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2018 Yamaha GP1800 vs. 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 – Long Haul Ep. 26

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So many of you have been screaming for a throwdown shootout, so we've brought you the two most exciting personal watercraft in the marketplace today, the 2018 Yamaha GP1800 WaveRunner and the new 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300. Because handling tests can be subjective and drag races are almost never foolproof, we devised the ultimate test: an acceleration showdown using two bone-stock skis with nearly 30 hours on each clock (28.9 hrs. on the Yamaha and 33 hrs on the Sea-Doo), fully-topped off tanks (so that there's no question how much fuel was in each ski), and the same rider (Greenhulk.net's own Jerry Gaddis, weighing 235lbs.). We use the a Vbox Sport (one of the most reliable accelerometers available) to track true 5-to-20, 30, 40, 50, and 60mph, as well as sustained (not peak) top speed. You won't believe the results because neither did Jerry or we. A full report from this one-on-one shootout with greater details can be found HERE: http://watercraftjournal.com/heads-up-showdown-18-sea-doo-rxt-x-300-vs-18-yamaha-waverunner-gp1800/ And please subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also follow us HERE: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewatercraftjournal Instagram: http://instagram.com/pwcjournal Twitter: https://twitter.com/pwcjournal And please visit our sponsors' websites: Sea-Doo: https://www.sea-doo.com/ Yamaha: https://yamahawaverunners.com/ Greenhulk.net: http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/ Lifeproof: https://www.lifeproof.com/ GoPro: https://shop.gopro.com/ "Billy Madison" clip is property of Universal Pictures, 1995. Directed by Tamra Davis
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Text Comments (394)
Guilherme Fernandes (8 days ago)
Everytime I go to the lake, I always see a seadoo being towed by a boat. ALWAYS!
Chris Beatty (21 days ago)
Yamaha is a much better ski. I wouldn't want a seadoo after knowing the reliability factor. Yamaha is the best and only way to go in my opinion.
Ank- sås (1 month ago)
What is even a Yamaha? You can't compare them because the Sea-doo is doing everything better no matter what #seadoogang
Watercraft Journal (1 month ago)
Just for fun, you should take a look at the new full-color touchscreen that's standard on all of the Yamaha FX's.
Mofo Jones (1 month ago)
Nahhh piece of shit see doodoos!
Ameen Haddad (1 month ago)
For those who says seadoo breaks down i have my Rxpx 300 for a year now and have done 50 hours on it with no problems so seadoo any day, looks better and preform better
Guilherme Fernandes (8 days ago)
50 hours? Wait until you put 100 and prepare your wallet!
GO Hogs22 (2 months ago)
Yea should I buy a Yamaha or seado?
Watercraft Journal (2 months ago)
That's a good question! There are 32 different models available between the two brands, so there's lots to choose from.
Beachlife (2 months ago)
Contest should based on how many hours with no engine mechanical and electrical failure and see who wins! 👍😀
JDRTRM JDRTRM (2 months ago)
Yamaha is still faster >>>😁😁
Gaston Schmitt (3 months ago)
Gas is Heavier than water? 8.6? More like 6.2 pounds. 6.4 If your using the recommended 93.. the more its oxidized the more it weighs.
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
Yes, we got our weights incorrect (thanks for nuthin', Jerry!); but the differences in weight ratios are the same.
sampsalol (3 months ago)
Whatever with the numbers. Which one did you enjoy more and why?
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
Read our reviews at www.watercraftjournal.com.
Water budys (3 months ago)
Question. I own a 2018 sea Doo GTR230. I am looking to buy either a GP1800r or a Sea Doo RXTX 300. I ride mostly on the river and lake. The river can get choppy from time to time. My wife wants the GTR and we have two kids. Which on should I get? Thank you for your help!
Water budys (1 day ago)
Watercraft Journal love your channel. Question, RXT-X or FX-SVHO?
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
It's too much to puke out in the comments section of a video. Read our reviews at www.watercraftjournal.com.
Water budys (3 months ago)
Watercraft Journal is the FX faster than a GTR230? Can you tell me why the FX over the RXT-X? Again thank you for helping me.
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
Water budys (3 months ago)
Watercraft Journal thank you for all your insight. I still am not sure which one I’ll enjoy the longest. If you were in my place, which one would you invest in for long term ownership since I already have the GTR230? Plus I tend to ride is rough water.also, I am 6’4 225.
