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MOROCCO TRAVEL VLOG | Marrakech & Agadir

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Heyyy my loves! I had the most beautiful holiday with amazing food and sun at Riu Tikida Palace Hotel in Agadir! You can also find me on - Instagram: Sorsasta Twitter: @SorsastaYT ❤
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Sorsasta (4 months ago)
I’m overwhelmed with the amount of love this video has received! I LOVED Morocco! If you haven’t already... check out my birthday in Morocco with my Twin! ❤️ https://youtu.be/QMrQ6viGOUg
Feqrache Rabie (2 months ago)
Sorsasta tchanks sorsasta wlcm ou morroco you nice tooop
Sorsasta قصيرة وبزازلها اكبر من جسمها كامل 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
sadik Channel (4 months ago)
Sorsasta welcome to Morocco
Alan Lynch (16 days ago)
Grand lung warmers
SiMo Borja Tv (1 month ago)
Welcome to Morocco
Between the Queens (3 months ago)
Welcome my sweetyy in Morocco
vanessa rogers (3 months ago)
Morocco Man (3 months ago)
im hère in agadir not agidiar lol can i be yur guide
Sorsasta (3 months ago)
vanessa rogers im so jealous! Already can’t wait to go back
Mikołaj Kołacki (3 months ago)
Im in Anezi tower hotel in agadir
noha alal (3 months ago)
مول المحال بارك يعنق الله يعطيك غا الذل شوهتو بينا رجال اخير الزمان الي مغربية تبان هنا هههه
Mohamed bniss (3 months ago)
noha alal ههه او ضروري اعنق حتاش البيع كيبغي لواحد اكون مطلوق او مبشور
Irshsh kazmi (3 months ago)
I went to Marrakech and agadir in april and i loved it. They are very welcoming and treat you like family! Hope you had a good time.
Sorsasta (3 months ago)
Irshsh kazmi yes they do! Such a lovely friendly place ❤️ I did thanks! Did you have a good time? Already want to go back
Migil Yacoub (3 months ago)
I am from agadir you are welcome ever day good luck
Creative Unicorns (3 months ago)
SAME! I swear I spent one night in marakech, then spent four in agadir, in fact I’m here right now!!!!!!
DADDY (3 months ago)
just came back from agadir in June my self! spent 5 nights here. nice country and people! FOOD wow next to POOR quality. beautiful video ladies! looking good! not to sure where I'm going next.
Sorsasta (3 months ago)
DADDY aewww I loved Morocco so much I already want to go back! We found the food in our hotel to be beautiful but I didn’t like the look of the Moroccan food too much. Just because it’s new to our taste buds! Thank you for watching!
NÎ NA (3 months ago)
I'am from morocco : agadir
Saab Rifi (3 months ago)
Welcome To morroco
Ilyass Dabouih (3 months ago)
saad MSK (3 months ago)
cute this is goood
For Work (3 months ago)
المغرب بلد جميل جدا
fadwa raki (3 months ago)
hannouda هنودة (3 months ago)
Welcome in morroco sweety 😘😘😘
YASSIN MATADOR (3 months ago)
you have sweet ass 😍welcooom to moroco bb 😁
YASSIN MATADOR (3 months ago)
welcome to moroco
Zst Nn (3 months ago)
These beautiful Queens must be rich!!!!!!
Marilyn Wisbey (3 months ago)
What month did you go? And is it warmer weather in January?
Samih Maroc (3 months ago)
sadik Channel (4 months ago)
I need sport girl to travel with me min city Casablanca
Salah Beau goss (4 months ago)
u r so cute
Smiley zeyneb (4 months ago)
I see Morocco I click 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sorsasta (4 months ago)
Thank you sooooo much ❤️
Wera Sergeeva (4 months ago)
Я совершенно не так давно прилетела это было отлично мемуары на всю существование
Najat Najat (4 months ago)
هه واهيا با براهيم ✌😎
abdeltif leglil (4 months ago)
La prossima volta bisogno andare a RABAT la mia citta ❤
orm mar (4 months ago)
Welcome to Morocco
hafid Akhabbaz (4 months ago)
هههههههههه حاطين ليهم باهية ولاد لكلب
Ayman Férfox (4 months ago)
Simply Jasmin (4 months ago)
I have family in marocco and I’m going there in 8 days💖 And we are also going to agadir
Hicham Ahtak (4 months ago)
you are so beutiful !
