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The Magic Roundabout (Uk 2005)
A group of friends embark on a dangerous journey in an effort to imprison their oppressor -- the evil wizard ZeeBad.
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A 1970's edition of the seminal Children's TV show "The Magic Roundabout" written and voiced by the unique Eric Thompson. Why this isn't repeated or released on DVD is beyond me. Classic stuff!!!
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP64 - Dougal the Helpful Helper
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP64 - Dougal the Helpful Helper Dougal is more of a hindrance than a help to Florence when doing the housework. Florence tells him he’s not much good at housework and Dougal feels Guilty about this and to make amends decides to help everyone in the Enchanted Garden – with devastating results. He ruins Ermintrude’s washing, wrecks Mr. Grimsdale’s shop, messes up Brian’s gravel collection and varnishes Dylan to his deck. Dougal is terribly depressed by all of this, so Florence and Zebedee come up with a ploy to make Dougal feel better about himself. And it’s time to party!
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP93 -  Train Gets Lost
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP93 - Train Gets Lost Train’s heating system is not too good and he’s liable to overheat on his next journey. Mr. Rusty fills his tank with water and sends him off, thinking he will be okay. But he’s not! Not only does his tank overheat and make him stop, but he gets lost in the mist. The Enchanted Garden team are very worried. Where is train? Suddenly they hear him coming towards them very fast and out of control. Mr. Grimsdale jumps onto train, and with a little help from Zebedee closes down train’s water valve just in time. Mr. Rusty fits a new cooling system and all is well once again. And it’s time to party!
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP69 - The Rabbit, the Dog and the Wardrobe
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP69 - The Rabbit, the Dog and the Wardrobe When a brightly decorated wardrobe appears in the village, its ‘special’ qualities has everyone in a spin. First Dylan, then Dougal, then Ermintrude find themselves in the wardrobe and transported to a variety of places. Dougal appears in Ermintrude’s boudoir and when Ermintrude goes through in pursuit of Dougal, she finds herself smack in the middle of Brian’s gravel collection! The puzzling wardrobe continues to confound everyone, until Florence puts two and two together and realises it was another of Zebedee’s pranks! Mr Grimsdale arrives with some pies and its time to party!
Kylie Minogue:The Magic Roundabout(Full Title Track Video)
Hi Everyone, This is the title track to the Magic Roundabout/Doogal movie, performed by Kylie Minogue. This video is an extension of the original trailer where the song was first heard
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Magic Roundabout - Theme song
this is OST of the Movie Magic roundabout.
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The Magic Roundabout 1/4
Opening to The Magic Roundabout Disc One UK DVD (2005)
00:01 - Not for Rental Notice 00:12 - Pathé Logo 00:27 - DVD Menu 01:15 - Pathé logo (with opening music) 01:27 - Action Synthese Studio Logo
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Opening To The Magic Roundabout 2005 UK DVD (Puppet Version)
Here's All of The Puppets: Red Bird Grandma Minion Moustache Pig Kermit The Frog Cat In The Hat Winnie The Pooh Here's The Order of The Opening: 1. Not For Rental Screen 2. PathE Logo 3. DVD Menu PathE Logo (Again) 4. Studio Action Synthese Logo
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The Magical Roundabout Ride
Me and Brandon, one of my Friend's little twin boy's take a ride on the magic roundabout.
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Welcome to the official channel of The Magic Roundabout ! The Enchanted Village is a happy place ruled by Zebedee, the mischievous wizard who just loves to play tricks on the villagers. Here kids find plucky young Florence, her dog, Dougal and all their friends: the opera-singing cow Ermintrude, beatnik rabbit Dylan, and Brian the snail, a sleepy sort who has a major crush on Ermintrude ! Every week find a new episode of the Enchanted Village ! © Films Action, Action Synthèse, Ellipsanime Productions, Play Production.
The Magical Roundabout Kylie Minogue
Song by Kylie featured on the soundtrack to the animated film, Doogal.
