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SeaDoo vs Yamaha

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Both skis have had mods to the supercharger, my ski (RXT) Gold 1500cc vs Marcus's ski 1800cc (SHO) Red
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Врр 001 (4 months ago)
Sea doo GTX limited 💪 https://youtu.be/kQx0Vq_1k50 https://youtu.be/4ELDLWzPD_U https://youtu.be/aCy8vAOlsdg https://youtu.be/IcuNam_PraI Посмотри благодарю
Eric Ostrowski (1 year ago)
your seadoo is broken I smoke Yamahas all day long in my rxp!
Jose Melendez (1 year ago)
yahama is the best because I got one
Jose Melendez (1 year ago)
yahama is the best because I got one
7072wedgehead (2 years ago)
96 seadoo xp and 96 gtx, both going strong. the xp was the hotrod of the lake when new. 55+ mph. the only thing ive done to them in 20 yrs is change the batteries and inline fuel filter.
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
Also, the new sea doos have a cooling system with coolant instead of water. Your engines will last much longer.
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
You cant find anyone to service yamahas. Sea Doo is the best! :)
emre Colakoglu (2 years ago)
Cause yamahas dont need services yamahas are faster better seadoo have lots of electrical issues yamaha is number 1
urungutang (2 years ago)
lol because you don't need to ,no one works on yamaha because they never break
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
Speed does not matter. It's the features and engine that counds. Yamahas cheap Japanese engines suck, compared to sea doo with their powerful rotax engines. I think sea Doo is better. You will get a better lifespan out of it. We have a 2002 sea doo still working, but before that, we had a Kawasaki witch lasted 2 months.
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
+emre Colakoglu Stop raging about my opinion, sweetheart.
max printscreen (2 years ago)
+Crisp Cuts Landscaping yeah just like American cars. broken down easily. .. made in canada... hahaha
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
+max printscreen They are made in canada.
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
+emre Colakoglu So you think your the master mechanic?
Andy's Shop (2 years ago)
+Johnny Huynh Supercharged requires more maintenance then a normal one.
Parrot Head (3 years ago)
Look another seadoo getting its ass kicked by a Yamaha. Nothing new here! LOL, we all know seadoo's suck. Great video :)
emre Colakoglu (2 years ago)
Yeah exactly seadoos are worst they have all electrical issues and bad engines
Tyrion Lannister (3 years ago)
+Parrot Head Lol they went the same fucken speed. The guy on the yamaha launched earlier thats why he was in front.
Skywalker Productions (3 years ago)
The Yama apperrs faster
Devron Leinenger (3 years ago)
Agreed yamaha will outperform and have a better reputation when upgrades are dumped into the ski. For the novice weekender though, ide prefer seadoo canadians make a much better maintenance free ride, and longevity of seadoos are great.
Johnny Huynh (2 years ago)
i have to constantly repair my supercharger every couple of rides out
Nick Grigorakos (3 years ago)
The longevity of seadoos are great.  haha.... it's the other way around......how can seadoos be much better maintenance free ski when they re constantly breaking down??
KThach (4 years ago)
No replacement for displacement =)
David Akopyan (4 years ago)
Yamaha will win of the structure and material
Nater389 (4 years ago)
It's interesting to read all of the conjecture here between the two brands. I can tell  you this as of May 30th of 2014, I rode around the edges of Lake Conroe in Texas and noticed that, hands down, Yamaha wave runners were by FAR the favorite of the rich and powerful on the lake. SeaDoo came in a DISTANT second, and I saw one pair of Honda. Yamaha seems the be the choice by far.
Alex Bystrov (4 years ago)
then it blew a hole inthe pump tunnel and sunk... 
Carlos Heredia (5 years ago)
Both brands are good. However, I have always admired Sea Doo for its top speed and aggressive riding but Yamaha is definitely more reliable and making grounds on the speed issue... a good indicator is to see what brand the rental companies use.
LightsOutMan (1 year ago)
False. Usually yamahas...but low end models
Nangjelovski (1 year ago)
wilson carranza sea doo
wilson carranza (1 year ago)
Carlos Heredia what brand rental companies use ????
Adam Pearson (5 years ago)
Sit down to ski, sit down to pee.
