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Sea Doo vs Yamaha Review

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As requested I have put down a comprehensive review of how I came to the decision of purchasing a new Sea Doo GTI 155 SE, and also how I compared it and the brand versus Yamaha. Let me know what you think of this video and what I said, as well as your thoughts on the matter down below. And as always, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, and Hit That Notification BELL! **SK**
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mkylelewis (4 months ago)
Yamaha and Sea Doo and basically Ford and Chevy on the water. They both get the job done, both have a few drawbacks and both have "die hard" fanboys. Personally I think the competition helps improve the industry which is a win for all of us that ride. Sea Doo seems to really be the leader in innovation and styling. They always come out with the latest tech first(IBR) and Yamaha has to play catch up(ride). I like some of the color setups SeaDoo has with the bright colors. Sea Doo also did the industry a huge favor with the Spark. While a little slow for me, offering a cheap entry-level ski is a smart move and will help to grow the base of PWC riders. Yamaha on the other hand is the leader in reliability. They own the rental ski market for this reason. I like that their skis are built in the US. Yamaha seems to lean towards the conservative side on some things like styling and colors which may hurt sales towards younger riders. They also don't have a true competitor to the Spark yet. The EX models are still too expensive. All that being said, I ride Yamaha. I'm on my 5th waverunner and they have all been rock solid. My current ski is a 2013 FX SHO and it is downright nasty. It's a great time to own a PWC(aside from the rising costs) and videos like this help to get people interested in riding. The 2019 models should be out soon and I've heard rumors there could be some exciting new things coming out. If you're not on Greenhulk yet give it a look as well, its a wealth of PWC knowledge. Keep up the good work SK, ride hard ride safe.
mkylelewis (4 months ago)
I've heard Yamaha may redo or replace the FX series. Also some rumors of some big tech upgrades, possibly a color screen like they are putting on their jet boats. Everything should be released next week. I'm not in the market for a ski but it will be exciting to see. Will be a great time to buy a nice used ski with many people no doubt wanting the new stuff. Kawasaki's 2019s got leaked last week and they of course have nothing new to offer which is disappointing. Oh well.
Cactus Dronography (4 months ago)
mkylelewis what kind of changes you think we could see?
SK LIFEstyle (4 months ago)
mkylelewis I could not agree more!! I most certainly appreciate the feedback. I love doing this, but it is a lot of work, so it's great to see passion and feedback like this. I had a feeling 2019/20 we would see some evolution in the industry even more than we've seen as of late. I will certainly stay tuned and you can be sure I will be covering it all as it unfolds. You do the same, be safe & ride hard! **SK**
NakedBike Mike (1 month ago)
Hi mate. Good review! Love the effort you put in. My 5 cents worth having purchased a new 2018 VX Limited Waverunner recently - I'm loving the ski immensely! I'm a tall 105kg guy and I don't find the ski lacking performance at All. I agree the seaDoos look a lot more interesting and should I upgrade one day the new rxt 300 would be the one for me. Things to note tho about the waverunner which you did miss out on mentioning - it has a more intuitive Ride system in that when you brake you still have steering which makes a huge difference. Also being open loop means less pipes and internal cooling systems which ultimately helps the reliability factor. The waverunner also had a remote which can put the ski into learner mode or immobilize it altogether which is great when leaving unattended. Ultimately both are great and you wouldn't go wrong owning either. I am happy with my choice and would probably been just as happy had I purchased a seadoo. Keep up the good vids anyway and good job!
SK LIFEstyle (1 month ago)
Hey Mike! Appreciate the comments and feedback. Very valid points, most of all the ride system, I think that is a huge benefit and may have earned the Yamaha an extra point even. Thanks for subscribing...I will be sure to keep the content coming. **SK**
Ryan C (2 months ago)
Been watching your vids, about to purchase a PWC myself and they’re a great resource. Mind if I ask if you got a significant deal at the boat show? It’s by me in January, and wondering what the difference would be buying now vs at the boat show, and if it’s worth waiting and loosing the rest of this season if there is a significant price savings. Did you shop around and get prices before going to the show vs the deal you got at the show?
Chris G (3 months ago)
I will agree that if you want a better looking ski. Seadoo has it! In my honest opinion there is no better looking ski out there. Excluding that plastic Spark of course. Lol. That being said reliability goes a long way with me. So after alot of shopping around I payed 10k for my 2018 yamaha VX cruiser 1.8 HO (180HP). Had to shell out another 800 bucks for the all aluminum Triton trailer. I love the ski. Good power and great fuel economy. The only acception being that has no variable trim. Why they left that off of this total package. I'll never understand ???
SK LIFEstyle (3 months ago)
Chris G  Nice!
Chris G (3 months ago)
+SK LIFEstyle By myself about 65 mph with smooth conditions. With my 14 year old and her friend about 61 mph. Also have criuse control , no wake mode and RIDE control with brake.
SK LIFEstyle (3 months ago)
Yea, it was hard debating between wanting cruise or VTS between the two brands. 180hp is certainly a respectable #. What kind of top speed do u get on the HO?
William Harper (3 months ago)
Should of checked the VX Cruiser HO. Way faster! $11299.00 65mph
SizableSchreib (2 months ago)
That's what we picked up, great ski
Carl Dea (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video. I have the same GTI SE as you except mine is the 90Hp with the Polytec hull. I agree with you about how it looks like a Transformer. I think it sometimes looks like a futuristic police hover speeder bike. Yamaha are a little heavier and seems more solid hitting chop, but you’re likely to get more spray. Probably the front design are slightly different (no deflection) On my Sea-Doo I use the VTS and feel the ride can be adjusted for comfort. Since I don’t know much about how reliable Sea-Doos are with the close loop cooling system compared to Yamaha’s way of cooling, I wonder what are the typical issues people have after owning it for so many years. On my wish list: I love my Sea-Doo, I wish I had cruise control, a phone charger (cigarette lighter outlet). Depth finder. I also wish there was a Sea-Doo app to access the PWC’s dash info, gps, fuel, etc. like a trip log, or overlay using the Google Maps API. So I could place pins on places that I’ve already explored. I think both companies including Kawasaki are amazing in design. Everyone should ride a PWC at least once in their life. PWCs makes the world a much happier place. Thanks SKL! Carl
SK LIFEstyle (3 months ago)
Def. Agree...they are awesome machines. And what an idea, the Sea Doo app would be an awesome addition to the lineup that would be! I think people tend to see more issues with the supercharger set ups over all..next might be IbR issues...but the ibr has been update so hopefully those issues are even more minimized. I think overall these Doos as of late are super solid. Yea my to "Doo" list lol is depth finder..X-package..and maybe some slight performance upgrade (but only post warranty). Glad your enjoyin the vids..I will def. keep them coming -SK-
Cactus Dronography (4 months ago)
Closed cooling got my money when i get one next season

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