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Mysterious Sea Creatures Spotted On Google Earth!

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Check out these mysterious sea creatures spotted on google earth! From giant creatures to gigantic unidentified deep sea animals, these strange and bizarre creatures caught on camera are absolutely mysterious! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "Most TERRIFYING Sea Monsters Ever!" video here: https://youtu.be/B9aPB6KB504 Watch our "CREEPY Fish From The Deep Sea!" video here: https://youtu.be/IjbRmTvO1_g Watch our "BIGGEST Sea Creatures Around The World!" video here: https://youtu.be/rwLarCv_0Mc 8.) Oke Bay Creature An engineer by the name of Pita Witehira was the first person to discover a weird looking sight in the water in Oke Bay, New Zealand. Pita was researching the area when he noticed an unexplained wake that could have only been left by something huge. In fact, Pita believed that the creature that left the wake had to have been at around 40 feet long (12 m). Because of the length and width of the wake, Pita new it could not have been a shark or whale. He further states that the creature was moving too quickly and sharply in order to be a whale. Pita contacted Google, and Google told him that it could have been some type of boat. But Pita did not agree with Google. He said that there was not white foam from the boat motor. Pita then suggested that it could be a Taniwha, which is a creature from Maori mythology. A Taniwha is a creature that lives in deep pools in rivers, dark caves, or in the sea, especially in places with dangerous currents or deceptive breakers. They often live in areas with large waves and look like whales or large sharks. However, there are some that think the Oke Bay Creature is a hoax. They say if you zoom in enough in the Google image you can see a boat. It’s up for you to decide for yourself! 7.) Giant Centipede In waters close to Scotland, Google Earth captured what appeared to look like a giant centipede. The image was shot from a space satellite. If you look closely into the waters, you can see what looks like a long light-colored rope looking thing, with tiny little fibers coming out of However, this is not a large rope. If you compare an image of a centipede and the image of the possible giant centipede in the Scottish waters, they are very similar! According to theorists, this giant centipede is believed to be over 120 meters (390-feet), just swimming along, minding its own business as the image was being taken. Of course, the first reaction for many people was to wonder if this image was real or fake. People began to debate on what the giant centipede really could be, if you ruled it out. Some viewers stated that it was just a hoax while others wondered if it was a shadow from something else. There were also users that questioned if it was some type of technical glitch in the Google Earth system. Or was it Loch Ness?? Or something else? 6.) Giant Crab After a photograph of a giant crab, made its way around the internet, people began speculating whether the Google earth image was real or fake. Nicknamed Crabzilla, it is believed that the crab is about 50 feet long (15.2 m). The picture was taken off the harbor at Whitstable, Kent. It was made popular by the area’s Weird Whitstable, which is a website devoted to strange things of the area. The owner of the website, Quinton stated, "At first all I could see was some faint movement, then as it rose from the water I thought, 'that’s a funny looking bit of driftwood.” He then went on to say, "It had glazed blank eyes on stalks, swiveling wildly and it clearly was a massive crab with crushing claws.” If Crabzilla is a true crab, it will knock the 12-foot Japanese Spider Crab off the world’s largest list. But with most sea monsters, there are doubters. Sea-life expert Dr. Verity Nye, who has worked on logging new species of crab, said it is impossible one of the creatures could grow so big. While Dr. Nye admits to not knowing what the area around the harbor looks like, she does claim that it is more likely someone is messing with the image. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!
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Text Comments (633)
Jinja Rogers (13 hours ago)
Check out these co ords on googke earth. It is a huge "thing" on the sea floor. it's 3 dimensional and it doesn't look natural. I thought it was an air port when i first saw it but it's massively too big and... well... under water. Any idea wtf it is? 5°54'06"N 85°54'24"W
Shado Dancer (1 day ago)
why the heck if they think a Kraken is a squid, why show pictures of Octopi?? ANd how can you mixup a finned and tentacled creature??
maddie havard (3 days ago)
who else belives all of thee on this video cause only 5 percent of are ocean is explored like if you agree
Christine Walker (4 days ago)
TA NI WHA Taniwha if you don't know how to say it don't say it
Michael Keihl (6 days ago)
You guys are getting greedy too any ads too much begging for likes and subs, would never subscribe, and of course what's coming next is NOT being able to skip ads after 5 secs, back to the DVDs completely at that point
Adrian Jackson (7 days ago)
When you said loch ness monster and you said adrian I was thinking about me because that's my name
Lucifer Inlustris (8 days ago)
I once found a slew of shipwrecks in shallow water in louisiana when i was younger just so happens to have been the year katrina hit.
kid Z (9 days ago)
In the kraken part where it’s dark black, that not a kraken its a rock
Denise huspup (9 days ago)
The giant crab is fake go to billschannel and you may find that crab photo
Jolie Джоли (10 days ago)
666k views... fits😂
Layla Mitten (11 days ago)
“A man was shocked to see a sea monster photo bombed his pic” Me:I would too I hate it when my pics are photo bombed!