Oswaldo Castillo (3 months ago)
If i had the $$$ ill get both
Villageinvader Films (3 months ago)
Yamaha’s are ugly
hoghogwild (3 months ago)
6 one hundredths of a second(just over half a tenth of a second) difference for the 5-60mph run, that's basically a draw. More telling is the roughly 2 tenth or 20 one-hundredths of a second advantage for the Seadoo for the 5-20/5-30/5-40 and 5-50mph runs. For the Yamaha to be down by twenty-hundredths during 5-50mph acceleration runs, and then decrease that disadvantage down to only six hundredths when accelerating from 50 to 60mph, tells me that the 50-60mph acceleration is superior in the Yamaha. It would be a great test to take the limiters off of both machines and then test their acceleration runs AND their top speeds. I remember the days in the late 90's when I had a brand ndew Yamaha GP1200 2 stroke triple cylinder rated at 135hp-58.8mph on the Stalker RADAR gun-bone stock. My buddies 1994 650cc SeaDooXP was always on a towline, another friends SeaDooHX wasnt much better(his blew up and eventually he had to replace it with another HX) nor another friends 130hp GSX Limited. I had every single one of them on a tow strap behind my GP1200. The guy I shared a double trailer with had a 1998 Waveblaster 2 90hp 760 twin never had issues. I never had issues on my GP1200, and other friends of mine had a few single carb 63 hp and dual carb 73hp Waveblaster 1's had great reliability. Bambardier (Seadoo) just had really bad reliability back then. It was all my friends horror shows with machine reliability would never let myself buy a Seadoo machine, even today. The ONLY time my GP1200 gave me an issue is the one time that I forgot to install the drain plugs and I flooded the machine. I got the water out, pulled the sparkplugs, turned over the engine to blow the water out, reinstalled plugs, snapped the ignition wires back on, cranked her over and she started right up. I so wish that these newer machines like the GP1800 were a couple/few hundred pounds lighter. A machine weighing around 1000pounds fully fueled it too much for a two person musclecraft IMO.
Jeff Coats (3 months ago)
Been away from PWC for 18 years, and SeaDoo has come a long way but not far enough for my money. I like to ride, not haul them to the shop or bum a tow back to the dock.
David R (3 months ago)
I wonder how long before the Yami snaps a timing chain?
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
Have fun!
David R (3 months ago)
why would I do that? I'll stick to my Kawi
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
LOL! You sure are trying. Yes, there are two forms of NanoXcel: "NanoXcel" and "NanoXcel 2". And before you start pointing fingers, you should look into Sea-Doo's recent woes.
David R (3 months ago)
Are they still using the Nano Hulls that fall apart?
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
I do, and it was for less than a year. Yamaha was on top of the issue big time. And except for heavily modified machines or dudes who kicked up $#%&storms online, Yamaha was very good about working with the owner and the dealer to try to warranty the engines. I am personally aware of nearly a dozen instances when Yamaha warrantied the engine.
Hector Burgos (3 months ago)
Y does the hours matter?
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
Hours on the engine matter for a multitude of reasons, the two most prevalent being: 1. Both Yamaha and Sea-Doo restrict the engine's ability to reach wide-open-throttle (WOT) and maximum RPMs until 8-to-10 hours. It's commonly referred to as "unlocking". 2. Equal engine wear. Engines consist of many "wearable" items like bearings, piston rings, springs, etc. Although very unlikely that a 20hr. ski vs. a 30hr. ski will see much difference, it's another variable we wanted to keep out of the equation.
Steve Price (3 months ago)
Is speed and acceleration the only thing you judge a PWC on? Not me. .2 seconds is a significant difference??? Next time, get a wind muff for the microphone so we can hear what you're saying. Gasoline weighs 6 pounds per gallon.
Max Mitchell (3 months ago)
Both fast!
Bryant Johnson (3 months ago)
Sea doo baby!!!!!!
Savannah Brown (3 months ago)
Tbh I would take both but if I had to choose it be sea doo from looks and extra qualities and how your can carry over the weight without dipping in or not leveling out I’m in the market for a sea doo RXT-X or RXP-X but I would buy Yamaha to tbh idgaf what they are as long they hot that 70MPH all talk between people is stupid you take care of your ski the right way is gonna determine its resale and it’s quality life but in the end why are u worried bout he resale if your down hard with Yamaha/seadoo lmao like really
Wayne Harris (3 months ago)
I'm am biased. I own Yama everything, two wheels, four wheels, and on the water. And it may sound crazy, but in the last 19 years, the only thing I have EVER had not start of perform was my grizzly 700. fouled plug. Screw in a new one, it's been going ever since. Like I said, I'm biased. Around these parts, I see mostly Yams and Kaws that are pushed hard. Most guys on the SDs are a little more "mature" (my age group actually now) and aren't racing and jumping. The big Kaws pull hard too no doubt. But still they seem to go to shop more often and sooner. Just looking at the new 2019 FX coming out, Sweeettt! Anybody want to contribute to my NEW SKI FUND? LOL. Be safe out there gentlemen.
wes595 (3 months ago)
Yamaha is solid. Seadoo has more innovation. With more innovation comes a learning curve for the engineers. There is something to be said about simplicity and durability. Seems seadoo is getting it dialed in finally. Owned SeaDoo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. Had problems with all here and there. But they are all fun!
