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Nagisa's Mom

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Assassination Classroom, Season 2, Episode 9, dub ! His mom is freaking horrible!
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Lexi loo (1 month ago)
Hey guys, the season and episode is in the description. Please check that before asking what episode it is. I always always always put the episode in all of my clips!!!!
Tris The o mighty (27 days ago)
Lexi loo one must ask tho what season and episode is this
Fritz von D'zatrit (21 hours ago)
Oh...You are one horrible twisted person.
Popular Memez (1 day ago)
She needs to take a chill pill like 😂
Hi it's me Hoes pipe (2 days ago)
Hi it's me Hoes pipe (2 days ago)
jibril_ 1357 (3 days ago)
I wish that i can kill nagisa mom
Omg...she turned into a titan!
Night YT (4 days ago)
Kakyoin sure turn down for this
vo nhut (4 days ago)
Nagisa is the geir
Alia Ramla (4 days ago)
MOM ?? What are you doing in an anime ? And why are you beating this poor boy ? Am i not enough for you?
So she’s using Nagisa to set her right for her short comings. Suddenly I’m appreciating my own parents despite they’re controlling and despise all my friends
Randy Lafferty (4 days ago)
Leftist mom 101.
Shadow Ninja (4 days ago)
2:56 do you ever get that moment when you are so sad your eyes become invisible but are visible in a mirror? SAME! 😮 😯😯
Mc Shadow (5 days ago)
Wow his mom is a demon
Hiro's Randomness (6 days ago)
Top 10 worst moms in anime
Ryan Le (6 days ago)
0:49 haha scribble
Ryan Le (6 days ago)
0:33 when people hear son
Integriry life (6 days ago)
My mom when i dont finish homework before friday
otaku_gamer _kid (7 days ago)
Money= paper Paper= trees Meaning Trees= Money ._. She was wrong
Integriry life (7 days ago)
Robert Simon (8 days ago)
I was thinking of an alternate epilogue where Nagisa called the cops and have her arrested for abusing him.
Dian_ Nur (9 days ago)
I hope i can kill his mom
Dian_ Nur (9 days ago)
I hope i can kill his mom
凪斗狛枝 (10 days ago)
His mom is a control freak. Lul.
GermanOctopus 001 (10 days ago)
He's mother is nicole from Gumball
GermanOctopus 001 (11 days ago)
Mamas here to throw you into the closet and never remember you again :)
Elliots away (11 days ago)
I would fuckin BioShock big daddy drill on her mean self
Aditya Chatterjee (12 days ago)
Man if I had my way I'd pour molten wax on parents like this all across the world. No one should have to suffer at the hands of our guardians.
Mikaela Akiyama (12 days ago)
*S T O P A B U S I N G A N D T O R T U R I N G N A G I S A - K U N*
Octavius Cesar (13 days ago)
Damn that mom is a 100000 % percent psychopath!
Бедный Нагиса...😭😭😭
Joy Choe (15 days ago)
So that’s why Nagisa has pigtails—Mama’s handles
Anime girl forever (15 days ago)
She needs a chill pill
Kim Pascual (16 days ago)
I'm really DISTURBED of that type of mother like HER
Sorry but biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch
TsukiGlitched Again (16 days ago)
Nagisa's mom is a Titan
Dont marry and have a child then leave them with the kid this is what happens when you don't give them pleasure
Megan Sangathit (18 days ago)
Get your teacher to kill her.
Lavander Zone (19 days ago)
I’m pissed
YouTube Chancel (19 days ago)
Какая серия?
MissesKitty (21 days ago)
"Yeah it would look great except im a boy" Okay..I wanted to watch this anime but it seems to sexist and all in with the "boys can't wear dresses" and "girls can't be tomboyish" ..i really thought it was an anime about a girl who wears pants but nope..its an anime about a boy and his mum who wants him to be a girl..but thats sexist..what the fuck..now exuse me im gonna go correct some of you people in the comments
Lexi loo (19 days ago)
+MissesKitty I have a guy friend who likes dresses too. There's nothing wrong with it. And the comments aren't bitching about him wearing a dress, they're bitching because he's being abused into wearing them. Anime don't generally touch on crossdressers as being normal. I can honestly only think of one anime that does, and the character enjoys it.