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THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - 1 hour - Compilation #1
THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - 1 hour - Compilation #1 EP53 - Sweet Memories 00:00 EP54 - Snails Alive! 12:42 EP55 - The Magic Lamp 25:22 EP56 - The Phantom House Thief 38:32 EP57 - Mr. Grimsdale's Holiday 51:42
The Magic Roundabout, 2005
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♪♫ The Magic Roundabout Song - 'Magic' by Pilot ♫♪
People seem to find it hard to find this song, because the Selena Gomez version. So i made this video.... Title gives more info than the Description :P Well, anyway, Enjoy!
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP68 - Fly on the Wall
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP68 - Fly on the Wall It’s a beautiful day in the village. Dougal and Fly decide to make a film of the Enchanted Garden and its inhabitants for Florence. Dougal gets a movie camera From Mr. Grimsdale and camouflages it to look like a painted box, which sits on the top of his head. Dougal tires to film everyone in secret, starting with Brian. Brian discovers what Dougal is doing and then tells Mr. McHenerey, and the secret is out. No one acts normally in front of the camera, and Dougal gets extremely fed up and admits to Florence that the whole idea is a complete flop. Help is at hand in the shape of Zebedee, who has been making his own secret film, and it’s time to party.
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP54 -  Snails Alive!
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP54 - Snails Alive! Florence is reading a book about a handsome prince who turns into a frog, and only the kiss from a fair damsel, pure of heart and kid of nature will turn him back into a Prince. Dougal doesn’t believe in fairy stories. Piffle and nonsense he says. Zebedee hears this and decides to take charge, and magics Dougal into looking like Brian, except that his voice is still the same. Confusion reigns in the Enchanted Garden. A snail that looks like Brian but says he is a dog and speaks with Dougal’s voice! Dougal tries to get help from Ermintrude, Dylan, and Brian, but finally realises he will need the kiss of a young damsel to turn him back to himself again, and is even more horrified when Ermintrude offers to give him that kiss. Dougal finally gets home, and when Florence discovers what has happened she gently kisses the snail shell and, as if by magic, Dougal is Dougal once more. And it’s time to party!
See How an Insane 7-Circle Roundabout Actually Works | WIRED
Your first thought upon seeing Swindon's 'magic roundabout' might be: man, the Brits have really lost the plot lately. But this thing—which is actually seven roundabouts in one—has been working for 60 years. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. See How an Insane 7-Circle Roundabout Actually Works | WIRED
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP102 - Dougal's See-saw Ride
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP102 - Dougal's See-saw Ride Florence asks Mr. Grimsdale to make a see saw as a surprise for Basil and Coral. Dougal is horrified at the thought that it might be placed over his bone patch. After checking that the offending item is not on the patch, he creeps on it and walks up and down. Zebedee appears, bounced on the other side and sends Dougal flying into the air, landing in a bale of hay, where he is stuck. Everyone is looking for Dougal, but it’s Mr. Grimsdale who finds him and takes him back to Florence’s house. The children are Delighted to see Dougal and delighted with their new plaything. Dougal declines to have another go, scared that he’ll go flying Again. And it’s time to party!
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP82 - The Snail with the Golden Shell
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP82 - The Snail with the Golden Shell Brian is working out to keep fit, but still feels he is a really boring snail. He wishes for an outstanding feature, and Zebedee obliges by providing him with a Golden Snail shell. Everyone falls in love with Brian, and Dougal actually exploits him by charging for his photograph and putting him on exhibition. Brian Loves it for a time, but soon realises that people only want to be with him because of his Golden Shell. Realising that being so attractive is not as glamorous as he thought it would be, he longs to go back to being just plain old Brian. Of course, Zebedee does his magic and the old Brian is back. And it’s time to party!