Captain L-Ron (13 days ago)
Britain has a known breeding population of great white sharks in the waters near Cornwall, if it wasn't a basking shark then the Liverpool jaws was most likely a lost and dying great white.
Elizabeth Ducote (13 days ago)
You do know thee are such things as a giant squid. Right? There are also colossal squids.
D- Pose (16 days ago)
New creatures don’t worry when fucking caveman saw sabertooth they didn’t fucking make an Ali a video bout it the killed the fuckers
ewe lu (16 days ago)
I saw something weird in google maps and it looked like a giant mantray
TheVanillaLemon (18 days ago)
The New Zealand mythical creature is pronounced TUN-E-FA not TUN-E-WA in moari, W makes a 'f' sound
G H (7 days ago)
Maori and it’s pronounced very differently to how she pronounced it 😂
crystal jackson (22 days ago)
7:36 Zamasu: NINGEN!
Melissa Beeler (24 days ago)
I dont even care if any of these aren’t real its still fun to watch
Amberlynn Hill (25 days ago)
I wish they would just drain the lock ness that way people can shut up about The monster
Salty McSalt (1 month ago)
i looked on google earth Oke Bay, theres a giant worm spotted!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aiden Hadfield (1 month ago)
If you can't find bones of something it is probably alive
KEIRAN REID (1 month ago)
the loch ness monster is fake the picture was a toy has no one noticed.
Nathan Johnson (1 month ago)
the last one is just a jetski and it's wake...
Georgyn Gaia Doble (1 month ago)
4:47 "Kraken" When you realized its just a rock with water winds flowing like that
Ninja of lightning (1 month ago)
Kracken is a squid *shows octopus* did you not take kindergarten?
Reese Johnson (1 month ago)
Why did he trust google
Various Houndoom (1 month ago)
What is a hoax
Tomato Dragon71 (1 month ago)
BTSInfiresMan YOONGI (1 month ago)
AFFROMAN vid (1 month ago)
Number 4 is fake It is a rock formation In the middle of the sea Billschannel made a video about it 👌
Anorkhil (1 month ago)
most of this crap looks amazingly fake, how can it fool anybody?
alay anyisa (1 month ago)
Number 4 is sail rock
Twitch Maniac (2 months ago)
Its a rock, not a kraken
Danik Fellman (2 months ago)
There's a photo in 1974 of a close up with nessie that clearly looks like a plesiosaur
the nerdy creeper (2 months ago)
like i’m not trying to be rude but who actually believes this stuff! i mean my god this is so so dumb i’m not making fun of the video i’m making fun of people who think it’s real
Cute Panda (2 months ago)
The kraken is fake its just a rock look in the video of billschannel and you will know
Wendall Wedgewood (2 months ago)
"looks like a giant squid" O...K... IF so, then why did you have a vid of an Octopus????? Is finding stock footage of a squid so hard?
emerald gemstone (2 months ago)
Number 4 is a rock
Luanhua Wang (3 months ago)
I think some of them are ancient animals from the phrehastoric era
Lulu Homer (3 months ago)
Ok I'm from New Zealand and it's not may-ori it's Maori like moldy
Jonah Hoke (3 months ago)
Oh and about that Kraken thing it couldn't be a Megalodon if it's in cold water that's why they went extinct the waters were too cold for them
Jonah Hoke (3 months ago)
The carbzilla was proven to be fake
Brianna Bowling (3 months ago)
nessy 53 (3 months ago)
My Nick name is nessy
Matt Cecil (3 months ago)
number 6 is rocks
Djcupcake _YT (3 months ago)
Nothings in the Whitstable Kent?
Faizal Abdullah (3 months ago)
The kraken was a rock
Hamlinz (3 months ago)
Omg lol that T. rex scared me and I love megladons
Blackkat26 (3 months ago)
The ocean, lake and river still surprises me. You never know what’s in there. I’m not saying I believe ever roomer but you never know. There has been none proof for many so ya you never know.
Cara Brownlie (3 months ago)
It was a good effort but the pronouncement of the māori words in #1 were horrible. Taniwha, wh is pronounced like a f, and māori kind of sounds like mouldy
Zanariyah Talib (3 months ago)
Too many ads..
Nancy Davila (3 months ago)
Well the kraken one is fake because it was on bills channel but it was unknown 😱😳
The Weird Panda (3 months ago)
The Kraken photo is just a massive rock
DJ Nelson (3 months ago)
Kraken REAL or FAKE plz reply your opinion
DJ Nelson (3 months ago)
omg you are right
Jessica Sparks (3 months ago)
Sharks cant swim upside down. They'll drown. 🙄
LemonHead (3 months ago)
Oh goood...Tani-wa?...You mean Tani-FA...It hurts when people do these things and don't look at the correct pronunciation......