Eric Duany (3 months ago)
It would have been nice if you did the Sea Doo with the launch control just so we could easily see those numbers as well.
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
Patience, grasshopper. Patience.
Eric Albertson (3 months ago)
Kind of sad my stock 1999 Kawasaki ultra 150 is faster than both of these 😂😂😂
Eric Albertson (3 months ago)
Watercraft Journal yup. I can’t really do anything else motor wise without upgrading though.
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
That's a solid combo, man. You still running the factory carbs?
Eric Albertson (3 months ago)
Watercraft Journal bored over .50, 16/20 solas, shredmaster ride plate, Worx intake great, boathouse sponson, skiworx exhaust mod. I achieved 70mph with just .50 rebuild. 75mph came with more mods.
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
For fun, we reached out to RIVA Racing and got some hard numbers: the stock Ultra 150 hit a GPS-confirmed 62.5mph with McClugage on it. With some cheap mods, 70mph was capable very easily. 75mph took a bit more. What are all the mods on your '99?
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
We know the "legendary skis" better than most. And all had paddle wheel speedos that led every knucklehead to think he was Jeff Jacobs out of the box, when in reality blown reeds and calcium-filled carbs stuck 'em around 60mph. What's the old saying, "The older I get, the faster I was?" Yeah, that sounds about right. Produce a radar gun or GPS readout.
AUSTIN GRAHAM (3 months ago)
Bleed blue gp all day no limiter top speed 89.8
Alasdair McBryde (4 months ago)
Hi all ... I need advice after reading these comments. I was going to buy a Seadoo 300 RTX, but as someone who is not mechanically minded I am really worried about the number of comments on Seadoo being unreliable and with a questionable service ethic when it comes to replacing engines/parts under warranty. The techs could tell me anything and I would be none the wiser so I would be an easy target for unethical dealers/manufacturers. I will do some offshore riding and long distance safaris, but this will be about 35% of the time. The rest of the time will be relatively flat water where most waves are generated by the surface winds on the water. I am looking more for adventure, exploring waterways in comfort and style and have no interest in racing other than giving it a good race along every now and then. Please advise.
Alasdair McBryde (3 months ago)
+Watercraft Journal You won't believe what happened to me today. As background you need to know that I am jet ski brand agnostic. I went to a boat show where both Seadoo and Yamaha were present. The Yamaha guys from corporate and sales were there and Seadoo only had sales guys. I'm interested in purchasing the top of the range Limited models with superchargers. One thing that really irked me with both brands is that they only allow one colour option for their top of the range jet ski. I was blown away by this in a world where individual customisation in mass markets has been a 'norm' for the last decade. You can't get more basic in customisation than colour choice. It was in 1909 when Henry Ford infamously said "You can have any colour model you want so long as it's black". And that was the beginning of the decline of Ford ... no focus on the customer. Any business that is not customer-centric is doomed to fail long term ... it is business marketing 101. Fast forward over 100 years later and Yamaha and Seadoo are saying the same thing as Ford but in a market which EXPECTS some level of individual customisation, especially for the top of the range model. I can go out and buy a brand new car for cheaper than a jet ski (AUD$25,000 - $30,000 in Australia) and choose whatever colour I want and get other personalised specs as well. But not with a jet ski ... how retrograde and out of touch with your customers is that!! And then to add insult to injury the Seadoo Limited GTX 300 colour combo was an insipid silver with putrid brown seats. I'm a business consultant in this area and I am extremely confident that no marketing research would throw up silver and brown as a popular colour combo. There are some colours that can look good on one model, but terrible on another. The Seadoo 300 GTX falls into the terrible and shocking category. How Seadoo's marketing department signed off on that colour combo is beyond belief. At least the Yamaha equivalent has a great colour combo with shades of black, red highlights and some chrome silver detailing. Looks awesome. The brown seats on the Seadoo looks better with black. Both companies need to go and look at Lamborghini's Ad Personam Program and their configurator software for que's and clues on how to do this properly. Very disappointing. Please give this feedback to Seadoo.
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
Beware: the internet is full of haters regardless of brand. If you want trash talk against Yamaha, there's no shortage of that too.
Alasdair McBryde (4 months ago)
Watercraft Journal Thanks, but that still does not reflect the large number of people's personal experiences. I have checked other sites as well and found more comments about Seadoo's lack of reliability.
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
We've found that Sea-Doo's corporate customer service have been immensely helpful and forthright with customers. Of course, we typically deal with larger, higher ranked dealerships through the magazine, so we don't have first-hand experience with a shady repair shop. In regards to purchasing a new Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 or other ST3-based PWC, you should be in fine shape as long as you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for use and maintenance and don't void your warranty. We've found the ST3 deck to be one of the most comfortable ergonomically and the sound system the absolute best in the industry!
