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Let's Play Warface Beta on Xbox 360 - Warface Co-Op Gameplay

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Here's Warface co-op gameplay on Xbox 360, in which Outside Xbox wade face-first into the Afghanistan and Kosovo co-op missions. Free-to-play Crytek shooter Warface is in open beta on the Xbox 360 now. --- Outside Xbox brings you daily videos about Xbox 360 games and Xbox One games. Join us for gameplay, previews, tips, guides, interviews and more. Find us at http://www.outsidexbox.com Subscribe to us at http://www.youtube.com/outsidexbox Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/outsidexbox Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/outsidexbox
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Text Comments (204)
dylex capichart XD (2 months ago)
Thats The Same today but now Here are More sweter
shane gallagher (1 year ago)
I miss that game
Game Lord 505 (1 year ago)
I MISS that game 😂
loinmin (1 year ago)
This game was amazing since it was free, now I play it on PC, still a fun game!
BattlestarPegasus (1 year ago)
Ahh Kosovo, a part of Serbia that was stolen and granted an illegal independence by a corrupt West.
Bangboy Stupid (2 years ago)
I like this good job 🤘🤘
Andrea Blauser (3 years ago)
this is a awesome game to bad it ended they should bring it back
+Fattyplays GaMeS he's talking about the Xbox 360 version
Vz MidNight (3 years ago)
R.I.P the best free to play game ever :(
x_T (2 years ago)
i only played on pc the requirment on steam are almost the same as my pc i have a bit better more ram and better cpu but i run it on medium in 40 60 fps -.- whyyyy but still it is the best game better than csgo and not bcoz csgo is payed
x_T (2 years ago)
download on steam it is better and free dont have to pay for xbox gold...
Blvckjin (2 years ago)
they should add it on xbox one, the Warface 2016 one. I can still play it on my pc, but the problem is, i cant run the game as well as before.
Zesty Smith (2 years ago)
+Moritz Romstedt u can still play
Zesty Smith (2 years ago)
Trisha Niemi (3 years ago)
Trisha Niemi (3 years ago)
Let me see your warfare ok let me get my xbox
Faken Name (3 years ago)
Did Jane said Male Box!? O_O
Souleon (3 years ago)
For those of you who would like to play this game on Xbox one, https://www.change.org/p/bring-back-warface-on-xbox-one
Robot gamer (4 years ago)
200th comment and can you play with me one time? darkslayer817 No capitals. I play warface ALOT and am rank 14 but almost 15.
Giancarlo Amaya (4 years ago)
Ok top 3 best games warframe warface black light retribution
DRAKEnN342 (4 years ago)
Aaron Emerson (4 years ago)
You can slide and shoot at the same time :/
dan p (4 years ago)
Game sucks beta sucks these people suck. Don't tell you shit game won't load. Oh yea please never pst another YouTube video.. Hate Hate Hate hate hate. Playa haters ball bitch. God I can't wait for the "haten haters" to hate on this comment. F***in haten sun's ove bitches!!
Slurp Deep (4 years ago)
The people who say the graphics suck are cod fanboys defending ghosts, now THAT was bad
Large Marge (4 years ago)
Is that gun rental
ExactkillaPlaysPCinHD (4 years ago)
Warface on 360 is ass, you shouldplay on pc man its awesome, you can even use a controller if you are used to controllers!
Sam Greenwood (4 years ago)
In game update not happening... So Yh awkward
Sam Greenwood (4 years ago)
In game update not happening... So Yh awkward
ELEMENOSOL (4 years ago)
I like this game me na Elemenosol
Kos GAMER (4 years ago)
But in the map of Kosovo the enemies are the serbs?
CarmelaCraft (4 years ago)
How you get it to load
Andrew Stephens (4 years ago)
What recording system do u use??
blake stery (4 years ago)
"The warfare beeter"
Random2381 (4 years ago)
Wow...I have no idea how you actually got that game to load for you. lol. I ended up deleting this POS game that NEVER loaded for me. I know right..? Shocking! Another FPS game that is broken before release....amazing. (end sarcasm)
Hahaha lol okay well have a great day to :)
Random2381 (4 years ago)
+Zac Wurzer Well im glad its working for you man. It didn't for me, so I deleted it & wont buy the game if they ever actually get it out. Looks like a "revolving-door" game anyway. No big loss. Enjoy the day man!
