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RIMWORLD ALPHA 17 | Roads And Rivers | Ep 01 | Let's Play RimWorld!

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RimWorld is a scifi western base building game currently in Alpha 17. Alpha 17 features a new world building with rivers and roads, and a new more dynamic overworld. Website: http://rimworldgame.com/ Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/294100/ Change list: Roads and rivers World now generates with roads and rivers There are five road types: path, dirt road, stone road, ancient asphalt road, ancient asphalt highway Some roads generate with things alongside, like concrete barriers or ancient lampposts There are four sizes of river: huge river, large river, river, and creek Rivers generate more in rainy areas, move towards the sea (ignoring tiny lakes) and merge as appropriate Rivers and roads generate on local maps as expected. Stone roads generate using local stone and a new flagstone terrain type. Visitors, caravans, traders, and raiders tend to arrive and leave on the roads. World generation is more chronological now. First continents form, then rivers, then an ancient society is shallowly simulated to generate ancient roads, then modern settlements and roads are generated (alongside ancient roads, often). World quests New “site parts” world site generation system. It allows assembling together a world destination from several ‘parts’. Mixing and matching will allow us to create a huge number of combinations. New world quest incident: Item stash. An allied faction tells you about a stash of randomly-generated reward items, guarded by a random threat. You can send a caravan to defeat the threat and collect the reward. New world quest incident: Bandit camp. An allied faction asks you to defeat a bandit camp, and offers you a reward if you do so. New world quest incident: Caravan request. An allied faction asks you to deliver a particular resource to a particular base in a particular time frame, for a special reward. New ‘long-range mineral scanner’ building slowly scans for precious resource lumps nearby in the world. You need to send a caravan to collect them. Lumps may be defended. New caravan incident: Payment demand. Raiders demand items or slaves from your caravan; if you refuse, they attack. Other new stuff Added smokepop belt. Emits a cloud of accuracy-reducing smoke when the wearer is shot. Smoke also prevents turret targeting. Characters can now tend their own wounds (with a penalty to effectiveness). Added bowler hat. Corpses now leak black corpse bile while rotting. Vents can be opened and closed with a flick action. Add option to render hats only on the main game map (but not on the portraits in the pawn bar). Bills can now be temporarily paused when satisfied, until automatically reactivated at a lower level. This reduces the need for pawns to repeatedly return to the work bench each time the count falls just one below the target count. You can now create your own packaged survival meals (with appropriate research and ingredients). All pawns now have “head butt” attacks they can use if they’re missing all other attacking body parts. Added a “caravan packing spot” so you can tell your caravans where to assemble. When trees burn, the leave behind burned tree stumps. When structures and plants burn, they leave behind ash. Carpets and wooden floors can now burn. New training lessons for explaining shield belts, and how door opening speed is affected by material type. Added ambrosia sprout incident. This sprouts a grove of the pleasurable, nutrition, and addictive ambrosia fruit trees nearby. New ‘wimp’ trait makes pawn incapacitated from even a relatively small amount of pain. New chain shotgun weapon If you liked this video, please consider hitting the Like button. It helps me out a great deal! Twitter: https://twitter.com/CromulentArcher
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Text Comments (25)
Magic Mav52 (2 months ago)
Rank1ne (1 year ago)
local rat gone mad - shoot that rat - pac pac - squeeek - gj team. Returns to business as usual. Found this very funny
Arakiven (1 year ago)
So I'm stupid and this is probably easy to figure out, but can you travel outside the initial hexagon you click on when you choose a place to start? Are there loading screens?
Per Shop (1 year ago)
Not much of a loading...it happens pretty fast so there aren't screens.
Cromulent Archer (1 year ago)
Yes you can send Caravans out on trips outside your starting hex. I tend not to do it much because I find most of the time I end up dead, but it can rewarding if you're willing to take the risk.
Ignatius Smith (1 year ago)
Can I still play alpha 16 until mods get updated?
Gasy Apocalypse (1 year ago)
If it any game has a red cross, the Red Cross foundation will send a letter telling them to change it.
Cromulent Archer (1 year ago)
Good to know. Thanks.
TinkyTheCat (1 year ago)
Alpha17 has me really tempted to get back into Rimworld again. I don't think I've played since Alpha 14 or 15. The Red Cross image is trademarked. I remember the devs of Prison Architect had a video explaining they had to remove it from their game after they were contacted by lawyers for the Red Cross. They seem to be cracking down (in a sense; they were apparently quite amicable about it - for lawyers) on the image's use in video games lately.
Cromulent Archer (1 year ago)
Good to know. Glad to see they're only asking for people to change it and not immediately suing.
w patrick (1 year ago)
Did you give up on the Journey to the ship series?
w patrick (1 year ago)
Cromulent Archer That's too bad. I was looking forward to seeing if you made it. I don't know anyone that has yet. I think you were close.
Cromulent Archer (1 year ago)
Yeah... I had to. New build isn't compatible with old saves.
Joakim Berg (1 year ago)
I recently subscribed to you and keep going with rimworld!
TJesterTV (1 year ago)
I want him to tame that Megasloth....it looks adorable.
SteigerEnte (1 year ago)
Great start to a new series. The somewhat chaotic layout of your colonies always gives me a headache. I know it works just as well, it just conflicts with my sense of esthetics, but I guess order freaks like me need some visual challenge. The reason I still watch every rimworld episode you post is that I really like your relaxed style.
Cromulent Archer (1 year ago)
Sorry about the chaotic building style. Every time I start I think to myself, "This time I'll make a nice orderly base." Never seems to stick though.
Jessica Knickerbocker (1 year ago)
excited for a new series from you! Always very fun to watch and not as stressful for me as other Youtubers. Great job!!
Cromulent Archer (1 year ago)
Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the videos. I'm super psyched about a new RimWorld Alpha.
Charles Evans (1 year ago)
Plz make more rimworld love the vids👍👍💪🏻
Zenosyne (1 year ago)
How exciting!
Craig Kimpel (1 year ago)
To create multiple zones without merging them together: Place the 1st zone. Then start the second zone away from it, but only put one tile down and let up on the mouse, then click that same one tile zone again and expand it to the size you want. Repeat. By dropping one tile, it will select that one and deselect the other zone.
Cromulent Archer (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tip. It always seems a little touchy to me.
Jonathan Surratt (1 year ago)
It's actually much easier than that. Create the first growing zone. Then Left Click on the ground beside the zone you first created. This deselects the first growing zone. Now you can grab the growing zone tool again and place a new zone anywhere you want. Even right beside the first zone and it will create a new one. People seem to try to create a new zone while the first zone is still selected and that merges them.
Kyle Pettis (1 year ago)
love the content just quick suggestion that wood floors are cheap and very effective at bumping up room quality. Remember that colonists do get mood boosts for better quality rooms which means more productivity.

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