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2018 Seadoo Rxt-x 300 Vs 2018 Yamaha GP1800 Both Stock

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2018 Seadoo Rxt-x 300 Vs 2018 Yamaha GP1800 Both Stock with 0 hours. Will test again with 5 hours and give you updates Rick Dyer and sometimes his sidekick Audrey Dyer Takes you inside the car business with their Buy Here Pay Here Program . Rick Is the king of Buy Here Pay here and will teach you how to start a dealer for $12000 and Under with Bad Credit. We also do Car reviews and auto mechanic. Please Like And Subscribe Money Maker Auto Dealer https://www.facebook.com/groups/352511651889040/ Website https://12000Dealer.com Twitter https://twitter.com/BigfootTracker Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ZeroAutoMart/?hl=en
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Gabe C (1 month ago)
Love these vids man! Would you consider getting the fx svho? Would love to see one of of those on the channel!
USA Helicopter (2 months ago)
I passed a guy on his new 2018 Rxt-x 300 in my 2017 Yamaha GP1800 and I think I heard him yelling at me saying " WELL I HAVE A DEPTH FINDER" as I pass him
Trdproski Videos (1 month ago)
Yeah sure buddy haha
Scott Fleenor (3 months ago)
More scientific test - https://youtu.be/FTkOhE5k2Tk
What a BS video. The RXT is faster then a RXP. In our test RXP and GP 1800 (RS not US resticted) run the same speed ower and over. And since a broken in RXT is faster... The RXT wins over them both.. https://www.facebook.com/christian.hammernes/videos/10158479456195461/
mckmas (4 months ago)
2019 Yamaha is here, plus the Yamaha is still rocking a restricter.
TexasAxeSlinger (4 months ago)
The Music on your Video is SO Distorted..............................
oh come rxtx isnt even reving past 7000 jajajaja race them once they are broken in and then we will talk... i just saw this race in haulover sandbar, RxTx everytime... i love yamaha rxtx is a better bike overall ... unless u want a pure racer then GP18
Blue line Fishing (5 months ago)
Which is better for salt water . I was wanted to use it for fishing . Are they both stable to stand on
mseather1337 (5 months ago)
could you do a size comparason of the two skis? I wonder if gp1800 is suitable for a tall guy like me. think the fx svho is so ugly :p
001 002 (5 months ago)
So buy myself the Gp1800.... and get my son the Seadoo :D lol
Christian Eidsmoe (6 months ago)
1630 vs 1800 not really a comparison.
Chris Burger (6 months ago)
The GP is supposed to be "broken in" by running at or under 5K RPM. Of course, I did that and at 40 hours it began leaking oil. Long story - after replacing the head due suspected warpage, it's now in the shop for a new engine (warped block). Warranty will cover it, but what a PITA.
Ryan Sawada (6 months ago)
Seadoos in my opinion are unreliable. My IBR got seized up on my 16 Rxtx 300 with 45 hrs on the machine, it wouldn't go into nutreal or reverse just straight into forward when you start it. Im lucky it was under warranty otherwise it would have been a expensive repair. Seadoo is to gimmicky especially with the new 18s, which just leads to more problems. I would definitely buy yamaha over seadoo in the future.
Mark G (6 months ago)
Ryan Sawada lucky yours went forward my friends got stuck in neutral I had to rescue him.
Fraser McLeod (6 months ago)
Rxt-x is faster top speed then rxp-x due to s3 hull. However, both are faster then yamaha. It definitely was not in sport mode for take off. If it was, lol u need to work on take offs! My 16 rxp-x after 13hr break in did 70 mph flat. After Riva stage 2 and a few other upgrades, I was doing 83mphs. Cost a few thousand but compare that to what it takes the yamaha to go equal speeds. Sea doo all the way!!!
USA Helicopter (2 months ago)
I ride on Norris Lake TN,. Bring you see doo on up. i will be there with my 2017 GP1800 with it's Riva Stage 2 mod and we will see about all the smack talk
Fraser McLeod (4 months ago)
what lake you ride? I'd love to race!!!!
T y (4 months ago)
Fraser McLeod Are you mentally challenged? You can boost the Yamaha up to higher power outputs than the Sea Doo with less money, and stock the Yamaha dominates it. The Yamaha also has a much longer lifetime for the motor. Don't be delusional.
peaceof mind (6 months ago)
I'm sorry but Yamaha all the way if you're looking for a good ski their Motors are way more better in Marine then Sea-Doo if your get a Seadoo you're going to be doing a lot of doodoo on the side of the lake
Mike Langton (6 months ago)
Your suppose to very speeds during break in period. My seadoo got faster after 20 hours.
Jovany Formoso (6 months ago)
Ik this only bc I have raced a gp with my rxtx
Jovany Formoso (6 months ago)
If you put the rxtx in sport and turn on launch mode it increases the power by a lot and will kill the gp all day
Mark Mark (6 months ago)
Those prices make me wanna cry. I'm canadian
Sergey Z (6 months ago)
Just got RXT-300. Nice byke I have to say! Really best for ride. Actually never heard about 350HP Yamaha before. Thanks for video! At sport mode and calm water was hitting 79mph
Gmtail (6 months ago)
I’m not sure what qualifies the RXT-X as being the best riding PWC on the market. It really all depends on the water conditions as they vary so much. If it’s rough both of those boats would get trumped by a Kawasaki Ultra, that’s a race proven fact. On smooth and slightly choppy waters then yes the SeaDoo has some major advantages. Again it all depends on the water, so blanket statements don’t work.
robert every (6 months ago)
Hey i rent the jet skis in Daytona off the Seabreeze bridge. So cool to see at daytona systle YouTube channel. I want to start on my self one day!!