+Random2381 lol I rekon a xbox console is fine for me
Random2381 (4 years ago)
+Zac Wurzer Thats what I keep hearing. Id personally love to be one of those guys who could "build" a master-race computer but like I said, im half-retarded when it comes to computers..Im surprised I found the "On" button this morning to be honest...hehe
+Random2381 there fuckin dear as shit my friend rekons thier 10000 dollars
IcyWriter (4 years ago)
Is it free for xbox one too?
Cash FlowBaby (4 years ago)
Everybody saying this game sucks.....and it's only a beta, they still have to update it more soooo yeah...and plus it's free. Haters! Haters everywhere!
Max VTF (4 years ago)
+Random2381 Also, the confirmation emails take days to get to your email. Fix your servers, Gface!
Random2381 (4 years ago)
I say it sucks because ive never played it. Don't get me wrong..id LOVE to play it, however, the game will *NEVER* load. EVER. After waisting countless hours on the upload and another 45mins of "loading" times....I decided to delete this POS game with the quickness. When will these f*ckin goofs get it right..? Amazing. 
Drew Hanford (4 years ago)
nick H (4 years ago)
I thought this was warface not battlefield
Jonxthxn (4 years ago)
skyclasp (4 years ago)
why do you feel the need to be in a token girl in there these days?  
xiii :. (4 years ago)
<.< i cant play it cause it says i have to have 3000 something MB and i got 3 gb >.> this sucks
xiii :. (4 years ago)
+Lorenzo Tommasi :D nah i fixed it all i needed to do was get 3.8 gb free on my storage now i can play it :D 
Anthony Mendez (4 years ago)
Please fix the connection issues it is so annoying and one more thing when u use the shotgun it takes 5 secs after u shoot them for them to die other then that so far so good
Ltp Nosrettap (4 years ago)
I'm so glad u didn't show any good gameplay just stupid humor.... Ya fucks
curtis skaper (4 years ago)
It takes so long to load
iMoy Leon (4 years ago)
this game is horrible! 
Jawby (4 years ago)
K1LLZz (4 years ago)
How have you got no lag
Adam Barker (4 years ago)
Great video, I'll leave a like and a sub :D WARFACE XD
"I'm bein beatin by a baaton!" XD
jordan michael (4 years ago)
why they dont released this on xbox one? ... they want to secured there customer on 360 so that they dont go on ps4? ... damm ms ... U are losing a lot of customer ...
Brandon Lee (4 years ago)
I keep, getting an error code when trying to download the update. Anybody els?
funny12161 (4 years ago)
An Immortal Snake (4 years ago)
Show me your warface boom-dish *puns*
LighttownMadness1913 (4 years ago)
im sure that most of the people hating it in the comments right now havent even played the game properly, its actually really fun
Tom Calland (4 years ago)
This game is absolutely amazing, Play it before you judge it. Also, the medic can heal and revive players.
Tom Calland (4 years ago)
Sure!   Also to all the haters can I shout BETA?!
Spencer James (4 years ago)
Its a just shit gameplay the game is amazing tho! Add me XGN Energy
VX97 (4 years ago)
Haha i heard "wolf face" instead of "warface"
asper (4 years ago)
love this game lol if anyone ever wants to play im up for it
filip bodnar (4 years ago)
What ? There is an option to be a girl
pyschobosses (4 years ago)
How did you get enough storage space?
Random2381 (4 years ago)
+Liche414 Thats only if it actually loads up for you. I personally, have never had it load for me. Ive never hit the game screen. I know its shocking...another FPS game that is broken before release. 
Liche414 (4 years ago)
Actually, it takes 3 GB for the game and 3 more to safe your data
Crytek Gaming (4 years ago)
It only take up 11 MB storage space aint that much
TGODOFHELLFIRE (4 years ago)
Ok, now bring it to x1
Lance Jensen (4 years ago)
I counted the term "warface" used 25 times in this video unless you count the 6 at the beginning which are just reused footage of later in the video. If you do count those it is said a grand total of 31 times. Feel free to recount to check my work. I may have missed one near the middle.
Loz mcmanus (4 years ago)
It is bullshit that there is still no option for a female soldier in 2014. I don't see why they wouldn't make them?
