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Catalog of Situations: Der Unterschied, der die Umgebung schafft.

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Lecture Performance on relational aesthetics by JP Possmann. With cooperation by Alexander Schellow and David Weber-Krebs. Held at zeitraumexit in Mannheim in February 2013. Part of the artistic research project CATALOG OF SITUATIONS by David Weber-Krebs and JP Possmann. Language:German The lecture performance deals with two commercial photographies of the same image: the view through the large panorama window in the Führerhauptquartier of Adolf Hitler on the Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria. The first was taken as a popaganda shot during Hitlers reign, the second directly after the end of WWII and the bombardment of the building and sold as a postcard to tourists in Berchetsgaden. The second is an exact reenactment of the first, the photographer Adolf Hierzegger, a native Berchtesgadener, seeking the same position as his predecessor in the now destroyed building. Since 2008 Jan-Philipp Possmann and David Weber-Krebs have been engaged as artists and theoreticians in a research project on aesthetics of reception supported by the ARTI group at Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, entitled CATALOG OF SITUATIONS. With CATALOG OF SITUATIONS we want to investigate art history as a history of situations. We look at aesthetics from a perspective of social encounter. In this view an aesthetic experience becomes a characteristic way of experiencing a situation as structured space and time. In an aesthetic situation the subject separates a specific space and timespan from the continuum of experiences and distances himself from his surrounding. We want to investigate these situations in their social dimensions and develop strategies to denote and discuss the net of relations between beholder and surrounding. Drawing from our practical experience as dramaturge and director having worked together on several theater creations as well as from an interest in aesthetic theory, we have developed several modules: a series of lecture performances and performances to be presented in theaters and art institutions; an online discussion board and archive for theoretical research; a seminar on aesthetics of reception for academic institutions and art schools; collaborative public programs of artistic and scientific presentations and talks to which we invite artists and scientists. While the online platform is mainly our work tool, the other modules aim at developing a language for communicating aesthetic situations in greater depth, drawing from the languages of academic discourse as well as performance, theater and visual arts. Currently a body of 6 lecture performances/performances is available for presentation. check the film only: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUO7yKDpo7M www.zeitraumexit.de www.davidweberkrebs.org
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