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Comparativo Jet-Skis TOP - Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 vs Yamaha FZS vs Kawasaki Ultra

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Comparativo entre as versões top de jet-ski das principais marcas disponiveis no mercado. E mais uma vez a SeaDoo massacrou os adversários com extrema facilidade, demonstrando que além de um casco ágil, tem motor pontente, consumo baixo e tecnologia bem a frente dos concorrentes. A Náutica Gold Fish é concessionária autorizada BRP = Sea-doo, Evinrude, Can-Am. Despachamos para todo o Brasil . Para maiores informções acesse o site www.goldfish.com.br ou venha até nossa loja na Rodovia Celso Garcia Cid, 888 - CEP: 86188-000 - Cambé, Paraná - Fone (43) 3174-1515
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Tammacazi10 (1 year ago)
We have 6 Yamaha waverunners, 2011 vxs, 2012 vx deluxe, 2012 vx cruiser, 2012 fzs, 2013 fzs, and 2014 fzs. Best machines I have ever ridden and trust me I have ridden a ton of jetskis. The best bang for your buck would probably be the vxs or the fzs. They are fast as hell and I have only lost one race with each one and that was because some guy had a highly modified seadoo rxp and he barely won. As far as stock skis go I have never lost on the vxs or fzs. This video is far from accurate.
Luis Manuel Negrin (2 years ago)
yamaha jetskis is ##### 1
ilan levran (3 years ago)
I had two seadoo, GTX which was great and then bought a seadoo RXT-X which was the biggest mistake I made, all times had issues, just trade it to Yamaha FZR SVHO 2015, the best decision I made
emre Colakoglu (2 years ago)
Exactly seadoos are terrble you bought the best i have fzs svho its amazing
Its_Reckoning666 (3 years ago)
she is my baby once wrecked it in a deep ocean than max speed to the shore cause it would of sinked
Its_Reckoning666 (3 years ago)
seadoo gtx 4tec 185 supercharged 2003 and I won the yamaha FX SHO ____whatever 2007 SO I THINK [email protected] FTW,.
Ninjuk (3 years ago)
So, seadoo is a crap??..yeah! I think to by Yamaha!
KFCTACOMAN (2 years ago)
no seadoos the best
Ricardo Cardelli (3 years ago)
puro marketing!!! o dia q um sea-doo for melhor q um kawasaki no mar eu vendo meus dois jets e nunca mais coloco meu pé na agua!
martinflashgordon (3 years ago)
Yamaha Super Jet rules!
Christopher Smith (4 years ago)
It's a Euro spec, of course it kicked America's ass...
louis vagias (4 years ago)
there is a good reason why most places that rent ski's to tourists usually use Yamaha.
asianboy8969 (2 years ago)
Well I did notice in Thailand and Mexico its the Sea Doo that is rented out, but those places are known for scams, let the jet ski be rented with a known problem and blame the renter for the damage. They also get the cheaper jet ski to rent out to cut major costs. I'm still in the market between my first jet ski either a Yamaha or a Sea Doo. I plan to take it out to the ocean half of the time and the other half in freshwater. Still doing a lot of research but I do hear a lot more bad stuff about the Sea Doo. I've also noticed on these arguments back and fourth between all the fanboys that Sea Doo guys make weak arguments with no facts behind their statements while the Yamaha ones have facts. Honestly some of the Sea Doo guys sound like little pissed off children. But to each their own, quality over quantity.
lzvagias (2 years ago)
+balsero17 btw, yamahas don't have a timing belt.
lzvagias (2 years ago)
+lzvagias my only complaint is that I wish they would go back to 2 strokes because they were a hell of a lot cheaper and the 4 stroke will never beat the power to weight ratio of a 2 stroke. My 4 stroke SHO gets better fuel economy and yes it's fast but if the industry had not been forced to go to 4 strokes modern pwc's would be faster, quicker, lighter, and cheaper.
lzvagias (2 years ago)
+lzvagias I have had several yamahas myself including a wr500 that I bought brand new in the early 90's. I beat the hell out of it for more than a decade in the salt water and only ever needed fuel and occasionally some new plugs. None of my have ever needed anything more than routine maintenance and they see a ton of use. I have never known anybody with a sea doo that has been able to say the same.
lzvagias (2 years ago)
+balsero17 all I can tell you is that I have spent my entire 42 if life in Florida on the water, worked in the waverunner rental business where we had a little over 60 waverunners that we rented all day every day for about 4 months straight and we rented to people that were pretty hell bent on beating the shit out of them in every way you can imagine including crashing into each other and docks running wide open (I even saw renter decapitate themselves by running into a dock) and we never had any real problems with them. I have personally seen two of my friends' doos sink because of the dreaded carbon ring issue and I have seen many other doos with syphon tubes that had the hoses come off and sank because of that. It's so common it's ridiculous. The siphon tubes are located in the pump right behind the impeller and when they come off it allows water to freely enter the hull.
louis vagias (4 years ago)
i noticed they left out the two most important tests... reliability and reliability.  Seadoo have major design flaws that are very expensive when they fail and often cause the ski to sink.  Just do a google search for "seadoo sunk" and do the same for waverunner and you will see what i am talking about.  Plus, when seadoo sink their wire harness plugs are not very water tight and usually get water in them.  that might not be a problem right away but after it sights for a little while wire corrosion sets in and the only way to fix it is to replace the harness.  Just do a little googling and you will see for yourself how bad they are designed. Fast? yes. Quick? yup.  Best looking?  i think so.  Reliable?  heck no.  You want a ski that is ready to go when you are ready to ride?  Yamaha is the only choice.  I am only speaking about Yamaha vs. Seadoo though, I have zero experience with the Kawasakis.
guy proulx (4 years ago)
i agree 100%, nothing bombardier makes is reliable, bombardier, sea-doo, ski-doo, brp, can am, call it what you want, they are all junk, scary to think they build trains and planes, i wouldn't sit in one of those seats lol, yamaha quality and reliability just like honda and toyota all the way, japanese engineering nothing else even comes close
Ellis (4 years ago)
seadoo for the win
Marcus Innocencio (4 years ago)
Sea Doo é Sea Doo... o resto é brinquedo!!!
roger sammut (5 years ago)
llamajoeteam (5 years ago)
sea doo ownssssssssssssssss
Diego Impakto (5 years ago)
sei nao viu...
Lord Crobar (5 years ago)
crap quality vid
NJVDrummer (5 years ago)
I own both FZS and the RXT X. The Sea Doo by far kills the FZS as far as performance and handling. The Yamaha gets great gas "mileage" but the Yamaha has an 18 gallon tank, while the Sea Doo only has a 15.6 gallon tank. It's hard to compare fuel consumption but they both do well.
Joao Antonio Motta (5 years ago)
Only one advice: Beware with carbon seal, you could be sinkin.
Evgeny K (5 years ago)
I got 115 km/h on my stock yamaha fzs
JRodriguez (6 years ago)
Thats funny... All that money to edit this video.... And they suck with those gps and speed device MOUNTS.....
Henry (6 years ago)
ok I'm a big sea doo fan, and will only buy sea doos because that's all I've ever owned since day one, but this 0-30 test? thats inaccurate. idk what they are doing to get these numbers, but they need to re-do this video.
David Brymer (6 years ago)
Good video, but full of lies. My uncle works at Tracy Motorsports, they sell all 3 brands, as well as test all three every year. Yamaha is ALWAYS the winner in fuel, reliability, stock top speed, 0-30, and 0-60. I can also tell that all of you weigh different, and who knows what other factors might be involved (one fuel tank fuller than other, etc)

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