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RayzPlayzEX (2 months ago)
I know late comment but Nagisa's Mom Is a BITCH!!! and She's a Demon too
Kid Minato (2 months ago)
Parents trying to live their dreams through kids... it's sad but yet so true...
Dackerman (3 months ago)
"C'mon be a man!" Bitches only say this when they want men to do what they're told. Even if it's to pretend to be a woman.
FRINEdine difer (3 months ago)
Nagisa is man
A31LAJAN3 (6 months ago)
Tbh I don’t even remember watching this but ig I left a comment 2 months ago :/
Jeonjieun bts (6 months ago)
is Nagisa is a girl?
FRINEdine difer (3 months ago)
No nagisa is man
Zella Chan (6 months ago)
Jeonjieun bts He's A Damn bOy
HAMA 991 (8 months ago)
what is anime name ?
Its JustMe (4 months ago)
You Dont Know Me 。。。。。
You Dont Know Me (5 months ago)
naruto Shippuden
Cyril Mauricio (8 months ago)
Muhammed Haje Burhan the anime is called: Assassination Classroom
Mr. Piggy (8 months ago)
jesus christ nagisa's mom is crazy
Jayden N (9 months ago)
I'm still confused if nagisa is a boy or girl
Addi Toons (29 days ago)
Boy, but IT (his "mom") makes him dress up as a girl and stuff
Tom Nguyen (9 months ago)
Alex Playz (10 months ago)
1:34 lol the girls are jealous that nagisa gets a boy first tho He's a boy lol Its because nagisa is so cute i guess lol
Nabiilah Playz I’m pretty sure they’re suspicious of the guy instead of being jealous.
Diego Crail (11 months ago)
I heard this song before but I don't remember what it is called
PeanutButterVibes123 (6 months ago)
Diego Crail Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez
A31LAJAN3 (9 months ago)
Yes it’s dollhouse
FireC (11 months ago)
Diego Crail Dollhouse I believe
Undertale Sans (11 months ago)
0:05 (background) is it a game or anime?
ryan brakhma (11 months ago)
alias imut
ryan brakhma (11 months ago)
so cute
taehyungie lee (1 year ago)
1:40 awwww poor nagisa is about to cryyy ...thennnn he criessss... Poor youuu
A Kurtan Lilith (1 year ago)
Idk why I always pictured Nagisa in an outfit like that
Izaya Arian (1 year ago)
his mom was crazy
Nadami Art (5 months ago)
WAS!! OR IS!!!
Mari Mari (1 year ago)
No way!!! Nagisa-san belongs to Karma-kun!! UNDERSTAND IT??!!!
Nordin Hamid (19 days ago)
A gay ?!
Amethyst Assasin (1 month ago)
Nope he belongs to Kayano Chan owo
noakinn (2 months ago)
Piano Noobie Except, he's straight.
bijik goreng (5 months ago)
Piano Noobie (6 months ago)
LesliePlaysMCPE IMIBARRA It's called BOY LOVE/BL we ship them both. :3 (*COUGH* also yaoi xD)
Bacon Ducks (1 year ago)
Im So Confused
LigitMan yT (1 year ago)
Why did we watch dis lol
Diablo Despair (1 year ago)
Welp Wtf is dis
AwkwardPotato9000 (1 year ago)
Chippy Dippy (1 year ago)
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