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River meets Sea at Kerala, India

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Poovar beach, where the Neyyar river, Poovar Lake and Viraly lake joins the Arabian sea at Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala, India
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Himanshu Pant (1 day ago)
no delta , no estuary just plain simple and beautiful ...no its not waste of water its an essential part of the hydrological cycle.
Bhuvan Bam (16 days ago)
*Can anyone swim there?*
Yogeesh NS (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing this video
Amir Qureshi (3 months ago)
This river is full of shit due to toiletless india
Indian Einstein (3 months ago)
i see it not as 'waste' but 'Cycle'
eesha enterprises (4 months ago)
Cauveryriver route map
Amrit Maity (4 months ago)
Watch beauty of Poovar Backwater : https://youtu.be/tty66k6Di3I
cibi chakkara (4 months ago)
Kadal la kalakkura thaniya Tamil nattuku kudukalama da
Nirmal950 (1 month ago)
Cauvery is also joining sea right? Or are you taking the entire water?
Eeee Jj (4 months ago)
Bullsharks ......
بائعة الورد (4 months ago)
سبحان الله العظيم
AVINASH KUMAR (4 months ago)
Spiderman is better than batman
THOMAS RAJU (4 months ago)
In kerala we have lots of rivers and ponds and have 6 months rain so people and government is not interested in conserving water.
Prasun Dutta (5 months ago)
Which river is this?
BeinG BeingS (7 days ago)
Barun deb Singha (5 months ago)
Eth nammude poovare
Queeni Anthony (6 months ago)
everywhere water but no water in Kolkata
Sethu Kumar (5 months ago)
Queeni Anthony pls come kerala kithana chahiye aap lakijavo
Movies Box HD (6 months ago)
Wasting water 💦
Singh Ravi (6 months ago)
Nature is awsm
Nitu Deka Bezpara (7 months ago)
Most of you are commenting that it is waste of water. How can you say like that? It is a natural phenomenon. Reversing water from sea to river and then to domestic use, In that way it will affect our laws of nature.
moin zaheer (7 months ago)
Deepa K (7 months ago)
Please reply anyone please.where is this place ❔
mohammed Suhail (8 days ago)
This is Poovar at Trivandrum.
Sethu Kumar (5 months ago)
Deepa K kollam dst kerala.poovar kerala.azheekal kerala.alappy kerala
Shibu Kottuvankonam (7 months ago)
This place kerala kollam jilla border paravur thekum bhagam my house this place only 3km this place really beautiful torist place welcome people
Benjamin Joseph (7 months ago)
Send all those idiots to this place who are asking for water
Adi Bro (7 months ago)
plz do something urgently plz else time is not far from begging from neighbouring states...
Ebi Ebinesh (7 months ago)
Y this water cant be used for farming purpose???
Aashka Panchal (7 months ago)
River can't stop her self and Sea comes to hug her and welcome her..
Hemanth SP (7 months ago)
whata waste of pure water????????????????????????????????
Hemanth SP (7 months ago)
Vishnu Mohan is Every year happening like this ???
Vishnu Mohan (7 months ago)
we are not wasting the water, we are saving the water also but how much quantity we can save the water...
Sumeet Mishra (7 months ago)
It must be saved
Sethu Kumar (5 months ago)
Sumeet Mishra kerala me barish syada he kaise save karega kerala me 5jaha me pani isa samandar me pekthe
J- Series (7 months ago)
it is not waste it s nature cycle all rivers flows in sea and seas in ocean thats the nature cycle and how so we get fishes
Rohini N (7 months ago)
Government should Turn this river toward tamil nadu
Nirmal950 (1 month ago)
We learned in our schools that river will meet sea. Instead of that you want all the rivers to flow to Tamilnadu?
FA Sial (7 months ago)
why they are wasting such a huge amount of water instead of using it for poor peoples
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
FA Sial because we have no dam and reservoirs to store that much water.
Chandu Prasad (7 months ago)
Mind blowing...!!!
Gautham Kumar (7 months ago)
2mins silence for those people who think it is waste of water
Uma Sabarad (7 months ago)
Yes, all rivers flow into sea, All sea flow into oceans
Himanshu Pant (1 day ago)
no and no
Kim sung Un (7 months ago)
not all
Gnana sekar (7 months ago)
I couldn't digest it after seeing this video. Because my siblings (Farmers) are dying in Tamil Nadu without water for drinking as well as for agricultural work. Very sad to see. World won't run without water everyone should be recall & realise that. Written by Thiruvallur.
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
because we have no dam and reservoirs to store that much water. and those people which the state that River is going through cannot save that much water even if they want to.
Harish Kumar (7 months ago)
நீரின்றி அமையாது உலகு.Try to avoid grammatical mistakes.except that everything is good
Madan Kukkkar (7 months ago)
Mera bharat mahaan par beemano se pareshan
Allwyn Christopher (7 months ago)
Why not store this water for agriculture and domestic usage instead of letting it into the sea?? Government wake-up...
