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Usability Testing Tips & Tools: Powerful UX Research Method
ProjectUX creator and UX Researcher Rob Andrews breaks down the process of usability testing with some specific tips and tools to help you with this powerful UX method of user research. Topics include: How to do a simple usability test (1:07) The importance of building rapport (1:44) Test the product, not the user (2:29) Initial Impressions (3:49) Expectancy test (5:21) Tasks and Scenarios (6:26) Optimal length and number of tests (8:03) Rating the tasks (9:34) Tools for recording the session (10:34) Different settings for usability tests (12:09) Steve Krug and usability test script (13:28) Get out there and learn (14:06) Support us on Patroen for a chance to win a free UX book: http://patreon.com/projectux Links mentioned in video: OBS - https://obsproject.com/download Zoom - https://zoom.us/ Handbrake - https://handbrake.fr/ Rocket Surgey Made Easy: http://amzn.to/2BjAMZ3 Steve Krug's usability script: https://www.sensible.com/downloads/test-script.pdf Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/projectuxtv http://twitter.com/digitalrobert Special shoutout to our sponsors: Dev Mountain offering UX bootcamps in Dallas, TX: http://devmountain.com Big Design conference in Dallas, TX - http://bigdesignevents.com Loop11, a robust online user-testing platform: http://loop11.com http://projectux.tv
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Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing with Steve Krug
We at Optimal Workshop were extremely lucky to have the one and only Steve Krug at our HQ for a presentation recently. Running through tips for better usability testing and why it’s so important, Steve’s “Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing” session sold out within minutes and was a delight for all.
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Usability testing - Software Testing Tutorial
Software Testing and Automation LIVE Online Training @ http://www.softwaretestinghelp.org/ Posted Under: "Usability testing", "website usability testing", "usability testing tools", "usability testing methods", "usability testing software", "usability testing definition", "what is usability testing", "web usability testing", "usability test", "usability tests", "usability testing in software testing", "usability testing questions", "online usability testing", "usability testing checklist", "software usability testing", "usability testing jobs", "usability testing for websites", "user experience", "website usability", "usability testing website", "user interface design", "types of usability testing", "usability testing services", "usability testing online", "usability test questions", "user acceptance testing", "usability testing examples", "useability", "usability testing tool", "user experience design"
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Make $60 Per Hour Just By Testing Websites Online (Easy Method)
► GET YOUR FREE COURSE HERE ◄ http://andyhafell.com/Free-Beginner-Course Make $60 Per Hour Just By Testing Websites Online (Easy Method) Today i'm showing you how to make 60 dollars per hour, just by testing websites online. It's an absolute great method to make money online. Usertesting link: https://www.usertesting.com/ ► FOLLOW ME ◄ • Instagram: http://bit.ly/2nkLKpD • Twitter: http://bit.ly/2mpi99v • Pinterest: http://bit.ly/2n74mcf
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3 Websites That Will Pay You $20-$30 an Hour (WEBSITE TESTING)
How To Make $200K a Year Here ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_0SwC9Q3o8&t=14s SUBSCRIBE TO US HERE ► http://bit.ly/SubscribeHereJayBrown What's going on my friend glad that you stopped by! In this video I'm going to show you 3 Websites That Will Pay You $20-$30 an Hour website testing from home, or testing website online. If testing websites for money something you want to do this can be great, there is a great a bit of time you have to put into it but you can make pretty decent money doing it. Also get paid to test apps Some of the programs I'm going to show you in this video require a computer to make money testing websites, but there's one that only require a smartphone, iPhone or Android. To get the full scoop on what you're going to be doing make sure you watch the above video but in a nutshell you're just going to be website performance testing. Website testing for money is a great way to make money online. Check out my number one recommendation on how to make money online or work-from-home here ► http://6figuresormore.com If you liked this video on website testing jobs and get paid to test websites then don't forget to subscribe for future videos, because I upload free ways to earn money online weekly. Subscribe here. http://bit.ly/SubscribeHereJayBrown Website usability testing - The three companies mentioned in this video are called Analysia, UserTesting, and Feature Points where you can make money testing apps.
