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2018 Yamaha GP 1800 VS 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 The only unbiased comparison test

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Text Comments (64)
James Rose (1 month ago)
Don't bother watching. Just a load of bullshit and no comparison. Besides, the Seadoo requires 10hrs on the hull before it goes full tilt.
Shane Mize (1 month ago)
where's the review?
Sinan kadriu (2 months ago)
I will only buy a seadoo when they stop sinking.
Trdproski Videos (3 months ago)
This was funny because I raced the exact gp1800 stock and won both times
Trdproski Videos (3 months ago)
+Car Dealer Training Program Anyway yeah I'll take that gp1800 at the beach Haha
Trdproski Videos (3 months ago)
+Car Dealer Training Program No for real man haha. I love both skis too. Maybe it was because it was choppy that day too, so mine cut thru the chop better
Jesse Goddard (3 months ago)
You are awsome man
Emerson Direen (3 months ago)
You suck
pedro mico (3 months ago)
I have a question. how long does a break in period have to be in the gp1800
Bryan Fix (4 months ago)
Stop talking and get the things on the water REALLY
Tim Sharky (4 months ago)
Well that was 7 minutes of my life wasted.
sixspeedsix (1 month ago)
no shit
clayton moran (4 months ago)
Thanks for the crap
Yolo Swaggins (4 months ago)
Love the Titan. We've got a Titan platinum as well. Great truck, great value compared to the American offerings.
Claude Perea (4 months ago)
My brand new 2018 GP1800 is only hitting 64mph something has to be wrong with it right?
clayton moran (4 months ago)
Hint hint get on with it
Rompa Stompa (5 months ago)
ok, so I learnt nothing hmm .
Max Hammontree (5 months ago)
👎you talk too much!
Jetski Jay (5 months ago)
Seadoo lost me! Yamaha 4 life!
lukerutherford1350 (5 months ago)
I’m otw🤣
Trey Harvey (5 months ago)
You dont compare the GP1800 vs the RXT-300 anyway, what an idiot...the RXP-300 is the race model, same as the GP1800
James Rose (1 month ago)
The T is faster in the real world despite what most say. Its a better allround ski too
KFCTACOMAN (6 months ago)
Let see a race
Cp3aj26 (6 months ago)
Hello, quick question I have been hearing that you half to rebuild supercharged engines every 100 hours. Is this true for these jet skis even though they are stock.
Jeff (3 months ago)
Not on yamaha
Steven Rhodes (6 months ago)
Well, this was a total waste of time! Now onto the video that this one should have been, I hope.
Sea Doo (6 months ago)
Blah Blah Blah Blah Shut up and go already.
Bill Badger (6 months ago)
Sea doo
Britton Tucker (5 months ago)
Bill Badger why
Martin Reagan (6 months ago)
Quick talking get to it Jesus
Kiki Juric (6 months ago)
See doo
Travis Garrett (6 months ago)
Get your mug off the review
Mike Britton (6 months ago)
SeaDoo Requires ten hours before the ECU allows full performance. I'm not sure about the Yamaha. If you are unbiased then lets do unbiased. Run the required hours to break both in and do another video.
Chris Edward (5 months ago)
Just bought a 2018 RXT 230. After about 3 hours it opened up. I think it has something to do on how you ride it.
bryman 86 (6 months ago)
Your crib is so badass
bryman 86 thanks
ANTONIO QUILES (6 months ago)
WICKEDSEADOO (6 months ago)
Nick Grigorakos (6 months ago)
Hey Rick too much talk not enough action.
Scramblerkidd (6 months ago)
I own a Yamaha and Sea Doo. Both have been great. I find the seat and foot wells on the SD much more comfortable. When will Yamaha get away from making the rider sit on top of the ski as if riding on the back of a cow?