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
Allwyn Christopher where will get those funds from if they have so much do think they gonna think you are thinking.not they are going to fill their pockets with that money.no point in telling them that.they are going to listen to people like and me.because they have no interest and intention to do good to people.
Allwyn Christopher (7 months ago)
Ya, you are right we don't have, that is reason I said Government wake-up in my previous comment, means build it, invest on future development..
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
Allwyn Christopher because we have no dam and reservoirs to store that much water.
These is real life of everything
Thanks ganga maa
Where she comed going back to same place
SK RK (7 months ago)
What is the use of sending rockets to space if a country that doesn't know to divert this water to drought regions?
Sathesh Kumar (4 months ago)
Well said SK, had they known this water to be diverted, india wud have developed long back
Vishal Malekar (5 months ago)
Fresh water from the rivers are must needed for the Marine animals or else Marine animals will die eventually
Lokesh Ramareddy (6 months ago)
Water belongs to mother ocean. Its reaching where it suppose to.
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
and government bulit reservoirs and dams so that they can save water so there is no need for us to collect water more than required.
Teresita Ferrer (7 months ago)
"How I wish I could meeting water like this "! Its so #AMAZING "!
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
Teresita Ferrer yes it is looking pretty good ha
Aishwarya B (7 months ago)
Is this sangumungam beach????
Sethu Kumar (5 months ago)
Aishwarya B not poovar paravoor kollam(pozhi)or azheekal oachira(pozhi)
sumit rayrikar (7 months ago)
Aishwarya B poovar beach
i12 (7 months ago)
Pls don't waste water use it ..
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
because we have no dam and reservoirs to store that much water even if we want so better we have to save water we use in our daily lives.
JN Maha Lakshmi (7 months ago)
Ritwika Das a river called periyar, biggest one in Kerala already saved for tamilnad, most of the water and electricity from the reservoir use for only tamilnad, your geography and geology I don't know how works 😴😁... because when a river course from downstream sending to upper stream the salt water recharge in waterbodies of downstream is normal, slowly ocean water will fill in the wells and ponds of Kerala, and Kerala is separated from natural wall called Sahya mountains, it is like China asking divert all Indian rivers to their land...if tamilnad is suffering from water is, there is rulers to find out solution...and I can allow as said like bring some cans and buckets, take as much as .
Ritwika Das (7 months ago)
Janaki Natarajan why don't you divert it to Tamil Nadu? There are other states which suffer from water crisis as well.
JN Maha Lakshmi (7 months ago)
take some buckets and cans, go there and collect all that you can and drink all your stomach fills. None wastes water there,?? It is nature in this planet bthat all rivers end in ocean!! If Kerala's water bodies are not flowing to ocean and making it to a reservior, there will be no state called Kerala, it will be part of sea forever!!! You want to sink us forever and expand the ocean?
Why dont u turn towards Tamil nadu
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
Janaki Natarajan janaki mam he is not insulting or disrespecting you at all.what he is thinking maybe Tamil Nadu may can save this water from going wasted. he is just expressing his opinion.
Kim sung Un (7 months ago)
burn the tamils , disgusting pieces of shit. tambrahms are good though
JN Maha Lakshmi (7 months ago)
Ritwika Das oh really... internal dispute common in social beings... whether it is South India or anywhere...and still this odds are with southern part, only developed part of India in every sense. Separating southern India for a reason, how do you justified southern part of people are like that only... India has only few states that are high in education, development, jobs and urbanization, the 5 state of South is top in that!!! Mind your words.
Minimax Mini (7 months ago)
jeeva nantham You are only producing 35 % of vegetables used in kerala!20 % is Produced with in State and other comes from Karnataka,Andhra,Maharashtra more than 50 %!Tamil Dealers are faking the accounts to create a fake Context that they are producing everything! Let me ask you one thing!! As two states,Tamil nadu had only started sending vegetables to kerala some 50 years ago! So how would people at that time had survived?They didnt had any supplies from tamil nadu then!! Yes indeed they produced the crops internally!And again we are capable!!The state is achieving its self sufficiancy!! If you stop sending vegetables and other things to kerala ,who will have the lose??Certainly kerala did not have because Vegetables from andhra,karnataka and other North indian states will easly pass through Karnataka border and even crops and necessery items are importing from Abroad from the past two decades!Plus the internal production! The loss is only to your farmers !their sole aim of producing crops is kerala and if it is stopped they have to go and die!!This is the reason behind their threats !!The threats will only be stay as threat!They know if it happened it is them who is going to affect it mainly! more over what they are growing are crops with pesticides and chemical fertilizsers that is why the Government banned Vegetables and other products from tam nadu twice but the tamil lobby tried hard to Crack it!alk of this is indicating that kerala is the sole aim for their crops!if this market is gone they are done!!
jeeva nantham (7 months ago)
Minimax Mini i am from tamilnadu i must agree your point our politicians destroyed so many lakes and waterbodies public didn't learn anything i am not going to blame kerala
Malini Dipu (8 months ago)
Every river has a story ..a character and individuality a memory and this is where their great journey ends. It's really grand God is great.
abraham wilson (8 months ago)
Indian evil river
Ranjini Bangalore (7 months ago)
abraham wilson ,you r evil
Kuldeep Kumar Sharma (8 months ago)
I feel shame on state and central government when I see river meeting sea in 21st century.........What a wastage of water !😢
Rian Thomas (1 month ago)
+Abhishek Ganguly hahahaha Is that blue whale?
