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Black sea and white sea [Two seas together]

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And it is He who has released [simultaneously] the two seas, (i.e bodies of water) one fresh & sweet and one salty & bitter, & He placed between them a barrier & prohibiting partition.
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faisal yusuf (8 days ago)
Allah hu akber
Senthil Kumar (1 month ago)
They are not Black sea and white sea they are indian ocean and Pacific ocean
Alphyz Qrw (2 months ago)
Sally May (3 months ago)
Where r these 2 seas & y was not much of the white sea shown??
Cherry Pi (3 months ago)
Cherry Pi animations exe. has stopped working
Tejaswini K (4 months ago)
Don't they mix together?😱
Zafar Kidwai (3 days ago)
quran had verse on it and scientist confirmed it in 1960 only
pooja Thakur (8 months ago)
how it is possible
Nay Lovely (5 months ago)
pooja Thakur Jehovah's work
pooja Thakur (8 months ago)
how it is possible.
pooja Thakur (8 months ago)
what a metrical....
not believable. amezingg.
Kian Maian (1 year ago)
from were it is???????
MementoMori (1 year ago)
That's a hoax, not even the black and baltic sea, it's in alaska. Just dirty glacial melted water flowing into the ocean. https://www.adn.com/science/article/mythbusting-place-where-two-oceans-meet-gulf-alaska/2013/02/05/
Safena Kauser (2 years ago)
سبحان الله
Dldar Majed (1 year ago)
Mostafa.mawla Mostafa.mawla 👌👌👌👌👌👩👩👩👩
allh ki qudrat be mishal h hm insan kabhi nhi samjhte jis qudart ka khna pani tk manta h hm bhi itna nhi mante
Moon Ali (2 years ago)
Allah pak ki qudrat hy..aklmandon k liy ishara hy
praful Thakre (2 months ago)
Rajmani Prajapati (3 years ago)

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