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UserZoom Product Demo: Online Usability Testing
With UserZoom's Online Usability Testing Tool, you can test hundreds of users while saving time, money, and your sanity! UserZoom has created a user-friendly task-based testing platform to guide users through a task (or tasks) that you design! For more information and to see more videos, visit http://www.userzoom.com/products Follow us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/userzoom Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/userzoom Follow us on Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/userzoom
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Usability Testing einfach gemacht mit Userbrain
Usability Testing wird leider von den meisten Händlern vernachlässigt. Lass deine Website, deinen Online Shop oder deine Web-Anwendung von realen Usern testen und erkenne so Verbesserungspotentiale. Für deutsche Übersetzung Untertitel einschalten. Die einfache Bedienbarkeit einer Website oder eines Onlineshops ist maßgeblich entscheidend für den Erfolg. Klassisches Usability Testing ist leider oft mit einem hohen Aufwand und enormen Kosten verbunden. Um UX Testings für Jedermann zugänglich zu machen, wurde das Crowd UX Testing Tool Userbrain (https://userbrain.de) entwickelt. Userbrain ermöglicht es, die eigene Website, den eigenen Online Shop oder auch Landing Pages und Web Applikationen durch echte User auf einfache Bedienbarkeit testen zu lassen. Nach der Registrierung auf Userbrain.de ist es möglich, Aufgaben für Tester zu definieren - im Anschluss bekommt man Test als Video inkl. Sprachaufzeichnung zur Verfügung gestellt, um somit an den notwendigen Stellen die Usability zu verbessern zu können.
Usability tests with end user
Usability tests with end user.
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Usability Testing
This digital tutor walks the viewer through the design concept of Usability Testing.
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The Pros and Cons of Guerrilla Usability Testing | UX Tutorial
In this video i discuss the pros and cons of guerrilla usability testing! ____ IF YOU LIKE MY CHANNEL, HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS... 1) HIRE ME: Want me to work with your startup or business? https://bit.ly/2AybHq8 2) FREE EBOOK: "How to start a career in UX" https://bit.ly/2xuYDDE 3) FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEW: Get my thoughts on your portfolio... https://bit.ly/2KuhpxM ____ Guerrilla Testing is a form of user research that often involves asking members of the general public, in places such as coffee shops or co-working spaces to test and give feedback on your product or service a fairly improvised and un-organised way. It can be conducted in a variety of ways and often involves testing and receiving feedback on anything from sketches and paper prototypes to live websites and is generally favoured by UX teams as a ‘quick and easy’ option to get feedback. However, as with everything, there a number of advantages and disadvantages to this approach and they should be considered carefully when deciding whether it’s the right option for your project or not. Let’s jump in! PROS It’s quick Because Guerrilla Testing involves no formal organisation, it’s very quick to organise. Unlike sourcing test participants through an agency or using an online platform to run usability tests, which can take a number of days or weeks to deliver participants and results, you can pretty much decide to run Guerrilla Testing wherever and however you want. It’s cheap Guerilla Testing is also very cheap. This is because, again, unlike more formally organised testing sessions, your testers will not be required to travel to your office or give up several hours of their day to participate in a testing session, instead you will simply be asking for a little bit of their time as them as they go about their day to give you feedback on your product or service. The only real cost here is how you might compensate them for that short amount of time, if at all. You might offer to buy them a coffee as a thank you or even offer them some sort of cheap incentive such as vouchers or a discount on your product or service. It’s totally up to you. It’s random As a result of the randomness of asking strangers and members of the general public for feedback, instead of your existing user base, it’s more than likely you will be receiving fairly impartial and unbiased feedback on your product or service. Depending on the type of research you want to conduct, impartial and unbiased feedback is sometimes useful, but there can also be a drawback of the randomness of this approach, which I will discuss below. CONS It’s not focused Guerilla Testing means testing your product or service with complete strangers and people who are not guaranteed to be representative of your target audience. With that in mind it’s very difficult to be sure that the feedback and insight you receive will be at all relevant or indicative of what your actual target audience really thinks. It’s low quality Users who are familiar with taking part in usability testing sessions are more likely to give you higher quality feedback and be better at verbalising their thoughts and opinions than Joe Public. Afterall, he might be busy, might be having a bad day or might be totally unprepared when you roll up on him and ask him for 10-15 minutes of his time to give his feedback on your banking app. Conclusion There’s definite advantages and disadvantages to conducting Guerilla Testing. It’s quick and cheap, but at the same time it can yield un-focused and low quality feedback. If you are very low on budget or resources, it can be a good compromise, otherwise it is probably better to focus your efforts on more structured and organised approaches to user testing. ___ CONNECT WITH ME https://twitter.com/robertsmith_co https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertsmithco/
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UserTesting - Example of a 5 Star Test - #1
This is a great example of a 5 star test by one of our users. For a 5 star review remember to speak your thoughts out loud and follow each task carefully.
