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Yamaha FZS SVHO & Seadoo RXP X 260 RS Part 1

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MrPachanga1977 (2 years ago)
And don't get me wrong! I love yamaha!!! But in the water seadoo is king baby!!!
MrPachanga1977 (2 years ago)
That dude on the seadoo is an amateur!!! Anyone who knows jet skis know that sea doo owns yamaha when it comes to power and speed!!! And the fz have tons of bottom end problems!!!
Fun Blog (1 year ago)
Yeah agreed. It's the hull and the weight that makes all the difference. GP1800 hull and lighter weight makes it the fastest ski with acceleration and top speed with mod for mod. I love my RXPX 300 but it's hull is for tight turning on bouy racing. It's fast as hell but not as fast as the GP1800. Hulls make all the difference. i like seadoo all around look and feel better and it just depends on what your riding preference is. But I am getting a GP next year for sure so I can do a stage 2 and get it to 84. My rxpx runs 75 now with a reflash only. GP 1800 will do 79 with a reflash only
Mark G (1 year ago)
Fun Blog How much quicker is a fzr svho with tune than a rxpx 300 with tune?
Fun Blog (1 year ago)
Yes agreed, if you want a bouy course ski then the rxpx 300 is your ski. if you want an open ocean or rough water ski the net the kawasaki 310r. If you want pure acceleration and speed the GP1800 is it plus burns less gas then the rxpx 300. I have an rxpx 300 and a spark trixx and love the power of the 300 but am getting the GP1800R if they come out with one for 2018. If not I'm getting a 2016 FZR or GP 1800 for summer of 2018. My friend has an FZR and his burns like 30 percent less gas then me(my 300 has a tune) and he's faster than me 0-60 and top speed. The most fun ski is my spark trixx. I love wave jumping and it flys! Also can do awesome power slides and ride it standing like a wheelie. Def most fun ski i have but only does 53 mph with the 110 horse tune but acceleration is nice.
TwzteD (1 year ago)
The stock gp1800 pisses all over any seadoo and has less hp... its much lighter and accelerates alot faster... remove the limiter and the gp1800 is gone... the new rxp 300 does 72 mph gps with no limiter .. the gp1800 does 79 stock with limiter removed and with minor mods the gp1800 is over 83 mph gps you need to sink 4 grand extra into the seadoo to get them speeds on top of the 1500$ price diff from the get go...... How is seadoo own yamaha? yamaha had issues with timing chains but revised that problem for 2016...
Spiiiz (2 years ago)
MrPachanga. you clearly have no idea what you are talking about....
MrPachanga1977 (2 years ago)
My 2014 rxt260, is tired of destroying fz's no bs
Spiiiz (2 years ago)
show us! don't just talk about it...
emre Colakoglu (2 years ago)
İ have 2013 fzs sho its amazing dont buy seadoo they have electrical issues and bad engines
dbarge761 (1 year ago)
emre Colakoglu did you upgrade the intake grate ?? Im about to buy a 13 fzs I'm hearing horror stories about people getting thrown off at high speeds
gotchaxel (2 years ago)
Keemygah ramp!
David Sharbel (3 years ago)
Was the Seadoo new and in break in period.
Spiiiz (3 years ago)
it was rebuilt, and yes, breaking in ride.
Panos Rucis (3 years ago)
Do you use the gopro head mount my friend?
Spiiiz (3 years ago)
yes my friend. I sure do.
allan williams (3 years ago)
whats quicker?
Lachy (1 year ago)
are we talking the 260 or 300 sea doos? because the 2017 SVHO 1800s and seadoos rxpx 300s are pretty well head to head everywhere and in any form of racing.
Spiiiz (3 years ago)
+allan williams Out of the box with no mods, the FZS is quicker.
NO11SY (3 years ago)
which one you prefer the seadoo or fzs ? im so lost what to get 
NO11SY (3 years ago)
+spiiiz well said and i do not have any videos of me riding :/ maybe ill get some up this summer
Spiiiz (3 years ago)
+Jimmy gt don't waste your time with this mental case. Seriously, he wastes air every time he breaths. He is a load that should have been flushed down the toilet. You are right my friend, my fzs timing chain snapped too. So, bad luck. It was replaced under warranty. Never missed a beat befor, or after that incident. I love my ski and wouldn't change it. My mate loves his rxp-x. He wouldn't change it either. We love our skiis and love riding and that's what matters. Nothing else. We are happy to be out there riding. And we are privileged to have any jet ski. There are people in the world who have no food, or a home. And this wanker wants to complain that we are boaring him with this video. And he wants to criticize everyone and everything. He is the best. He has the best ski in the world. The rest of us are nothing next ro him. Have you put any videos of your ski on YouTube? give us a link my friend. ..
NO11SY (3 years ago)
gets so busy in summer that boat ramp 
Spiiiz (3 years ago)
+Jimmy gt go early.

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