Timmy Teaches (11 months ago)
Loz mcmanus maybe because females are not allowed in combat roles and so having a female in-game running around doing infantry shit is dumb as fuck.
Loz mcmanus (4 years ago)
but then you have to play cod ;)
Ragnarok (4 years ago)
Female soldier=COD Ghost :D
Arrow Maker (4 years ago)
Thanks cry engine
Peter mindyourown (4 years ago)
What's with the IT SUCKS comments ffs. It's freeeeeee Obviously not going to be on cod or battlefield scale is it pffft. Anyway i and my friends finally had enough of cod lag, modders etc, mainly squeakers haha. So i spotted this vid yesterday and mentioned it to them. Soooooo last night we all downloaded it. Yes graphics ain't the best BUT damn was it fun. It is something different but main thing was we had a laugh and really had a good time on it. So much so, we will be on regularly. Download it and enjoy it
Da gamer117 (4 years ago)
Plus its a beta i think 90% of the people that are playing this game dont even know that
gamegoblin1 (4 years ago)
I...LOVE...U...JANE :)
ShadowDoge (4 years ago)
I agree that the beta for xbox is having its fair share of problems but PC seems to run way better and the fps rate doesn't drop as much when I try to record the gameplay myself.
Superderpy Taco (4 years ago)
I played it and it lagged so much
UntitledFCR (4 years ago)
Still better than Ghosts...
SpecialOpsTriceratop (4 years ago)
Gameplay looks a bit boring to be honest. 
Clutch-KSB (4 years ago)
planetside 2 makes this look like the sims
+KSB what if he is a vegetarian? Then he would've never ate that poor chicken
Clutch-KSB (4 years ago)
+George Nahum (smacks the popcorn out your hands) No!
BandXTube (4 years ago)
Are you stupid? Planetside 2 makes most FPS games today look like the sims. What kind of argument is that?
Ultra Instinct (4 years ago)
You guys suck at this game maybe stick to Wii games.
luckan99 (4 years ago)
Ive played since the closed beta and it sucks bad graphics and terible frames fuck this pice of shit
Trazfex (4 years ago)
I get what you are saying, but this also shows your bad at the game. You wouldn't complain so violently about it, without that key point. xD
ghostypheus (4 years ago)
You aren't playing Warface correctly unless you're constantly yelling WARFACE!!
Tom Dabek (4 years ago)
So obviously you probably choose the European realm for your characters, does it lag in there at all? The United States Realm is absolutely terrible.
jackson sparacio (4 years ago)
Is this free?If it isn't how much?
060steve (4 years ago)
Remind me again why you guys don't do let's plays?....   <3
TheJklay (4 years ago)
gunna get this later
TheJklay (4 years ago)
Thecrazyflakes10 (4 years ago)
All you dimwits remember that this is in beta so it's not gonna be perfect
Logan Scott (4 years ago)
the Warface XBOX 360 Open Beta is Amazing and they just added a FREE new Map Today!! :D
ForgetfulStranger (4 years ago)
This is so similar to Call of Duty, BUT is free game!!!!
spartan117i2008 (4 years ago)
Fun Fact: This is a beta. So stfu
TheRupertLitterbin (4 years ago)
My warface is a troll face
Deborah Hastie (4 years ago)
This game looks ok for a free game. Why so much hate?
Ernestine Gallegos (2 years ago)
+DarkWarrior No
Travis Nestor (4 years ago)
DarkWarrior (4 years ago)
+Travis Nestor Doesnt skill beat money?
Travis Nestor (4 years ago)
Pay to win
OGMF (4 years ago)
You really have to play it for a bit before you judge it...it's not that bad and has some kinda cool concepts in. Not keen on the name to be honest.
Tenacious Dean (4 years ago)
how is it that this video was in my sub feed yet I was somehow unsubscribed when I looked at the video?
TheGamingHotShot (4 years ago)
This game is FREE do you wanna know why? BECAUSE ITS SHIT!
TheGamingHotShot (4 years ago)
+spartan117i2008 eh but it is shit
spartan117i2008 (4 years ago)
Or because it's a free to play
paul Z (4 years ago)
These 3 are hilarious..
paul Z (4 years ago)
This British chick sounds so cute!
zemaskedmurderer (4 years ago)
First day of closed BETA was AWFUL!
