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Girl Popping Balloons | ASMR

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Hii Everyonee, Someone asked me if I wanted to make this video.. Sooo here it is I pop about 100 balloons x Don't forget to Subscribe & Hit the bell Xoxo K ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Balloon #Popping #ASMR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to follow me on my Socials: Instagram: _xkarinn Snapchat: karin.x -------------------------------------------------------------- Questions? Just ask me Xx
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KarinB (1 month ago)
Balloon Popping Part 3 is here !: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jI-OzhmfKs
Phoebe Balloon (1 month ago)
I use the bigger balloons for more fun.🎈☺
*Sweet* 😁
Atol Pienkoski (3 months ago)
Fantastic Heels popping... Please more..
Fahad Madougou (3 months ago)
Fap sexy gurl
Eugene Foss (3 months ago)
can you please, please, please do this with water balloons??
Eugene Foss (3 months ago)
+KarinB you could do it in a bath tub!!
KarinB (3 months ago)
Its too cold for that now haha, but i'll think about it :)
Muhammad Fikri Ghani (3 months ago)
Wow.. so sexy actvty 😜
Emily Jackson (3 months ago)
That is awesome! :) Next time fruit crush please :)
V man (4 months ago)
Great video! Loved it! I’d love to see you try and sit pop beach balls ;)
V man (3 months ago)
KarinB awesome! I’m glad to hear that. I hope you can find some soon. Really looking forward to you sit popping beach balls. ;)
KarinB (3 months ago)
Thankss! As soon as I find beachballs thats happening haha
Jan Holzmann (4 months ago)
Can you make a video with inflating some plastic bags? You can blow it up by mouth, blow it up really tight, tap on it, squeeze it, deflate it, and inflate it again :) You also can pop some bags if you want to :)
KarinB (4 months ago)
I can't cuz of my asthma.. I'll pass out then haha
Kenny Moore (4 months ago)
loved the video Hun please make more vids like this very well done thanks for sharing this with us
KarinB (4 months ago)
I'm glad, more videos like this in the future :)
Lady Ives (4 months ago)
You’re shoes very helpful 😁 this was fun 👏
KarinB (4 months ago)
Yess haha without it would be so much harder :P
AL DURAN (4 months ago)
AL DURAN (4 months ago)
KarinB (4 months ago)
Glad you like it :) Due to my astma blow to pop isn't an option for me :)
Mini Maus (4 months ago)
Hey can you pop inflatable Air mattress or Beach Balls
Alex Kerz (4 months ago)
great vid, many thanks! plz make vid with beach ball
KarinB (4 months ago)
Thankyouu :) Maybe in the future :)
Lee Cheung's Channel (4 months ago)
Oh dear...Is that fun for u? Seems u making a lot of peoples happy...
KarinB (4 months ago)
Lee Cheung's Channel haha I enjoyed popping the balloons but not the same reason as a lot of people xd
Tim Atkinson (4 months ago)
I'd of loved to have some of the balloons
Aisha Starz (4 months ago)
You popped the hell out of those balloons 🎈... fun video ❣️🙌🏼
me mme (3 months ago)
Aisha Starz ASMR cc
KarinB (4 months ago)
Aisha Starz ASMR glad you liked it xx
Emily Gangadeen (4 months ago)
Do you like popping balloons
pelle (4 months ago)
more clips please
Noah Mcferrin (4 months ago)
Awesome video. You should do another video with bigger balloons and sitting 😁😍
MrAdrenalin17 (4 months ago)
Can u do a vid n see how many u can blow up in 5 min n then pop with ur fingernails? Lol n awesome vid
KarinB (4 months ago)
I can't due to my astma.
Luke T (4 months ago)
Did you ever get on balloon pop websites
Luke T (4 months ago)
You need to make a OWN one
Luke T (4 months ago)
KarinB wh your so good
KarinB (4 months ago)
Welinton Meireles (4 months ago)
eu amei o vídeo teu estourando balão com
Hessel Ouwehand (4 months ago)
Hi realy nice video for the future maybe some bigger balloons just a suggestion btw you are cute
Bernhard Groß (4 months ago)
Would you blow to pop balloons in your face too?
Heels & Balloons (4 months ago)
Great video. You're beautiful!! Your super sexy heels on those poor balloons make me crazy. Thank you...
mycommentisunder (4 months ago)
Could you fill them up with smoke and pop them with a cigarette?
Bajan Treasure (4 months ago)
Wow 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏
Shoutout 2018 (4 months ago)
Bitte mal barfuß
Moritz Nepomuk (4 months ago)
Wunderschönes Video!