Gou T (6 months ago)
Kuldeep Kumar Sharma its 20th century now
Me me (7 months ago)
Kuldeep Kumar Sharma mil gaye laddoo😉😂
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
Rose Mary miss I know he is not understanding what we trying to say but just make him understand in a understandable way we try hurting each other feelings it no good at all.try to stay calm and help this guys out. will you please.i am sorry for what he said to you.pleasse forgive him I request.
nawal kumar kewat (9 months ago)
nice video.
charles king (9 months ago)
That confluence point beach is good for wedding and other social entertainments during summer.
Ojasvi Soni (9 months ago)
Anyone reply please... Which is this place?
BeinG BeingS (7 days ago)
Its poovar at the time of flood in kerala when neyyar dam opens its shatter the water ends to poovar sea..... i was a viewer of it at that time 🙌
Shibu Kottuvankonam (7 months ago)
Ojasvi Soni this place kerala kollam jilla border paravur thekum bhagam rood this place my house only 3km beautiful place welcome people enjoy
Subramanya Rao (7 months ago)
Thanks Shibu. I just took the text from the top line and pasted for answering that question. I stand corrected.
Shibu Kottuvankonam (7 months ago)
Subramanya Rao this place not poovr this kerala . district kollam.jilla Paravur. Thekkum bhagam
Subramanya Rao (7 months ago)
Poovar beach, where the Neyyar river, Poovar Lake and Viraly lake joins the Arabian sea at Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala, India. It is in the description at the beginning of this clip,
Google Play Videos (9 months ago)
Which river ?
Arun N.G (9 months ago)
Neyyar river, Poovar Lake and Viraly lake joins with Arabian Sea
Abhi Chauhan (10 months ago)
Why this water can't use for drinking and farming purpose
Mr Rowdy (7 months ago)
You're a mad bitch. Case closed =))
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
Mr Rowdy you dumbass I will never forgive you and God will never forgive us, for our lame conversation we brought god into this.If we two are fighting why you and me involving god into this.he always wants us to be happy and we should not bring god into our matter s or any one.agar tum mujhe gaaliya dena chahte ho please do aur main BHI tumhe dungi.god ko beech lane ki koi zarurat Nahi hai tumhe aur mujhe .we should respect him.you are religious person.its alright.we two are bringing god for our conversation is bad.and you, piece of shit you need help.i am so angry with you right I hope I puch your face so hard you won't be able to show your face to everyone for a month.
Mr Rowdy (7 months ago)
God says he is amused by your madness here. He says that I should tick you off even more for entertainment. That you 'sucking the shit out of ass directly' got me laughing for many many minutes, man. Now because you are purely mad, I must educate you this...I wouldn't "dug" hole & die because some internet-toilet with the YouTube ID hiyori lki bitched it lmao! ^ God is amused at your frail attempts to offend me, though you bark about politeness. He says, you are a dumbass fool of the purest form.
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
Mr Rowdy you dumbass dug a hole and die after this that is all I care about after.and you're talking about Mr you tube Id, ever think of yours you idiot , dumbass, jerk ,sicko,piece of shit.mr.rowdy who keeps such a stupid and idiot name you Dumbo thinking yourself a hero or what.u are lame excuse for human being and you dare talking to me with such language.i feel shameful till now I am wasting my time you make you understand. die forever you jerk.
Hiyori Iki (7 months ago)
Mr Rowdy Mr Rowdy you jerk you didn't get answers you are not good at heart, god didn't tell you that, oh maybe god forgot to tell that you kind of jerks didn't have a right to live here on earth.he told me that please ignore such kind of creature's who are not worth it to live because of trying to make understand is a waste of my precious time.and god also told me you are ignorant creature.
ayu wulan (10 months ago)
Beautiful & scary at the same time
TppT ÉnterTaînmènT (10 months ago)
Nadi kam kisi naale ka pani jyada ho gya hai..
Girija Isha (11 months ago)
where is this place
i12 (7 months ago)
This place is near a sea ..
Google Play Videos (9 months ago)
Which river
Arun N.G (11 months ago)
Girija Isha It's at Poovar, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram district
Sapna banglore (1 year ago)
That is not water sound thts air sound
Mr Rowdy (7 months ago)
Yeah the river must be farting
Jagan Babu (1 year ago)
I get scary while I hear that water sound.
Me to bro
Swarna ambati (1 year ago)

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