Edward Harrell (4 months ago)
Not to split molecules but a gallon of gas weighs 6.3 lbs. A gallon of water is 8.6 lb as confused with gas in this video. This honest error accounts for 43.55 lbs. Should mean GP 1800 = around 885 lb fully loaded. When my gp was bone stock I could beat a 2017 RXT-X 300. I have a vid uploaded but I do have to admit it’s close and the RXT is fast as hell. The GP is just a performance beast and it’s rock solid. I ride mine almost every day and have yet to be passed. Thanks for the content!
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
Yeah, we got the weight wrong, but the ratios remain the same.
Urban (4 months ago)
Make it again but with same amount of fuel that not fair
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
We've answered this concern OVER 30 TIMES. Even the OE's agree with us.
MrVikking74 (4 months ago)
Why are yamaha owners always so angry and resort to bashing? Sound like liberals
Watercraft Journal (3 months ago)
Oh, that's 100% not true. Just check out the rest of the comments.
Anthony Dremo (3 months ago)
Seriously. And nothing like that from SeaDoo owners. We’re too busy enjoying the water.They are just mad that they bought the wrong ski.
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ease it down there. That's crossing a line. :D
david g (4 months ago)
I love the GP1800 so much, I bought 2!! Mod, for mod the Yamaha makes the sea doo look stupid. Remove the limiters and the Yamaha makes that sea doo look stupid
racerdav (2 months ago)
Real brilliant there david g so what do you think is going to happen if you also take the limiter off of the seadoo? It will in turn make the Yamaha look stupid !!
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
No other PWC responds better to aftermarket performance parts than the GP.
Big_S_Aviation (4 months ago)
Just as a reference for Fuel Weights Vs. Water.. Gasoline = 6lbs/gal .... Jet A = 6.7->7.0 lbs/gal ...... Water= 8.4lbs/gal
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
Yeah, I know. We got weight wrong. Nevertheless, the difference in weight ratios remains the same despite the wrong tangent.
Ung Grabb (4 months ago)
So much useless babbling. Wortless junk video.
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
Your mom didn't think so.
GTS Corsair (4 months ago)
Sea doo design has a lot in common with Lamborghini cars and i like it
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
Definitely! Sea-Doo's got a very distinctive design.
Seadoo4life (4 months ago)
Why do people get all pissy when their ski loses? They are both amazing skis. So close. Stop crying
jracer77 (4 months ago)
I'm looking to upgrade from an Aquatrax turbo's. Nothing wrong with my sk'si at 158 and 164hrs on the pair. Just want better handling in rough water. The top speed of 64mph on the stock ski's is no slouch, especially for an 07 model. I'm looking for a new set of ski's and I was torn between these ski's and deciding on which manufacturer to go with. I'm definitely going to order a new GP1800 and a FX Cruiser SVHO. Some friends setup a buoy course a few times a year so the GP1800 will shine and the cruiser will be a perfect blend of performance as well as cruising. My biggest concern was finding a ski that will handle Lake Of The Ozarks Chop, Beaver Lake - Arkansas Chop as well. Thank you for the video
jracer77 (4 months ago)
Thank you for your reply. I really do appreciate it. A big thanks for creating this content
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
The FX Cruiser SVHO will do everything you're looking to do, and in comfort too.
Gayle Rangus (4 months ago)
I traded my 2016 RXT 300 X for a 2018 GP-1800 mainly because of the much lighter handling of the Yamaha. The RXT steered like a truck compared with the new Yamaha. ery disappointed in that. Actually my 2008 RXP 215 is still more fun and easier to ride than the 2016 RXT 300X. And, the Yamaha is about 100# lighter than the Seadoo. To be fair, I've never had problems with any of the Seadoos I've owned. Still have the '08 and love riding it. The only modification to the Yamaha is I plugged that STUPID piss hole off the back deck!
L R (4 months ago)
Was the big price difference between these two ever mentioned? Not a big deal, I suppose, but I bought a brand new leftover '17 GP1800 for $16,000 out the door with trailer and vest in Alabama last November. Gave 'em a check and that was it. No sales tax, either. I've never seen RXT's or RXP's discounted like that.
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
The comment section is always a deep dive into insanity/stupidity. It's OK. (And thanks!)
L R (4 months ago)
That's fine and how it should be for this comparo ... just wondering. It just seems that Yamaha can usually give deeper discounts. And I was wrong ... I should have typed $15,000! Regardless of value, price, etc. this was absolutely the best article of its kind I ever saw despite some of the usual comments section drivel.
