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Scientists Discover UNDERWATER Lake That KILLS Everything it Touches!

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A deadly lake inside the gulf of mexico is so toxic that it kills every sea creature that swims there. ►Subscribe for more videos! http://bit.ly/1Mo6FxX ►Check out my food channel! http://bit.ly/1hsxh41 ★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Show Page: https://www.facebook.com/beyondsciencetv Facebook Mike Fan Page: http://on.fb.me/1En9Lue Instagram: http://instagr.am/Mikexingchen Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mikexingchen Vine: https://vine.co/Mikexingchen Snapchat: Mikeychenx Periscope: Mikexingchen Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! https://www.shenyunperformingarts.org/
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Peter Vang (2 days ago)
OMG its Jackie Channnnn
vanquella martin (4 days ago)
I just wanna know, is there a real Krusty Krab or not? Coz I need one of those burgers🦀🍔
The say dark matter makes up about 96% of the universe...but yes Eric Verlinde is correct...it doesn't exist.
Noah Kellum (13 days ago)
Explanation of where the underwater lake came from does not make sense
Unstoppable Danger150 (15 days ago)
The attack of goo lagoon
Steam MaussS (18 days ago)
Did he just said « gravity doesn’t EXIST?! » So Why I am not loathing Is he secretly a flat eather
Miguel Santos (26 days ago)
firmament underwater and abouve debunking globe
The Great Commentator (1 month ago)
Brandon Lee (1 month ago)
"What is a fully formed footprint doing in the Permian period" I can recite it over and over again Because i hear it over and over agian.
CatSama V (1 month ago)
Jill T. (1 month ago)
meifung liew (1 month ago)
Ahhh,goo lagoon
jakisdat BOSS (2 months ago)
Goo lagoon😉
A M (2 months ago)
Is it that difficult for Americans to use metric units?
Kevin Vang (4 months ago)
Dark matter is nothing more than the black ashes from a dead blackhole.
Despicable Allen (4 months ago)
wait isnt this the dumpling guy?
K.M. JOKER (4 months ago)
I was SHOOK.. Why is Mike Chen in here? Lol i only see him eating crazy delicious food, never thought tho
James Anthony (5 months ago)
For Narnia?
Pirate Candy (5 months ago)
Parents always keep Spongebob away from kids afraid that the show will make their child dumb not realizing that kids who watch spongebob are smarter than the kids who don't. Proof? Well according to this video Goo Lagoon is in fact real. More proof? Bikini Bottom is apart of Bikini Toll an island the US used to experiment atomic bombs causing the area to be radioactive. Hence history and the odd behavior of fish and sealife. Therefore in conclusion, kids whose childhood is Spongebob Squarepants have a higher IQ level than kids who don't.
Kelly Parangan (5 months ago)
if academic achievement can be predicticted through DNA then there will be no room for improvement.therefore evolution is irrelevant.
Cecelle Tinoko (5 months ago)
How can something does not exist when you call it an actual phenomenon? Know your philosophy people. Jeez
Anarose Rambo (5 months ago)
If I drop a sponge in there, would it become sponge Bob?
Feel Truth Inside (5 months ago)
Density and buoyancy
No Name (5 months ago)
Just a question: Did you find any pineapples in the area around the lake?
Mohamed Mohamed (5 months ago)
If you read more and listen to your teacher you Will get A+ I promise.
dinoripper123 (5 months ago)
We are know this is where Aquaman held the mother box before it was taken by Steppenwolf.
E 10 (5 months ago)
Doesnt kill water or ground?
Sunshine _ (5 months ago)
There really IS water at the bottom of the ocean.
Dion Starnes (6 months ago)
Did you find all of the Talismans?
Fedelia Thoirei (6 months ago)
I liked because of mike chen
eichsi jae (6 months ago)
Einsteins theory of gravity? I thought it was isaac newton?
No Name (5 months ago)
Newton showed about gravity worked while Einstein tried to explain what it is.
bang buss (6 months ago)
hydrogen sulfide
Sonia Bossa (6 months ago)
anyone ever think of industrial waste might cause this? No? okay.
No Name (5 months ago)
Maybe. There needs to be an investigation!
Luke Yellowtail (6 months ago)
I was like "what does dark matter have to do with underwater lakes?"
honey hun (6 months ago)
"Its My chin"
Juan Ramirez (6 months ago)
The asteroid that hit there might have something to do with that i say "maybe" but if there is a lake down there that would be crazy but it just might be a volcano or asteroid that killed the dinosaurs those are my thoughts
winter summer (6 months ago)
Is this the dumpling guy who loves to eat?
Luka Trailovic (6 months ago)
It is Isac Newton who putet the gravity theory its not Einstein
No Name (5 months ago)
Newton explained how gravity worked and Einstein theorized about what it is.
Big Papa (6 months ago)
Probably from the oil spill in the gulf
Marvin Martinez (6 months ago)
I believe it. I had experienced something similar. the change of temperature further down in the ocean near a active volcano in the Pacific
B (6 months ago)
It is often theorized that the meteor that killed the dinosaurs is what created the Gulf of Mexico. You may not care. But if you really study the topography it makes sense 🤷🏼‍♂️ Okay, see ya later
TheJohnnyWonderful (6 months ago)
The pinging sound is a distress call from crashed aliens.....wake up people!! lol
No Name (5 months ago)
That's unrealistic... It was clearly Seafoot! (underwater bigfoot)
*Bikini Bottom*
Literally Who (6 months ago)
Even mainstream Science! has to admit the obvious: what makes someone intelligent is largely a product of genetics.
