►►https://bit.ly/2pYOgRK Twitter ►► https://bit.ly/2J4w6Xn
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Safe sea
De nos jours, les océans sont recouverts de plastique. La faune marine, les plages sont touchées par ce phénomène de pollution grandissant. Selon Plos One, en 2014, l'océan était recouvert de 268 940 tonnes de déchets plastiques. Ce problème nous concerne tous, et on se doit de trouver une solution pour remédier à cela. Une problématique se profile alors: Comment sauver les océans, et les préserver pour notre intérêt ainsi que pour les générations futures? Nous avons LA solution : SAFE SEA, le catamaran autonome et dépollueur !
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Safe Sea Media
תיאורTV reports
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Safe Sea on ABC Australian, Jellyfish Protection from Nidaria
Safe Sea, world's only protection from sun and jellyfish.
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How does a jellyfish sting? - Neosha S Kashef
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-does-a-jellyfish-sting-neosha-s-kashef You’re swimming in the ocean when something brushes your leg. When the tingling sets in, you realize you’ve been stung by a jellyfish. How do these beautiful gelatinous creatures pack such a painful punch? Neosha S Kashef details the science behind the sting. Lesson by Neosha S Kashef, animation by Cinematic.
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True beauties - Lionsmane jellyfish, brännmanet, brandmand
Safe sea is a jellyfish sting protective lotion. Safe sea skyddar dig från att bli bränd av brännmaneter. http://swimalong.se http://swimalong.dk http://swimalong.eu
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Safe Sea Promotional Video USA
Safe Sea Promo Video USA thanks to uploader getsafesea
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Safesea Technology
How does Safe Sea lotion work? Safe Sea sunscreen protects from jellyfish stings in multiple ways: Safe Sea lotion works by inactivating the stinging cells in several biochemical sites. read more on https://safesea-international.com
Safe Sea on WPBF Florida , Jellyfish Protection from Nidaria
Safe Sea, world's only protection from sun and jellyfish.
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Etelium chantier Bretagne Sud et kenkiz marine
Hillary Biscay, Ultraman World Champion, on Safe Sea
Safe Sea is a combination sunscreen and jellyfish sting prevention lotion.
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Jellyfish suncream
Tomorrow's world article on the development of a jellyfish repellent in a suncream
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Finding the Balance - an open water swim at my own backyard
An open water swim at my own backyard., marevllous weather, hardly no jellyfishes. Using Safe Sea jellyfish sting protective lotion anyhow. I want to relax and find the balance in life - the lotion helps me. This is my first "project" with a underwater camera. I was alone just enjoying each moment
World Record 2013 Open Ocean Swim
Swimming 228 miles in the ocean - dual protected by Safe Sea Sunscreen with Jellyfish Sting Protection http://oceanline.asia/newsite/2013-world-record-2/
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Jellyfish Box jellyfish safe swimming. Boomswim portable inflatable Sea Pool. Protected by HDPE net.
Inflatable Sea pool from Boomswim for full jellyfish stinger , Box jellyfish protection in minutes. Very portable and light enough to throw off the back of your boats transom or jetty deck. Ideal for controlling the swimming area of children and the inflatable booms fully support human weight. The netting is made from HDPE and knotless so cannot tangle.
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Jallyfish sting
Activation of Marine Stinger: Stimulants from the skin initiate discharge process. Read more on safe sea international at https://safesea-international.com looking for sunscreen & jellyfish protection? you can find it in https://safesea-international.com/collections/all

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