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
Not in the video, just the article itself (see the link in the description). Again, it was just about acceleration. That's it. Not a comparison of total value.
Jay Poe (4 months ago)
Great vid. Keep 'em coming. No crying, or bias here although I was leaning towards the GP too.
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
So were we.
Pinky Racing (4 months ago)
I believe the shootouts. But you can't beat the Yamaha solid history, reliability and resale value. Most riders or racers will pick the Yamaha for that reason. The Yamaha will i know for a fact cut through the corners faster than the Seedoos. Seedoo have more features and add-ons . So depending on what you want for your personal use, you may pick either one. I believe Seedoo have improve on their reliability as well. That being said, i pick the GP1800. Adrenaline junky on the track . But if i can buy 2 jetskis, yes ! one GP1800 and one RXT-X
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
*so do we
Kay fredrik Nilsen (4 months ago)
For me its Yamaha :) bought a 2018 VX Cruiser HO .. bad Numbers for seadoo for 40 hp more and it is importantly to have reability
Andy Foss (4 months ago)
Should add the same amount of gas to both machines and try it. That would be interesting to see if the results would be the same of how they would change.
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
We make it a point to explain WHY we topped off each ski - because NOBODY would "take our word for it".
Jen Sluthe (4 months ago)
The numbers at 9:00 give the big edge to the Sea-Doo for a drag race. But in a typical race the advantage would be the shortest time to go from medium (say 30mph) to fast (say 50mpg). It looks like the Yamaha has a very small advantage (1.52 vs 1.55 seconds). My guess that there are other reasons why Yamaha has won all the races.
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
This is really a finite evaluation that results in fractions of a second.
king solT680 (4 months ago)
Yamaha all day , if ill pay 15+k for a ski it won't be a sea doo.
nfn7121 (4 months ago)
I learned a long time ago that bias is not worth it, smartest business decision I ever made, the best is the best and nothing beats the best except for the best, so remove the labels and bring the best. Sounds Like Sea-doo won until the next best comes around
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
...and by fractions of a second. It's really inconsequential.
victor aune (4 months ago)
Rxp 300 is the Racing SEA doo not rxt
sixspeedsix (1 month ago)
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
Not according to Sea-Doo it is. The RXT-X is what ALL sponsored racers were given. It's lighter and faster than the RXP-X too.
krampp24 (4 months ago)
I’ve owned a 2007 yamaha vx cruiser since brand new with zero hours... never once in the shop... no problems EVER with it...however I would need four even five hands and feet to count how many BRAND NEW Sea Doos I see come through my marina shop with the most rediculous problems from loose wires to no oil or coolant being put in the machines either from the factory or the dealers.... I will never ever ever buy a brp product
krampp24 (4 months ago)
Anybody can put a 300hp engine in a jet ski and call it the fastest on the water....
krampp24 (4 months ago)
Jay Poe not really they have auditers at the end of every production line making sure vehicles leave with all the right fluids and connections done up all the dealers have to do is put the handle bars, seats etc.basically put the accesories on and connect the batteries ive worked at the dealers before..... I’m on my own now... yamaha is way more reliable I’ve seen anyways
Jay Poe (4 months ago)
krampp24 well, wouldn't the latter issues fall on the dealer failing to properly do the PDI, and not BRP as a company?
krampp24 (4 months ago)
Tyler Moore (4 months ago)
Whats the thinnest/least restrictive life vest for PWC riding? Are specialty pwc vests like JetTribe vests any good or should I go with a normal vest/wakeboard vest like Oneill
Tyler Moore (4 months ago)
Watercraft Journal wow wow, thanks for the reply. Sounds like they are decidedly pretty bad. You just saved me from making a mistake. I'll check out the website and drop a subscribe to your channel, thanks agaib
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
We've found that the Jettribe vests (the entire lineup) are singularly the most unattractive, poorly designed, uncomfortable and shortest-living "mainstream" brand available. Read our reviews at www.watercraftjournal.com. Contrarily, Slippery makes the single-most comfortable lifevests on the market. Their latest side-entry and front-entry offerings are unusually slim yet 100% meet USCG standards.
Trap (4 months ago)
SeaDoos are designed to carry only trailer trash around
Casey Drach (4 months ago)
Nah I’ll still take the Yamaha
great vid, tenth of secs count in racing as racers no...i love yamaha ... have had R6 and R1 sold both now... i just think when it comes to water seadoo takes it and so much speed as in overall watercraft... they are even pushing design, features and innovation of their jet skis for both travel and speed ... love seadoo riding postion.... really depends what u want and r looking for... fam fun seadoo single guy looking for speed and fun GP... shit if u can do both
Derek Trilho (4 months ago)
I'm surprised the hull on the gp 1800 didn't crack!!!