Goddess Kiera (6 months ago)
Arunabh Hazarika (6 months ago)
65°C not Fahrenheit
J Tetlow (6 months ago)
Thanks BP.
Cynthia Young (6 months ago)
My sister been dumping her cakes in that water, cause no ONE eats them. SHE DID IT
Judith Rhice (6 months ago)
This is all the toxins not warm body. U already know part of the Gulf of Mexico is dead. That toxic hole is God allowing us to still have water to live; nature filters itself.
Jakob Grunstein (6 months ago)
gravity is electromagnetic, and dark matter is a fairy tale invented to balance out their useless mathematical equations. and when was that saltwater not mixing thing discovered? it was mentioned in the qur'an 1400 years ago. and people claim an illiterate human composed it.
TheMelRoseCab (6 months ago)
I couldn't help but wait for him say "do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth"!?! 😂🤗🤷 Love the report!
Burrito Warrior (6 months ago)
Goo lagoon
FrankLeeWIII (6 months ago)
umo gwai gwai fai di zao
words0217 (6 months ago)
Good stay your asses away from it murderers.
IHAYMYSELF (6 months ago)
So can Thanos Died from this?
Just call me ORANGE! (6 months ago)
That's the goo lagoon my nigga
Butt Face (6 months ago)
Vic Ruiz (6 months ago)
einstein = theory of relativity. . . .not gravity
Stunnaman Nick (6 months ago)
slim360720 (6 months ago)
Atom bomb in the ocean. Check it out. Lol.
John Dope (6 months ago)
zzerulia lase (6 months ago)
If you put lil tay in that lake lil tay will die
hey mickey (6 months ago)
Professor Erik Verlinde is a wise man.
YinYangAngel55 (6 months ago)
So was that a spider or a decapod in the toxic water?
Sixth Echelon (6 months ago)
Its the ether
Earth YT (6 months ago)
Pacific Rim in a Nutshell
Kyle Bane (6 months ago)
So dark matter camo isn't real? :(
El Buhdai (6 months ago)
Intelligent design.
Onida Aitsubasa (6 months ago)
Dark Matter is most likely 4th dimensional matter, because of this 4th dimension it cannot be seen with binary vision or single camera telescopes therefore it appears as being dark. Interestingly enough it would still affect regular 3rd dimensional matter and 4th dimensional beings could see us and our 3rd dimensional world the same way we can see 2 dimensional images. They possibly have a trinary vision system that allows them to see their surroundings.
Dull_Demon47 (6 months ago)
Underwear lake... oh god, we're going spongebob.
Jake LK (6 months ago)
So spongbob is right
mr boi (6 months ago)
Anyone came from #mind youtube chan?
blake chisum (7 months ago)
Thank you for narrating this Jackie Chan
Ping Pong (7 months ago)
Earth is Flat Man. And there is no Space.
Paul Savang (7 months ago)
Its humanity
Juggy Jug (7 months ago)
Jackie chan😆🤣🙌🏾
Usul (7 months ago)
What he is not mentioning the is that the man that discovered this lake was killed in a helicopter crash....
VeryRare J (7 months ago)
It may not mean nothing to yall but understand nothing was done for me
CORY FГaΩCo (7 months ago)
Did they ever find out what the ringing noise is in Canada?
Brandon Stutterheim (7 months ago)
CIA next covert project.....
Gm Visuals (7 months ago)
Maybe the sea creatures who die just happen to sink to the bottom of the ocean and drift in that lake while they’re already dead
Justin Harrold (7 months ago)
This could potentially be the flaming sword guarding the Garden of Eden.
Ricky spanish (7 months ago)
Can i chunk hillary clinton in there.
Stephen Shuman (7 months ago)
Does nobody see the connection between this black pool of death and the Gulf of Mexico? Deep water horizon, anyone? I'm sure that the Gulf of Mexico's sea floor is fucked on many levels.
Malik Holmes (7 months ago)
Hi everyone it's MY CHIN LMMFAO
Sub Zero (7 months ago)
DO BIKINI BOTTOM NEXT , it has water under water !!!
ShutUpSceneKid69 (7 months ago)
How much for a ticket to the lake?
Richard Little (7 months ago)
What if the ping sounds we’re tectonic plates
Jace Bagley (7 months ago)
2 MIL!
Kevinito9 (7 months ago)
everyone is talking about spongebob but whata bout the lost river from subnautica
Frummy (7 months ago)
Darn it I could never catch those turtles. :(
your stalker is a ecchi (7 months ago)
its a gate under of that is a kingdom of mermaid and atlantians.
Jayson Martin (7 months ago)
stop lying from all that oil that was pumped in there
Ome LMBO (7 months ago)
hahaha! You so called scientist need to freaking re-thing everything! Get back to real science! Pseudoscience at it's best! "a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method"
Jacob Curbello (7 months ago)
So a lot of gas and salt are killing organisms, go fish ocean, go fish
Domonique fuller (7 months ago)
He's so awesome to listen to ☺
Tiny Isabell (7 months ago)
Omfggggg. “Saline levels” NOOOOOO it’s salinity🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Connor _24 (7 months ago)
*jumps in without hesitation*
84 Tubbs (7 months ago)
And dark matter makes up more than 80 to 90% of the universe
84 Tubbs (7 months ago)
Without gravity things could not form together that scientists is an idiot

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