Joycelynn Knight (3 months ago)
Humans don't take the best care of the sea so a werid shaped or sized animal is possible
ahmad taleb (3 months ago)
Tell us is there decapods in this video?
TYPE: ORIGINAL (3 months ago)
All I know is that the crab one is fake because of bills channel
Fred F (3 months ago)
The Kraken one was proven to be a giant rock in the ocean
Shadow Hydra (3 months ago)
The image of the crab is too clear to be underwater it is obviously photoshop
Hayden Hirst (3 months ago)
Have you played Skyrim well the giant crab I the giant mudcrab Easter egg from it!
Bark Levin (3 months ago)
Annoying cunt
MIRROR Li (3 months ago)
Recycling technology affecting
Ninja panda 08 (3 months ago)
Messy is real I believe the great creature is all powerful and could fight a shark because it actually a plesiosaur and if they can reproduce we will be one with them hunting along side dinosaurs!!!😆😆😆
Georgia Davies (3 months ago)
Ok why is a sea creature at the dock near me 😂
jack gaming (3 months ago)
1:32 rip current.
Niya Yamada (3 months ago)
Why use video of octopi when you talk about squid?
Scimmer Call (3 months ago)
The kraken on the photo is just a rock
SaxtonRich (4 months ago)
Bad videos
Jack Hammerhead (4 months ago)
Fake fake fake fake fake hoaxes
n19rmlg (4 months ago)
The kraken is a rock I saw it
Hijjak97 (4 months ago)
"The kraken supposedly looked like a giant squid" *Shows an octopus*
Hwa Yeon (4 months ago)
JOHNNY C (4 months ago)
kristofer enqvist (4 months ago)
GIANT CRAB HAHAHAHAA!!! that is clearly a giant rock
Star Leopardess (4 months ago)
It was probably a Pink River dolphin if it looked anything like the creature shown it's highly possible.
Sebasarrus bech (4 months ago)
I did find Huge bones at a Beach in sand i were out swim then Saw it What could it be....?
Marie-Laure Beauchemin (4 months ago)
You have the same voice as Dr.Sandra Lee!! (Dr.Pimple popper)
Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet (4 months ago)
Megalodons vs All Mysterious Creatures
The Eye (4 months ago)
Do we need the real or fake channel I think we do
Bill Kim (4 months ago)
The Giant Crab photo is a fake, the artist who made it came out.
Rhody RoRo (4 months ago)
I don't believe you 😕
cute pie leigh (4 months ago)
Ok is anyone other seeing a whale shark when it showed a big blue and white thing
K1k1js 10 (4 months ago)
I went through all the locations on google maps and the crab is fake 😬
Rafael Gabriel Heraldo (4 months ago)
the kraken is stone
the crab is impossible due to the square cube law
Vincnet P. (4 months ago)
Ok. 4 seconds into the video and there's a tripod. This'll be fun.
ummu Danish (4 months ago)
kraken thats fake watch billschannel its a rock ok
Galaxy_ Studio (4 months ago)
Imagine swimming, then seeing a huge megladon shark swimming at you.
Puthychart Sky (1 month ago)
And then you die
CobaltTV _ (4 months ago)
The kraken is an island.
wh ut (4 months ago)
Fuck, I live in Scotland. I'M DOOMED
Kristen Wiese (4 months ago)
On the kraken one it's not even alive is a rock called sail rock bills channle has already looked at it and called it a fake
AxEliteZz Poppa (4 months ago)
That crab was a toy i saw it on tv lol
Firdaus A-P (4 months ago)
For japanese ningen, u should watch One Piece.. Theres more at Fisherman Island
DERPY UNICORN (4 months ago)
I think that when the creatures die they turn into water or sea foam and that's why we can't see them like mermaids
claudia chavarin (4 months ago)
I'm very surprised how quick people are to dismiss these creatures. Sure, maybe some might not be real or alive anymore, but we only have discovered like 5% of the Ocean, so yeah the things that seem impossible could be....possible. Just saying...
Dogs! (4 months ago)
number 4 is not a kracken... its ur never gonna believe this......ITS A ROCK just watch bill krack it down well i forget his youtube channel name but just search up "google earth kracken bill" and it should bring up his video
Abigail Adams (4 months ago)
Giant Crabs? Apparently There was a species of crabs That Can Grow That Big, IM PROBABLY JUST TOO STUPID THO! :D
Deyala Al Saihati (4 months ago)
I actually believe most of these are real, we only know 5% or 6% on the ocean. Whose to say that the 95% doesn't have gigantic monsters or more species yet to be discovered

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