Waffles Gaming (4 months ago)
I would have compare the rxpx instead
Waffles Gaming (4 months ago)
Watercraft Journal alright I just wasn’t sure
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
We've replied to this insipid comment 10 times already. The RXP-X is HEAVIER and SLOWER than the ST3 hull.
realfun1232 (5 months ago)
You say you didn’t want to be bias but you didn’t use the launch control in the seadoo if it came from the factory you should have used it , u are giving the advantage to Yamaha its their own fault for not having launch control on top of that if you wanna compare apples to apples the rxp300 vs the gp1800 cause they are the top race models from each company
50mustangdrew (5 months ago)
Love my yamaha gp1800. Sea doo is junk these days. Had both. Yamaha only from here on out.
I’ve pulled my friends new RXT in similar conditions with my GP1800, both on full tanks of gas, and he’s had days where he just slowly pulled me. Both Great machines, just depends on the day and each individual machine. He’s pulled other stock RXT’s on the lake too. It’s all on the individual machines. Too close to call
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Precisely why we didn't do a "heads up" drag race, but rather a one-to-one comparison.
That’s close for on the water numbers...splitting hairs on that 5-60mph, not even a full 10th of a second....only 6 one hundredths of a second. The only other thing that would matter would be to try and test in racing conditions...both Impressive machines and fun to ride.
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
We were trying to show how close they were and how minuscule the differences in acceleration were.
Britton Tucker (5 months ago)
Watercraft journal what jet ski do you prefer?
Watercraft Journal (4 months ago)
Ask us this question after August 15th, 2018.
Britton Tucker (4 months ago)
Britton Tucker (5 months ago)
In general of seadoo vs Yamaha
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Of all time? Currently? Or just these two?
K B (5 months ago)
LoL, I believe at top speed, they burn 95 Liters, or 25 Gallons per hour....lol
Anthony Dremo (3 months ago)
That’s about right for my GTX Limited 300. Full throttle, I’m about 24-25 gallons per hour. I punched it the other day with a completely full tank and the dash said I’d be empty in 31 minutes, lol. Pay to play.
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
You ain't buying a Prius, baby.
FlatEarthFighter (5 months ago)
should have had a slalom course set up, who just goes around drag racing all the time?
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
This was literally only meant to measure acceleration between the two. Too many variables to test a one-to-one slalom race.
RevLimiter814 (5 months ago)
After 26 years of owning a sea-doo, I bought an 18' yamaha this year. Yup switched brands because of reliability. No doubt sea-doo is fast, maybe more comfortable, but man, yamaha handles so well and is so much more reliable. Everyone I know that has a yamaha has so much better luck. We'll see if I eat these words in a few years. 😀
You're a bullshiter.
Matt (5 months ago)
Yamaha 🤢🤢
Brock Norwood (5 months ago)
I find it funny that the old jet skis are much more fun
Andrew Waters (5 months ago)
I’m new to jet skis, what would be your recommendation for an inexperienced rider?
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Frankly, a Yamaha VX Sport or Deluxe would be great. The newer TR-1 engine is a stout little powerplant that gets good mpg and the hull is responsive and nimble. You should enjoy it plenty.
Andrew Waters (5 months ago)
Watercraft Journal Lake Michigan, probably not more than 10-12 miles when we take them out and probably with at least one other person. As for what kind of riding, nothing to crazy just cruising
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Where are you going to be riding? Who with? How far? What kind of riding? You're asking me "what kind of shoes should I buy" when you give me no context. Are you going running? Church? The beach?
Andrew Waters (5 months ago)
On a budget, thanks.
Florida Ski Riders (5 months ago)
Good stuff guys !!!
rcbfootball18 (5 months ago)
I've never had any issues with my 2011 Yamaha GX1800 fzs.
Minh V (5 months ago)
Sonova... so my gp is no longer king of my lake? 🙁 I was having fun zooming past everyone... now there’s going to be competition to worry about. Dang you seadoo!!!!!
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
We really think you'll be just fine.
Peter (5 months ago)
That`s it for me. I`m going out today and buy me a SeaDoo!!!!!!!!!
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Ergonomically, it can't be beat. We found the ST3 hull quite unruly in heavy chop though, so be warned.
Trey Harvey (5 months ago)
Bro u dont compare the gp 1800 to the rxt...u compare it to the rxp, get your shit together
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Again, because (and I'll type this really slowly) the RXP-X is HEAVIER and SLOWER than the 2018 RXT-X 300. And what class did Claude win? On his E85 turbo boat made out of carbon fiber? Yeah, SD didn't even celebrate it - except for like, what? A FB meme? Yeah, sorry Charlie. Not comparable.
Trey Harvey (5 months ago)
I always read your articles, and again love your work but you have access to every jetski you can possibly ride, the gp1800 is yamaha's race horse along with the vxr and so i'm at a loss on why u compare it to the T and not the P which is sea-doo's race horse.