Hassan Ouhaman (4 months ago)
welcom to marooco 😊😉😉 visiti in geulmim is good city
Mamas Omi (4 months ago)
love you morocos
Asmaa Ben (4 months ago)
I'm from Agadir , and welcome again in Morocco 😍😘❤💙💓💔💕💖💞💝
Kamel Boukheit (4 months ago)
I'm algerian I love Morocco
Kamel Boukheit (4 months ago)
انا جزائري و نحب المغرب بصراحة اريد السفر إلى مراكش و اقادير حسيمة المحمدية الرباط نادور وجدة فاس وووووو
Mohamed bniss (3 months ago)
Kamel Boukheit مرحبا بخوتنا دزاير متحتاش تشاور بلادك هادي اخي مرحبا بيكوم كاملين ☺
germane ssaed (4 months ago)
Wilcome du Marrakech
lost Khalid (4 months ago)
Welcome to Morocco
Sorsasta (4 months ago)
lost Khalid thank you 💗
Dziko Assr (4 months ago)
Welcome to morocco 😍😍😘
Saida Zahrae (4 months ago)
Dik slgot liba3lhom dik l7wayj wlah makay7xm wla s7ablo lmgharba maghayxofoxi video
MeD Bosta (4 months ago)
Yes Welcome to Agadir at any time I hope you keep putting videos 😍😍😍😍
Achraf Asmadar (4 months ago)
Welcom to my city agadir
iiSteVe GaMeR (4 months ago)
الي من المغرب لايك / like
noora niche (4 months ago)
I love you so muche I am salma from morroco but from rabat
ahmd briditch (4 months ago)
Xavi Moreno (4 months ago)
*salam alykom habibati* 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
julie cash Tv (4 months ago)
redouane errady (4 months ago)
أكادير ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘aghadir ♥️
المغرب زين إلى كانوا عندك لفلوس
beauty Hânan Elbaz (4 months ago)
Welcome to morocoo 💋❤❤❤
abdou far (4 months ago)
Ff Gg (4 months ago)
I love you
Amine korchi (4 months ago)
Amazing contry .. welcome ❤
Tanjawi Vlog (4 months ago)
Good Job Welcome To Tangier !
Khaoula Affani (4 months ago)
In with moroccan ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
لطيفة كريم (4 months ago)
K.b22 Dz (4 months ago)
OK! BYE (4 months ago)
Welcom To morocco ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
MoNe Biker (4 months ago)
younes khadir (4 months ago)
Welcom to my contry next time i will be your tour guide
Ouaoua Agadir (4 months ago)
Thousands kamel and chicken
nass nass (4 months ago)
Achno kaystafdo vrais maroc walo
Malak Elll (4 months ago)
Welcome To morocco 🇲🇦 ❤️❤️❤️
Baghdad Mataoui (4 months ago)
Est tu obliges de montrer une femme quasiment nue pour soi disant promouvoir je ne sais quoi
Monir Monir (4 months ago)
Sorsasta (4 months ago)
Monir Monir someone’s angry
jamal tiznit (4 months ago)
Waw nice agadir city marrakech
jamal tiznit (4 months ago)
Waw nice agadir city marrakech
Tia Sofia (4 months ago)
Hey where is the best place to change money and is how spending money should we bring to Morocco Marrakesh for 7 nights ????