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Remote Usability Test: Online Recherche nach veganen schuhen und Shop-Besuch
Remote Usibility Test werden online von Testern durchgeführt, die von einem beliebigen Computer aus Websites besuchen und ihre Eindrücke hinsichtlich Bedienerführung und Inhalten protokollieren.
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Beispiel Usability-Test bei Rapidusertests.com
Beispiel eines Online-Usability-Tests bei rapidusertests.com
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UX Design:  Remote vs. In-Person Usability Testing
In this activity, you'll discover the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of remote and in-person usability testing.
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User Testing Process | UX Tutorial
Want to understand a simple UX User Testing process? ____ HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS... 1) HIRE ME: Want me to work with your startup or business? https://bit.ly/2AybHq8 2) FREE EBOOK: "How to start a career in UX" https://bit.ly/2xuYDDE 3) FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEW: Get my thoughts on your portfolio... https://bit.ly/2KuhpxM ____ In this video I show you a very simple process that will allow you to start testing and getting feedback on what you are building, and then how to interpret and analyse the feedback you receive. I demonstrate a simple testing process using InVision app and then record my feedback using a spreadsheet (Google Sheets). The barrier to entry for conducting remote user testing is incredibly low, so it's time to start implementing user testing and designing better products and services NOW! USER TESTING TOOLS InVision App - https://www.invisionapp.com/ Google Sheets - https://www.google.com/sheets/about/ Google Sheet Template - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vsYKR41szrXCqKcbSf4dE6c7BbRkH66Uib7vB72bUyA/edit?usp=sharing ____ MUSIC CREDIT https://soundcloud.com/uhlmann-roland/cyrron-saxy-funk-creative-commons-radio-edit-138 ____ Check out my social for more UX tips: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robertsmith.co/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/robertsmith_co
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UserZoom's Remote Unmoderated Usability Testing for Online Websites
Check out UserZoom's Remote Unmoderated Usability Testing solution for online websites
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Conducting Usability Testing - by Frank Spillers - Part 1
Enroll in for this online course at https://www.interaction-design.org/courses/conducting_usability_testing.html About the Interaction Design Foundation: https://www.interaction-design.org/about Online self-paced design courses: https://www.interaction-design.org/courses Founded in 2002, the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) specializes in education and career advancement for designers: we offer self-paced online courses on design as well as networking events in 84 countries in all major cities across the globe. Course Certificates issued by the Interaction Design Foundation are recognized by industry-leading corporations. Course Materials are developed by leading practitioners as well as by academics from top-tier universities like Stanford University, MIT.
11 Website Usability Testing Jobs: $10 In 20 Minutes
To See the full list of the best 11 website usability testing jobs visit: http://fulltimejobfromhome.com/11-website-usability-testing-jobs/ Did you know that companies will pay you to give feedback about their websites? I’ve been hearing a lot about website usability testing lately, and have even started to do some tests myself. Companies want to hear from normal people like you and me, they need our feedback on their websites which has made it possible for me to put together this list of 11 website usability testing jobs. If you’re not familiar with usability testing, basically you’ll be recorded with a webcam and be asked to complete a series of tasks on a website. This could be adding items to a shopping cart, or just finding a particular page of a website. Provide what you found difficult, what was easy, and your opinion and get paid for you’re time. I go into detail in my review of each site and in the description below each name, but most tests take 15 minutes or less and pay from $8-$12 per test. Tests are limited so these are not full time income opportunities. But if you sign up for a few you can make some decent extra income from these usability testing jobs. *** 11 Website Usability Testing Jobs *** 1)YouEye 2) Enroll 3) Anylsia 4) MyCrowd 5)User Testing 6) StartUpLift 7) Erli Bird 8) TryMyUI 9) Userlytics 10) What Users Do 11)uTest There you have it, 11 website usability testing jobs. Most of these sites are very similar, but some have a few differences with pay. Like I mentioned this is part time work because there are a limited number of tests. I recommend joining multiple sites if this seems like something you’d like to do. If you'd like to learn more or to join any of these site please visit the link above. Make sure to like, subscribe, and comment! :)
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Online shopping Usability test
Engineering psychology
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Usability Testing presented by Usability Sciences
In this video Todd Luckey, a Senior User Experience Specialist from Usability Sciences, will walk you through a typical Usability Test session.