Trey Harvey (5 months ago)
Ohh you arent? You mustve missed Claude Claytons championship run on the sea-doo RXP last year.
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
The 2018 RXT-X 300 is lighter and faster than the RXP-X 300. It's also outdated. And Sea-Doo is phasing it out shortly. So no, the comparison is sound. Equally, as noted (very proficiently) the GP and T-X are surprisingly close in length and weight, making them suitable comparisons. And we're not seeing a lot of Sea-Doos winning any races, so cest la vie.
Trey Harvey (5 months ago)
I also own a 2017 rxp-x and have NEVER been beat by an Rxt
The FPV Life (5 months ago)
Why does anyone buy a seadoo? The most unreliable pwc on the market. They do look great this but that's it.
Speculo 7 (5 months ago)
Literally just got back from the lake and test drove the RXTX. Nothing better out there.
sixspeedsix (1 month ago)
Christopher Alex (5 months ago)
My 2017 FX SVHO holds at 75mph. It has hit 77mph while I'm on it alone and ducking down close to the ski to avoid wind resistance. So i guess they forgot the limiter on my wave runner. I haven't had any PWC pass me yet on the waterway.
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Are you outside of the US? Then there isn't a limiter. Inside the US, all PWC have limiters. And are you backing your speed with a GPS?
Corn Dog guitar lessons (5 months ago)
Well now it takes looks to decide because how close that was.
smoothsteviegful (5 months ago)
Lol that was a rolling start on the RXTX watch the video he is already moving when he mashes the gas redl that test
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
They were rolling starts on ALL of the runs. We started at 5mph because unless you have holders, no ski starts at 0mph. Derp.
Colton Hall (5 months ago)
Alright so the seadoo has the better numbers but as skis the gp1800 is not hard to modify and with the modifications it out does a modified seadoo. The gp is also restricted from the factory to not go over 70.
Colton Hall (5 months ago)
Watercraft Journal I loved the video though it was a good comparison and I can’t deny the stock facts
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
ALL watercraft are restricted to not go over 70 under sustained WOT (wide open throttle). And we openly admit that the GP is winning every race it enters.
Paul Lambert (5 months ago)
Blah ... I’ll stick with the reliability, quality and resale of my yami . The neutral and reverse bucket control is unbeatable .
Sapper22x (5 months ago)
Put a even amount of fuel in them for race conditions and the Yamaha will edge out sea doo
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Define "race conditions." People race in the open oceans, flat canals, and everything in between.
Claude Perea (5 months ago)
Claude Perea (5 months ago)
Should have filled both with 5 gallons. The Gp was carrying 50+ pounds of gas weight...
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Huh? And HUH?
Wade Wright (5 months ago)
+Watercraft Journal not true you said what size tanks had so you lied.
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Like we explain in the video and the article, we had ZERO way to PROVE that there was 5 gallons in the tank. The only way to PROVE how much fuel we had was by topping it off.
EJ Seda (5 months ago)
My GP1800 FTW. Yamaha reliability bar none!!!
saud alsubeai (5 months ago)
Why didn't you use the rxpx instead of the rxtx?????😡😡😡😡😡😡
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Because the P-X is slower and heavier.
Alex C. (5 months ago)
I know you’re trying to please everyone. But people need to stop. Both are great skis!
AV8R Tom (5 months ago)
Gasoline weighs 6.2 lbs. per gallon...a gallon of WATER weighs 8.4.
Sterling Hamilton (5 months ago)
AV8R Tom thank you.
andrew Simons (5 months ago)
Look at all these Yamaha babies whining and coming up with every excuse in the book of why a ski with 200 less cc's walks it from 5 to 70
Corn Dog guitar lessons (5 months ago)
Launch control doesn't even do anything
Corn Dog guitar lessons (5 months ago)
andrew Simons it didn't walk it from 5 to 70 because there was a .10 difference. Like they said it was neck and neck or splitting hair
Tyler Kapteyn (5 months ago)
I'll be having fun on the water whereas you will be having fun in the shop
andrew Simons (5 months ago)
Not even using launch control
Trevieze (5 months ago)
Seadoo people were looking at our GP1800 and considered it there upgrade.
James Breedlove (5 months ago)
I always buy BRP
highspeedtubing (5 months ago)
Time it takes to break the Sea-Doo: 10.7 seconds Time to break the Yamaha: 10. 7 YEARS.