Che Santana (6 months ago)
Can’t go wrong with displacement, +the Yamaha will out last the seadoo
Jess Roberts (6 months ago)
Che Santana you sure about that. I know of a 1992 gts600 with about that many hours on it and runs fine other than slow cold starts.
JDRTRM JDRTRM (6 months ago)
Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo . Same thing .. limit till Engine is broken in factory safe. No break-in for Yamaha . Yamaha is an Engine company that knows what’s up——In the snowmobile world same thing Yamaha kicks it’s ass ! Yamaha #1
Aero FPV (6 months ago)
The best side by side proof on TY using your DJI Drone.
Alex Kitzmann (6 months ago)
Yamaha GP1800 needs a similar 4 hour break in before it can and will be used to full capacity. Everyone forgot to mention that.🤔
Kody (6 months ago)
So I just seen you’ve got the gp posted for sale do they really ride that bad?
Team Munson (6 months ago)
Can you elaborate on “big difference?” Meaning you prefer the seadoo overall?
Kody It rides like a normal Jet Ski but when you get off the Sea-Doo and get on the Yamaha you see a huge difference..The Sea-Doo did open up after five hours
Panagiotis Kogias (6 months ago)
Is really hard to say which one is faster BUT Sea-Doo has the Technology, Innovation, and Design.
Adam Sanchez (7 months ago)
Also the Sea Doo must be in sport mode to excersise it’s full potential post 10 hour break in.
Adam Sanchez (7 months ago)
This is completely wrong. Both the RX series Sea Doos are limited to around 60 MPH for ten hours during break in. Then the computer opens it up in full. These two watercraft are absolute equal in stock mode. This information is completely inaccurate and should be corrected as to reflect the true nature of both machines.
Thomas Branella (1 month ago)
Yamaha computer does NOT limit the RPM of the machine during break in.. the SeaDoo computer doesn't allow full throttle RPM until after 5hrs.. then it's bye bye Yamaha! hahaha!
USA Helicopter (2 months ago)
T y (4 months ago)
Adam Sanchez Bud, Yamaha has a break-in period too, he's just showing you how trashy the Sea Doo is stock right from factory with no hours.
Nik Industries (7 months ago)
Thats just not right: you did not say in which mode you tested the Rxt-x (when you are not in Sport-Mode it‘s exeleration is programmed to be slower...
John M (7 months ago)
I hope at least a few realize that Sea Doo limits the performance on the X models till you reach 5 hours. Then the PCM slowly increases it up to, or right before 10 hours. Check back when that happens. You'll find the Yamaha is more like a twin brother than the king... They both have good and area's that could be better. Performance wise... there's no clear cut winner once the pcm lets the Doo run free.
Haitham El Nfeshe (6 months ago)
Race at 0 hrs ? Before brk in? Another one after 10hrs plz
Jess Roberts (6 months ago)
Corey Huggins I've been working on dirt bikes for 20 years and you know what, I have rebuilt 10 times as many YZ125 engines then anything else. Do you know why? There's 10 times as many YZ 125 as anything else. You wouldn't believe how many people come to me and say they are junk.
Corey Huggins (6 months ago)
Been working on watercraft over 10 years. I've replaced 10xs as many seadoo engines than Yamaha. Have 2 new engines going in next week.
Chris landry (6 months ago)
My 2017 GTX limited would only top speed 52-55 for the first 6-8 hours. The next time we took it out bone stock in sport mode it topped out at 71 mph and almost stood straight up on the initial throttle with a 210lb teenager riding on the back.... like John M stated there is a HUGE difference in performance after the PCM opens. Up. My GTX 155 will also hit mid 60’s mph now that it has broke in. The only thing that has out ran my limited was another Seadoo 2 seater 300
Jinx K Reviews (7 months ago)
Nice video Rick!!!
Steve Kozlowski (7 months ago)
Pretty sure RXTX has a 10 hour break-in period that limits its ability. Is this true?
John M (7 months ago)
Between 5 hours and 10 hours, the computer slowly increases the rev limiter and top speed. Not a whole lot, but enough to apparently keep her from getting too hot. After 10 hours, it's time to file the owners manual away..
islander360 (7 months ago)
Steve Kozlowski Steve, I have a RXTX, ECU limits the performance until about 6 hours if my memory serves correctly. The break in period is 10 hours.
Mark Jacob (7 months ago)
Both look great, but that gp1800 is a speed demon..
Steve Kozlowski (7 months ago)
Very professional video, but,,,both bone stock are limited to 68-70 mph. 0-60 on Rxtx 300 is 3.8 seconds as advertised by SeaDoo. What does Yamaha claim 0-60 on GP1800??
Steve Kozlowski (7 months ago)
A friend of mine has 2017 GTX limited 300, with only SCOM box, is hitting 78 mph. Not bad for a $200 add on.
Steve Kozlowski rxt is 3.6 rxp is 3.8 No idea about the go. I know it has 250hp
Angel J. (7 months ago)
Very nice professional video review
hayagp1300r 2008 (7 months ago)
Nice video bro, keep them coming yamaha its "THE LAW"

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