UX: User Testing/Usability Testing for beginners
User testing and usability testing is a part of UX research. User testing is used to improve your user's experience for your product (e.g. website, app, software...). In this video I share my experience doing my very first user test and prove 5 top tips for doing a user test/usability test. Check out this awesome checklist for usability tests: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/usability-test-checklist/ Join our community, Team Relentless. Together we take action to achieve our goals: http://bit.ly/facebookgroupDYL //More Helpful Links! ♡ Free Gift: http://bit.ly/2senfZC ☼ Buy my book: http://amzn.to/2r7btDo ☼ Learn how to code online: http://bit.ly/2hBeTcd ☼ Attend Coding Bootcamp At Tech Talent South: http://bit.ly/2ofmVHP ☼ I'm on Medium! https://medium.com/@kristenleake ➜ Build a Website ☆ Website Hosting: http://bit.ly/2iAJt42 ☆ The best website templates: http://bit.ly/2iQP9dI ➜ Social Media ♡ WEBSITE: kristenleake.com ♡ LIKE ME on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristenleake2/ ♡ TWEET ME on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kristen_Leake ♡ FOLLOW ME on Instagram: https://instagram.com/Kristen_Leake ♡ TUNE IN on Periscope: Kristen_Leake ♡ SNAP ME on Snapchat: Kristen.Leake
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Usability testing
Here is a video illustrating how we carry out usability research in the labs at Amberlight.
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FIU's new Web site: Usability Tests
Last year, FIU's Web team Matt Herzberger, Fabian Alcantara and Andre Oliveira conducted usability tests with current FIU students. They asked participants to navigate FIU's site in search of something- email, financial aid, direrctory- and recorded thier reactions and often fustration. They then asked participants to do the same on another Web site. The general consensus was that the current FIU Web site is bogged down with too much information. This is one of those tests.
Domino's Pizza Website Usability Test Example
A short example clip of a usability test on the Domino's Pizza website. Usability testing reveals design problems that frustrate and confuse users, like the 2 buttons this user couldn't choose between while ordering her pizza. While website tracking metrics would show you that the user had clicked one of the buttons, you would never know that making that choice had caused so much bewilderment and hesitation before the click. This clip comes from a user testing example study comparing the Domino's Pizza web design to Pizza Hut's website design. You can read the full analysis here: http://blog.trymyui.com/2016/01/dominos-vs-pizza-hut-ux-wars/ To see a full-length user testing example video, visit http://trymyui.com/site/example See what kind of feedback your website gets at http://trymyui.com/
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Mobile Usability Testing
Using usability tests to create a better mobile experience. Find out more at: http://ow.ly/kC2ZU. Follow us on Twitter: @BBGinnovate
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Earn $10 Per Test from Usability in Hindi
Earn $10 Per Test from Usability. Go to Website: https://app.usabilityhub.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/pavytechnical LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pavytechnical NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL AND INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES I OR PAVY TECHNICAL CAN'T GUARANTEE YOU THAT YOU CAN EARN UNLIMITED MONEY FROM THIS WEBSITE. About PAVY Technical PAVY Technical is a technology-based channel. This channel makes videos on Online Earning, Computer & Information Technology, Mobile Applications, Software, Internet and Tutorials. Also, this channel upload videos on tips & tricks related to day to day life gadgets use, So make sure to subscribe PAVY Technical for daily useful tech videos.
