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St. Gilgen Style! (Gangnam / IB Style Parody)

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Psy-Gangnam Style (강남스타일)
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Ali Wali (4 years ago)
that's funny
Sylvie Winters (5 years ago)
i <3 st.Gilgen!
Sylvie Winters (5 years ago)
ha ha ha ....
Krummmmel (5 years ago)
stop dancing and start learning :P
Yara G (6 years ago)
Loved the reverse takes + involving all those tourists!! Awesome people. Keep making these :)
Yara G (6 years ago)
Florian Winter (6 years ago)
Haha' geiler scheiss :D
rabimatar (6 years ago)
cool vid girls but wheres the horsey styles????? lol
Sylvia Jermann (6 years ago)
Sylvia Jermann (6 years ago)
my amazing dancing

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