Colton Hall (5 months ago)
andrew Simons 35 hours is break in period😂 wait and see
andrew Simons (5 months ago)
35 hrs not an issue on my rxpx try again
Anthony But (5 months ago)
My RXP-X has been perfect for 237 hours. Awesome ski
Sionose Dio (5 months ago)
Yamaha never breaks down .. no need to race anymore
nautilus9008 (3 months ago)
Yea wish my pos vxr ran. 18 hours and has a new head, ecm, and pump. Not to mention the things the dealer won't file as warranty ive had to fix. I don't get where all these people claim yamaha water craft are superior. Mine sucks. Fun when it runs. Key word "when "
Kris Green (5 months ago)
Thanks for the review!
Braden G. (5 months ago)
Yay! Sea-doo won!
dexter2433 (5 months ago)
surprising that the Rxt-x 300 has a smaller motor 170cc smaller crazy I know BRP has really turned Evinrude around and build some quality boat motors now and love my 2012 90 E-Tec but hay i also love Yamaha products have owned many Yamaha bikes and they make excellent boat motors also can not go wrong with either one great shoot out guys
LivingDLife (5 months ago)
Torn between a VX limited, VX cruiser HO, or GTX 230 limited. My 1st waverunner purchase. Me, wife, 10 yr old, 4 yr old. Will be family ski. Tr-1 fuel economy and safety, 1800 n/a upgrade, or supercharged fun. What do we choose?
LivingDLife (5 months ago)
Thank you. Great job with the channel, your content is great!
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Sorta. The big plus of the VX Limited is the raft to tow behind it with the kid (well, that and the cover). Ride wise – either VX will ride the same. The GTX is a wholly different machine (larger, heavier, more stable), and might be a better choice given the rough ocean conditions.
LivingDLife (5 months ago)
Awesome, thank you for your quick response. Not questioning your choice but wonder if your recommendation would change if you knew the ski would be in salt water 75% of the time. Or is there a choice out there I might be leaving out? Thanks
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY recommend the VX Limited. Phenomenal fuel economy, great accessory bundle, plenty of fun. You cannot go wrong.
Madeline Tinant (5 months ago)
rtaylor0361 (5 months ago)
Nope : They both should have been loaded with the same amount of fuel .Also the difference in performance was so close to be called a dead heat cuz on the water you can’t have identical situations .
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
The skis were ran literally minutes from each other with no difference in wind, ambient temperature or water temp. And maxed fuel was the only way to PROVE WITHOUT A DOUBT that we weren't sandbagging one or the other.
Tyler Pit (5 months ago)
was the cooler still on the rxtx for the tests?
Watercraft Journal (5 months ago)
Nope. But this did give us a good laugh.
Wilson Filho (5 months ago)
The major difference is: yamaha last forever, seadoo loves to break and fail, and those fails are very pricey
Wilson Filho (4 months ago)
Mark G i have owned a 2010 gtx 255 limited si and holly moly that ibr... maaaaaan broke down like 4 times, in 2016 i bought a 2012 fx cruiser ho that has been bulletproof in all aspects. Don't know man... i not had a good xperience with sea doo. Pará Brazil
Mark G (4 months ago)
Seadoo has done much better on the motors they aren't normally the issue for me its the IBR I have seen several people have issues with it and if it goes out while your out on the water and stuck in neutral your screwed.
Licensed Contractor (4 months ago)
Nah I have a 12 year old sea doo rxp 215 never had a problem
Anthony But (5 months ago)
They have come a long way. My 14 RXP-X has been trouble free. 237 hard hours on it.
Mr Traumaboyy (6 months ago)
Any ideas on range of the RXT-X? Can not find any numbers anywhere. Concerned about the smaller tank and am NOT spending that kind of money just to carry a 4 gallon can of gas everywhere we go.
Mr Traumaboyy (6 months ago)
Appreciate it!! We love playing on our PWC and watching your channel is the next best thing!!
Watercraft Journal (6 months ago)
Admittedly, no. Well, not YET. If we don't find out ourselves, we're sure somebody will find out quick.
Alex Moreno (6 months ago)
A split-second doesn't matter to me I picked up a GP 1800 brand spanking new or $9,700 cash
Seadoo4life (4 months ago)
I would like to see that deal. No way. I use to sell personal watercraft. There is a 10 to 15% margin. They’re not gonna lose thousands of dollars to give you a good deal.
Jay Poe (4 months ago)
😂😂😂😒"Never been fired, only dropped once."
G (4 months ago)
Alex Moreno where. And. How.
Stinky Potatos (5 months ago)
Where and how
Donnie Mars (5 months ago)
Where and how?!
Fish Killl (6 months ago)
what about fuel economy?
Mike Meyer (5 months ago)
My GP literally chugs gas faster than i can chug beers....
Watercraft Journal (6 months ago)
No clue. We weren't testing for that.
David Zak (6 months ago)
LMFAO. Take the limiter of both skis and then tell me which engine is superior! trash pointless review comparing the limiters on two skis
Watercraft Journal (6 months ago)
Because we're comparing STOCK to STOCK.

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