MissesKitty (19 days ago)
Im not bashing on a good anime, I still like the anime but the way they deal with this stuff isn't right...its not wrong either. Im not American. Im having a discussion, don't go off and assume I'm sad or depressed, I just enjoy debate and I like things explained. I am fine with him cross dressing, but if the anime is to show that it is weird for boys to dress as stereotypical girl clothing then thats weird. Yeah in Japan its weird, but the anime should at least show that its not wrong, Ive seen anime where guys wear dresses and of course they hate it, it isn't regualar for boys to wear dresses, and so they are embarrassed thats a normal teenage boy thing But lets not go to the level where we are saying "Ew dresses are for girls" "thats for girls". " he looks like a girl" because thats ridiculous and if you want gender equality this is not the path to it. His a boy so he likes to dress as a stereotypical male, which is understandable but look at how many people in the comments generally believe that It is weird for him to dress as a stereotypical girl....so many people believe that it is weird for a boy to wear a dress... MY friend dresses in a dress, he isn't gay, or trans, he has a girlfriend and when people ask him why do you wear dresses, he says "Its a nice piece of clothing." he isn't even a cross dresser, he just likes dresses, nothing wrong with dat +Lexi loo
Lexi loo (20 days ago)
+MissesKitty And? In Japan it *is* weird. Hell, gay marriage is still illegal there. Just bc its normal in America doesn't mean its normal in other countries. You're seriously way overthinking this and it's actually really sad. Do you really have so little of a life you have to bash on good anime? If it angers you so much then go read up on Uta no Prince Sama or something. There's a crossdressing male there. And, really, every anime I've seen where a guy wears a dress, he *hates* it. This is going against Nagisa's will, and he's brought up in the country where girls wear skirts and dresses and boys wear pants.
MissesKitty (21 days ago)
​+Lexi loo Its sexist because he says that he won't wear a dress because his a boy he is basically implying that it is weird for boys to wear dresses...that is sexist because that is taking away male rights dresses are fabric they are a piece of material why are clothes specifically for specific genders?.. its okay to not like cross dressing but why is it not okay for boys to wear dresses..and pink stuff why is pink seen as a girly colour..."look like a girl" ..you mean "look like a stereotypical girl" because all girls are different so by saying look like a girl you can't refer that to every girl...look if people wanna go tumblr on lgbt and gender rights then il go full tumblr we always seem to forget about gender rights the difference with being flamboyant vs being gay or being tomboyish vs being gay or trans or just a crossdresser its so confusing now no wonder people label themselves as a toaster or an attack jet
Lexi loo (21 days ago)
Uhhh how is it sexist? There are boys who don't like crossdressing? And his mom wanting a girl isn't sexist, its child abuse. She wanted a girl, but she had a boy, so she forces him to look like a girl so *she* can be happy. She's forcing him to be something he's not. It has nothing to do with sexism. Get outta here with that bullshit.
UniDimension KDA (23 days ago)
Damn she ugly when she mad
Linda Todd (23 days ago)
This mother needs to be beaten
Rohan (23 days ago)
Every parent ever
CyricZ (23 days ago)
Caitlin Glass giving 100%. Damn good performance.
Princess Nagisa (24 days ago)
ATST Production (24 days ago)
What sets this mom and son apart is they have different views one likes the class and the other doesn't
Princess Stela (25 days ago)
Is nagisa mom mad or what she always bets him amd complain about him
Born To Ship VICTUURI! (25 days ago)
Poor Nagisa
teenbigboss THE BOSS (25 days ago)
Ya boi Josh (26 days ago)
*looks at list* I guess she’s next to catch hands 👊🏾👊🏾
Lucasroboguy ? (26 days ago)
*oh no*
Sarah North (26 days ago)
I knew his mum was bad but....wow... JUST LEAVE MY PRECIOUS BOI ALONE!