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CoolTool NeuroLab: Website Usability test. Neuromarketing research example
CoolTool NeuroLab output for website testing: brain activity in form of a graph on the top, emotional range on the side and on the bottom, eye tracking gaze plot - laid over the video. CoolTool is an online platform for market research. Collaborative, easy-to-use platform allows you to do absolutely everything, from creating stunning professional surveys to running affordable biometric research. CoolTool NeuroLab includes eye tracking, EEG, emotions measurement and mouse tracking solutions. All of which are easily integrated into your questionnaire. This allows you to conduct neuromarketing projects with an ease of cloud technology. CoolTool is the place to shop for research methodologies and technologies, as well as to find service providers based on your research needs. Enjoy responsive designs, offline data collectors, automated reports and much more at https://cooltool.com. #mrx #neuromarketing #NeuroLab Follow us on Social Media: ☑️ FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/CoolToolMR/ ☑️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoolToolMR ☑️ LinnkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/CoolToolMR
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UX tutorial: What is usability testing? | lynda.com
With usability testing, you can glean insights on the behaviors of your site's visitors. Explore the basics of usability testing in this tutorial. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Web-User-Experience-tutorials/Foundations-UX-Usability-Testing/115428-2.html?utm_campaign=48dMCEDJ1gM&utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube This tutorial is a single movie from the Foundations of UX: Usability Testing course presented by lynda.com author Chris Nodder. The complete course duration is 1 hour and 29 minutes and shows how to run your own basic usability study to find out just what your users need from your website, application, or device. Introduction 1. What Is Usability Testing? 2. Recruiting Participants 3. Working Out What Questions to Ask 4. Making a Task List 5. Room and Equipment Preparation 6. Ready to Test! 7. Moderating a Session 8. Observing a Session 9. Analyzing and Reporting Your Results Conclusion
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usability test
Usability test: A short video clip of a participant trying to complete a task on one online research guide
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Domino's Pizza Website Usability Test
A short example clip of a usability test on the Domino's Pizza website. Usability testing reveals design problems that frustrate and confuse users, like the 2 buttons this user couldn't choose between while ordering her pizza. See what kind of feedback your website gets at TryMyUI.com
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Ryanair Mobile Web Usability Test
What does a live user tester think of Ryanair's new mobile booking site? flexponsive ran a live user test to find out. Read more: http://www.tnooz.com/article/ryanair-mobile-user-testing/
Using usability-test participants multiple times (Kara Pernice)
Can we use the same participant in usability tests multiple times? Kara Pernice answered this frequently-asked question at the UX Conference in Atlanta. She is Senior Vice President at Nielsen Norman Group. For more information, please visit https://www.nngroup.com/courses/usability-testing/ Visit our site: https://www.nngroup.com/
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How To Find Legitimate Website Testing Jobs - Non Phone
Today's video covers 10 ways to earn money with legit website testing jobs. You can work from home and get paid $8-15 per website you review. https://www.dreamhomebasedwork.com Join Our Work at Home Community on Facebook https://facebook.com/dreamhomebasedwork How To Find Legitimate Website Testing Jobs - FULL LIST https://www.dreamhomebasedwork.com/paid-web-testing-jobs/ 1. Userlytics 2. UserTestng http://usertesting.go2cloud.org/SHI 3.Startup Lift 4. Try My UI 5. Userfeel 6. Whatusersdo 7. Enroll h 8. Testing Time 9. Uxline 10. Uest VIEW THE ENTIRE LIST https://bit.ly/2uvzAKr No Experience? No Background Check! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBsuB676u0k Need A Job with Employee Benefits? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slzeei7rI4U Having a Problem Finding A Job in Your Area? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNa0iLzZm1Y Need A Job with NO STARTUP FEES? Here's Where To Find It! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBx56Gdk8Y8 Share this Video - https://youtu.be/9nOfPSXKfqw Subscribe to My Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/dhbwfans FOLLOW ME AROUND F: https://www.facebook.com/DreamHomeBasedWork T: https://twitter.com/dhbw_fans P: http://www.pinterest.com/legitworkathome/
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User Research and Usability Testing
Kelley McDonald, NavigationArts' Director of Information Architecture, describes why user research and usability testing are critical to Web projects. Neglecting the online user experience can cost organizations more in the long run.
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WhatUsersDo Usability Test - Barclays Bank
http://www.whatusersdo.com User Experience / Usability Test of Barclays website Clip 3 nav home
Usability Tests: When to do it
Learn when the best time to conduct a usability test is.
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UX tutorial: What you can usability test? | lynda.com
This tutorial explores real-world applications of usability testing. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Web-User-Experience-tutorials/Foundations-UX-Usability-Testing/115428-2.html?utm_campaign=n5NrurED_PY&utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube. This tutorial is a single movie from the Foundations of UX: Usability Testing course presented by lynda.com author Chris Nodder. The complete course duration is 1 hour and 29 minutes and shows how to run your own basic usability study to find out just what your users need from your website, application, or device. Introduction 1. What Is Usability Testing? 2. Recruiting Participants 3. Working Out What Questions to Ask 4. Making a Task List 5. Room and Equipment Preparation 6. Ready to Test! 7. Moderating a Session 8. Observing a Session 9. Analyzing and Reporting Your Results Conclusion
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Website Usability How to Test to Maximize Online Sales and Conversions
http://WPWBB.com During today's podcast we are going to tackle website usability. This is an important web marketing topic and something often ignored or many website owners are unaware of how powerful website usability test is. Anyone who wants to increase or maintain an online presence that converts website visitors into sales, customers and clients needs to pay attention to what we will learn today.
