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Yard Sale Haul!! --NAME BRAND CLOTHES--Toddler & Plus Size + Much More!!!! (June2017)

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Hope you guys enjoy!! Just thought I would share our awesome yard sale finds with you!!
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abeautifulmess 36 (1 year ago)
I never find plus size clothing
happilyeverafter99 (1 year ago)
bummer :/
abeautifulmess 36 (1 year ago)
I plan on hitting the yard sales hard this summer. I just have to remember to go to the ATM first so that I'll have cash!
happilyeverafter99 (1 year ago)
yes!! :)
Ladi Frann (1 year ago)
Love this video! I do hair & fashion videos would love for you to subscribe & check out my channel 💕 I will too
happilyeverafter99 (1 year ago)
thank you and i will def check your channel out!
elaine dubya (1 year ago)
Great Haul! The Hannah brand is sold at Goody's.
happilyeverafter99 (1 year ago)
thank you thank you...we havent had a goodys here in yrs..thank you for letting me know.
Crystal Rose (1 year ago)
I love yard sales! It's seriously how I've been clothing my baby for his first year of life lol. I go shopping for the next season up, and I always find like New name brand clothes for cheap. Great video!
happilyeverafter99 (1 year ago)
me too girl!! i dont go as much as i once did but Connor and I are getting back into it strong...lol...my Nanny always pick Connor up the cutest like new clothes at sales that I dont get to go to....Connor gets few new outfits thru out the year as well most of his stuff is yard sale or Aadens hand me downs...he gets like maybe 4 new outfits for spring/summer and like wise for fall/winter and maybe one pr new shoes :) i love bargains. thank you.

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