Trdproski Videos (2 months ago)
Haha I agree! I love the set up of the rxtx. This weekend everyone needed gas and I just whipped out the fuel caddy and was good to go haha
Scramblerkidd (6 months ago)
As of last Saturday I no longer own a Yamaha. All Sea Doo. Proud owner of a 2018 RXT X 300. LOVE the lift up handlesbar/hatch to access the storage bin! No more beaching or standing on my head to retrieve stuff.
brussell639 (6 months ago)
I like your style. Just buy both, lol. Can I come work for you?
kevinvc2 (7 months ago)
0 hours.... try this comparison after 5 hours (break in)
SkinnySkinch (7 months ago)
interesting you say you're the only unbiased opinion on these 2 ski's. I've seen a few of your videos and you are 100% a Yamaha guy lol
SkinnySkinch (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTkOhE5k2Tk check that video out.
SkinnySkinch (5 months ago)
Yeah look back on his videos though. Used to be strictly Yamaha guy. Would always bash Seadoo in his videos. Doesn't matter just mentioning his review was biased. He also didn't have the ski's passed the break in period. Not sure what Yamaha does but Seadoo limits the RPMs for the first 5 hours. I have a '17 RXPX300 it only went about 65mph for the first few hours then started creeping up to 71
Colton Hall (5 months ago)
SkinnySkinch he has both though
Hunter J (7 months ago)
Seadoo- best hulls and handling. Yamaha- best engines on the market.
Adam Franasiak (3 months ago)
Hunter J I can agree, I have a 10 year old Yamaha and my friend had a brand new seadoo. I always beat him in races but he can do catwalks and sharp turns
dean hansen (7 months ago)
I bought a 2017 gp1800. The only thing I don't like about it is I'm 6'1" and wish the seat bolster was back a little more. Oh and I also put a little hose clamp on the waterspout hose to strangle the flow. I really want to get rid of the rev limiter But not sure if I want to go all out wild with the whole mods thing. I want the motor to last a while.
Mark Jacob (7 months ago)
Who won??
Nick Grigorakos (6 months ago)
Rick in talking.
Mark Jacob (7 months ago)
I live just north of ormond..and this is the question in looking at..which to buy? Yamaha or sea doo? I like the look of the GP1800..both are nice
ANTONIO QUILES (6 months ago)
better for me sea-doo
Sejin Han (7 months ago)
Glad to see you still making videos on pwc’s bro!
Craig Hudson (7 months ago)
Both great skis, both regulated as to the top speed by feds. Looking at the past videos on this channel, I think unbiased might a stretch for a title. Owning both does not make anyone unbiased :) I'd take either one though. I do like the look of the Sea-doo better, but Yamaha has awesome marine engines. Rotax does too. Tough call. Bottom line, there is no such thing as a better anything for everyone. They both will have there merits and each person will have to weigh out the pros/ cons for how they want to use it.
Craig Hudson (5 months ago)
Drone Pilot Bob Wow! That even surprised the reviewers!
Craig Hudson (7 months ago)
Sejin Han right back at you sir! I have neither ski so really don’t have a dog in this fight. Seems obvious the bigger motor on the lighter ski would be fastest , the title doesn’t say “fastest” ski, it just says “vs” which if you look at all features is not so black and white. If this is a speed only, Yamaha would win I would guess. Be interesting to see who wins :)
Craig Hudson (7 months ago)
Sejin Han Both are capped at 70ish mph by Feds, the only way to determine the fastest is to override the speed limiter. That said, the Yamaha has an 1800 cc supercharged engine and the sea-doo a 1630 AND the sea doo specs at almost 100 lbs heavier. Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure which one is faster. My point is , entirely stock, the GP is not going any faster by reason of manufacturers limits and federal regulations. If those limits are eliminated, Yamaha walks on everything as far as speed goes. But they both have limits on them unless they’ve been modded. Top speeds will be the same. Yamaha should get there quicker though. I just wish they update the look of their skis. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess...
Sejin Han (7 months ago)
Craig Hudson... the test was to see which one is faster. In stock, the GP walks all over any SeaDoo, even with mods the GP beats the seadoo. It has won every Championship in 2017, it’s first year of production. Closed course racing and even the Long Beach to Catalina offshore championships.... As a pwc fan, i can honestly say, the GP is something very special. But if seadoo is your thing, that’s all good. They make great skis, just not as good as the GP in performance.
Flex bryan (7 months ago)
Wow your a man of your word last year you said you were going to get every new model of the gp1800 and you did

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