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Amazon com Usability Test
I300 Spring 2016 Amazon.com usability test
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UX Architectural Guide - Prototypes & Usability Testing
Prototypes bring products to life, allowing a glimpse into how the end product will look and function. Combined with usability testing, prototypes provide great insight as to whether the goal has been met, or if more refinement is necessary. Links to UX Architectural Guides: http://neuronux.com/architectural-guide-hertz-wheel/ http://neuronux.com/architectural-guide-urbane/ http://neuronux.com/architectural-guide-continuum/ http://neuronux.com/architectural-guide-electric-field/ More at neuronUX.com Full transcript: Welcome back. I'm Soudy Khan, Director of User Experience at Neuron. Continuing our series on creating a UX Architectural Guide we're down to the last two chapters. That would be the Prototype and Usability Test. There’s a lot of information on usability test so I intend to do a separate series of videos on doing usability tests so you can look forward to that in the next few weeks. But today we're going to start with the prototyping and different levels of prototyping, and then different ways you can do, sort of, 'quick and dirty', usability tests. So as far as the prototype goes there are many different levels. You can start with a paper prototype, you can go all the way to something done in Swift, or HTML5, but in the middle we have clickable prototypes. You can use programs like Invision. I'll explain this in the simplest way. Essentially you can create on a page, links that go to other pages, or other images. Typically you're using JPEGs. So let me give you an example. I might have a screen that says Jack and Jill on it. There are two buttons. One labeled "Jack", and one labeled "Jill". I simply, by pressing the Jack button, go to an image of Jack. By pressing the Jill button I go to an image of Jill. By doing this, and taking my actual graphics with all the different buttons and all the different affordances, I can stitch together a scenario. I can use that for a prototype to be used in usability testing. So that's what I would suggest. Take a look at Invision. Invision is very lightweight, very easy to use. There are other companies that make clickable prototype software, but Invision is the one that I recommend. Next we're going to talk a little bit about usability testing and there are many different types of usability tests. There's four basic types. There's comparative, which is an A/B test. There's Exploratory, Assessment and Validation, and while the titles are a little bit confusing, think of the three as three different levels of fidelity. Exploratory, Assessment, and Validation. Kind of like "very simple" to "advanced" to "much more advanced". So in an Exploratory test you're really just trying to test out the basic interaction model. Does it make sense to a user when they get to that start screen, or they get to that key scenario that you're defining? For example, a checkout process. Do they know how they go there? What can they do? How do they exit? What did they expect when they click on that particular button? If you give them a particular task like "Do this", or "Do that" are they able to understand where they might go? So that's the Exploratory test. Assessment is kind of mid-fidelity. You might be doing that in Invision, you might be doing that in something a little bit more advanced like Axure or Balsamic and that allows you to just prototype things a little more and go a little farther into the test. So while in Exploratory test, you may only have five, or six tasks for the user to complete, in assessment you may have 15 or 20. Validation, finally, is the last test. That's done, typically, using either HTML, or Swift, X-code; whatever you're programming in. It really is the last step before product release. One of the reasons it's important to do Assessment and Validation is that sometimes you assess things and you make changes, and those changes actually create more problems, or other problems that might be unforeseen. So that's a little bit on the different types of tests. I will say that as tips, be sure to write a test plan, write a screener, and you can take a look at what those are online. It's really something that use to screen test subjects. Be sure to have a moderator script and the correct environment to test in. Try not to bias things. You want the moderator to be as neutral as possible. Another thing I would say is, if you're doing a comparative test, let's say you've got something to compete with an ESPN. If you've done a wireframe, don't actually do an A/B with ESPN. In fact, the fact that ESPN has so much brand recognition and people have used it so many times, you want to make sure that the two prototypes are of equal fidelity. Often if I do a wireframe for something new and I want to compare it to something that exists, I will take that existing product and I will create that in a wireframe and remove any brand name from it to make sure that everything has .....
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Unmoderated Remote Usability Testing
Unmoderated Remote Usability Testing for Xoomcars
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Amazon im Usability-Test
RapidUsertest von Amazon.de (c) Userlutions.com
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Askable - Your Perfect User Testing Participants
For the legends who test. We're making the world a better place by helping people test their products. How does it work? Askable.com is an online platform that allows you to recruit your perfect participants for face to face usability testing. Find, screen, schedule and pay participants in an instant. Need test participants in Australia? https://goo.gl/v7BDRS Want to become a participant? https://goo.gl/xcVYqN
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Usability Test (Final Assessment)
My final assessment for INF650
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