Tia Sofia (4 months ago)
Hi Sarah Arhab , thank you so much for the good advice I really appreciate it ! 😊 am half Moroccan and half Grenada this will be my first time coming to Morocco in Marrakesh so hopefully I will enjoy my little trip and have fun shopping and enjoying the sun. Thank you Tia Sofia xxx
Sarah Arhab (4 months ago)
hey ! sorry to interrupts but im moroccan and I thought I might give you some advice. usually if you're moroccan or speak arabic you won't find any problem with the price; the food and souks (markets) are very cheap but if the merchant notice that you're a tourist he most likely will inflate the price a little bit (not a lot really). that's why I recommend to tourists to have a local with them, it's way better to explore. I hope you'll like Morocco and spend a good time here!
Tia Sofia (4 months ago)
Hey Sorsasta am going to Morocco in July 16th and I have booked a 5 star hotel bed n breakfast, am excited to go I can’t wait. Is the food and markets really expensive ? Should I change the money at the airport? 😊 Tia Sofia x
Sorsasta (4 months ago)
Tia Sofia hey! I’d change money at home if I can, before you go! Orrrrr your hotel? If it’s all inclusive you don’t need a lot! We took £200 each and didn’t spend that much because the hotel was amazing! Didn’t want to leave haha. When are you going? I’m so jealous!
Laila ESSOUABI (4 months ago)
هاي je suis de maroc
MKV45 M (4 months ago)
Agadir is my city❤
MKV45 M (4 months ago)
welcome to Morocco🇲🇦❤
Amina El khouchali (4 months ago)
Big like from Morocco
EL MASK DEL (4 months ago)
Your instahram plz. ✔✔🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️💖
Lynn Ambrose (4 months ago)
My country are so beautiful , im so proud to be a 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Kenza Bouhafra (4 months ago)
Much love💕
tawfeeq tv (4 months ago)
I'm olso vloger
Mellas Anass (4 months ago)
Welcome to moroco i choud you to visted paradis in agadir
Mellas Anass (4 months ago)
No problème sister is my cantry
Sorsasta (4 months ago)
Mellas Anass thank you so much! I hope to return soon!
kadija bali (4 months ago)
Io sono di agadir
housni oulagui (4 months ago)
Welcom to agadir
Sorsasta (4 months ago)
housni oulagui thank you soooo much! I hope to return soon!
yazid mouissi (4 months ago)
welcome to morocco
youness ben (4 months ago)
Agadiiir 😍😍😍
Alpha Prodige (4 months ago)
you look so freindly ... !
Binnenste Buiten (4 months ago)
Almost going to my fatherland.. 31 of july 2018❤😍💪
Abdellah Aglou (4 months ago)
Just to let you know, Tikida Riu is actually the best hotel in Agadir..i love in USA and I love my city Agadir..
mëd âïț ådî (4 months ago)
Morocco is beautifeul
Rahim Nami (4 months ago)
Beautiful dresse :) enjoy
MuSic World (4 months ago)
welcome to my country Morocco
Azel Bout (4 months ago)
zaki Bouzehar (4 months ago)
Hello mi ď agadir
Anas pavillon (4 months ago)
Amazing vlog and happy days in morocco 😍
Sorsasta (4 months ago)
Anas pavillon thank you!!
Nadia Faiz (4 months ago)
The name hotel in Agadir?
Sorsasta (4 months ago)
Nadia Faiz Riu Tikida Palace
Anouar Vlog (4 months ago)
Thank u for the video u make me feel proud of my city and u 're welcome anytime ❤
Sorsasta (4 months ago)
Anouar Vlog what a lovely comment! Thank you so much. I want to go back already! Agadir is beautiful 💗
MüsTâpHæ ß (4 months ago)
You Welcome In My City AgaDiiR ♡♡☆☆
54V4G3 BOY 18 (4 months ago)
I live there
the best slimer ever (4 months ago)
I'm so glad you liked my lovely city . Hope you get back here soon and tell your fans about it so we can meet there ♥😍 . Xoxo

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