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Seadoo HX and Yamaha Supercharged Waverunner

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A little fun at Crooked Lake in Wisconsin. Riding a 2015 Yamaha Supercharged Waverunner and a 1996 Seadoo HX. Let me know what ya think and Subscribe for more videos!
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Grant Sims (1 year ago)
Nice riding man. Love my HX.
Kyle Dimick (2 years ago)
sick video!! keep it up!
brent Jones (2 years ago)
Can you make more vids on it please mate?
R.J Jetskivids (2 years ago)
Hey mate, sweet video! I have a hx to. You done any modifications?
R.J Jetskivids (2 years ago)
+Ryley Roeser nah man appreciate help! Ye I've taken it to a mechanic to get the carb rebuilt, compression is good and checked pretty much everything else I can think of too. I know all the basics of skis just not as much as dirt bikes as I haven't had it for long, I'm subbed for sure
Ryley Roeser (2 years ago)
gotcha, im no seadoo mechanic but with the engine running and expanding due to the heat i would check if it is a compression issue or if it is even a water jacket cooling issue. if it has never had a re-build i would start with the head gaskets. best thing i could think of is taking it in to a water sport shop and just see what they say. sorry if im no help but feel free to subscribe to my channel for more videos!
R.J Jetskivids (2 years ago)
+Ryley Roeser I've had it a year now, it starts perfect when the engine is cold but after riding a while it starts to bog down until it either stalls or or shut it off, then it won't start again until it completely cools down
Ryley Roeser (2 years ago)
how long have you had yours? what are the issues?
R.J Jetskivids (2 years ago)
+Ryley Roeser haha cheers buddy, still having some issues with mine tho

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