Tyson Valkenburg (5 years ago)
Seadoo is more reliable, other then yamaha and Kawasaki what are water cooled, seadoo will last much longer with the piston because they won't carafe like the other jetskis
Graham Lorsung (5 years ago)
Stop fighting seadoo fans just walk away while Yamaha fans walk away faster because Yamaha jetski a are faster haha ya yamahas the best just go ask a seadoo dealer my friend owns one guess what they ride yamahas even though they coulf get a seadoo for free wow goes to show uand
Problemsolved222 (5 years ago)
Fuck you All Yamaha has the best PWC's with the best maintenence records
George Rinehart (5 years ago)
Well if it is a Kawasaki you will need the big Gas Tank to run the same distance as the Doo's and Yamays. Never seen the big ones get any MPG worth talking about. BG
Paul Liddiard (5 years ago)
DeWalt v Makita Ford v Holden Ps3 v Xbox Inverted nipple v Normal nipple I like to extract the inverted ones
Paul Liddiard (5 years ago)
I have a GTX 2004 LTD . Its fun and thats all :)
Kody Wedell (6 years ago)
who cares they are both couches
Jon5824 (6 years ago)
The Yamahas are more dependable though. And the quick trim is awesome. Both are good.
Andrew gordon (6 years ago)
yamaha's are so ugly compared to sea-doo, and ya my buddy has a yamaha and its always in the shop
beefcakes42 (6 years ago)
i have a 2011 seadoo GTX260 limited and its pretty much the fastest thing on my lake, with the exception of some of the tunnel hull race boats and some of the bigger bass boats, but it tops out around 70, which is a gps reading so its as close as it gets...
Austin Prince (6 years ago)
ive had 2 seadoos before and just bought a fzr i have to admit yamaha has def stepped it up in the past few years
Michael Klein (6 years ago)
Typical idiots on their Sea-Doos thinkng theyre faster than everybody. The only good Sea Doo is the GTX Limited and that just doesn't compare to the VXR, FZR, or FZS. Yamaha knows how to make a fast and quality engine. I do agree that the GTI and GTX models look very nice but the engines do not have the quality of a Yamaha Waverunner
wilson carranza (1 year ago)
Michael Klein i want to buy a use jet ski with one wold you think is the best?
Cardfold11 (6 years ago)
the yamaha has 60 less horsepower than the skidoo. not bad at all.
Ryan Yousefian (6 years ago)
Comparing a Sea-Doo and a Yamaha is like comparing Ford to a Mercedes benz. Yamaha is a whole different machine. I own a Yamaha fx sho and have never ever lost a race to either a sea-doo or a kawasaki.
TOUCTI (8 months ago)
Seadoo is the Mercedes ?
Tonus Mahonus (6 years ago)
dude I had this RXT flat out in the ocean with rough seas and this thing powered thru it all, very stable, no one riding the Yamahas at that time could catch me.
FLICKOFF1000 (6 years ago)
yes your fucking right about, Canadian made is the best!
eliot gustafsson (6 years ago)
fucking retard it's a yamaha...
Tonus Mahonus (6 years ago)
Go Pro with a head mount strap, no helmet on.
Marcin Kamera (6 years ago)
Daniel Patriki (6 years ago)
Not to mention that seadoo's were actually designed for lakes so a seadoo doesnt go as fast in the sea because of the waves.
potfot (6 years ago)
@seasonedcurlies you are the retarded!!!shut the fuck up and watch th evideo
J.R. Smith (6 years ago)
@hanratty450 I have a seadoo rxp 255 2011 model and it's awesome and much better than a yamaha
FlyGuy12000 (7 years ago)
@cazouu36 Canadian engineering for the win!!!!!!
hanratty450 (7 years ago)
@tonus888 787cc
Tonus Mahonus (7 years ago)
@hanratty450 Yeah, I just sold a 1999 950cc XP limited, the 96 model XP would have been 750cc I think. cheers
hanratty450 (7 years ago)
that yamaha is fast but i still love the seadoo. best ski seadoo made was the 96 xp 800 by far
FatCatRoR (7 years ago)
@tonus888 Hell yeah it was fun. xD Ran it for about 6 hours strait, man, never leaving SeaDoo. :P
Tonus Mahonus (7 years ago)
@FatCatRoR nice, should be fun too
FatCatRoR (7 years ago)
I know it isn't a PWC, but I just bought a 1997 Seadoo Challenger 1800. Perfect condition except some sunbleaching.. Seadoo is the best man. :D
Tonus Mahonus (7 years ago)
@RamThisDTO The yamaha engine is 300cc bigger and has also had mods. When it was stock standard the seadoo beat it with only a supercharger upgrade. thanks for watching
RamThisDTO (7 years ago)
Sweet, I was surprised to see the the Yamaha do so good against you. My sister and her husband just got a new RXT 260is a month ago, took it out for my first time ever on a jetski. The power is AMAZING.
Tonus Mahonus (7 years ago)
@MrZach747 SeaDoo :)
Juanchi Fasano (7 years ago)
para mi es asi , sea-doo es mas rapida y mas cara pero yamaha es mas duradera y mas familiar y kawa es mas fuerza
wilson carranza (1 year ago)
Juanchi Fasano cual me recomendarias comprar para mi primer jet ski
trykkestar (7 years ago)
@cazouu36 Yup. Kawasaki would whip both of them!