YAN BERNAR (4 months ago)
I am freakin (4 months ago)
Please nails torture and pop balloons
Zak Vlogs (4 months ago)
Ahhhh this was beautiful 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
nadia boucher (4 months ago)
nails pop :)
nadia boucher (4 months ago)
with pleasure :)
KarinB (4 months ago)
nadia boucher planning another video like this in the future x
Lauren H (4 months ago)
Awesome video! Try laying on some of them next, that’s a fun and challenging way to pop them!
Thunder Clouds Extras (5 months ago)
cool video
Thunder Clouds 123 (4 months ago)
+KarinB its ok
KarinB (4 months ago)
Thunder Clouds Extras thankss x
Alencar do (5 months ago)
Very good video, when you can do more using long fingernails won another channel subscriber by fun thanks.like
Luke T (4 months ago)
KarinB Can I help you with iT
KarinB (4 months ago)
Alencar do hii! Planning another video like this for the future 😊
wim hout (5 months ago)
😍😍 more more i love that amazing video
KarinB (4 months ago)
wim hout glad you like it! X
Rockman Vollnutt (5 months ago)
Now try without heels... It wont be that easy... :D
Rockman Vollnutt (4 months ago)
Hahahaha thats cheating!! xDD
KarinB (4 months ago)
Adri BiSor hahaha, maybe i’ll just sharpen my nails like claws to make it easier xD
prince nomi (5 months ago)
that was lovely and amazing...pop more balloons with long fingernails
prince nomi (5 months ago)
KarinB (5 months ago)
prince nomi thankss!! More vids like this in the future
frozenshatterbreak69 (5 months ago)
More balloon popping! Try popping 100 balloons by sitting on them on a chair :)
KarinB (5 months ago)
frozenshatterbreak69 Def more in the future!
Sharon Ann Anti-aging (5 months ago)
So funny cool video
KarinB (5 months ago)
Sharon Ann Anti-aging thankyouuu love!😘
giron24 (5 months ago)
Awesome video, you popped so many and it was so easy for you. Hope you will do more videos like this in the future
KarinB (5 months ago)
giron24 thankyouu! I’m planning to in the future ☺️
george Tsapkinis (5 months ago)
Do a beach ball pop
Mr. Account Name (4 months ago)
KarinB You should
KarinB (5 months ago)
george Tsapkinis thinking about it!
BigSammy C (5 months ago)
Can we get a blowing up balloons video too? ❤ great video
BigSammy C (4 months ago)
+KarinB Aww I see damn asthma ahah but its okay I understand😁
KarinB (5 months ago)
Thankss! I can't due to astma, i used a pomp for this haha
deadman023 (5 months ago)
How about a beach ball video like this?
KarinB (5 months ago)
I'll think about it :)
McLovin the Walrus (5 months ago)
that moment when she does not know 95% of the people who watched this video fapped to it.
AvK ! (11 days ago)
Yeah... actually, fun (or weird) fact, she is in 2 or 3 Looner channels as reccomended or Sexy balloon pop playlist... Wow
Mr Anonymous (4 months ago)
+KarinB Cool reaction tho! Like that way of thinking. And I think she kinda knew that tho.
Animikii Gaming (4 months ago)
R33 really affects everything, doesn't it?
Mike Stoffels (4 months ago)
So true
KarinB (5 months ago)
Haha, whatever makes people happy. I've had reactions like that under different kinds of videos where you wouldn't think people would do that.
jma rv (5 months ago)
You would have to make challenging your friends to inflate your channel very funny balloon ... sure you would have many visits if you make videos inflating balloons
jma rv (5 months ago)
I hope it is soon you challenge your friends to have more inflates and you blow them up the balloons that you inflate
KarinB (5 months ago)
jma rv yeah that would be fun haha! Maybe in the future ☺️
jma rv (5 months ago)
hello and a video inflating balloons?
jma rv (5 months ago)
but no balloon can you inflate?
KarinB (5 months ago)
hello :) I can't due to astma. I used a pomp
Punditry Language (5 months ago)
Great video there
KarinB (5 months ago)
THankyou :)
Guilherme Vargas (5 months ago)
please, do some more fingernail popping
KarinB (5 months ago)
Don't worry already planning it :)
Guilherme Vargas (5 months ago)
KarinB oooh :(
KarinB (5 months ago)
Maybe in the future :)
Dominik Benz (5 months ago)
amazing video very cool love it you are so pretty awesome looking forward
Dominik Benz (5 months ago)
thank you so much happy
KarinB (5 months ago)
Thankyouuu! <3
Best Videos FF (5 months ago)
Nice video my beautiful friend.Liked.Thanks.
KarinB (5 months ago)
Thankyouu x
Best Videos FF (5 months ago)
And you are so sexy on the bed;)

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