Harvey Weinstein's DOOGAL Review (@RebelTaxi) The 8th WORST Cartoon Ever
DOOGAL The Magic Roundabout Support the Show: https://www.patreon.com/rebeltaxi Follow Me http://pan-pizza.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/RebelTaxi https://www.facebook.com/panpizza RebelTaxi SHIRT SHOP: http://shrsl.com/?~84xd RebelTaxi MERCH SHOP http://www.redbubble.com/people/rebeltaxi/portfolio My Art http://panpizzaart.tumblr.com/ PO BOX: http://pan-pizza.tumblr.com/private/148852481425/tumblr_obtfscTCv81qbs05g LET'S PLAY Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RTMegaDrive LOKI IRL my WebComic http://lokiirl.tumblr.com/private/127178118183/tumblr_nswwna2Dv91s7gm1g _ Deviant Art Fan Club http://thepanpizzafanclub.deviantart.com/ RebelTaxi Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/RebelTaxi/ Fan Junk Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1kDv7b5go5t_bT5HhPCKadbLiHMVHTpj
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Magic roundabout Christmas episode
An episode of the magic roundabout about Christmas
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"Jambareeqi Reviews" - The Magic Roundabout
Season 6, Episode 77 I review the CGI reboot of a classic stop motion TV show. Featuring the special guest voice of internet reviewer Guru Larry. https://www.facebook.com/Jambareeqi https://www.twitter.com/Jambareeqi
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Magic Roundabout YouTube Poop: It's been a harrowing day...
FYI, this is going to be a once in a while thing for me. Just something when either I'm not working on a regular Preschool Guy episode or when I have some free time. With that said, LET THE VICTIMS BEGIN! :3
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Zebedee (The Magic Roundabout) turn around
This is one of the characters that will be in my upcoming animation.
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The Magic Roundabout - The Caravan
A special request from Dalek 44
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP55 -  The Magic Lamp
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP55 - The Magic Lamp Florence sends Dougal out with invitations for everyone in the Enchanted Garden to come for a tea party. Meantime, Zebedee hits upon some mischief and plants a talking Magic Lamp in Brian’s gravel patch. Brian doesn’t want it the lamp and throws it away. It bounces off Dougal’s head and is taken by Ermintrude as an ornament for her bedroom. Only when it’s gone does Dougal realise that the lamp actually talked…that it was magic… that it could give him three wishes! Dougal tries to get it back from Ermintrude, but is unaware that she’s given the lamp to Dylan. Dougal sends Ermintrude off on a wild goose chase and then searches her house for the lamp, but gets caught red handed by Ermintrude. Dougal then sees the lamp next to the sleeping Dylan and runs off with it. Everyone congregates back at Florence’s house and tell Florence exactly what Dougal has been getting up to. Florence is not happy with Dougal, and he finally admits that he wanted the lamp for himself, he’s been very greedy – and he wishes everything was back to normal again. Zebedee obliges with a bit of magic, and it’s time to party!
'Florence's Sad Song'' from Dougal and the Blue Cat (Magic Roundabout)
This song is from the film version of 'Dougal and the Blue Cat'. Credited to 'Eric Thompson and his friends'. 1972 Copied from the vinyl version you see in the clip. Enjoy!
Return of the magic roundabout
Everyones dreams come at once.
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magic roundabout #2 dougals day off
well you asked for it, and here it is. im not sure if its something to brag about but i managed to squeeze in references to sex, drugs and bad language all into 2 minutes. ahh the good old days....
