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Docs rid girls giant mole by inflating balloons under her scalp

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Courageous Jessica Brett, nine, was born with a mole covering half her head and doctors warned her parents if it became cancerous, it would likely be untreatable. Medics did not want to leave Jessica with a bald patch by using skin from elsewhere, so decided to help the girl grow more on her scalp to use in two complex operations. In a UK first, surgeons put balloons under her scalp in a 'mohawk' and spent a total of six MONTHS inflating them with more than a pint and a half of saline to stretch her skin. Plucky Jessica coped with her unusual "hairstyle" by drawing inspiration from her short-haired hero Jessie J and didn't complain once throughout the tough ordeal.
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jules.laflame Co (2 years ago)
I have a question
R M (4 months ago)
I love this conversation.
Alexander Keith (10 months ago)
Istanbi. Co what is your question?
786tazz (3 years ago)
lovely very brave girl get well soon.

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