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HTML Tutorial for Beginners 13 - The div Tag

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Yo Ninjas! In this HTML lesson we're going to take our coding skills up a notch and introduce the mighty DIV tag!! This is a versatile HTML tag that can help to organise your code and provide useful when we style our pages in CSS! Beware ninjas - do not be too gung-ho with the div tag and use it everywhere! There are newer, HTML5 semantic tags which we can use in conjunction with our div tags to make our pages even better! Look out for my HTML5 course in the future :).
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Text Comments (24)
Not Matrix (12 hours ago)
very good, Im only 12 and starting out to code thank you alot!
Poke Gaming (3 months ago)
I will subscribe to the videos sure
The Net Ninja (3 months ago)
oldguy8177able (3 months ago)
TatTvamAsi (1 month ago)
Your feedback is not very helpful as it gives no basis on what you find wrong. As a person getting into development, you need to be more intelligent than this or you will fail in this industry. No one is able to help you when you cannot form a coherent sentence to express your ideas.
EMR80 (4 months ago)
Is there another reason to use div tags? I read somewhere, you can also use divs to position content as well. That was confusing to me because, I was wondering why is this div nested in side of another div? OMG! Did a Light bulb, just go off in my head? Or some brain cells grow back.
EMR80 (4 months ago)
Can someone Clarify this to me? Layout is so hard for me to understand?
faten issa (4 months ago)
Can you please add tutorials explaining in it html 5 and css 3 Thank you alot
April Faith (5 months ago)
thank you!! <3
scifi vampire (5 months ago)
Very helpful thank you
Larry Qcumber (6 months ago)
Hi i've been following this toturial and i can easily understand it. Great toturials! Keep it up
Vaishnavi Kollimarla (9 months ago)
It is good but want to have a look of output
Bemar Dayot (11 months ago)
Great help to this confusing <div> tag.
Huzaifa Memon (1 year ago)
what will happen if i didn't give a <div> tag
Felix Wang (3 months ago)
If you dont add a <div> tag but add no css, it wont affect anything
Lauren Dayan (1 year ago)
Why didn't you tab the <h2>About Us</h2>?
TatTvamAsi (1 month ago)
Tab is only for us humans to read code better. The browser doesn't care about this. Like the prev commenter stated, he could have simply missed this.
Calvin Tiley (6 months ago)
He just didn't realise he hadn't!
Jamal Mensah (1 year ago)
Good Video
Tristan (1 year ago)
i like how you even go into what keybinds you make...great tutorials man
The Net Ninja (1 year ago)
Thanks, glad you like :)
Irvin Argon (1 year ago)
Great vid
Chris Fleming (2 years ago)
Shawn, Excellent tutorials! If you haven't or haven't considered it, you should do tutorials on languages Such As Java, C++, and C#. as detailed as you get in these web series, you'd undoubtedly amass quite the following for anyone wanting to learn programming. Java would be an excellent place to start. Thanks for these tutorials bro!
Rarest Aiden (6 days ago)
spoiler alert he dose

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