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Karma and Nagisa - Assassination classroom the movie 365 days

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Karma and Nagisa go back to the classroom and try to remember old memory when they at 3E class before they start new beginning This movie about a day before isogai and classmate meet song: tabidachi no uta instrumental Assassination classroom - Class 3E memories with koro sensei https://youtu.be/LoWUgHAJxdA
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Sofia Muñoz (10 hours ago)
Alguien sabe q escribio nagisa al final en el pizarron ?
De todos los personajes que avido solo 3 meinnotisa son nagisa carma y koro sensei
Nahara Soto Rodríguez (20 hours ago)
Por que tuvo que acabar así😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 cuando ví el final se partió ni corazón 💔
Kaze Hyuga (1 day ago)
Who else ships this? 😍
Shadowdroid Games (1 day ago)
This makes me sad
Chialrielle Wu (1 day ago)
Lol nagisa looks so cute next to karma.
john Aveciila (2 days ago)
karma's hairstyle teenager vs adult Which do you guys prefer?
HatDoug Brigade (2 days ago)
Why is karmas hair like that??
itz Luni (2 days ago)
her (3 days ago)
1:01 daddy is that you
Sweet Tae (3 days ago)
What episode is the video from?
Eva Animates (3 days ago)
My heart-....... Its... Its to late for me..... X_X.. Im sobbing!!! 😭😭😭
Az Salalila (4 days ago)
Wew this is good but its still fake :3
Pastel Trash (4 days ago)
Im a little confused is this all the episodes combined?
Pumpkin Bot (4 days ago)
Itz Fip (4 days ago)
Dont know why but i cried a little
LIGHT KAGAMI (5 days ago)
Karma x Nagisa YAOI SPOTTED
Аниме Котик (5 days ago)
Скажите изволь а какая это серия???
Melane Mitcheeel (6 days ago)
Что за серия?
Noeweli Roblox (6 days ago)
i dint cry there was some thing in my eyes.......
Sayonara MaxWell (8 days ago)
niaspw 96 (9 days ago)
Вика pink (11 days ago)
번지꽃 (12 days ago)
..... still hurts
Claw Wolf (13 days ago)
this just proves they are cannon
tg moblie (15 days ago)
what a sad story
Azurethe knight (15 days ago)
Will the survive with the moon like that though? 🤔 I know the moon is an important part of the Galaxy oh well it is anime anything can happen 🤗 my boy nagisa hasn't changed a bit
This hurts me and I haven’t even gotten to this part I. The anime
Blur •-• (18 days ago)
So in this year they're canon now?
Zer0PrOtoCoL/ 2 (18 days ago)
Thank god an anime like this exist....were Eternally Gratefull Koro - sensie
Gissel1224 (18 days ago)
This vid just made me cry wish korosensei was still here😭😭😭
Hentai Haven (18 days ago)
Icely Winterheart (19 days ago)
What did nagisa write on the board? @[email protected]
Hikaru Minamoto (20 days ago)
What is that song?
Catalina Ciudad (20 days ago)
Posada buena pareja nagisa × karma 💓😣😣 y no sabía que había una película
Catalina Ciudad (20 days ago)
Karma i love you 💓💓 eres mi razón de existir , tan lindo tan sexy tan psicópata eres mío , #sexykarma
psyche (21 days ago)
the bgm....... my eyes are sWEATING
charles tundaan (21 days ago)
i still love this movie \
Котэ (21 days ago)
Есть 3 сезон? 0-0
13 4455 (21 days ago)
아니 카르 나기 결혼하자 씨발
소원유튜브 (20 days ago)
나기사 남자에요...
Wolfie Alex (22 days ago)
He cried cuz I did 😰
lui liska (22 days ago)
I want the old e-class back😭😭
UrraYT Wey (22 days ago)
Que cap es este?
Лайк кто отыскивает российский комментарий 🤣
+Таня Анимешница к огорчению дудки. Сама ищу.😅
А ты знаешь какая это серия?