Tonus Mahonus (7 years ago)
@WeirdBulldog its a 3 seater
WeirdBulldog (7 years ago)
how many seater is the Sea Doo?
thewhofan99 (7 years ago)
@tonus888 ok thanks. i'm going to at least rent one at my local lake when i go
Tonus Mahonus (7 years ago)
@thewhofan99 Mate these 3 seaters are very stable and handle great, even in the rough I go flat out, but I'm only referring to the seadoo which I had. A passener can hop on without tipping it no worries. I would say the other brands of this size are very stable too.
thewhofan99 (7 years ago)
can someone tell me how these bigger hulls ride and handle compared to the older and smaller 2 cycle ones?
The3DComputerMan (7 years ago)
flossyepicfail (7 years ago)
kawasaki sucks SEA-DOOOOOOOOOOOO
cazouu36 (7 years ago)
@TylerV73 i realize that that ski is a yamaha. I was using kawasaki to make the point that the japanese know what their doing
Logan Rossi (7 years ago)
@felixthecat29 Yamaha is Japanese lol
wellcraftboat34 (7 years ago)
I think all of you who prefer seadoo over yamaha are crazy!! Yamaha has had over 50 years of PWC manufacturing experience and have been extremely successful! Sea-Doo, with there new 2010 and 2011 line up are for sure going to be in serves at least two times a month. When ever you make a PWC with a lot of electronic shit such as the electronic break, the electronic trim and electronic throttle and you have all of that electronic shit next to the water there's bound to be some problems!
afterusaydit (7 years ago)
@tonus888 wow thats awesome! a jet ski is a fun way 2 spend water time!
Tonus Mahonus (7 years ago)
@afterusaydit Approx 69 - 71 MPH
afterusaydit (7 years ago)
What was your top speed on that run?
Dimebag Dio Kilmister (7 years ago)
The Skidoo has 300 less CC's than the Yama. Not bad at all.
Capt. Kirk (7 years ago)
@felixthecat29 it stayed behind, took big drink or didnt you notice, fool?!!
mac brew (7 years ago)
@TylerV73 he was responding to the comment "jap crap" by proving that japan makes better ones. Dumbass
Daniel TheXKingzzz (7 years ago)
yamaha ftw
cazouu36 (7 years ago)
@felixthecat29 jap crap? i think you're mistaken, Kawasaki has always been the leader in power and performance with the most recent ski having 300 hp. come back when you grow a brain
JULUK MEDIA (7 years ago)
wow: The Earth is a sphere
brazzr (7 years ago)
@floon34 actually they got 210hp
brazzr (7 years ago)
i ride here to
JESUStheATHEIST1 (7 years ago)
yamaha sho eats sea poo for breakfast........yamaha sho dominates. period.get over it. no matter the year or model,the yammy is a far superior machine.
Jeff McLean (7 years ago)
@drippinblood28 had an rxp..yes fast but with any kind of chop it would bounce around like you were on a trampoline..not a great craft in any chop
groutaone (8 years ago)
looks like top end is about the same but yours has a bit more take off, great vid
Fill Yo Head (8 years ago)
I own both and I realize Sea doo doesn't turn as well as the Yamaha Sho.
Tonus Mahonus (8 years ago)
@JDMforever11 The Broadwater, Gold Coast, Australia
MotoBoy (8 years ago)
@xldodgeram See, that's the thing. The SHO is yamaha's top of the line, but the GTI is somewhere in the middle so of course it would have a better top speed and acceleration. The thing is if you took an RXP from seadoo it would crush a yamaha
Medaste (8 years ago)
@Serhan911 you should go for the seadoo rxp x 260rs, its maybe the best out on the market ;) remeber post a video of which one u buy and when u drive it :D
Serhan911 (8 years ago)
I couldnt decide about The 2010 yamaha fzr or sea doo rxp x 260 rs, which one do you guys thing? and by the way im watching jetski videos for over an hour now, yours is the best video on the whole fucking internet, thanks
Justin Magill (8 years ago)
Pretty close to the same combo I run. I have a 2008 SHO and my Brother has a SeaDoo GTI. Both are stock. The SHO has a much better take off than the SeaDoo and a slightly higher top speed. The SeaDoo rides much smoother in rough water. My race results look pretty close to this video. Both are great skis and would recommend either to buyers.
Spencer Barker (8 years ago)
@huntingandfishing1 no it clearly out performed the seadoo, the new 2010 RXP-X would destroy it though.
Janago White (8 years ago)
You need an rxp dude
Blackarps (8 years ago)
Pretty close!

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