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IQ - The Magic Roundabout
Lyrics: Stop your tears from hiding, See them mesmerise your skin, It's all that I can do to keep away from going in, I fed the ghost of plenty as the perfume turned to grey, If life is still worth living, how come I feel afraid? One day, some day, I will take from the air, The only way out, I can't deny the honesty, I want to stay but it's more than me I'm losing all the reason, keep forgetting what I've said, Oh I try to bring it closer but there's nothing in my head, [Más Letras en http://es.mp3lyrics.org/6Bx] I don't believe in ever and I don't believe in now, If life is still worth living, how come I feel alone? Suddenly, if it comes then I'm gone Whey don't you talk to me, see I'm not your enemy? I am right by your side, I want to stay but it's more than me. Each time you go down, don't forget to remember Everything is easy, most of all believing, It will take you over, it will bring you down, It's hidden in the language, it's in the words I say (I say so)
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The Magic Roundabout Theme Tune on Loop
This video is about The Magic Roundabout Theme Tune on Loop
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The Magic Roundabout - Cy Payne
Cy Payne's version of the theme from The Magic Roundabout taken from the Children's TV Themes album released in the 1970's when the BBC was great!
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The magic roundabout
got bored one sunny afternoon =D Song: The magic roundabout Sung by: Kylie Minogue Staring: Cazza (DoodleBugProduckies) Elise (actuallyellie) Molly & Connie =) enjoy!!
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Magic Roundabout theme tune
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The Magic Roundabout - and how to survive it
Three Italians in Swindon, UK
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The Magic Roundabout Intro TV Series
The Magic Roundabout TV Show - Intro.
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP74 -  The Magic Pie
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP74 - The Magic Pie When a pesky fly takes revenge on Dougal for chasing him away and dives into a freshly baked pie, he gets stuck under the crust, having eaten too much. When Dougal goes to take a bite, the quick-thinking fly pretends it’s a magic talking pie, which can grant wishes. With Zebedee in on the mischief, the fly gets everyone believing it’s really a magic pie, and is only discovered when Dylan and Dougal try to wrestle the pie from each other’s clutches. The fly is freed and everyone realises they’ve been had! Dougal is most upset that he is ‘pie-less’, but when Mr Grimsdale arrives with a surprise of a tray of pies, Dougal is relieved, and its time to party.
Dalek44 - The Magic Roundabout
Today we take a look a one of the few movies based on a nostalgic show that had actual effort put into it and has Doctor Who as the villain. What could be better than that? Anyone who wants to see the 1960's classic show get a well deserved DVD release sign this petition: https://www.change.org/p/release-the-1960s-classic-the-magic-roundabout-on-dvd
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The Magic Roundabout 3 of 4
Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
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The Magic Roundabout
Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy The Magic Roundabout · IQ The Wake ℗ 1994 GEP Released on: 2007-08-27 Auto-generated by YouTube.
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The magic roundabout intro 2005
via YouTube Capture
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Opening to The Magic Roundabout 2005 UK DVD
It's in early stages animation Originally The Magic Roundabout 2003 actors, Justin Long as Doogal (UK) and Michael J. Fox as Doogal (US), Ben Stiller as Florence (UK), and Al Pacino as Florence (US), Patrick Stewart (UK) and (US) as Zebedee, Leslie Nielsen as Zeebad (UK) and Christopher Walken as Zeebad (US) Robert De Niro as Soldier Sam (UK) and James Woods as Soldier Sam (US), Bette Midler as Ermintrude (UK) and Geena Davis as Ermintrude (US) Kevin Spacey as Dylan (UK) and Johnny Depp as Dylan (US). Here's the Order: 1. Not For Rental 2. Pathe logo 3. DVD Menu 4. Pathe logo 5. ActionSynthese Studio logo
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP87 - Pretty Bubbles in the Air
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP87 - Pretty Bubbles in the Air Mr. McHenry is creating a work of art – out of soap. Convinced it’s going to be a statue of him, Dougal goes around the village purloining soap to give to Mr. Rusty. Everyone wonders what has happened to their soap. Dougal is horrified when he sees that the finished statue is not of himself. Florence confronts Dougal about the missing soap, so Dougal tries to retrieve some from the statue, but all he succeeds in doing is to cause millions of bubbles to float everywhere in the Enchanted Garden. Dougal is horrified when it turns out that the statue is of Zebedee. And it’s time to party!

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