Manami Akabane (23 days ago)
Keri Kurenai (24 days ago)
А что это воопще за серия?! Ну либо где ето отыскать! Пожалуйста
Ayda Henry (24 days ago)
im crying so hard😭😭😭😭😭
hayano ackerundy (24 days ago)
1:21 le fumiste est de retour!!😅
Why I wanna cry?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
goarsby draws (25 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what's the writing on the chalk board
Vaween Vlogz (25 days ago)
They look so innocent
Thea Alipat (25 days ago)
I watched this too many times but it still hurts
狂乱エイキ (25 days ago)
Enima-san 26463 (25 days ago)
I hate when my eyes starts to form water! I hate it!
Enima-san 26463 (25 days ago)
Damn watching this all and all over again makes my heart in ache! I miss this so much😭❤
Oof I think I'm gonna cry ;-;
奥村春貴 (25 days ago)
Lee Yuna (26 days ago)
*_i see u blushing karma_*
salad dressing (26 days ago)
excuse me while I go die
The Pathogen (26 days ago)
My throat tightened after watching this...
gatcha queen (26 days ago)
Karma blushed
Yui Taylors (27 days ago)
Karma is sooooo cute and handsome
mc 707 (27 days ago)
Why did they have to die him?!
Aster Angelin (27 days ago)
1:22 that face. So good.
Kawaii Neko (27 days ago)
Liberty W (27 days ago)
What ep is this from?
Linh Hà Phương (28 days ago)
What episode????
SeekNDestroy (28 days ago)
Love this anime 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
윤지 (28 days ago)
Lil Asian (28 days ago)
Kinda weird that we all miss an Ocotpus that was about to destory earth 😭
moo Loo (28 days ago)
Im not crying your crying!
Ashley Grey (28 days ago)
I'm still crying as f***. Why did he had to die???? 😭😭
Nagisa is so cute
Courtney Van (29 days ago)
Karma and Nagisas height difference and Karma is still a bad boy 😂😂
nimatoyushi (1 month ago)
They look so cute together :"(((
sike nah (1 month ago)
I want a reunion of class 3-E😭😭
Это какая серия?
Yumimara Mouto (1 month ago)
Anyone else wondering why the Moon is in pieces rather than a crescent like in the manga and anime?
Yumimara Mouto (1 day ago)
xynmo+ Thank you!
xynmo (1 day ago)
Because the moon broke apart due to natural gravity laws. A crescent really isnt a shape that can sustain a center of mass, so since a ball is the best way to do it the moon will break up and form a smaller ball.
crazy owl (1 month ago)
Koro-sensei might have wanted to destroy the earth but he was a better person that most humans
do you like messi ? (1 month ago)
I believe they are this ship is a cannon. Through out the anime series you can see karma suggesting nagisa to cut off his snake down there 😂 he really wants nagisa
MAKIYA EVANS (1 month ago)
The movie really they make this but not season 3 😑
Shissouxx X (1 month ago)
Omg stop making me cry
Levi Ackerman (1 month ago)
Nagisa is so cute. Karma is.. *ovaries explodes*
Vika Chan (1 month ago)
I watched the anime fully 4 times a year ago and once this year but this is the first time me seeing this(karma and nagisa going to old E class)
Le Quoc Thang (1 month ago)
Alway love this movie
PoisonousBullet (1 month ago)
yumiko_hyuga (1 month ago)
3:04 omggg!!! I ship them so hard!!!! XD <3
some weird stuff (1 month ago)
yea no doubt they must date
RoboticDeer (1 month ago)
*sees koro-sensei name* *_Cries_*
Larissa Perez (1 month ago)
The Real Carinoniwa (1 month ago)
When I hear the backround music I start to remember Koro-Sensei and cry 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
山田別人 (1 month ago)
Princess of OTAKUNESS (1 month ago)
I miss koro SENSIE Im gonna cry 😢 Never mind im already crying But i really miss him im so Emotional 😭 my heart has been touched Its really weird but i dont cry i cry like Once a month but every time I see this vid I remember koro SENSIE i cry so much
flamowlX (1 month ago)
The gayness rises
지나가는돼지씌 (1 month ago)
카르마님 그냥 제 선생님 되주면 안되엽?
金木 研東京喰種 (1 month ago)
Кто российский скажите что за серия?
Gacha Neko (1 month ago)
Does this count as a Nagisa x Karma moment? HELL YA IT DOES

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