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10 Anime Characters with Same Voice Actress as Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom

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Mai Fuchigami is the voice actor (seiyuu) of Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom. Here the list of Nagisa's other roles: 1. Nishizumi Miho - Girls Und Panzer 2. Iona - Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio : Ars Nova 3. Petralka Anne Eldant III - Outbreak Company 4. Machiko - Gabriel Dropout 5. Maekawa - Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 6. Undine - Divine Gate 7. Asagiri Kaname - Ookami Kakushi 8. Shino - Jinsei 9. Ikeno Kaede - Sakura Trick 10. Shizuka Onimaru - Idol Jihen Facebook: https://goo.gl/A22gKE
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Text Comments (85)
KirbySaysHi! (2 days ago)
They should make a battle between Nagisa and Armin...
STAN GAMING (1 month ago)
So all nagisa's other same voice were girls
Tanishka Solanki (1 month ago)
I KNEW that the voice actor of Nagisa would be a girl.....it's obvious
Christine Anne Acosta (1 month ago)
Meanwhile I'm here having a crush on Nagisa XD
maffle (1 month ago)
dont know who all the others are but Iona is #1
Yukitaka Sero (2 months ago)
she is gurl?
Black Holeガチヤ (2 months ago)
The 5th sounded like Naguisa a lot
waggish fate (2 months ago)
Mai Fuchigami needs more love! :3
Ferine Cats & Animations (2 months ago)
I knew he had a girls voice!
Blabla2004 (2 months ago)
Nagisa is Kaede in another world lmfao
Octopusquid Draws (3 months ago)
I like how nagisa is the only boy 😂
SA RA (3 months ago)
Nyta Sam (3 months ago)
I love how Nagisa is the only guy she voiced.
Thelobriel Biznarck (4 months ago)
HachiKirra (4 months ago)
Miho ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Picca line (4 months ago)
in Inuyasha movie 4 a girl had Nagisas Voice too... her name was Rokou or something..
sleepy ash (5 months ago)
She's an underrated voice actress :(
Christ Prima (5 months ago)
You forgot Mei Tan & Alice Yotsuba/Cure Rosseta
Della 99 (5 months ago)
i think you forgot Ciel
Azre Taidana (6 months ago)
10 girls 1 boy nagisa....
Nae Nae (7 months ago)
Ohhh so that's why Nagisa sounded like a girl
Nagisa's VA is a girl... 😂😂
Casual Z. (7 months ago)
Female!!!!!! Reversed Trap Confirmed
D O L L (7 months ago)
SeoYun Choi (8 months ago)
やはり 女の子
Maureen Perez (8 months ago)
I don't really know any of the character voice except of Assasination Classroom
Mi trapito.. ❤❤❤
ALYSHA SOFEA Nightcore (9 months ago)
Aha! I already know that nagisa voice is from a girl!
w0lf6pack (9 months ago)
Can't hardly believe this is the same girl that appeared after every HnG episode roughly 15 years ago.
Akabane Karmin (9 months ago)
Nagisa=Petralka ohh!!!
yuya strife (9 months ago)
You forgot cure rosetta in doki doki precure and Ray akaba in yu gi oh arc v
Megu Min (10 months ago)
her voice sounds really different when she voicing another character....almost undetectable
Kyla Magparangalan (10 months ago)
Am shock... Hooow???? Nagisa is a boyy 😢😢😢😢
wαrm dєcєmвєr ! (11 months ago)
*Spits my drink* UNDINE !?!?? (DIVINE GATE)
Clarissa Natasya (11 months ago)
MACHIKO????!!!!!! ARE U SERIOUS? Oh Yeah Shino And Ikeno Little Same Like Nagisa
ShainCake (1 year ago)
She needs to be much more popular, she has such an amazing voice.
Colorful Paint (1 year ago)
so the voice of nagisa is a girl ... that explains why he sounds like one
Louie Chong (1 year ago)
To proof that nagisa is a girl
Hackman agreed
Scorching Dude 0224 (9 months ago)
Louie Chong how old r u? Lol
Scorching Dude 0224 (9 months ago)
His voice actor. :v
amber (10 months ago)
Louie Chong nagisa isn't a girl
FuwaFuwaParfait (1 year ago)
He also plays a guy roll in another new anime that’s ongoing and started I think it’s called kino no tabi: the beautiful world the animated series you should go watch it he’s still the old nagisa in that anime he’s the main main character he is a traveler and he has a gun and he’s not afraid to kill so you will see the old nagisa in that anime I hope you enjoy
Purrø PIrrø (1 year ago)
;○; Butt why doe
渚塩田 (1 year ago)
Nagisa Team!
Memereiki chan (1 year ago)
Blue haired bitches are best waifus Exept nagisa... ._. I feel sorry for those who feel from the trap
Funny how all of the roles are girls...................... ....... Except for Nagisa.............who looks like a girl but isn't.
Shivani Narendran (2 months ago)
sapi enak (2 months ago)
Insert Creative Username Here ikr
shizuko ZX (9 months ago)
Widhie Khristi (1 year ago)
Machiko San...
Eat My Burrito (1 year ago)
Idol Jihen?! Lol when nagisa becomes a Idol xDD
ZetiZaverick (1 year ago)
Add cure rosetta in part 2
Hikari Reinsha (1 year ago)
He had the same VA as Rosetta!!! No way Rosetta is too cute!! <3
dr. kleiner (1 year ago)
He is she
Ralseiバルーン (1 year ago)
he is a girl!
joan rodriguez (10 days ago)
She not he
Scorching Dude 0224 (9 months ago)
His voice actor. :v
Erizea :3 (1 year ago)
Somehow im not surprised that he has a female voice actor
Gacha Neko (25 days ago)
Same here
Shivani Narendran (2 months ago)
I actually knew that before
Tanya Chan (5 months ago)
Erizea :3 of course
Memereiki chan (1 year ago)
Erizea :3 lol same
Isabel Angell (1 year ago)
Yusagii - chan (1 year ago)
So Nagisa is able to use self-defense and other fighting styles, leads a group of tanks and is a submarine. Nice.
N Azam (1 year ago)
Nagisa kawaii as hell
Blue Hair School Boy is Best *Waifu*
Ayumi Ayazuki (10 months ago)
Just a guy Who watch anime for fun Ahahaha Yeah....
Clarissa Natasya (11 months ago)
Just a guy Who watch anime for fun Hes My 1st Fav Character
Clarissa Natasya (11 months ago)
Just a guy Who watch anime for fun Ah? Uh....Yeah...
star rii (1 year ago)
I just realized this was uploaded today XD
everlush (1 year ago)
mY sOn
Basura900 (2 months ago)
Memereiki chan (8 months ago)
everlush wE PLAYED PIANO
Kuu chan (1 year ago)
Nagisa sounds like Aladdin from magi but they don't have the same voice actor now I want to draw that
Aoko Hayashi (8 months ago)
--//psst they have a fanart together
Rainbow Star (1 year ago)
Nagisa Chan (1 year ago)
THANKSSSS ~(^з^)-♡
Freya (1 year ago)
Can't argue with the fact that Nagisa was a boy with female feature
Shivani Narendran (2 months ago)
Emine Yüksel (5 months ago)
Freya Just like Naruto😂😂😂
Tanya Chan (5 months ago)
Freya same with Armin
Abdul Asserti (1 year ago)
well you see nagisa + dress = girl voice actor

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