Jamie Biswell (4 years ago)
Is warfare beta free
spartan117i2008 (4 years ago)
Yes. But with in game purchases
Ricky McKnight (4 years ago)
WARFACE No thankyou WARFACE this game WARFACE looks terribly WARFACE boring (too much like COD)! WARFACE
detectiveschitz (4 years ago)
I like how this game becomes more enjoyable for yelling its title as you play. Rather like Daytona, in that regard.
Top Dog (4 years ago)
Horrible beta. Servers are more down them up.
pursuedbyabear (4 years ago)
Warface! Is now my battle cry for everything. Everything. It's going to be used to dangerous effect during my killings in Assassin Creed Unity. 
jam201984 (4 years ago)
is this coming to XBO ?
Top Dog (4 years ago)
J Gaming (4 years ago)
You guys are rude keep all your criticism to your self
J Gaming (4 years ago)
ok so called john locke haha
greendaytomd96 (4 years ago)
Are you one of the devs ?
Nick DeCero (4 years ago)
freedom of speech, if they didn't want comments, they would have disabled them you ding dong.
ThePorkWizard (4 years ago)
Nice to see some future weaponry on display here, grenades that explosde into massive polygons, and they say war never changes, pfft.
POWDER (4 years ago)
The community for this is fucking terrible. I was in the Beta on the first day and was in first place, I received hatemail from every player saying I was using a lagswitch, even though a message pops up every ten minutes saying "we are aware that there are connection issues". But nope, because I was managing to do well it was all my fault apparently.
RobloxPro Roblox Vids (4 years ago)
+Jed Brady ur profile ppic is nice ima perv i am i know...
POWDER (4 years ago)
Ha I'll try my best...I guess XD
Mr Weed (4 years ago)
+gollom2004 the main part of the game is competitive online...
POWDER (4 years ago)
+gollom2004 This was during some PVP matches  (should have stated that I guess) I never managed to get into a  game of co-op with actual other people unfortunately.
Coptah (4 years ago)
Using a lag switch? It's all against AI, why would anyone accuse you of that? 
UrgetoGAME (4 years ago)
This game is a free to play with a pay to play attitude. And another thing this.... game.... looks..... like...... ass! Handles like one too! I had the game for 3 hours played 3 mission and didn't even level up. Servers constantly crash, matched up with ghost players(aka not there but still taking up place)! For a "Beta Build" it plays, looks and handles like a Alpha Build. :|
ShadowDoge (4 years ago)
True I guess some games should be on pc only :)
UrgetoGAME (4 years ago)
Thats PC take a look at console I've seen better graphics in Minecraft.
ShadowDoge (4 years ago)
I play the game on PC (EUServer) and no the game isnt pay to win in *my* opinion just the items to unlock take a while. The game does have slow ranking upgrade but the game as a whole works pretty well on PC and when I record  gameplays the graphics still looks nice and you only get a fps drop sometimes.
Robert Fyfe (4 years ago)
This looks terrible!
Rob C (4 years ago)
+Robert Blackwood Its 100% better then CoD but I don't play BF4 
Rob C (4 years ago)
+Cash Shot I don't have BF4 but it is better then cod, and so is Warface.
Mr Weed (4 years ago)
+Cash Shot Correct
Cash Shot (4 years ago)
+Skids3ds Bf4>Warface>Goat Simulator> CoD
Robert Fyfe (4 years ago)
+Skids3ds You need your eyes tested!
Moose (4 years ago)
Loved this game a lot and it's free!!!
StoreBrand (4 years ago)
I played this game when it was in closed beta, and I thought it desperately needed anti-aliasing... which clearly still hasn't been implemented.
Anthony Mendez (4 years ago)
+superdog736 listen ur fucking retarded
starfox14now (4 years ago)
+PoutyWand how would he know, too busy playing the shit ps3 version of MGSV Demo @ 10fps maybe he'll finish next year.
Superdog (4 years ago)
because the X360 is shit and can't handle it
MrHomisOlaris (4 years ago)
'Let me give you my business card.. and this shotgun.' What a line.
INFINITYX (4 years ago)
I read that at the same time Jane said what you put on your comment.LOL!!
Eddard Stark (4 years ago)
060steve (4 years ago)
That's how its pronounced you american fuckwad. Don't list your official language as English when you can't speak or spell it.
SINTIPLUX (4 years ago)
фарфэйс на xbox 360 ура

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