Blaine Fiasco (26 days ago)
LOL my mom
Malicious Memes (26 days ago)
when your mom has shorter hair than you
Zarah Khalifa (26 days ago)
Moms a titian and child’s an assassin
Luna Lin (27 days ago)
FBI (27 days ago)
Hey it’s my mom
ark gaming YT channel (28 days ago)
dont we all hate her for this also where is dr phil
Her mum pychopath xD
Kuipri (28 days ago)
ɪᴛᴢ ʏᴏ sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ its a he
PandasOwnYou lol (28 days ago)
0:46 It's a Titan.
Khang Le (28 days ago)
What a little shit
Kira- sama (28 days ago)
Ninetails Karma (28 days ago)
Jackie Caku (28 days ago)
If that was my mom i would slap her.
Jhari CIntron (28 days ago)
Is it weird that my grandma is like that?
Kuipri (28 days ago)
Jhari CIntron hello FBI we got a psychopath on our hands
Jagan Garcia (28 days ago)
She insane boi
Tri ket (28 days ago)
If I’d saw “ur mom a gay” to nagisa, she’d probably say something worst then I did.
Ramen resangen (28 days ago)
Well, heck
This is literally me and my mom
naked hyena (28 days ago)
Feminism OOF
Just a circle (29 days ago)
*quietly peeks through the window* *sees her raging* *slowly moves back while legs are shivering
Wungpei Playz (29 days ago)
ツepaB (29 days ago)
oh, look my mom made it into the anime. congratz mom!
KittehClover (29 days ago)
F.B.I- Wait no...KARMA OPEN UP [Insert Ear-bleeding audio here]
Le Blank - (29 days ago)
Nagisa is a good trap
iiraeq (29 days ago)
karma. where are you when you need him
Sinisterfeighn YT (29 days ago)
I wanna kill the mom. May koro sensei kill her. Even though she doesn't
Cinnamon - (29 days ago)
Headbanging aye-
NinjaCole2025 (29 days ago)
I was watching this at night and nagisas mother scared the living shit out of me
Blanka Xerxes (29 days ago)
Can I be honest - my parents somewhat the same
Dr.Timelord04 (29 days ago)
Some one give this kid a cookie and some new parents. He needs it.
Jamal Perry (29 days ago)
His mom's thursty
Tashana Williams (29 days ago)
His mom is kinda abusive
Stoupti (29 days ago)
M O T H E R K N O W S B E S T !
The_Red_Reaper (29 days ago)
NAgisa was child abused
D0C Games (29 days ago)
1:21 "but mother knows all the twists and turns" oh you mean abusing the f**k out of your own child just because you're more superior? You don't even know all the knowledge in the world. You can't just go around and let everyone do what you want. You're so selfish Nagisa's mom, you should be sentenced to god who knows how long. Trying to make your son become a girl by cross-dressing him to his limit, that's fashion and gender abuse. You can't do that. You're a little bitch pussy. How about you try it? Do you even realize the actions that you are making? You're as blind as a curtain wrapped around a dead fish colder than the sun. Go to hell Nagisa's mom, you're just as worse as my mom....
TheOmega Tsundere (29 days ago)
I was almost sick when she hurt him
Questionable Croissant (29 days ago)
My mom anime version
His mom is freaky.
Gyan Jambalos (1 month ago)
CommonYoutuber Garcia (1 month ago)
Time to call cps
bgrules (1 month ago)
She cut his hair like a girl cause she wanted a boy... Can't say it didn't work. Thought he was a boy for the whole firt season.
Cookie Gamer (1 month ago)
This is abuse. *Karma disliked this mom* *fandom disliked this mom* *Everbody dislikes this mom* *whispers* : *guns and knives are being pulled out*
DoomKid 41 (1 month ago)
Well this explains why Nagisa has a God mode...
John Bryan Cabidoy (1 month ago)
Imagine if the entire E-3 class saw this
BlueBerry Sans (1 month ago)
Nagisas evil think: kill him
Doodle Skate (1 month ago)
Nagisas mom need some help
Alien Alexander (1 month ago)
Holy fuck that me and my mom

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