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Nagisa Proves he's a boy

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Nagisa is tierd of people calling him a girl Models Pearl belongs to- me Nagisa belongs to- http://hmkz.deviantart.com/ Motion- got it from- Deviantart...
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Text Comments (8)
Kyle's Gaming Channel (15 days ago)
Angela Merkel (2 months ago)
What da fuck dude.... you are so an motherfucking Bastard
walkinglord5 gaming (5 months ago)
And thats how I met your mother. (#sorrynotsorry)
Shadow Maker (9 months ago)
Yeah dats from another anime
R4d6 (8 months ago)
Which anime?
Ryaken (1 year ago)
nicely done, you have talent!
Nikita Ferreira (1 year ago)
Tf?! XD
wtf lol

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